Elden Ring: Axe Talisman Location & Tips

Axe Talisman can be obtained in Limgrave and it provides a really powerful buff that is useful for almost all builds.

The Elden Rings Axe Talisman is one of the strongest talismans in the game, and you can obtain it in Limgrave, which is the first region that you explore. The talisman is viable for almost all types of builds, so it is recommended that you grab it as soon as you can.

Key Takeaways
  • Elden Ring Axe Talisman is located in Mistwood Ruins, East Limgrave.
  • Accessible from the game’s beginning.
  • Beware of the tough Runebears if you are low-leveled.
  • Enter the ruins, and find the underground opening.
  • Discover a treasure chest with the Talisman.
  • This talisman boosts charged attack effectiveness.
  • Enhance effects with Spiked Cracked Crystal Tear in Wondrous Physick mix.
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Location Of Axe Talisman

axe talisman elden ring
The Location Of Mistwood Ruins In Elden Ring (Image Captured by Us)

The axe talisman is located in the Mistwood Ruins area of East Limgrave, and you can travel here as soon as you’re done with the tutorial. However, it is recommended that you should grab torrent first to make the journey easier for yourselves.

  • You’ll need to be careful while traversing East Limgrave as you can get lost in the thick fog.
  • If you do get lost, just make your way to the location shown in the image above.
  • Additionally, you’ll need to stay clear from all of the Runebears, especially if you’re coming here at lower levels.
buff in the game
The Treasure Chest In Mistwood Ruins (Image Captured by eXputer)

Mistwood Ruins is a small area, and you’ll find the opening that’ll lead you underground very easily. The opening is also shown in the image above.

  • After descending down, just open up the treasure chest to obtain the Axe Talisman.
  • There is a Runebear at the entrance of the opening that you can either fight or run away from.

Best Use Of Axe Talisman

axe talisman elden ring
In-Game Description Of Axe Talisman (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

As you can see, the Axe Talisman serves to boost the damage of your charged attacks in Elden Ring and that works with almost all weapons not just axes.

axe talisman elden ring
The Spiked Cracked Crystal Tear In Elden Ring (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

You can further increase the effects of the axe talisman by using the Spiked Cracked Crystal Tear in your Wondrous Physick mix like I did, as this crystal tear also boosts the potency of charged attacks. The effects of the talisman and spiked cracked crystal tear will stack.

  • Charged attacks play an important role in Elden Ring’s gameplay for almost all types of builds and weapons.
  • You can break the poise of most bosses by utilizing jump attacks and charged attacks which leaves these bosses staggered, and you can follow up with a critical hit.
  • Boosting the effectiveness of charged attacks should be the main focus of every build as it allows you to destroy even the toughest bosses like Malenia in Elden Ring.

That neatly wraps up my guide on how to obtain Elden Ring Axe Talisman, which can really help players in creating specific builds. Speaking of builds, why not read the guides on strength, dex, faith, and bleed builds? You can even use sorceries and incantations to destroy your opponents in the Elden Ring. 

But that is all from me. Let me know what you think about Elden Ring and if you’re excited about the Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC in the comments below!


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