Elden Ring Incantation Vs Sorcery: Best Spells To Pick

This guide presents the Best Elden Ring Incantation vs Sorcery to make the most of the gameplay and to make the most of your spells.

Elden Ring is already a hit with the masses as it pays homage to the souls’ games. Our guide mentions an in-depth look into some of the key combat-oriented mechanics such as incantations and sorceries. Well, the game is pretty complex, to begin with, and it requires a mastery of game mechanics and multiple incantations and sorceries to make the most of your magic side of the Elden Ring experience. So without further ado, let’s get into the debate between the Elden Ring Incantation vs Sorcery.

Key Highlights
  • Sorceries and Incantations are two ways of using magic in Elden Ring. While they share the same fundamentals, how they are used can differ quite a lot.
  • To use sorceries, players need to level up their Intelligence and use staff to cast sorceries.
  • In order to use Incantations, players need to level up Faith and use seals or claw marks to cast incantations.
  • Sorceries are mostly used for dealing heaps of damage while incantations are used for applying buffs or healing to yourself or party members.
  • The best sorceries in Elden Ring are Swift Glintstone Shard, Glintstone Cometshard, Comet Azur, Loretta’s Greatbow, Carian Slicer, and Meteorite.
  • Swift Glintstone Shard, Carian Slicer, and Glintstone Comet Shard can be bought from Sellen. While Comet Azur can be found in a chest near Debate Parlor in Raya Lucaria Academy and lastly, Loretta’s Greatbow and Meteorite can be obtained by defeating Royal Knight Loretta (Caria Manor) and Alabaster Lord (Royal Grave Evergoal) respectively
  • When it comes to Incantations the best ones that Elden Ring has to offer are Heal Incantation, Assassin’s Approach, Flame Sling, Flame of Frenzy Incantation, Dragon Claw Incantation, and Flame Cleanse Me Incantation.
  • Incantations such as Heal, Assassin’s Approach, and Flame Sling can be bought from Brother Corhyn. On the other hand, Flame of Frenzy, Dragon Claw, and Flame Cleanse me can be found via exploration and are located in Callu Baptismal Church, Church of Dragon Communion, and northeast of Divine Tower of Liurnia respectively.

We have mentioned six Sorceries and six of the best incantations that you need to know about if you’re using the magic-wielder class in Elden Ring. Beware, as there are some distinct features between many of the spell types, and the key requirement for these spells is a character’s attributes or stats. Also, you’ll need a lot of runes to buy spells and that is why our Elden Ring rune farming methods will surely help you out.

Most sorceries require you to have some INT levels or points when it comes to the Intelligence stat, while incantations tend to use up most of your Faith. But that’s not all, as some of these spells use up points in other categories such as Arcane or Strength.

Elden Ring Best Sorceries

dominate the lands between ER
Sorcery in the works

Here are all the Best Sorceries you should check out in Elden Ring:

SorceryFP CostRequirement
Swift Glintstone Shard5Intelligence 12
Glintstone Cometshard17Intelligence 36
Comet Azur40Intelligence 60
Loretta’s Greatbow24Intelligence 26
Carian Slicer4Intelligence 14
Meteorite30Intelligence 30

Sorcerers in the Elden Ring will start with Glintstone sorceries, but there are many other types of magical spells that you can get your hands on. As you make your way through the Elden Ring’s world, you’ll also gain access to blood and death sorceries which you can use to lure enemies towards yourself or even cast spells to make meteorites fall from the Sky.

Swift Glintstone Shard

Swift Glintstone Shard
Location of the Glintstone Shard Spell

When it comes to Incantation vs Sorcery although this particular spell is not the most powerful on the list, it’s still helpful and can come in handy to deal some well-needed damage to small fry enemies.

Small fry like standard soldiers or some kind of insects or bugs can efficiently be executed using a few Glintstone Shards. It serves as a conduit to launch special projectiles towards your enemies.

The Swift Glintstone Shard has an FP Cost of 3 and you must have an Intelligence of 12 to use the Glintstone Shard, so keep this in mind!

