Elden Ring Fia Questline: The Definitive Guide

The "Fia questline Elden Ring" is a gripping part of the title's plot. Our step-by-step walkthrough guide entails everything to know.

The Fia Questline in Elden Ring is definitely one of the best side missions you can take on. What seems blatantly welcoming at first has quite a mystery hidden within. Read on as we explore this special NPC’s story and walk you through the entire thing in-depth. 

Key Highlights

  • Players meet Fia for the first time in Roundtable Hold along with a couple of other important NPCs. After spending some time in the Lands Between, Melina escorts the player to Roundtable Hold.
  • After interacting with Fia and getting your first Hug, go to Altus Plateau and rest at any Site of Grace. After resting, head back to Fia to hear an additional line of dialogue and receive the Weathered Dagger. Give the dagger to D, Hunter of the Dead who can be found standing in the Roundtable Hold.
  • Now interact with Rogier to learn about his interest in black knives. Afterward interact with Fia to obtain the Knifeprint Clue, which reveals the location of Black Knifeprint
  • After resting at a Site of Grace, Fia will be found in a new room located in the hallway Master Hewg is in. Interact with Fia and exhaust her dialogue.
  • Now Fia has relocated from Roundtable Hold to Deeproot Depths. After defeating Fia’s Champions near Godwyn’s corpse, you can find her sitting there.
  • Upon interaction, Fia asks the player to find Cursemark of Death. This item is found in Divine Tower of Liurnia which players can access by going through Ranni The Witch’s questline.
  • After giving the Cursemark of Death to Fia, she’ll hug the player and give the player Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing. After she has fallen asleep, inspect her body to enter the Deathbed Dream.
  • There the players will face Lichdragon Fortiassax, and after defeating it the players will receive a key item named the Mending rune of the Death-Prince from Fia.
  • Now continue the game to its inevitable finale and simply choose the option “Use Mending Rune of the Death Prince” after interacting with Marika’s Statue to trigger the Age of Duskborn ending.

Who is Fia in Elden Ring?

Similar to how other characters are shown in the Lands Between, Fia is also an NPC that you can interact with. You first meet the puzzling character at the Roundtable Hold, which is a special location in Elden Ring cordoned off from the rest of the game world. That is to say, you can only go to the Roundtable Hold by fast traveling to it, and through no other means. 

The Roundtable Hold is exceptionally useful for us lowly Tarnished warriors. It serves as the central hub for our character and allows interaction between a multitude of other NPCs. It’s dynamically evolving in the sense that after going past certain points in the game, you’ll see new characters pop up in the Roundtable Hold and even meet people whom you encountered elsewhere in the Lands Between. 

Therefore, similar to all other persons of interest at the Roundtable Hold, Fia also presents herself as strikingly intriguing. However, she certainly serves a purpose, unlike any other NPC you’ll meet in the game. When you first go up to her, you’ll be surprised to find out that she’s offering free hugs out here. However, her story goes much deeper than that. Let us avoid spoilers for now and delve into the subject of the Fia questline Elden Ring already. 

We’ll be sure to jot down the tutorial step-by-step, so you won’t have to miss anything related to Fia in her storyline. Without any further ado, let’s get started right away. 

Step-By-Step Fia Questline 

We’re going to break down the questline of Fia into different sections. This will help keep things organized and allow you to replicate the guidelines outlined below in a simple manner. 

Get Your First Hug From Fia 

When you first get started with the game, Melina, our handy guide, takes you to the Roundtable Hold pretty early on. If you’re not the explorer type, then you might have missed encountering Fia. If that is the case, you need to make haste to Fia from wherever you are in the Lands Between right now and get your first hug from her.

You’ll find the NPC in a bedroom at the Roundtable Hold near the Site of Grace area, or more precisely, the Table of Grace. She’s pretty easy to find and located right beside Smithing Master Hewg. Go up to her and initiate the dialogue. As soon as you’re faced with an option, have some faith and choose “Let her hold you.” That should take you to the next step. 

Letting Fia Hold You
Letting Fia Hold You

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As the act ends, you’ll receive an item called Baldachin’s Blessing. This consumable will help you boost poise by consuming your Focus Points or FP. However, little do many people know that keeping Baldachin’s Blessing in the inventory given by Fia reduces the Vigor attribute by a factor of 1. With that said, the downgrade diminishes when you consume the poise-boosting item. 

