Elden Ring: Dung Eater [Questline, Lore & Ending]

This guide covers all you need about Dung Eater's questline, his lore, and the route to get his ending in Elden Ring.

 While the character may look broody at first, Elden Ring’s Dung Eater easily has one of the most detailed yet grotesque questlines in the entire game. Moreover, his quest connects several other NPCs, forcing you to choose which questline you want to follow. And if you solely decide to pursue Dung Eater’s path and uncover his lore bits, you’ll get one of the game’s alternate endings, The Blessing of Despair.

Key Takeaways

To follow the Dung Eater’s questline in Elden Ring:

  1. Encounter the Dung Eater at the Roundtable Hold in the Altus Plateau. Exhaust his initial dialogue to begin the quest. Retrieve the Sewer-Gaol Key from him.
  2. Unlock his cell in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.
  3. Return to the Roundtable Hold and check for a message. Defeat the Dung Eater near the Hermit Merchant’s Shack.
  4. Obtain the Sword of Milos. Defile his body using the Seedbed Curses found in various locations.
  5. Receive the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse. Optionally, revisit the Dung Eater to obtain the Omen Armor set.

How To Complete Dung Eater’s Quest In Elden Ring?

Your first encounter with this NPC comes once you reach Elden Ring’s mid-game phase after getting to the Altus Plateau. You can access the Plateau region by going through the Ruin-Strewn Precipe in northern Liurnia or taking the Grand Lift of Dectus route.

the altus plateau elden ring
Entering the Altus Plateau from the Grand Lift of Dectus (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Important: If you plan to take the Dectus route, you’ll need both halves of the Dectus Medallion. You can obtain the medallion’s right half in Fort Faroth and the left half in Fort Haight, after which you can access the lift at the end of the Bellum Highway in northeastern Liurnia.
  1. After reaching the Altus Plateau, teleport to the Roundtable Hold and head to the Twin Maiden Husk’s room.
  2. Here, the previously locked door next to the Twin Maidens will be open, which you can enter to find the Dung Eater.
  3. Exhaust his dialogue, return to the Altus Plateau and head to Leyndell, the Royal Capital.
dung eater quest start
The Dung Eater at the Roundtable Hold (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Getting To Leyndell In The Altus Plateau

Before You Start: You can only reach Leyndell after defeating two Shardbearers and getting their Great Runes. The easiest Great Runes to obtain are the ones from Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon in Liurnia, and Godrick the Grafted in Limgrave. 
  1. From the Hermit Merchant’s Shack Site of Grace, located at the northern side of the Plateau’s outer wall, follow the trail east to the Royal Capital’s gate.
Hermit Merchant's Shack altus plateau
The Hermit Merchant’s Shack Site of Grace (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
    1. Use Torrent horse to avoid the Stone Golem archers along the way, and continue pursuing until you reach the gate.
    2. Once you reach the foot of the Capital, you’ll find a Draconic Tree Sentinel guarding its entrance, whom you’ll need to kill to proceed.
Draconic Tree Sentinel
Draconic Tree Sentinel guarding the entrance (Image taken by eXputer)
    1. After defeating the Draconic Tree Sentinel and getting his Dragon Greatclaw weapon along with the Dragonclaw Shield, head inside the main gate and follow the bridge to the Capital Rampart Site of Grace.
capital rampart altus plateau
The Capital Rampart Site of Grace (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
    1. Take the staircase and elevator in front of the Capital Rampart to proceed straight ahead until you’re at the Capital itself alongside the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace.
the capital elden ring
Reaching Leyndell, the Royal Capital (Image Credits: eXputer)
    1. From here, take a left and go straight ahead past the Oracle Envoys until you reach the end of the path.
    2. After that, you must drop down to the lower half of the balcony, head inside the building, and take the elevator on your right.
    3. Now, go to the building in front and head up the ladder next to the Perfumer inside, after which you’ll find a Seedbed Curse sitting on a corpse on the topmost floor.
1st seedbed curse item
The First Seedbed Curse (Image Source: eXputer)

Meeting The Dung Eater Below The Capital

After getting the Seedbed Curse, return to the Dung Eater at the Roundtable Hold, and exhaust his dialogue entirely to get the Sewer-Gaol Key to continue the questline. This key can open his prison cell in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds located below Leyndell.