You can acquire and learn this spell from Sellen far in the Waypoint Ruins after you hand over the Academy scroll to her. You can find the Academy Scroll in a graveyard close to the Church of Irith. When you finally acquire the scroll, bring it back to Sellen and purchase the spell for around  600 Runes.

If you’re having a hard time finding Sellen, then we got you covered with a map. You also gotta be prepared to throw your hands against the Mad Pumpkin Head boss before you can meet Sellen, though.

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Glintstone Cometshard

GlintStone CometShard
The Glintstone CometShard in Action

The Glintstone Cometshard is kind of the older brother of the Swiftshard. It’s much slower and deals a more incredible amount of damage than the swift variant of the sorcery. The Cometshard also moves slower, but it makes up for this slowdown with its damage.

Consider it a simple trade-off that’s pretty much worth it for all we know. Here’s a suggestion; Start switching between the Cometshard and the Swift Glintstone depending upon which enemy you face.

If you have to deal with a bunch of small fries, then a few swift shards should do the trick, but when faced with a bigger enemy, the best route to go with is to use the buffed Cometshard which is much more capable of taking down bigger enemies that think they can take you out alone.

Some enemies can be a bit clever and agile and will roll to avoid your Cometshard, but try to get closer and switch to a Carian Sliver for some melee damage, and that’ll do the trick.

You gotta have some intelligence under your belt if you want to use this spell. The spell has an FP Cost of around 25 and uses one slot. Spell, we advise you to make sure you already have intelligence of around 36 to make the most out of this spell.

The Glintstone shard can also be acquired from Sellen in the waypoint ruins, but you have to hand over the Conspectus Scroll to her this time. The Conspectus Scroll can be found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria, close by the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. In the other corridor, you’ll be greeted by a sorcerer who pretty much is wandering around while two others are busy reading some books.

You have to head left into a bit of room that houses a dead body. Yikes! Approach the body and acquire the Conspectus Scroll from the corpse. Head back over to Sellen, and voila, you can now get the spell from her for a measly 12000 Runes.

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Comet Azur

Comet Azur
Location of the Comet Azur Spell

The Comet is a beast of a spell when dealing with devastating damage to enemies. If you need a spell that tends to do loads of damage, then we recommend the Comet, which can give rise to a massive blast that is able to end most fights in a jiffy. You gotta be stacked up on FP if you want to make the most of this spell, so we recommend saving up on FP and using it only as a last resort.

Don’t be greedy with it and only use it in a boss battle and have an opening in hand. The Comet does its best to turn the tides of a battle. Make sure to take in the circumstances of the boss’s battle and assess the situation accordingly. The boss might counter you with an attack if you make a waste of your Comet, giving them the upper hand.

The Comet Azur Sorcery uses around 40 FP and takes up approximately three slots, so you gotta make lots of room for it and save up on FP as well. To make matters more complex, it needs an intelligence of around 60, so make sure you have the required stats and space for this sorcery. Make sure to make the most of it!

To get the Comet Azur Spell, head on over to the Academy of Raya Lucaria, which you can access by going through a secret passage located just before the Debate Parlor. We’re sure your trusty companion Torrent Horse will take you there safely.

Beware, as there, you’ll encounter the Red Wolf of Radagon, who you’ll have to take out. Go on ahead and move past the sorcerers and head up the stairs into a hallway located before the Debate Parlor. You’ll want to stop moving and inspect the bookshelves on the Northside of the room. Proceed to interact with the bookshelves, and you’ll reveal a passage that leads to a treasure chest, and voila, you have now successfully acquired the Comet Spell.

Loretta’s Greatbow

Lorettas Greatbow
Location of Loretta’s Crossbow

An excellent spell for dealing damage to beefier enemies is Loretta’s Crossbow. It enables you to take control of a substantial magical bow that fires a giant Glintstone arrow straight into your enemies.