She’ll top the first encounter off by saying, “Come back to me, should you require another. I will take you in my arms as often as you need.” Great stuff! You’ve just completed the very first step of the Elden Ring Fia questline. Let’s advance to the next stage now.

Find D, Hunter of the Dead 

To continue with the Fia questline Elden Ring, we have to touch base with another character called D, Hunter of the Dead. The seemingly noble warrior can be first found in Limgrave, which is the starting region in the game. To be more precise, he’ll be standing in an open field northeast of the Summonwater Village Outskirts Site of Grace in Limgrave. 

Fia questline Elden Ring
D’s Location in Elden Ring

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He’ll introduce himself as someone who “hunts down those Who Live in Death and weeds their Deathroot.” In addition, he’ll warn you that Summonwater Village has been cursed and you should pay heed to his warning. That’s about it for finding and meeting up with D. Let’s get to the next part of Fia’s questline now.

Obtain Deathroot From the Tibia Mariner Boss

Not far from where you locate D, Hunter of the Dead for the first time will reside a boss called Tibia Mariner. This distorted skeleton-like creature rides a mythical boat and summons skeletons to attack you. This is obviously an optional boss fight and you don’t have to put with it to unlock any endings of the game, say, such as the Age of Absolute Elden Ring ending.

Tibia Mariner can be found in many areas across the Lands Between, but the one most relevant to use right now is Summonwater Village, close to where you located D. Simply head to the northeastern part of Limgrave and find the boss in the flood-ridden areas of Summonwater Village

Fia questline Elden Ring
Location of the Tibia Mariner

As soon as you locate this undead sloth, kill him to get Deathroot. We’ll be needing this key item to further the Fia questline Elden Ring. 

Deathroot Obtained
Deathroot Obtained

Talk to D at the Roundtable Hold

It’s time we meet up with our Hunter of the Dead friend again after acquiring the Deathroot item. The purpose of this will be to get introduced to another entity of interest, called Gurranq, Beast Clergyman. You’ll find D sitting in close proximity to the main Table of Grace area at the Roundtable Hold.

He’ll say that he has “matters of his own to attend to” and follow up with an offer to get you to meet with Gurranq. Accept it to hand over your map to D so he can mark the area where you can locate said NPC. 

Accepting the Introduction
Accepting the Introduction

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Good job on making it this far! We’re all set now to proceed to the next stage.

Get Fia to Ask You for a Favor 

Now, there’s no broad consensus as to what is it exactly that triggers Fia to ask for her designated favor. You’ll find opinions all over the Elden Ring community, with one person saying that you need to do this and the other saying you have to complete that in order to allow Fia to open up. 

From what we were able to gather in our experience, there are about two different scenarios that can possibly unlock the next phase of the Fia questline

  • Gathering at least two Great Runes from defeating major Elden Ring bosses, or in other words, demigods. 
  • Collecting the Dectus Medallion in full and gaining access to the Altus Plateau. 

First Possibility

If it’s the first possibility that gets Fia to ask you for a favor, then we’re afraid you’ll have to slay the first two main bosses of Elden Ring: Godrick, the Grafted; and Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Exploring the vast stretches of the Lands Between and subsequently increasing your character’s attributes is bound to make you powerful enough to take these two demigods on. 

In addition, it’s also worth taking some time out to make new discoveries in Elden Ring. Being a FromSoft title, there’s great reward in exploration. For instance, you can find some of the best swords in Elden Ring just by having a good look around your environment. Some optional bosses, such as Leonine Misbegotten, also happen to drop terrific armaments in Elden Ring.

Killing off the latter, therefore, rewards you with the Grafted Blade Greatsword and there’s just no beating this excellent starter weapon. Anyhow, we believe you do get the point that we’re trying to make here. Coming back to the topic at hand, Godrick, the Grafted is the final boss of the Stormveil Castle region.

Although he is an optional boss and doesn’t need to be defeated to end the game, Godrick does drop a Great Rune and we need at least two of these to advance Fia’s questline. Stormveil Castle isn’t too further out from Limgrave, so you should be able to get to it without too much of a challenge. 

