Elden Ring: How To Beat Alecto Black Knife [Cheese Method]

Our Elden Ring Alecto Black Knife Cheese lists the best strategies to beat this notorious boss very easily in the game.

Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader, is one of Elden Ring’s optional bosses. She is a powerful foe, giving many players a run for their money. As always, I’ve compiled Elden Ring Alecto Black Knife Cheese methods to help you fare better against this enemy and achieve victory.

Key Takeaways
  • Battle Alecto at the Ringleader’s Evergaol in Moonlight Altar Plateau, accessible via Ranni’s Questline.
  • Alecto is aggressive; therefore, be cautious, as her attacks can quickly deplete your health.
  • Employ a cheese method by luring her to the arena edges to glitch her AI, making her vulnerable.
  • Tips: Use Carian Grandeur Ash Of War and Briar Armor set to interrupt Alecto’s attacks.

Methods For Alecto Black Knife

alecto black knife Elden Ring
Alecto Black Knife Ringleader- Ringleader’s Evergaol [Image Captured by eXputer]
Unlike huge bosses like the Fire Giant, Alecto is agile and incredibly fast; her attacks are strong and do a lot of damage. I recommend the readers follow one of the cheese methods below for Alecto.

alecto black knife elden ring
Staggering Alecto [Image Credit: eXputer]
As you might already know, Alecto can be very fast, and the status effects that she puts on you don’t help with the fight either.

Here are some tips I will give for this boss fight.

  • Due to her speed, she is susceptible to heavy attacks that can easily stagger her.
  • You would want to use any strength weapon or the best weapon of your choice, preferably something that guarantees that your opponent will be staggered.
  • You’ll have to time your attacks to strike her at the right moment, which can even stop her from performing some of her signature one-shot moves.
  • She can make two types of jump attacks:
    1. The first would stagger you; she will probably follow up with another.
    2. The second type is an extremely powerful Bloodflame AoE attack, which you can also use to make a Darth Maul build.

Anyways, using this incantation would greatly damage your health, so dodging is the best course of action. I recommend using a heavy weapon, such as a Greatsword, and performing heavy jumping attacks on her. This will significantly affect her poise and ultimately open up the possibility of a backstab attack.

Important: You can always backstab Alecto after she makes her jump attack.

Corner The Boss

how to cheese alecto
Cornering Alecto [Image Taken by eXputer]
My second Elden Ring Alecto Black Knife Cheese strategy is based on a probable glitch in the game’s AI. Generally, Alecto will be traversing the area with great speed and swift actions; however, you could try cornering her towards the rocky edge of the battlefield, and she will become much slower than usual.

  • You must completely corner her over the edge for this to work.
  • You have to start attacking her after she’s near the edge so that stun damage is inflicted and her poise breaks.
  • You could use a strong, heavy weapon for this purpose; however, I have found that equipping ash of war, such as the Carian Grandeur, does wonders with this strategy.
  • I’ve tried spamming Carian Grandeur on her, and she was almost unable to attack.
  • When her poise breaks, you can also do a visceral attack and more damage.

So far, this has been one of the easiest and most surprising methods to cheese the Elden Ring Electo Black Knife. It will probably take a few tries before you’ll actually be successful in luring her to the corner, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Use the Briar Armor Set

alecto black knife elden ring
Briar Armor set [Image Credit goes to eXputer]
Even though the methods I’ve mentioned so far should be enough to deal with this enemy, you also have the Briar armor at your disposal. If you already possess this armor set, you would know that rolling into enemies with it causes damage to them. But with this particular boss, the armor seemed to interrupt almost everything she threw at me.

The boss fight becomes relatively very easy if you have the briar set equipped. The fact that Alecto has very low poise also significantly influences this strategy. Overall, I’ve observed that the Briar armor was highly effective against this boss and might also work for bosses of a similar nature. 

Briar Armor Location

briar armor location
Shaded castle- where you can fight Elemer of the Briar [Image Taken by eXputer]
Getting your hands on the Briar armor is not easy, to say the least. To acquire the armor, you must first face Elemer of the Briar, the boss residing in Shaded Castle in the Altus Plateau.

Elemer is quite the aggressive enemy and may take a lot of effort to beat. Only after you’ve defeated Elemer can you buy the Armor set from the Palm Reader in Roundtable Hold. The armor inflicts damage when you dodge roll into your enemies; the damage increases with the number of armor pieces worn. It is one of the many great armors available in the game.

Rewards For Beating Black Knife Ringleader

alecto black knife elden ring
Alecto’s Special Attack [Image Captured by eXputer]
Alecto can be a very daunting enemy to deal with, but it is optional to fight.

However, beating her comes with great rewards, as you get:

Equip the Golden Scarab Talisman before the fight, and you can get more runes.

Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader Location

Ringleader’s Evergaol location

You can meet this formidable opponent at the Ringerleader’s Evergaol at the Moonlight Altar Plateau, located in the southwest of the Liurnia of the Lakes map region. You can only access the Moonlight Altar after you have made significant progress in Ranni’s questline.

Important: You should have already beaten Astel, Naturalborn of the void, and gained access to the Deep Ainsel Well lift, which you can use to go up to the plateau.

You must move down the cliffs northwest from the Moonlight Altar site of grace to access the Ringleader’s Evergaol.

I really hope that my Elden Ring Alecto Black Knife Ringleader Cheese guide works for you, as they have for me. Do let me know in the comments if you come across more fun ways to beat this boss.

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