It’s also possible to charge up this spell to deal tons of damage, making it perfect for taking down enemies with giant hitboxes. These huge bosses also move slowly, making it much easier to aim and deal damage to these enemies so that you won’t waste any Glintstone rounds.

The Loretta’s Greatbow is claimed to be Loretta’s favorite weapon. It costs a decent FP of 32 and uses up just one slot. Like all the other sorceries on this list, it requires intelligence, to be exact. It uses an intelligence of around 26, which is doable.

To acquire Loretta’s Greatbow, head on over to the Caria Manor. There, you’ll have to take down the Royal Knight Loretta, for which you’ll have to go through the rounds. You can locate Caria Manor towards the Northeast of the Liurnia of the Lakes zone.

Carian Slicer

Carian Slicer - The Best Melee Elden Ring Sorcery
Carian Slicer’s Location

While ranged spells are going to be your forte as a spell caster, you also need to look at melee options to make the most of your experience on the battlefield in the Elden Ring World. We’d recommend the Carian Slicer to be the Best Elden Ring Sorcery.

It’s pretty normal to dual-wield a default sword with your staff alongside it. We suggest that you go with the Carian Slicer Spell instead, as it enables you to hack and slash any nearby enemies with a mystical sword you can summon.

The best part is that it won’t burden your equipment load as you won’t be able to carry a virtual surround to swing it around. It can also take down big enemies in a few consecutive slashes. You can chain together slashes with the Carian Slicer like you would typically do with a regular weapon.

This will enable you to get melee combos when enemies leave their guard down after an attack. Counter to your heart’s content and go for some fun hack and slashing fun!

Sellen will be your go-to person if you want to acquire the Carian Slicer. You have to head on towards the Waypoint Ruins after, you guessed it, hand over another scroll to her, and this time, it’s the Royal House Scroll. Proceed towards the South Agheel Lake South to locate the scroll. When you get your hands on the scroll, go back to Sellen and hand it over to unlock the Carian Slicer spell and then acquire it for a measly 1500 Runes.


Meteorite Spell - Elden Ring Sorcery
The Meteorite Spell

If you need a handy while scratching your head between the discussion of Incantation vs Sorcery, then look no further, as we’ve got you covered with the Meteorite Spell. It has the capability of striking down multiple enemies at the same time.

Enabling this spell will cast a shower of meteorites around you deal tons of damage to all the enemies located in the vicinity and give you some breathing room to assess the circumstances of the battle and figure out a quick plan to take out all of the enemies that are adamant about bringing you down.

When facing a group of enemies at once, use Meteorite to spread them out and proceed to use the other spells that we’ve mentioned to pick off all of the remaining enemies.

This spell is able to create three meteorites that fall from the sky. The spell requires FP around 30 and uses up just one slot but make sure to rack up your intelligence points, so you gotta have around 30 intelligence points to use this spell.

To pick up the Meteorite spell, make sure to head over to Caria Manor, the same place where you found Loretta’s Greatbow. Go over into the area behind the Caria Manor to find a grave titled the Royal Grave Evergaol.

You’ll be warmly welcomed with another boss fight, and this time, it’s against the Alabaster Lord Boss. Execute him, and you’ll be able to earn the Meteorite spell as your reward.

Best Incantations

Elden Ring Best Incantations
An incantation in progress

Let’s quickly go through the Best Incantations in Elden Ring:

IncantationsFP CostRequirement
Heal Incantation32Faith 12
Assassin’s Approach15Faith 10
Flame Sling11Faith 10
Flame of Frenzy Incantation15Faith 16
Dragon Claw Incantation32Faith 17 and Arcane 13
Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation14Faith 12

Sorcery uses up your intelligence, but what about the incantations? Well, they use the Faith stat. Incantations have many more variations when it comes down to healing, dealing damage, and enabling you to apply buffs to yourself and debuffs to your enemies. Now, let’s move on to the best incantations that you can comeSpellss in Elden Ring.