As for the second main boss we have to dispatch, Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon is definitely one of the easier ones to deal with out of this couple. Read our Rennala cheese method guide and learn the exploit to beat the boss easily. 

As soon as you’ve acquired both Great Runes dropped from these great enemies, make your way to Fia to see if she wants you to do a favor. If not, consider the second possibility.   

Second Possibility

The second potential trigger for getting Fia to ask you for a favor is gaining access to Altus Plateau. This is one of the major parts of the Lands Between that players will get to brave and tour. It houses its own range of secrets, as does every other section in the game, and is definitely a scenic area to gallop around with your horse in Elden Ring.

Now, there’s a variety of ways that one can approach to arrive at the Altus Plateau. However, the most straightforward out of them all revolves around gathering the halves of a singular Dectus Medallion. This key item’s two unique shards have been dispersed in different parts of Elden Ring, and you have to collect both of them before you can proceed. 

Luckily for you, we have scribbled down an entire guide on the left and right pieces of the Dectus Medallion and how you can obtain them. Do check it out if you’re after a step-by-step guide on the topic at hand. If the first possibility for furthering the Fia questline didn’t bear fruit, then perhaps this will do. 

As soon as you have the Dectus Medallion in full, hoist the item at the Grand Lift of Dectus and you’ll shortly find yourself arriving at the Altus Plateau. That’s quite about it for the second possibility as well. You now have to make your way back to Fia and talk to her. See if it’s achievable to complete her favor now. 

  • The Dectus Medallion isn’t the only key item that gets you through different locations in Elden Ring. Consider reading our Elden Ring Haligtree Secret Medallion and collect it to enter a secret area in the game.

Complete Fia’s Favor by Handing the Weathered Dagger to D

When you go up to Fia, let her hug you again, and proceed to exhaust the rest of her dialogue. You’ll then see an option called, “May I ask a favor?” Select it on your end to proceed.

Fia questline Elden Ring
Selecting the Relevant Option

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Fia will then give you the Weathered Dagger and ask you to return the item to its original owner. Funnily enough, the owner of this weapon sits nearby us. It turns out that D, the Hunter of the Dead will willingly take the Weather Dagger from you and further Fia’s questline.

Approach D as he’s sat around the roundtable in the center of the Table of Grace and interact with him. Choose “Give the Weathered Dagger” from the subsequently appearing menu to proceed. 

Giving the Weathered Dagger to D
Giving the Weathered Dagger to D

Unfortunately, this will be the last of what you’ll ever see of D. Continue reading from the next section when you’ve exhausted the dialogue. 

Rest at the Table of Grace and Find Fia 

After handing over the dagger to D, go forward with the Fia questline by resting at the Roundtable Hold Table of Grace. This will give the area a refresh and allow you to find Fia straight ahead from the doorway near Hewg the blacksmith. You guessed it right. This pathway wasn’t unlocked before.

After going inside the room, you’ll find Fia sitting nearby the corpse of D, Hunter of the Dead. Our noble warrior has seemed to perish, although leaving his belongings behind.  

Fia questline Elden Ring
Finding D Dead

You can say that we’ve now gone past one half of Fia’s questline in Elden Ring. However, a lot more is still left to cover we’re afraid, so let’s continue the journey from the next section. 

Embark on Ranni’s Questline 

The Fia questline Elden Ring has to be one of the lengthiest side quests in the game, particularly due to its integration with a completely different NPC called Ranni the Witch. This is a character with motives of her own and a whole questline that you can embark on. 

The gist of it is that we need to obtain a key item called Cursemark of Death. However, we can only get our Tarnished hands on this essential artifact by reaching a certain point in Ranni’s quest. Fret not, read our Elden Ring Ranni’s quest guide and learn about all the bells and whistles related to the longest questline in the game.

Following that write-up is bound to get you to the end of Ranni’s story in Elden Ring, given the step-by-step instructions. We encourage seeing the end of Ranni as well to uncover an interesting optional portion of the game’s storyline. You also happen to get the Blaidd Armor Set and Weapon that way.

