Elden Ring: How to Get to Mohgwyn [Location]

"How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring" is frequently asked in the community. Learn how to access this region in our complete guide.

What is Mohgwyn in Elden Ring?

Mohgwyn in Elden Ring is actually short for Mohgwyn Palace. It is one of the many different regions of the map that are located in the Lands Between. Mohgwyn, in particular, is situated below ground level, and you’ll find it surfacing beneath the Caelid region.

Key Highlights
  • Mohgwyn Palace is one of the legacy dungeons in Elden Ring and is the home to one of the demigods of Elden Ring, Mohg The Lord of Blood.
  • There are two ways that can be used to get to Mohgwyn. One is by completing Varre’s questline and the other is by accessing a teleporter in Consecrated Snowfield.
  • Varre is first met near the First Steps Site of Grace. Interact with him and continue his questline until its conclusion. At the end of his quest, he’ll give you an item called Pureblood Knight’s Medal. Using this item sends the player to Mohgwyn Palace.
  • For the second way, players will have to first reach Consecrated Snowfield which is a hidden area in Elden Ring. It can be accessed by using two halves of the medallion of Rold at the Lift that took you to Mountain Top of the Giants. The waygate to Mohgwyn is in the western region of Consecrated Snowfield.
  • At the end of this region, players will face Mohg The Lord of Blood, who is one of Marika’s Children and the abductor of Malenia’s brother, Miquella.

With that being said, getting to Mohgwyn Palace isn’t so plainly straightforward to dig out as compared to most other areas in the game. As a matter of fact, Mohgwyn Palace is one of the most unrevealed locations you’ll ever have to find.

Getting to it follows a fairly long questline of a particular NPC, and if you don’t want to opt for that route, you’ll have to switch things up entirely differently. We’ll get to all of that in the coming section, so fret not. 

Mohgwyn Palace is home to Mohg, Lord of Blood. As terrifying as that sounds, this is one of the many optional bosses in Elden Ring that you don’t necessarily have to kill off in order to progress the main storyline. However, if you’re like most players who want to get the most out of their games, you’ll need to get to the Mohgwyn Palace and dig out the demi-god boss. 

Speaking of which, the Mohg, Lord of Blood boss fight is undeniably one of the hardest in Elden Ring. However, if you’re not the type who loves a difficult challenge and just wants to get the fight over with, we’ve outlined a highly effective Elden Ring Mohg cheese method here that you can employ to make a joke out of Mohg.

Other than this petrifying enemy, you’ll observe that Mohgwyn has his fair share of magic items, equipment, farming items, upgrade materials, and a cookbook as well. There’s also a merchant that you can trade, sell, and buy stuff from within Mohgwyn Palace. You’ll find him imprisoned in a particular section as you make your way along with the region. 

Lastly, there is a total of 4 Sites of Lost Grace in the entirety of Mohgwyn Palace.  

As iterated earlier, it’s exceptionally hidden and you’ll have to complete either a series of tasks to get to it or find a secret portal in another untold location in Elden Ring. Sounds mind-boggling, right? We’ll walk you through it all.   

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How to Get to Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring” is something that’s asked in constant frequency by players across the spectrum. However, we cannot stress enough that the region in question is so deeply hidden, even the most veteran players of the Soulsborne series won’t figure it out in their first go.

Now, the fact of the matter is that there are two possible ways that you can use to get to Mohgwyn in the game. Since we’re aiming toward covering an in-depth guide on Mohgwyn, we’ll go over both of these ways for your convenience. That way, you’ll find your options flexible enough to decide which one to shoot for accordingly.  

Pathway #1: Complete the Questline of White-Faced Varré

The first option that you have at your disposal for getting to the Moghwyn Palace in Elden Ring revolves around completing the questline of an NPC called White-Faced Varré. The character in question appears at the very start of the game, right when you jump out of the tutorial and land on The First Step Site of Grace. He’s located in close proximity to this checkpoint, offering new players guidance regarding Grace in Elden Ring. 

You actually have to talk to White-Faced Varré at The First Step in order to proceed with his questline. If you’ve made your way to a later stage in the game, you’ll have to go back to said Site of Grace, find him, and interact with him to continue. Once done, you’ll find Varré at a place called Rose Church, which is southwest of Liurnia. Talking to him will trigger his quest, where you’ll have to complete a series of tasks. 

This will continue until you get a special key item from White-Faced Varré that will help you teleport instantly to Mohgwyn. This was the long and short of the whole process, but we’re going to delve deep into the matter and walk you through the steps of Varré’s quest. Follow along with the steps listed ahead to get to the bottom of this scenario. Let’s get going.

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How to Complete White-Faced Varré’s Questline

After speaking to Varré near The First Step Site of Grace in Limgrave, as soon as you step foot into the main game, you’ll keep making your way ahead. That is because the dialogue at that time with the NPC will be fairly short and won’t prompt you to do anything other than listening. 

Now, the main prerequisite for encountering Varré again is killing off Godrick the Grafted, who is actually the first main boss that you have to defeat in order to advance in Elden Ring. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to go to Rose Church in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. 