Sewer key from dung eater
The Sewer Gaol Key (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
    1. To reach the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, start from the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace and go to the elevator you previously took to get to the Seedbed Curse.
    2. Once you’ve taken the elevator down, jump from its right side and head northwest until you reach the Capital’s main street.
    3. Make your way southwest, take the first right, and go down the staircase to access the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace.
Avenue Balcony Leyndell
The Avenue Balcony Site of Grace (Image Credits: eXputer)
    1. From here, proceed further down the staircase, take close to the left side of the balcony, and jump down once you’re near the giant dragon’s wing to land near the small well.
well near avenue balcony
The well beneath the bridge (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
    1. Use the ladder next to the well to drop down to the sewer, and now it’s a straight path to ultimately reach the Shunning Grounds and the Underground Roadside Site of Grace.
Underground Roadside Subterranean Shunning Grounds
The Underground Roadside Site of Grace (Image by eXputer)
    1. Rest at the Site of Grace, head back to the main road, and go northeast past the Omens until you see a small opening in the ground.
opening near underground roadside
Rectangular opening beside the lurking Omens (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
    1. Drop down from this rectangular latch and sprint along the narrow path past the rats and Miranda Sprouts. In my opinion, it is better to run past them.
    2. Use the ladder to climb atop and take a right turn, after which you’ll see the Dung Eater’s real body in a cell.
dung eater in subterranean shunning grounds
Dung Eater locked behind the Gaol door (Screenshot by eXputer)
    1. Open the cell using your Sewer-Gaol Key, approach the Dung Eater, and tell him to leave the cell.
dung eater gaol
Telling Dung Eater to “Leave the Gaol” (Image Source: eXputer)
Important: Once freed, you can summon the Dung Eater via his summon sign to fight and kill Mohg, the Omen in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, and Morgott in Leyndell.

Killing The Dung Eater At The Outer Moat

Upon freeing the defiler from his cell, you must return to his room at the Roundtable Hold. Here, you’ll notice he’s gone from his original position, and instead, there will be a message on the ground saying, “I’ll defile you next. Come to the outermost.”

message roundtable hold dung eater
Dung Eater’s message (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
    1. Once you read this message, head back to the Hermit Merchant’s Shack Site of Grace in the Altus Plateau and follow the route you previously took to reach the Capital Rampart.
    2. Once you’re directly beside the Minor Erdtree, go south until you reach a small lake.
    3. After reaching the lake, the Dung Eater in Elden Ring will spawn as an invader you must kill to progress the rest of the questline.
    4. He’ll primarily use his melee weapon and cast spells occasionally, so I recommend maintaining some distance.
dung eater invasion altus plateau
Dung Eater’s invasion at the moat (Image by eXputer)

Upon killing him, you’ll receive the Sword of Milos, an excellent weapon for melee builds that scales with Strength and Dexterity.

Important: If you haven’t made it this far in Boggart’s quest and fight the Dung Eater first, then the quest will be locked for the rest of the playthrough. Therefore, you should try to progress Boggart’s storyline beforehand.

Finding The Other Seedbed Curses

It’s time to find the remaining 4 Seedbed Curses to complete the questline and get Elden Ring’s Dung Eater’s armor and ending. It’s worth mentioning that if you’re trying to complete Seluvis’ quest, you can give the Dung Eater Seluvis’ potion to progress his quest further. However, this will bar you from completing Dung Eater’s own quest, so you need to choose which one you want to follow.