With that said, if you’re not truly feeling getting into a completely different storyline at the moment, we can lay out the long and short of it for you. The following is a brief bullet point list of things you have to do before you can get the Cursemark of Death from the Elden Ring Ranni questline

  • Find Ranni in Ranni’s Rise and agree to servitude. 
  • Talk to Ijii, Blaidd, and Seluvis
  • Defeat Starscourge Radahn to unlock the pathway to Nokron, Eternal City. 
  • Enter Nokron, Eternal City, and find the Fingerslayer Blade
  • Bestow the Fingerslayer Blade upon Ranni and obtain the Carian Inverted Statue. 
  • Place the Carian Inverted Statue in the Carian Study Hall. 
  • Traverse the Divine Tower of Liurnia and Acquire the Cursemark of Death. 

If you genuinely want to make things a lot easier for you up until the last phase of finding the Cursemark of Death, we recommend following our specialized guide on Ranni’s questline in Elden Ring for step-by-step instructions. For now, though, let’s shortly get into the walkthrough of the aforementioned 7 sections. 

Finding Ranni and Initiating the Questline

After your initial encounter with Ranni at the very start of the game where the witch inquires about Torrent, you’ll next find her in a dedicated subregion of Liurnia called Three Sisters. This area is in the northwest corner of the Liurnia of the Lakes section in the Lands Between.

When you’ve arrived at Three Sisters, head west until you find a distinct tower called Ranni’s Rise. Go up to the top of the tower to find Ranni. Talk to the NPC, agree to serve her, and make your way outside the tower to get to the next step. 

Agreeing to Serve Ranni the Witch
Agreeing to Serve Ranni the Witch

Talking to the Three Hirelings

The next step is to talk to three hirelings of Ranni who are supposedly helping her embark on the dark path of the Empyrean. The first one—Ijii, the war counselor—is just down on the first floor from where you started climbing the stairs and went up the tower.

After interacting with him a total of two times, make your way out of the tower to find Blaidd near the exit. Engage with him once toward the exit of the tower. You’ll find the last hireling—Seluvis—standing near the entrance. Speak to the sorcerer twice and go back to Ranni at the top of the tower.

She’ll say that it’s time for her to sleep and say that “this doll’s body is not without its hindrances.” Time to get to the next part of the questline.  

Defeating Starscourge Radahn

Fast-forwarding to a couple of errands after, your next major task in the Elden Ring Ranni quest is to find and kill Starscourge Radahn—the menacing General who has seemingly disrupted the constellation of the Lands Between. Laying him to waste will finally open the pathway to Nokron, Eternal City, and allow you to acquire Ranni’s treasure, which is actually the Fingerslayer Blade. 

Radahn is the major boss of an area called Redmane Castle. If you haven’t been to this area already, you’ll need to get to the Impassable Greatbridge in southern Caelid and use the Waygate there. This should instantly take you to Redmane Castle.

  • The best way to explore any region in Elden Ring is to obtain its relevant map fragment(s) first. Read our Caelid map guide and gather the two map fragments.

Once you’re there, make your way to the main area where the announcer is alerting the combatants about this gruesome Radahn festival. From there on out, it’ll be easy to spot one more Waygate and get teleported straight to Starscourge Radahn himself. 

If you find the boss giving you an awful lot of trouble, then read our Elden Ring Radahn cheese method guide that we recommend following and disposing of Radahn. After you finally make him kick the bucket, a cutscene will appear, affirming that the motion of stars has started to take flight. You’ve now practically unlocked Nokron, Eternal City. 

Elden Ring Ranni quest
Starscourge Radahn Defeated

Entering Nokron, Eternal City to Find the Fingerslayer Blade

East of Limgrave is a place called Mistwood. You might recognize this place from its characteristic gigantic bears roaming around and meaning death for fellow Tarnished warriors. It’ll be in Mistwood where you’ll find a giant hole in the ground following the events of the death of General Radahn. 

This is an indication that a star fell from the sky and tore apart the ground in Mistwood thereby unlocking the path to Nokron, Eternal City. Find this specific area by heading south from Mistwood Ruins. When you start coming close, you’ll observe a bunch of rocks suspended in the air.

Follow the path ahead from there on out and you’ll soon enter Nokron. Our next task is to obtain Ranni’s treasure, which is the Fingerslayer Blade, and return it to Ranni at the soonest. For this purpose, you’ll have to traverse Nokron, Eternal City on your own.