Heal Incantation

Heal - One of the Best Elden Ring Spells
Elden Ring Warriors Healing Themselves

This one pretty much explains itself as you can heal yourself with this spell. If you find yourself in a difficult position where you’ve finally run out of charges that you carry with you in your Flask of Crimson tears, especially when you’re up against a few enemies or even worse bosses, then you can opt to use the heal spell.

The amount of FP used isn’t much which is used to make the most of the heal spell and get your health back up in an instant. This spell is critical to have as a part of your arsenal and can help you out whenever you’re stuck in a tight spot. Make sure to have it equipped in a spare spell slot, especially if you haven’t come across Golden Seeds or Sacred tears, which are the sacred Flasks that you carry around with yourself.

Suppose you’ve started with the Prophet Class. In that case, you’ll already have this incantation from the get-go but don’t worry if you selected another class as you can also learn it from Brother Corhyn, who is located at the Roundtable Hold for a measly 600 Runes.

Pretty cheap, right? You gotta make sure that you get this spell early on as Corhyn doesn’t like to sit in one place and will always move around, which makes it pretty hard to locate him. So we best advise you to head on over to Corhyn as the first thing you do.

The Heal spell enables you to regenerate a moderate amount of health. It’s considered to be the incantation of Two Finger’s faithful. As an added bonus, it also heals your allies. The spells description states that the Two Fingers has big hopes for the Tarnished in the event that they get wounded. Even if they falter, they will continue to fight for their cause and their duty with the Heal Spell.

The Heal spell costs around 32 FP and heals you and your allies. It takes up only one slot, so there’s nothing to worry about. It requires you to have a Faith of around 12 points.

Assassin’s Approach 

Assassins Approach - Elden Ring Spell
A stealthy takedown

In between mentioning Elden Ring Incantation vs Sorcery list, Assassin‘s approach offers a unique playstyle. For those of you who like to be stealthy and wander around without alerting enemies and take them out silently and swiftly, the Assassin’s approach is the best incantation for you.

It’s pretty useful when it comes down to booning and exploring the world without encountering enemies all the time. Obviously, it isn’t a useful incantation when it comes down to dealing with boss fights as bosses can be resilient, determined, and aggressive.

Use the Assassin’s approach to stealthily evade enemies and relocate yourself to areas that would otherwise be deemed dangerous to traverse. If you sneak up on an enemy, you can perform a melee action to achieve a backstab action that is capable of dealing tons of damage, making combat engagement all the easier.

The Assassins approach enables you to reduce fall and damage sound, thereby enabling you to sneak past enemies, whether it’s from the high ground or down below.

It can be used to basically cloak you when you traverse tall grasses or bushes and enables you to completely evade dire situations or make sure that you get the first blow in. The Assassins approach costs around 15 FP and takes up one slot. It requires you to have Faith of aroundSpelloints, so use it wisely!

If you choose the Confessor class, you automatically start out with this spell. If you’re using another class, you can still learn it. Acquire the Assassin’s prayerbook and hand it over to NPCs such as Brother Corhyn, who was mentioned earlier, at the Roundtable Hold if Corbyn’s nowhere to be found and has left.

Then, head on over to the Church of Vows, which is located East of Liurnia, where you can find another NPC by the name of Miriel. Proceed down the stairs past Master Hewg.

Move past the corner towards the bottom, where you’ll be welcomed with a fog wall. This is where your first Stonesword key comes in handy as you can use it on the conveniently located Imp Seal. Then, proceed through to find another Imp Seal barrier. Unlock it, and you’ll find a chest where the prayer book is located. Hand it over to the NPC listed above and proceed to acquire the Assassin’s Approach for around 2000 Runes.

Flame Sling

Flame Sling - Best Elden Ring Incantation
Flame Sling in Action

When it comes to Incantation vs Sorcery, the Flame Sling takes the cake. The Flame Sling is simple yet effective. It’s the default spell that enables you to cast fireballs in Elden, producing a flaming sphere that you can hurl towards unsuspecting enemies to be able to deal a considerable amount of damage. It’s pretty good to use as a basic attack spell which you can always count on as it costs a few FP to cast and use. It’s a great basic Incantations to have on hand.

