Muhammad Haris Umer

Haris Umer is a Guides Writer on eXputer who can be seen torturing himself by playing FromSoftware’s offering of Souls games. He speaks about games with overwhelming passion, which readers can spot in his guides. Haris has been avidly playing video games for 15+ years now. You can learn more about his gaming experience through his PSN and Steam profiles.

Experience: 3+ Years || Education: Bachelors In Medicine And Surgery.

Most Played Games
  • 6000+ hours in Fortnite.
  • 2000+ hours in Soulslike Games.
  • 1000+ hours in Zelda Games.
  • 1000+ hours in God of War Games.
  • 1000+ hours in Resident Evil Games.
Gaming History
Haris started his gaming journey with a PS2 back in 2006, over the years he has now become an avid gamer who loves playing indie games and Soulslikes.
Gaming Platforms
PS5 and PC (1660 Ti and i3 10th Gen)
244 Articles