As soon as you have the treasure in question, advance the Fia questline and Ranni’s questline as well by making haste back to Ranni in Ranni’s Rise.

Acquiring the Carian Inverted Statue

Bestowing the Fingerslayer Blade upon Ranni back in Ranni’s Rise will delight our eerie NPC and prompt her to reward you with the Carian Inverted Statue. This doesn’t seem like much at the beginning, but believe us when we say it’s the key to obtaining the Cursemark of Death. 

Carian Inverted Statue Obtained
Carian Inverted Statue Obtained

Utilizing the Carian Inverted Statue

You’ve got the Carian Inverted Statue now, but where should you use it? The next step is to journey to the Carian Study Hall, which is located in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. To be more specific, you have to head east from the Eastern Liurnia Lake Site of Grace and continue south to arrive at the entrance of the Carian Study Hall. 

Elden Ring Ranni quest
Carian Study Hall Location

Enter the area and find a pedestal at the front to interact with. This is where you’ll be placing the Carian Inverted Statue. Press the “Event Action” button on your particular console or platform to commence the sequence. A cutscene will appear, making it known that certain things have been set in motion. You can now get to the Divine Tower of Liurnia. 

Obtaining the Cursemark of Death in the Divine Tower of Liurnia 

The final step in this specific section of the Fia questline is to get your hands on the Cursemark of Death in the Divine Tower of Liurnia. After using the Carian Inverted Statue, a pathway will open up on the left. Use it to get across to the next section in the area. 

When you’re in this separately distinct room, make your way down and onto a lift by jumping from one chandelier to the next to proceed. As soon as you’re at the bottom, find a large doorway. Approach it to interact with it and another cutscene will appear, highlighting the Divine Tower of Liurnia that lies just ahead. 

It’s going to be a cakewalk from here on out. Simply go up to the tower either on foot or horseback and make your way to the top. When you’re finally there, you’ll find the Cursemark of Death lying on a corpse. Acquire it and you’ll be all set to continue your mission for Fia. 

Cursemark of Death Obtained
Cursemark of Death Obtained

You’ve successfully obtained this centipede-like item and can now approach the next level in the Fia questline Elden Ring. Let’s get to it now.

Enter Deeproot Depths 

We’re slowly approaching the latter half of Fia’s questline in Elden Ring. To continue the journey, we now have to get to another highly distinct location called Deeproot Depths. You’ll reach this place from the aforementioned Nokron, Eternal City. 

The easiest way to track your path to Deeproot Depths begins from the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. This comes after the Mimic Tear boss fight when you head west toward a sizable bridge and find a broken pathway leading you further west. The following image of the location of this Site of Grace should help clear things up for you. 

Fia questline Elden Ring
Ancestral Woods Location

From there, start by heading north, preferably on Torrent. You’ll encounter a couple of Chanting Winged Dames during your travel. These are singing enemies that aren’t hopefully singing your demise. Keep heading north until you start coming across sizable jellyfishes.

Fia questline Elden Ring
Approaching the Jellyfish Area

When you finally spot these magical creatures, look toward the body on the left-hand side. Go up to it and you’ll observe a platform down below. Jump to it and make your way ahead to the cavernous tunnel until you find a Site of Lost Grace. This will be the Aqueduct-Facing Cliff Site of Grace

After resting, continue the journey by heading east through the allotted gap. Once done, you’ll see a sizable tower with a guard outside circling the area. There’s going to be a ledge between you and the platform below. Tread on it, go a little further, and jump down to the opening of the tower in question. You will now have arrived at Siofra Aqueduct, as the title strip manifests on the screen for you. 

Fia questline Elden Ring
Arriving at Siofra Aqueduct

You now have to head northeast from where you landed up some stairs. Once done, take the first right that you see and go left again to spot a waterfall structure from afar. After that, go right out to the balcony of the area and make haste toward the stairs on the left. Pretty confusing, we know, but traversing Siofra Aqueduct isn’t too hard once you get into exploring it. 

