5 Best Keepsakes In Hades 2 [Our Picks]

Give gifts to various NPCs and receive permanent buffs in return.

Equipping the best Keepsakes is just as essential to increasing your survivability in each run as selecting the best boons and weapons in Hades 2. It is pretty hard to obtain Keepsakes early on since players will have to gather Nectar in order to gift this item to different NPCs. Gifting Nectar to a specific NPC will unlock the Keepsake tied to that NPC additionally.

Key Takeaways
  • There are over 20 different Keepsakes that can be obtained in the early access of Hades 2.
  • Keepsakes are essential to create the best builds and can strengthen your plastyle.
  • Some keepsakes can boost Melinoe’s offense, while others can increase her survivability.
  • Hades 2 is a difficult game, and equipping a Keepsake can decrease the level of difficulty faced.
Important: I have not entailed the Keepsakes that are obtained by gifting Nectar to Gods since all such Keepsakes have the same effect, and that is to increase the chances for the boons of that specific God to appear in your run.

The Best Keepsakes In Hades 2 Compared

Here is a summary of the best Keepsakes and their uses in the game: 

No.KeepsakeGiven ByBest ForDescription
1Luckier ToothSchelemeusThe Best Keepsake For SurvivabilityGives a second chance to players by gifting them a free revive in each run.
2Silken SashArachneThe Best Keepsake For DefenseStart each run with 20 Armor that allows you to tank attacks without damaging your health.
3Knuckle BonesOdysseusThe Best Keepsake For Boss FightsNerfs the health of bosses and buffs your defense against their attacks.
4Silver WheelHecateThe Best Keepsake For Omega AttacksAllows you to regenerate Magick which gives you the opportunity to use more Omega attacks in each run.
5Gold PurseCharonThe Best Keepsake For TradingStart each run with 100 Golden Crowns which will allow you to purchase useful items from Charon early on.
Important: I have mentioned the buffs of Rank 1 Keepsakes only; their effectiveness will obviously increase as you rank them up further.

1. Luckier Tooth

The Best Keepsake For Survivability.
the luckier tooth keepsake in hades 2
Equipping the Luckier Tooth Keepsake in Hades 2 (Image Captured by Us)
  • Why I Chose This: It allowed me to consistently reach Chronos since I was able to revive myself after dying once in every run.

The Luckier Tooth Keepsake basically adds a resurrection mechanic for Melinoe, which allows you to revive yourself after death. It not only revives Melinoe but also heals back 51 health in the process, giving you a second chance in your run. Hades 2 is considerably harder than its predecessor, which is why the Luckier Tooth allowed me to stay alive for longer during each run.

I don’t think I would have defeated Chronos without having this Keepsake equipped. Having a second chance in your run really reduces the tension and pressure of reaching Chronos with as much HP as possible.

2. Silken Sash

The Best Keepsake For Defense.
the silken sash keepsake in hades 2
Equipping the Silken Sash Keepsake in Hades 2 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This Keepsake: I was able to stay alive for longer and was consistently able to clear the first two regions without losing any health, as the armor would allow me to tank hits.

If you want to start your run with the maximum defense possible, then you should opt for the Silken Sash Keepsake. It blesses Melinoe with 20 Armor at the start of each run, increasing her chances of survival. Basically, when you get hit by enemies, your armor will sustain damage and will protect your health bar from lowering.

This will allow you to consistently clear levels in Hades and will allow you to reach the final boss more often. In a Roguelike, defense and survivability take the highest priority since death means a complete reset of your run.

3. Knuckle Bones

The Best Keepsake For Boss Fights.
the knuckle bones keepsake in hades 2
Equipping the Knuckle Bones Keepsake in Hades 2 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose The Knuckle Bones: It allowed me to quickly learn attack patterns of a boss without having to waste multiple runs on a single boss fight.

If you’re trying to familiarize yourself with the moveset of a boss, then the Knuckle Bones Keepsake will help you stay alive for longer during boss battles. It not only nerfs the total health of bosses but also increases your defense against their attacks. Basically, at its first rank, the Keepsake reduces 5% of a boss’s total health, allowing you to finish fights more quickly.

It also reduces the incoming damage from bosses by 15%, which increases your survivability and allows you to learn more attack patterns by staying alive for longer. I would recommend using this Keepsake until you are able to dodge most attacks perfectly in a boss fight.

4. Silver Wheel

The Best Keepsake For Omega Attacks.
the silver wheel keepsake
Equipping the Silver Wheel Keepsake in Hades 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose The Knuckle Bones: Omega attacks allow me to clear waves of enemies in a single cast, and the Silver Wheel Keepsake allows me to use more of these attacks in my runs.

Omega attacks are basically more powerful versions of normal attacks and can be charged to deal damage in a wide area. However, these attacks utilize Magick, which is indicated by the blue bar above your health bar in Hades 2. That is why Magick is the other important stat that you need to keep in check in addition to your HP.

The Silver Wheel Keepsake allows you to regenerate Magick in battle. Basically, it allows you to restore Magick for a duration of 3 seconds after you use an Omega attack. This will effectively allow you to use more Omega attacks in each run and will directly buff your offense in Hades 2.

5. Gold Purse

The Best Keepsake For Trading.
the gold purse keepsake
Equipping the Gold Purse Keepsake in Hades 2 (Image Captured by Us)
  • Why I Chose The Knuckle Bones: I was able to purchase heals and power-ups from Lord Charon early on in my run.

Gold Crowns can be used to trade for various useful items at Lord Charon’s shop that can be accessed in between battles during each run. The items at his shop are randomized and can include power-ups for your boons or heals that can restore your health. However, all of the items cost a specific amount of Gold Crowns, which are hard to accumulate early on.

That is where the Gold Purse Keepsake comes in, as it allows you to start each run with a set amount of 100 Golden Crowns. This means that you’ll have 100 Golden Crowns at the start of each run without having to collect anything. This boost is really helpful as it allows you to purchase power-ups early on from Charon.

Alternate Options

Here are some other Keepsakes that didn’t make it into my list because these are just decent options and are not the best of the best:

  • Evil Eye: Allows you to deal 20% more damage to the enemy that killed you in our previous run but is only effective against that specific enemy.
  • White Antler: Increases the chance of dealing critical damage by 20% but at the cost of low overall health in Hades 2.

My Take On The Best Keepsakes

Keepsakes are an important part of your build and are necessary to start new runs with permanent buffs. I know that the method of collecting these Keepsakes can get grindy, but you don’t need to grind for the ones that are not on my list. I have entailed the five strongest Keepsakes for different playstyles so every type of player can be satisfied.

This concludes my guide on the best Keepsakes in Hades 2. I have not only enlisted the strongest Keepsakes but have tried to add Keepsakes for multiple playstyles. I hope that the guide allowed you to find the Keepsake that suits your build. Let me know if you’re enjoying the early access of Hades 2 in the comments below!

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