Elden Ring: How To Get The Inseparable Sword [Questline]

Learn everything about how to get the Inseparable Sword with the help of my experience.

Elden Ring’s The Inseparable Sword is a sought-after faith-based weapon that can significantly enhance a player’s combat capabilities, providing an edge in challenging battles. Through a series of tasks, battles, and decisions, players will ultimately acquire this exceptional addition to their collection of powerful equipment.

Key Takeaways
  1. Collect Deathroot and deliver it to D at Roundtable Hold.
  2. Pay attention to Fia’s journey.
  3. Seek out D’s brother in the Siofra Aqueduct in Nokron.
  4. Give the Twinned Armor to D’s brother.
  5. Prepare for intense battles against bosses.
  6. Leave and re-enter Roundtable Hold to refresh the world.
  7. Claim and upgrade the sword from Forgemaster Hewg.
  8. Ideal for faith-based melee builds, it scales well with Faith and synergizes with miracle spells.

How To Get The Inseparable Sword?

The Inseparable Sword, in my opinion, is particularly useful for those with faith-based builds, and acquiring it requires players to complete a series of complex quests. Initiating the pursuit of this sought-after weapon involves finding D, the Hunter of the Dead, and Fia, the Deathbed Companion, as the starting point.

These two characters’ stories are intertwined, and completing both of their quests will lead you to the coveted sword.

Inseparable Sword Elden Ring Inseparable Sword
Inseparable Sword

Initiating D’s Questline

The First Step is a crucial part of the journey for players seeking this powerful weapon. Before speaking to D, players must find a Deathroot and deliver it to him.

Elden Ring Inseparable Sword Interacting with D
Interacting with D

Then, reach Atlus Plateau to continue the quest.

Fia’s Questline Unfolds

As the story progresses, players will experience Fia’s intriguing journey, which intertwines with D’s quest line.

Here, I have broken down the critical steps of Fia’s questline:

  • Return To Roundtable Hold: After reaching Atlus Plateau, players should head back to Roundtable Hold and advance Fia’s quest line.
  • Witness The pivotal moment: During the course of Fia’s questline, players will reach a point where Fia kills D using the Weathered Dagger.
Elden Ring Inseparable Sword D's Twinned Armor
D’s Twinned Armor

Make Your Way To Siofra Aqueduct: With possession of D’s Twinned armor, players must make their way to the Siofra Aqueduct in the Eternal City of Nokron. There, they’ll find D’s younger brother, who plays an essential role in the quest line.

  • Deliver Twinned Armor: Upon meeting D’s brother, players will be asked to hand over the Twinned Armor and then agree to his request to advance the questline towards the sword.
  • Continue Fia’s Questline: Players must then progress through Fia’s questline, which includes a series of events and challenges such as defeating the Valiant Gargoyles, battling Fia’s champions, and ultimately taking down Lichdragon Fortissax.
Elden Ring Inseparable Sword Interacting with D's brother
Interacting with D’s brother

Acquiring The Inseparable Sword

With Fia’s questline complete and Lichdragon Fortissax defeated, the time has come to reap the rewards of persistence and skill.

Here’s what to expect as you claim your prize:

  • Upon returning to Roundtable Hold after completing Fia’s questline, players will witness a dramatic turn of events.
  • D’s brother has killed Fia, setting the stage for the Inseparable Sword’s acquisition.
Elden Ring The Inseparable Sword D's brother killed Fia
D’s brother killed Fia.
  • To claim the sword, players must first exit Roundtable Hold, allowing the world to refresh and update the current scenario.
  • After a brief departure, they return to the location where D’s brother killed Fia.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. The Inseparable Sword, along with the reclaimed Twinned Armor, will be available for collection. Simply approach the items and collect them to add these powerful pieces of equipment to your inventory. 

And, for those seeking further enhancement, consider visiting Forgemaster Hewg to upgrade the sword, making it an even more formidable force in your arsenal. 

The Power Of The Inseparable Sword

This sword is a unique, and I was surprised to learn how much of a sought-after weapon within Elden Ring, offering players an opportunity to dominate their foes with its impressive power. This faith-based weapon boasts a potent moveset and special properties, making the Elden Ring, The Inseparable Sword, a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal.

Scaling With Faith

  • The weapon’s damage output scales exceptionally well with your Faith attribute.
  • The higher your Faith, the more damage you will deal to enemies.
  • This makes it an ideal choice for players focusing on a Faith build.


  • Unlike some weapons that may limit you to a particular playstyle.
  • Whether you prefer to take on foes in close-quarters combat or at a distance, the sword caters to your preferences.

Weapon Art

  • The weapon comes with a unique weapon art, granting the wielder an additional edge in battle.
  • This powerful skill can turn the tide of a fight when used strategically, giving you an advantage over challenging opponents.

Synergy With Miracles

  • As a faith-based weapon, the Inseparable Sword pairs exceptionally well with miracle spells.
  • Enhancing your offensive and defensive capabilities with miracles while wielding the sword can create a formidable combination that leaves enemies struggling to keep up.

About Elden Ring’s Inseparable Sword 

Based on my gameplay experience, the Inseparable Sword is a powerful and versatile faith-based weapon that can significantly elevate a player’s combat capabilities. Along the way, players will encounter challenging foes, face pivotal decisions, and acquire essential items such as D’s Twinned Armor.

The weapon’s exceptional scaling with the Faith attribute, its versatile moveset, unique weapon art, and synergy with miracle spells make it a highly desirable weapon for players pursuing a faith-based build. As players conquer the challenges of the game and embrace the power of the Inseparable Sword, they will find themselves better equipped to face the many trials that await them in the Lands Between.


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