After going up said stairs, you’ll arrive at a huge waterfall area and things won’t take long to transform this place into a boss fight arena. This is where you’ll go toe-to-toe against the Valiant Gargoyle, but that’s not it quite yet. As soon as the first gargoyle makes its appearance, the event will be joined by another great enemy, Valiant Gargoyle (Twinblade)

As challenging as that sounds for the player, it turns out that the duo-boss fight isn’t that back-breaking. Just keep out of the way of the gargoyles’ slams and attacks and maintain your distance until you find substantial openings. Plunge in at the right moment and whittle down their health bar piece by piece until you finally do away with both of them.

  • In moments such as these, the Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War can help you profoundly with its quick and agile movement. Find out how to obtain this terrific weapon art here.
Fia questline Elden Ring
Felling the Two Gargoyles

When you’re done, approach the Great Waterfall Basin Site of Lost Grace nearby the grand waterfall to save a checkpoint in this place. The poison effects from fighting the Valiant Gargoyle couple should wear off as well if you were imbued with any. Continue by heading west from the area and finding a coffin. To get across to the next section, you should be able to interact with the coffin and get inside it afterward. Do that to continue. 

Entering the Coffin at the Grand Waterfall Basin
Entering the Coffin at the Grand Waterfall Basin

Following the events in the cutscene, you will be transported straight to Deeproot Depths. Good going making it this far. Let’s find Fia next and talk to her. 

Fia questline Elden Ring
Deeproot Depths Reached

Get Rid of the Champions of Fia  

We recommend activating the Site of Grace as soon rights after reaching Deeproot Depths. You don’t want to die and have to come back to this area all over again. Said Site of Grace will be south of where you land after the cutscene. The main idea now is to find Fia and get in touch with her, ultimately getting closer to her questline’s conclusion. 

To continue, go west from the Site of Grace until you spot a large tree trunk on the right-hand side. Embark on it and follow the pathway to the next area. Be careful as you’ll have to be strategic with your jumps and movement. As soon as you’ve reached the adjacent section, keep going west until you see a Site of Grace. This checkpoint will mark the Deeproot Depths, so rest here and prepare for the journey ahead. 

Fia questline Elden Ring
Activating the Deeproot Depths Site of Grace

From there, retreat and head east for a little until changing your direction toward the north. This will help you find the Deeproot Depths map fragment thereby uncovering the hidden areas on the in-game map. You’ll find the key item under a tall dome-shaped structure. Collect the map fragment to continue. 

Fia questline Elden Ring
Deeproot Depths Map Fragment Obtained

Picking this shard of the overall map of the Lands Between should nudge you to head west until you arrive at another Site of Lost Grace called  The Nameless Eternal City. Exactly from the point of this checkpoint, head south through the ruined doorway and look left.

You’ll soon spot a bunch of large tree branches leading you up to another area. Use these branches to go up and take a right at the first divide.

Fia questline Elden Ring
Using the Tree Branches

Continue climbing your way toward the waterfall and then head left at the next divide. Once done, face your camera toward the adjacently placed building at this point and spot another tree branch. Jump on it while you’re riding Torrent and continue going up. You’ll then find a Site of Lost Grace by facing your camera downward. Jump to the lower level and store your progress up at this point. Quite fittingly, the Site of Grace here will be referred to as Across the Roots

Jumping to the Lower Level
Jumping to the Lower Level

The time is nigh for another boss fight, although a relatively easier one. From the Across the Roots Site of Grace, head north and into a large area where you’ll eventually discover the Champions of Fia. Get rid of the three individuals and obtain Fia’s Mist.

Champions of Fia Defeated
Champions of Fia Defeated

That’s about it for this stage of the Fia questline. It’s time to talk to Fia and bestow upon her the Cursemark of Death.

  • You’ll find the Champions of Fia similar to fighting against other players online. This is why it’s worth looking into the Elden Ring Deathblight Build to prepare yourself for PvP invasions and the Champions of Fia alike. 

Granting Fia the Cursemark of Death

Fia is sitting in close vicinity to the Site of Grace in the boss fight arena. Head northeast from the latter to find the deathbed companion and talk to her. 

Talking to Fia
Talking to Fia

As soon as the dialogue initiates, Fia will ask you your intentions. She’s in for a surprise, telling her that we came all this way for just another heartwarming huge. Choose the “No, I want to be held” option to get to the next step. Delve into her arms despite the reputation preceding her and “talk in secret.” She’ll go on and on about how there’s a “Hallowbrand” out there in the shape of the half-wheel wound of the centipede. 

