Elden Ring: Golden Scarab Talisman Location

Here's a quick way to find the Golden Scarab Talisman with ease.

Golden Scarab Talisman is a must-have in your inventory because rune farming is one of the major and most important aspects of the Elden Ring. While pinpointing the location of the Golden Scarab in the Elden Ring is hard, it will be worth the effort. 

Key Takeaways
  • Find the Golden Scarab Talisman in The Abandoned Cave near Caelid. Head to the Site of Grace through the broken tree entrance after contracting with the Scarlet Rot boss.
  • Equip yourself with curative items before entering the cave, and be cautious throughout.
  • Jump off a ledge inside the cave to access a tunnel.
  • Defeat the boss, Cleanrot Knights, in the boss room to earn the Golden Scarab Talisman and 7000 runes.
  • The Talisman boosts rune acquisition by 20%.

If you are looking to farm runes, I highly recommend getting the Golden Scarab Talisman. 

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Finding Golden Scarab In Elden Ring

Caelid map location in Elden Ring (Image by eXputer)

To reach the Golden Scarab Talisman location, head east from Limgrave towards Caelid. Follow the northeastern road from the Summon Water Village Outskirts, leading to The Abandoned Cave in Caelid and Dragonbarrow.

To locate the cave, head to the Smouldering Wall Site of Grace East, passing dead trees and encountering monster dogs to confirm the right direction. Proceed northeast up the hill, then east along the fiery wall. At the hill’s ledge, use a broken tree as a bridge to cross into the cave.

Gold Scarab elden ring
The Gold Scarab talisman (Screenshot by eXputer)

Inside, activate the Site of Grace at the entrance, but be cautious. Encounter Scarlet Rot pools and poison-spewing enemies. Cure the scarlet rot it with items, magic, or rest at a Site of Grace.

Watch out for the bubbling geysers as well, as they can damage your health even if they are not active. I would recommend players keep a lantern or a torch with them because they’ll need them in their journey ahead in the cave.

The Abandoned Cave Location

Abandoned Cave caelid
Abandoned Cave Location on the Map (Image Source: eXputer)

Within the cave, turn left immediately, then take another left. Proceed through the cave and drop down at a ledge, rolling to the right.

Beware of two shamans guiding the jump; try baiting them to change trajectory before leaping to the ledge. In the tunnel, head straight to a room filled with poisonous flowers. To reach the boss room, climb the rubble on the right.

Defeat the Cleanrot Knights to obtain The Golden Scarab. Ensure Scarlet Rot hasn’t drained your health, and be cautious of the massive pool of Scarlet Rot in the boss arena.

The Cleanrot Knights

cleanrot knights miniboss
Cleanrot Knights (Image Captured by eXputer)

Getting to the location was easy, but fighting the knights was where I had a little trouble. One of the knights carries a sickle, and the other uses a spear. Try taking out the knight with a spear at first, as he is more dangerous than the one with a sickle.

Once you’ve finished off the Spear Knight, you can easily take on the other Cleanrot Knight, according to my experience. A good strategy here is to summon the Ashen Remain to aid you in the fight.

cleanrot knights defeated
Golden Scarab Talisman Reward (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Once you’ve defeated both the Cleanrot Knights, aside from the 7000 runes, you’ll get The Golden Scarab Talisman as well.

Boost Runes Acquiring By Using Golden Scarab

Once you’ve obtained the Talisman, your next order of business would be how to use it. You can put this Talisman through your equipment menu. As a result, your Rune acquisition through killing enemies will increase by 20%.


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