Second Seedbed Curse

The Second Seedbed Curse is near the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace in Leyndell. Starting from the Avenue Balcony grace, move straight ahead and jump onto the giant dragon’s wings. Now, start climbing it until you reach the building atop, and after a few steps, you’ll find the Site of Grace.

west capital rampart leyndell
The West Capital Rampart Site of Grace (Image Source: eXputer)

Here’s the optimal path I would recommend following to get the second seedbed curse:

    1. After taking the grace, make your way southeast towards the tree branches and jump from the broken railings to your left onto the ledge below.
balustrades in leyndell
Broken railing leading to the ledge below (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
    1. Once you’re at ground level, continue going southeast, following the wooden shacks to your right, then jump onto their roofs from the corner and follow them to the doorway leading inside the building.
Entrance atop the wooden shacks (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
    1. Upon entering the building, you’ll see an exact copy of the Roundtable Hold.
    2. Make your way to the room where the Dung Eater usually rests, and you’ll find the Seedbed Curse atop the defiled corpse in Elden Ring.
2nd Seedbed Curse item
The Second Seedbed Curse (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Important: This abandoned Roundtable Hold houses several unique items and weapons. So be sure to explore it and loot anything you can fully.

Third Seedbed Curse

This Seedbed Curse is located near the Prayer Room Site of Grace in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, one of Elden Ring’s late-game locations. Therefore, you’ll have to grind a few levels and progress through most areas, like the Mountaintops of the Giants, before continuing Dung Eater’s quest.

Prayer Room
Prayer Room (Image Captured by eXputer)

To get the Third Seedbed Curse, I followed these steps:

  1. Starting from the Prayer Room Site of Grace found just after entering Elphael, head for the exit and follow along the narrow pathway.
  2. Head down the staircase towards the end of the path and jump onto the arch next to it.
The arch at the end of the staircase (Image Credits: eXputer)
    1. After that, drop down to the platform on your left, get onto the other arch in front of you, and ascend to the ledge at the top.
    2. Now, follow the trail along the ledge, and you’ll find your third Seedbed Curse next to the corpse at the end.
3rd seedbed curse item
The Third Seedbed Curse (Image Source: eXputer)

I suggest that you remember to open the chest next to the ledge to get a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, a legendary item for upgrading special weapons and shields to +10.

Fourth Seedbed Curse

Fortunately, this next Seedbed Curse is relatively easy to get since it’s near the same Prayer Room Site of Grace. In fact, It’s near the previous Seedbed Curse, too, so you won’t have to go out of your way to search for it in another area.

  1. Once you’ve collected the Seedbed Curse from the ledge, turn right and drop down to the platform below.
  2. Take another leap down and use your compass to head southeast until you reach the room with the Cleanrot Knights.
cleanrot knights' room near the Prayer Room site of grace
Room guarded by 2 Cleanrot Knights (Image by eXputer)
    1. I suggest that you avoid the Cleanrot Knights inside and proceed straight ahead; once you’re at the foot of the staircase outside the room, jump onto the arch on your left.
arch elphael
The arch outside the room (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
    1. From here, look to your right and jump down onto the narrow platform below.
    2. And now, simply head inside from the doorway behind you, descend the staircase, and you should spot the illuminating corpse to your right with the Seedbed Curse resting on top of it.
4th seedbed curse item
The Fourth Seedbed Curse (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Fifth Seedbed Curse

The fifth and final Seedbed Curse is near the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace south of Volcano Manor, where you find Lady Tanith and, eventually, Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. I recommend you remember that the Temple will be protected by the Godskin Noble inside, whom you’ll first have to kill to get the grace.