She declares that she must find this item before she “receives the Lord.” Keep talking to her in secret until you get the option to give Fia the Cursemark of Death. She’ll say her thanks to you for the great service and offer to hold you even tighter for a mere moment thereby rewarding you with Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing.

Fia questline Elden Ring
Giving Fia the Cursemark of Death

Talk to her in secret a couple of more times until she asks you to become the magisterial Elden Lord. Leave when the dialogue ends and you’re free from her seemingly warm embrace. You now have to “Touch Fia” when she’s asleep. To do this, go to a nearby Site of Grace and rest. Doing that will trigger our deathbed companion to catch some Zs. 

Once done, go up to Fia and interact with her. You’ll soon get a prompt, asking to enter the Deathbed Dream. Choose “Yes” and prepare for what lies ahead. 

Fia questline Elden Ring
Touching Fia in Her Sleep

Defeat Lichdragon Fortissax 

You’re in for a surreal surprise. Fia isn’t dreaming anything sweet. You’ll find the Lichdragon Fortissax inside the deathbed companion’s slumber with no way out. Unless, of course, you happen to slay the creature in front of you. We highly encourage looking into the best talismans in the game to build resistance against Fortissax’s attacks.

Moreover, sporting some of the best shields, one that’s particularly solid against physical and lighting attacks, and a first-rate armor set is bound to make you come out on top against the vile beast. If that doesn’t help, although we’re quite sure it’ll make a substantial difference, consider looking into some of the best builds in Elden Ring to revamp your character and buff them out. 

The good news is that before you get to fight Mr. Fortissax here, there is a multitude of other types of dragons scattered across the Lands Between. If nothing, those should serve as good practice for you when going up against this Deeproot Depths boss. 

Although there are considerable differences between Lichdragon Fortisaxx and other dragons in the game, such as the Dragonlord Placidusax, you’ll find a couple of attack patterns repeating. Therefore, having your fair share of run-ins with dragons in Elden Ring is the preliminary preparation for facing off against Lichdragon. 

Next, with regard to some essential combat tips, our fellow blood-thirsty dragon is big on environmental attacks. It will blurt out wave after wave of lightning-based strikes and your best bet is to rely on the age-old dodging and rolling mechanism of the Soulsborne franchise. Most importantly, believe that your skills are dexterous, since you’ve already gotten this far, haven’t you? 

Your goal should be to target the hindlegs of Lichdragon for some genuinely effective damage output. If you’ve had a melee build in your playthrough of the game, you’re definitely in luck. The cherry on top, in this case, can be served by some of the best melee weapons in the game, should you choose to look into them.

Stay diligent about the dragon’s attacks and don’t be afraid to take your time with the boss fight. If the aforementioned Bloodhound’s Step doesn’t do the trick for you defense-wise, check out the Flash Step instead. When you’ve finally felled the legend, you’ll acquire a ticket out of the nightmare and the Remembrance of the Lichdragon which can be traded with Enia at the Roundtable Hold for either a large sum of Runes or a single powerful armament. 

Fia questline Elden Ring
Killing Off the Lichdragon Fortissax

Great going! You’ve now killed off Lichdragon Fortisaxx and can now easily make your way back to the realm of the living. Let’s talk about what to do next in the Fia questline in the following section. 

Get the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince 

You’re almost at the end of this whole affair now. As soon as you get back to the normal environment of Deeproot Depths, particularly where you last met Fia, approach the deathbed companion. To our sad surprise, she won’t be alive anymore. However, she will do us one last service and grant the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince.

This is one of the many Great Runes in Elden Ring. Since it cannot be equipped or consumed in any way, players might think that they’ve made all this effort for nothing. However, the truth couldn’t be further from this. You’ll be utilizing the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince to achieve the Age of the Duskborn ending of Elden Ring.

For now, though, pick up the key item to finalize Fia’s questline.  

Taking the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince
Taking the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince

Selecting Mending Rune of Death-Prince Elden Ring Ending

The title truly says everything there is to it now. If you want to make all of your efforts come to fruition, you have to play through the rest of the game until you reach the final boss, which is initially Radagon of the Golden Order and then the Elden Beast. 