  • This is where we’re tempted to nudge you to our complete guide on all the different map fragments in Elden Ring. Gathering all of the map pieces will definitely help you gain the upper hand in terms of navigation.

The following screenshot houses the exact location of the Rose Church in Elden Ring. Notice how it’s situated on a small-scale piece of land right between the two ends of a forest. Directionally, you’ll find the Rose Church by heading southwest in Liurnia of the Lakes. 

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring
Rose Church Location in Elden Ring

After arriving at the Rose Church, you’ll find White-Faced Varré standing right outside the church. Go up to the character and speak with him. When he greets you and inquires about your experience of gathering your very first Great Rune, select “They didn’t seem right” from the dialog box. 

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring
Selecting the Right Option for White-Faced Varré

Right after that, a pop-up will appear on the screen, affirming that you’ve received a brand-spanking-new item in your inventory called Festering Bloody Finger

Festering Bloody Finger Obtained
Festering Bloody Finger Obtained

Now, this is one of the many key items in Elden Ring that enable cooperative play. The Festering Bloody Finger, in particular, allows you to invade the world of other players. To advance the questline of White-Faced Varré, you need to use the Festering Bloody Finger three times successfully. 

Now, as far as the term “successfully” goes, it means that all you have to do is invade other players in the sense that you’re entering their world only. This means that it isn’t necessary to kill the other player as an invader or vanquish the host. You simply have to get into their session, and that’s it. Do this for a total of three times and make your way back to White-Faced Varré at the Rose Church. 

Similar to how you did it before, speak to the character until he offers you an anointment of a “proper inductee.” Select the “Anoint Me” option to get to the next step.

Selecting the "Anoint Me" Option
Selecting the “Anoint Me” Option

You’ll instantly receive the Lord of Blood’s Favor following that last input. This is yet another key item that you actually have to soak in the blood of a maiden. This may seem like an impossible job for us maidenless players, but thank goodness there’s a way to get it done in-game.   

We now have to make haste to a specific area in Lirunia of the Lakes called The Four Belfries. A nearby Site of Grace here that can nudge you in the right direction is Foot of the Four Belfries. You can get to this checkpoint by going along the main road west in Liurnia.

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring
Heading to the Four Belfries

From there, gallop in the northeast direction and up the mountain hill by following the main pathway. Soon, you’ll come across monumental structures, with each of them being a Belfry. In addition, there are going to be trolls in your way as you ride to the top of the mountain. Simply ignore them as they’re too fat and sloppy to catch you in your stride. 

When you arrive at the peak of the mountain hill, you’ll find a chest with another special item inside known as the Imbued Sword Key. This key object is used to open waygates in Elden Ring, but only once until you find another one, so be careful about what you do with it next. 

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring
Imbued Sword Key Obtained

After you have the Imbued Sword Key in the bag, turn in the opposite direction and make your way downhill. Arrive at what is supposed to be the Third Belfry and find a waygate there. Besides it will be an opening to insert the Imbued Sword Key you’ve just attained. Interact with the option and select “Yes” when prompted to open the waygate. 

Using the Imbued Sword Key at the Third Belfry
Using the Imbued Sword Key at the Third Belfry

You’ll now be seeing the portal right beside the entry point for the Imbued Sword Key light up, allowing you to go inside it. Interact with it to get to the other side. Spoiler: There’s a surprise waiting for you ahead. 

When you get to your destination, you’ll find yourself right at the very start of the game again. This time, however, you’ll be well-equipped to take on the boss fight that showed you defeat last time. Taking care of the Grafted Scion will be fairly easy this second time around, and you can see how you can get to it from the screenshot below. Simply traverse the mist and enter the boss area. 

Grafted Scion Boss Fight Location
Grafted Scion Boss Fight Location

After killing off the Grafted Scion, you’ll not only receive a couple of rewards, but you’ll also unlock the way forward. Apparently, felling the enemy gets you the Ornamental Straight Sword and the Golden Beast Crest Shield.

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring
Grafted Scion Felled

You’re almost at the end of the first pathway for getting to the Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring now. Simply go straight from where you encounter the boss fight until you arrive at a bridge. Crossing the bridge will lead you up to a church. Enter the doorway to find a fallen maiden to the left. Interact with her to automatically soak your white-oath cloth with the maiden’s blood. You will now have completed Lord of Blood’s Favor. 

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring
Lord of Blood’s Favor Completed

The time is nigh to make haste back to White-Faced Varré. He’ll be in the same old spot as last time, which is right at the front of the Rose Church. Go right up to him and press the “Interact” button. As soon as you do that, he’ll automatically recognize that you’ve completed the favor that you were asked for. 

Talking to White-Faced Varré Again
Talking to White-Faced Varré Again

The conversation then will end briefly, and it’s possible to go elsewhere. However, the key here is to talk to White-Faced Varré one more time. Doing so will prompt the character to remember giving you a key item. This key item is the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. Take the badge and prepare to bid our noble-seeming NPC goodbye.

Pureblood Knight's Medal Obtained
Pureblood Knight’s Medal Obtained

All that’s left to do now is open up your inventory and use the medal you’ve just obtained. Choose the “Use” button after selecting the Pureblood Knight’s Medal to get to the next step.