Flame Sling costs an FP of around 11, which enables you to throw balls of fire. It takes up only one slot and requires you to have a faith of around 10.

You can head over to Brother Corhyn to get a hold of the Flame Sling Spell who’s found in the Roundtable Hold. You can purchase this spell from him for around 800 Runes.

Flame Of Frenzy Incantation

Flame of Frenzy - Best Elden Ring Incantation

Location of the Flame of FrenzyIf you’re looking to cast a spell with an area of effect to damage multiple enemies at once, then the Flame of Frenzy will suit you pretty well. Instead of casting a spell to hurl just one flaming ball at a single enemy, the Flame of Frenzy lights your eyes on fire which splashes out and deals damage to all the enemies located within the vicinity.

In contrast to Flame Sling, it has a considerable charging period, so make sure to back away from the enemies and make some room for yourself before you cast this spell. A great ranged Elden Ring Incantation for staggering your enemies.

The Spell costs 15 FP and uses up one slot. It requires you to have a faith of around 16.

To acquire the Flame of Frenzy spell, head on over to Callu Baptismal Church which is located to the South of Limgrave in the Weeping Peninsula. To locate the Church, you need to proceed West of Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace and proceed to climb the hill. You’ll find this incantation free of charge from a harmless corpse. Easy, right?

Dragon Claw Incantation

Dragon Claw - Elden Ring Incantation
Location of the Dragon Claw

Looking for a melee spell in our Elden Ring Incantation vs Sorcery guide? Then you can rely on the Dragon Claw, which is capable of dealing a copious amount of damage to any enemy before you. This is an excellent incantation to make use of during bosSpellhts which pose a challenge.

You need to practice patience when it comes to making the most of this spell, as you’ll have to wait for the enemy to tire out after unleashing a barrage of attacks. Then, maintain some distance continue using some ranged spells, and finish him with the Dragon Claw. It’s a great Elden Ring Incantation.

Dragon Claw requires you to have an FP of 32 to utilize and takes up just one slot. You need to not only have a faith of 17, but you also need 13 Arcane Points.

To get Dragon Claw, simply take a dragon heart which can be procured by slaying dragons which are conveniently located near the Church of Dragon Communion in Limegrave. Dragon Claw is the best melee Elden Ring Spells to deal devastating melee damage.

Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation 

Flame, Cleanse Me - Best Elden Ring Incantations Vs Sorceries
Location of Flame Cleanse Me

You gotta know about this Elden Ring Incantation. There are some tiring debuffs and status effects that hinder your health and performance in Elden Ring, such as Rot and Poison.

These effects can pretty much take down even the beefiest of enemies and the strongest of characters. You can opt to recover from these diseases by using consumables that you can easily craft, or you could opt to go the route using an incantation such as Flame, Cleanse Me, which is pretty handy why you’re affected.

Enable the spell to simply prevent any further poison and rot effects on your character, which save you from impending death. It’s the best Elden Ring Incantations to rejuvenate yourself from the effects of rot and poison, so make sure to have it on hand!

The incantation costs around 14 FP and takes up one slot. You need to have a Faith of around 12 points to be able to use this incantation. Flame, Cleanse Me can easily be located northeast of the Divine Tower of Liurnia on a cliff.

And that’s pretty much a wrap for the Best Elden Ring Incantation vs Sorcery that you can make use of on your journey in the Elden Ring World. Indeed, these spells will aid you on your quest to vanquish foes and enemies ranging from small fry to undefeatable Bosses. Elden Ring is indeed a challenging game, and you’ll need to master the basics and the intricacies of the game to make use of all the gameplay mechanics.

Don’t like the idea of playing as a Sorcerer or a Prophet? You can choose a variety of classes in Elden Ring, and you can look at our Elden Ring Starting classes guide and choose a class in accordance with your personality, character, and the playstyle that you’re looking for.

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