You’ll find your final fight waiting for you at the Elden Throne area, a fitting region for a battle of this scale. To get to Elden Throne, you’ll first need to gain access to Leyndell, Capital of Ash. There’s no free-roam way of arriving at this location in Elden Ring. You’ll have to go through the story mode and defeat Malekith, Black Blade in order to get taken to Leyndell automatically.

From there, you’ll explore the area and ultimately make your way to Erdtree Sanctuary. Radagon will be waiting for you in that place. Credit where it’s due, FromSoftware has done an excellent job with creating both Radagon of the Golden Order and the follow-up boss Elden Beast. The theme that they both set along with the environment is just pure adrenaline.

When you defeat Radagon of the Golden Order, a cutscene will appear, introducing the Tarnished warrior to the Elden Beast. Remember: Spirit Summons are going to be your best friend when going up against the likes of this final boss. After all, the Elden Beast is the Elden Ring itself, but only in a more veracious (and ferocious) form. 

Anyhow, after you do away with the last major boss of the game, you’ll be faced to go forth with the ending of your preference. That’s right. It’s typical of FromSoftware to include multiple endings in their IPs and once again we have multiple Elden Ring endings.

When you approach Fractured Marika having obtained the Mendine Rune of the Death-Prince, you’ll be able to conclude Elden Ring’s campaign with the Age of the Duskborn ending. Fia, as of late, claimed that she already had one half of the Mending Rune and she needed the other part—the Cursemark of the Death—to fulfill her destiny. Now that we have this Great Rune in our hands, we’ll be able to repair the shattered Elden Ring with it.

Choose the “Use Mending Rune of the Death-Prince” option at the Fractured Marika to end the game and subsequently, the Fia questline Elden Ring.  

Fia questline Elden Ring
Achieving the Age of the Duskborn Ending

Enjoy your throne as Elden Lord as you see the end of your journey. The ride was mesmerizing from start to finish, and that’s truly saying the least. Whether you’d now like to work your way again to something like the Age of Absolute ending or call it a day, the choice is perfectly yours. For now, though, it’s safe to assume that we’ve arrived at the very end of Fia’s questline in Elden Ring.

The Hug Debuff From Fia 

When you first embark on the questline of Fia, you will have to make a decision as to whether you should let her hug you or not. While hugging her is not that bad of an option and it won’t kill you but it will give you a debuff that can be quite annoying.

However, you will be able to get a new dialogue option and a storyline when you do it a few times and you will also get a blessing so it will be worth it. As soon as you hug Fia, you will see a small Red Square that has a down arrow right under your Stamina Bar. When this happens, no you now have an Active Debuff. And the worst part about it is that it will not show up in the status or menu. 

When you hug Fia the 5% of your total HP will drop and this can be quite detrimental especially when you are in tough combat situations where you have to make the most out of your HP. Also, the debuff is extremely persistent and it will not leave you even if you die or rest at a Site Of Grace. Also, the Restorative items will not work on you as well so you will be stuck with them for a long time. 

How To Remove The Debuff  

There is an easy way with which you can get rid of the Total Health Debuff. Just use the Blessing that Fia gives you and it will increase your Poise. As soon as the blessings effects are gone the debuff will leave you as well.

Make sure that you should only accept Fia’s Request when you are up for the challenging fight and you use it as soon as possible. The longer the debuff sits in your inventory, the more health you will lose. 


There’s no way one can’t find enough things to do in the confines of Elden Ring. Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest release is a work of art, decorated with the rush of the challenge and a fully roamable world at the convenience of a spectral steed. It’s riddled with different things to do, areas to uncover, and foes to slay, and one simply can’t get enough of it. 

In this guide, we have talked about Fia Questline Elden Ring and everything related to this eerie NPC. She welcomes you at first, offering you solace in the form of a heartwarming hug, but little do you know at that time the ulterior motives of Fia. By the time you’re done reading this guide, you should be all caught up on how to complete the questline of Fia in Elden Ring.

Do let us know down in the comments section if you found this guide helpful. As always, eXputer wishes you happy gaming!   

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