Best Builds For Complete Dominancy In Hades 2

Having done over 5 playthroughs in Hades 2, the following is my take on the best builds that help you dominate the entire underworld!

Hades 2 early access has been released, and now players can embark on a journey with Melinoe in the underworld. That said, the game is highly challenging, requiring you to play it strategically. Your main aim should be the skills and weapons, which are a little challenging to find the best ones. While Hades 2 is purely RNG-based, you should focus on making the best builds.

Key Takeaways
  • Hades 2 features many gods that give players different abilities to help in combat.
  • Poseidon and Apollo are my two favorite ones, and they helped me beat Hades 2 quickly.
  • The Poseidon build is my favorite one so far, as it offers many spells that can trigger freezing
  • The only major drawback to this build would be its high consumption of mana.
  • Author’s Note: I have already done over five playthroughs in Hades 2 to figure out what might be the best build, and a build based on either Poseidon or Apollo is my favorite so far.

Best Builds In Hades 2 Summary

Hades 2 features many gods that give you a certain power that you can collect and upgrade in-game.

The following is an overview of the two best builds you can make: 

GodKeepsakeWeaponBoonsArcanaBest For
PoseidonVivid Sea (Poseidon's Keepsake)Moonstone AxeFluid Gain, Wave Hydrulic Might, Breaker Sprint, Blitz, and Arctic RingThe Swift Runner, The Titan, Eternity, and The HuntressThe Best Build In Hades 2 For Complete Dominance
ApolloPurest Hope (Apollo's Keepsake)Witch's StaffSolar Ring, Blinding Sprint, Super Nova, Nova StrikeSame as the Poseidon oneThe Best Alternative For Poseidon Build In Hades 2

1- Poseidon Build

The Best Build In Hades 2 For Complete Dominance.
Poseidon Build
Poseidon’s appearance early is a good sign, so make sure to select the best goons (Image Taken By Us)
  • Why I Chose The Poseidon Build: Getting Poseidon early can arguably lead you to make one of the best builds in-game, but this one can help you dominate the regular enemies as well as the boss fights.  
  • Keepsake: Vivid Sea (Poseidon’s Keepsake).
  • Weapon: Moonstone Axe.
  • Boons: Fluid Gain, Wave Hydrulic Might, Breaker Sprint, Blitz, and Arctic Ring.
  • Arcana: The Swift Runner, The Titan, Eternity, and The Huntress.

If you encounter Poseidon early in-game, you are in luck. This god offers quite a few abilities, which are arguably great and allow you to freeze the enemy. This build is arguably my favorite one so far because it’s so convenient to freeze the enemies with regular attacks. You can upgrade any boon you would like, as all of the ones that come with this build are compelling.

Do note that the Fluid Gain is an Epic ability, so you might have difficulty getting it, but it is so good. Also, the Hyrdulic Might will allow you to finish the fight exceptionally early. The Moonstone Axe is really helpful as it has wide swings that do AoE damage, and its charge attack deals massive damage. Overall, this build won my heart, so I would highly recommend you try it out as soon as possible.  

  • High damage.
  • Great AoE damage.
  • High survivability.
  • Features some of the best skills.
  • Getting this exact build can be hard.
  • Consumes a lot of mana. 

2- Apollo Build

The Best Alternative For Poseidon Build In Hades 2.
Apollo Build
Apollo, The God of Light, can offer some of the best abilities in Hades 2 (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Recommend The Apollo Build: This build will ensure that you deal extremely high damage to enemies and bosses while playing a little defensively.  
  • Keepsake: Purest Hope (Apollo’s Keepsake).
  • Weapon: Witch’s Staff.
  • Boons: Solar Ring, Blinding Sprint, Super Nova, Nova Strike.
  • Arcana: Same as the Poseidon one.

If by any chance you don’t like Poseidon, which I highly doubt, then you should go with Apollo. Disliking Poseidon is a different and unlikely thing, but preferring Apollo over him is understandable. So, if you encounter him, then make sure to get the recommended spells and his Keepsake, as it is one of the best ones in Hades 2. 

The skills will ensure you are on the offensive for quite a long time, but keep in mind that if you are going with the Witch’s Staff, the short range of regular attacks might affect your gameplay. I didn’t really have much problem with that, so I hope you have had a similar experience. Also, while being one of the best builds in Hades 2, it takes a lot of your mana, so generating a bigger pool is a good choice.

  • High damage output.
  • Sprinting deals damage. 
  • High DPS due to its fast nature.
  • Potential to finish off bosses quickly.
  • Lacks in the range due to the Witch’s Staff.
  • Uses a lot of Mana.

Honorable Mentions

After over five playthroughs, only two builds struck me as the best. However, that doesn’t mean the rest are bad, as there are some that can surely provide a fun experience.

Some of the other builds I like are the following:

  • Hestia Build: Despite not having the best character design, players can actually make great builds thanks to Hestia. She is the Goddess of Flame, so with her goons, players can apply burning to their opponents.  
  • Zeus Build: Almost everyone would be aware of Zeus, King of the Olympians. His goons deal lightning damage, which allows you to inflict Blitz, an offensive curse, onto the enemies.

My Experience With The Best Builds

I liked Poseidon’s build the most because it freezes the enemy while dealing massive damage, and I am biased toward the character because he is one of my favorites in Greek Mythology.

I love Hestia and her design as per the Greek Mythology, but the game didn’t do her justice, which is why she isn’t on the list. Other than that, my experience with the Posideon build was top-tier, as I dominated the entire game with it. It did take effort, as Hades 2 is designed in such a way. Also, the Apollo build is extraordinary, given how great the light element is in-game. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best builds in Hades 2. Do note that these builds are completely based on my experience in-game, meaning they are based on my preference. 

Hades 2 was released just a little while ago, and it is doing wonders on Steam. It is currently the top seller on Steam, even leaving behind the F2P games. I highly recommend that roug-like enjoyers try it out and experience its goodness while trying my recommended builds. 

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Feedback From Our Fellow Gamers

Shout to the Hestia Build! Also would recommend using the Sister Blades with her boons, its soo good

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