temple in volcano manor
The Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace (Image Source: eXputer)
    1. Starting from the Temple’s Site of Grace, take the lift on your right and proceed straight ahead.
    2. From the balcony, jump off to the lava-surrounding platform and continue down the narrow path.
dung eater gaol
Lava platform below the balcony (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
    1. Traverse over the molten lava, and as you move along, you’ll be met by an Abductor Virgin with a small doorway behind it.
Doorway Volcano Manor
Doorway behind the Abductor (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
    1. I would recommend that you avoid the enemy and enter the building via the exit, continuing the trail upwards through the wooden door on your right.
    2. Follow the staircase, and eventually, you’ll be met by another entrance behind the Man-Serpents leading to the building in front.
Entrance behind the Man-Serpents (Image taken by eXputer)
    1. Head out of the room via the exit on the far right and take the staircase that leads to the upper floor.
    2. Once you’re upstairs, you’ll need 2 Stonesword Keys to remove the fog wall over the door.
locked room volcano manor
Stonesword Key statue (Screenshot by eXputer)
    1. After inserting the Stonesword Keys, carefully drop to the ground floor by jumping onto the metal cages.
cages inside the building
Dangling cages (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
    1. Upon reaching the bottom, avoid the small Albinauric-type enemies surrounding the area and head southwest opposite the building’s exit, where you’ll find the last Seedbed Curse sitting atop the corpse.
5th Seedbed Curse item
The Fifth Seedbed Curse (Image taken by eXputer)

The Mending Rune And Dung Eater’s Armor

With all the Seedbed Curses in possession, you must return to the Dung Eater in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds to perform defilement yourself, which is probably the most unsettling part of this questline. Head back to the Sewer Gaol from the Underground Roadside Site of Grace, and you’ll see Dung Eater strapped to a chair inside.

  1. After exhausting his initial dialogue, select the “Use Seedbed Curse” option and use your Seedbed Curses to begin the defiling process.
dung eater defiling process
“Use Seedbed Curse” option (Image by eXputer)
    1. Upon a brief cutscene, you can now grab the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse, the Key item needed to get the Blessing of Despair ending.
mending rune elden ring
The Mending Rune of the Fell Curse (Screenshot by eXputer)
    1. Furthermore, reloading the area or returning to this location from the aforementioned Site of Grace will let you pick the Omen Armor set, which includes the following:
      • Omen Helm
      • Omen Armor
      • Omen Greaves
      • Omen Gauntlets

The Omen set is also one of the heaviest armor sets, providing exceptional poise and Physical Damage resistance if you’ve reserved enough equipment load for wearing it. Along with that, it has the highest Lightning Damage Negation and one of the best Holy Damage Negation out of any in-game armor. As such, it’s an ideal set for Strength builds that have likely spent most of their runes leveling up Endurance.

How To Get Elden Ring’s Dung Eater Ending?

After defeating the final boss in Elden Ring, you have two options for different endings:

  1. Mend the Elden Ring: This triggers the regular Age of Fracture ending.
  2. Use Mending Rune of the Fell Curse: Choosing this option leads to the Dung Eater’s Blessing of Despair ending, which features a distinct and darker conclusion with unique narration.
mending rune foor dung eater's ending
Use Mending Rune of the Fell Curse (Image Credits: eXputer)

It’s worth mentioning that some players have reported that the Dung Eater doesn’t drop the Mending Rune once his quest is completed. If you face a similar issue, try reloading your save.

My Thoughts On The Dung Eater Questline

hours waterjuice
My Elden Ring hours on Steam

After over 1300 hours of playing Elden Ring on my WaterJuice Steam account, the Dung Eater’s quest is undoubtedly the most grotesque, disgusting, and violent experience I’ve endured in-game. I’ve played through every Soulsborne game by FromSoftware, and nothing in those games matches the Dung Eater’s nastiness, especially after I learned his lore.

elden ring profile
My in-game save slots

For the quest itself, I’ve only ever completed it once to get the ending and the Dung Eater’s armor set. Although the armor set is really good for Strength and Endurance builds, I’ve honestly felt underwhelmed by the ending since it’s just a reskin of the original Age of Fracture ending. However, in my opinion, there’s nothing too special about the quest except the NPCs and their dialogues that you encounter midway through your journey.

That wraps up my guide on Elden Ring’s Dung Eater, detailing his lore, questline, and procedure to get his rather unpleasant ending.

To follow more intriguing NPC questlines and lore arcs like Dung Eater’s, here is a guide on completing Ranni’s Quest in Elden Ring. Besides that, consider reading up on an optimal Blasphemous Blade build if you’re looking for a powerful Strength weapon to pair with Omen set. And uncover other in-game secrets by learning about the Age of Absolute ending.


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