Character Creation In Elden Ring [Detailed Guide]

The following is my take based on my experience with character creation in-game.

Character creation Elden Ring is one of the few things that come to mind as players make their first steps into this rich adventure. There are various options here, from changing the eyes to finer details such as body textures, so think wisely as you design your character!

Key Takeaways
  • Elden Ring’s character creation is intricate, impacting the gaming experience significantly.
  • Utilize the Roundtable Hold Mirror for mid-playthrough character appearance modifications.
  • Customize gender, age, body type, visuals, facials, keepsakes, and class for a tailored character.
  • Choose from ten pre-defined appearance templates with detailed customization options.
  • Keepsakes offer early equipment choices for additional power.
  • Recommended classes: Aggressive Warrior, Magical Caster Astrologer, and High-End Samurai.

Basic Attributes Of Character Creation

Character Creation Elden Ring: Base Attributes
Base attributes of a character in Elden Ring. [image by eXputer]
Character creation involves customizing your character by defining several features like gender, age, your character’s body type, visuals, and facials, and then by choosing some advanced features like keepsakes and class.

Additionally, you will be provided with base appearance templates, and you can choose among them. So, once you finally decide to create your character, the first thing you are going to see in the character creation window is setting up your character’s name and basic stuff.

This window includes the following:

  • Name of the character.
  • Gender: male or female.
  • Age of the character: age only affects the appearance of the character.

Character Appearance

You have two options to set the appearance of the character: go with the pre-defined appearance templates or make a whole new customized appearance all by yourself. I would recommend making the customized appearance as it will bring life to your character, and ultimately, you will have a better experience.

Base Appearance Template

Elden Ring has 10x basic appearance templates. I don’t really have a preference in this instance, so you can choose any. 

The ten templates are the following:

  • Aristocrat
  • Loner
  • Truth-Seeker
  • Warrior
  • Northerner
  • Seafarer
  • Reedlander
  • Numen
  • Nightfolk
  • Draconian

Detailed Appearance

Setting Character Appearance in Elden Ring.
Character Appearance menu in Elden Ring. [image by us]
In this section, you can modify the following:

  • Ages
  • Voice
  • Alter skin color
  • Alter face and hair
  • Alter body

Keepsakes In Character Creation

You can think of keepsakes as early equipment that would give your character additional power or strength. There are nine keepsakes in total, and you can choose one. Moreover, I found all of the keepsakes later in-game. So, don’t worry about not having all at the start.

Elden Ring: keepsakes.

All Keepsakes in Elden Ring. [image by eXputer]

Recommended Keepsakes

These are my recommended keepsakes:

Selecting A Starting Class

Elden Ring: Starting Classes.
10 starting classes in Elden Ring. [image by us]
Selecting your starting class in Elden Ring is a crucial decision as it shapes your character’s stats and equipment. With ten classes, each offers unique strengths, weapons, and playstyles. 

Each class has varying trait specialties, such as dexterity, vigor, mind, endurance, strength, intelligence, faith, and arcane, which determine its strengths and weaknesses. 

Here’s a summary of the different classes in Elden Ring:

  1. Hero: High Vigor and Strength, ideal for tanky melee players.
  2. Bandit: High Arcane and Dexterity, excels in stealth and ranged combat.
  3. Astrologer: Magic-oriented with a high mind and intelligence, focusing on casting spells.
  4. Warrior: High Mind and Dexterity, balanced between melee and ranged combat.
  5. Prisoner: Strong in Dexterity and Intelligence, suitable for hybrid playstyles.
  6. Confessor: High Faith and Mind for divine magic and healing abilities.
  7. Wretch: Versatile all-rounder class without extreme strengths.
  8. Vagabond: High Vigor and Strength for melee-focused players.
  9. Samurai: High Endurance and Dexterity, known for its starting weapon.
  10. Prophet: Focused on Faith and Mind, offering a mix of divine magic, healing, and buffs.

How To Re-Edit Character Appearance

If you don’t like the looks of your character, you can change them in the middle of your progress, too! This is where the Roundtable Hold mirror comes into play.

With that said, the mirror is not available from the start. However, it won’t take you long to go to the Roundtale Hold. So, just visit the bedroom, and you will find the mirror. Interact with it, and customize your character.

Tips On Choosing A Starting Class

These are my recommended classes to start with as a newbie:

  • Aggressive Warrior: Focuses on bleed damage and encourages an aggressive playstyle.
  • Magical Caster Astrologer: Suitable for players who want to concentrate on Magic and Sorcery.
  • High-END Samurai: Provides a great weapon and an impressive Endurance level.

Wrap Up

Elden Ring character creation is crucial as players spend significant time with their Tarnished. Choosing a class based on your preferences is the most important thing, in my opinion. In addition to that, character creation involves selecting basic attributes, appearances, keepsakes, and a starting class. Check out the class tier list.


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