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring
Using the Pureblood Knights Medal

As soon as you do that, you will see a confirmation prompt on your end, asking you to confirm your selection. Simply click on “Yes.” 

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring
Agreeing to be Teleported to Mohgwyn Palace

The next thing you’ll know is a loading screen taking you straight to Mohgwyn Palace. Great going so far! You’ve successfully learned how to get to Mohgwyn in Elden Ring.

Mohgwyn Palace Reached
Mohgwyn Palace Reached

Although this is the primary way of making your way to Mohgwyn Palace, it definitely isn’t the only one. The next section will cover how to get to Mohgwyn with the help of another method that although comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s begin straight away. 

Pathway #2: Find the Secret Teleporter in the Consecrated Snowfield Region

Don’t want to bother yourself with White-Faced Varré’s questline? Or is it too demanding for you? There’s another way you can get to Mohgwyn in Elden Ring, and that is by unlocking the Consecrated Snowfield area first. Similar to how Mohgwyn Palace stands in the Lands Between, Consecrated Snowfield is another purely secret area that you will have to dig out on your own. 

Since the process for that is quite a bit lengthy, we’ll have to refer you to our dedicated guide here on how to get to the snowy area in Elden Ring, which is otherwise known as the Consecrated Snowfield. Basically, you have to venture out and grab the two different halves of the Secret Haligtree Medallion. Once done, you will need to hoist the item at the Grand Lift of Rold. 

Players who’ve already experienced the game to a certain extent know that this is where you gain entry to the Mountaintops of the Giants. However, at that time, you use the Rold Medallion obtained from Melina right after defeating Morgott, the Omen King. If you haven’t gotten to Mountaintops of the Giants yet, here’s a full-length tutorial that shows you how to do just that.

The beauty of it is that the game will give you an option to switch the medallion type and raise the Haligtree Secret Medallion in front of the two large statues at the Grand Lift of Rold.

That will allow you a quick and seamless entry into the Consecrated Snowfield, although you will have to pass a brief section called Hidden Path to the Haligtree in order to reach the snowy area. If you’re after more details on this, don’t forget to check out the interlinked guide above. 

Now that you’ve stepped foot into the Consecrated Snowfield and you’re free to explore the region at will, it’s finally time to get to Mohgwyn Palace. You will need to start at the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace and make your way northwest from there. 

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring
Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace Location

As you gallop forward, you’ll soon approach an area where there are red-colored leaves mixed in the snow on the ground. That will be an indication that you’re heading toward the right place. Now, the key here is to keep heading in the southwest direction until you get to the end of the area and notice a cliff.

Jump down from there, and you’ll observe a Waygate. The following screenshot should illustrate where exactly you’ll find this specific area. As you can see, it’s right up a pathway that you can get around to from behind as well, but we recommend a more direct approach.

Location of the Mohgwyn Palace Teleporter
Location of the Mohgwyn Palace Teleporter

There’s going to be an enemy in that section as well, so be on your guard before making your way downward. You can actually see the Waygate from above if you focus your camera accordingly. The danger we’re alarming you about is also easily spottable from higher up. 

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring
Waygate Spotted

After going up to the Waygate, interact with it, and you’ll receive a prompt on the screen. This will be to confirm whether you’d like to travel to the allotted destination or not. Simply select “Yes” to get to the next step.

It’s worth noting here that some players have complained that this particular Waygate does not allow entry and, therefore, cannot be used to get to Mohgwyn Palace. If you find yourself in a similar situation, make sure that you’re not being invaded by another player.

Concurrently existing invasions block all access to Waygates in Elden Ring, so you should definitely take care of the violator first before trying to use this Consecrated Snowfield Waygate. Other than that, the Waygate not lighting up for you has no link to killing White-Faced Varré. 

Moreover, one user has recommended returning to this Waygate at a later point in the game if you’ve tried accessing it once and it didn’t work. Some random event triggers the teleporter to light up and thereby allow you access to Mohgwyn Palace.  

How to get to Mohgwyn Elden Ring
Traveling to the Mohgwyn Palace

Anyhow, after you enter the Waygate and the loading screen appears, you’ll soon find yourself in a dark, vague cave afterward. You will be equipped with a torch to guide your way ahead. Simply follow the path that leads outside the cavernous tunnel, and you’ll arrive at somewhere in the Mogwhyn Palace. 

Mohgwyn Palace Arrived
Mohgwyn Palace Arrived

That’s all about it for getting to Mohgwyn Palace. We’ve covered two different ways that you can approach to accomplish the task at hand, and both of them have their fair share of advantages and downsides. We leave it up to you to decide which one to go for. 

Personally, we recommend completing White-Faced Varré’s questline, so you can explore the areas that come in the wake of it and gradually get to Mohgwyn Palace hassle-free.

Elden Ring’s expansive in-game world is truly a sight to behold. Packed with terrors of all sorts coming in all sizes and shapes, it’ll take you a significantly long while before you can uncover all of Elden Ring’s map and explore its several different regions. Now, obviously, this is made even harder due to the inclusion of super-secret, hard-to-find areas like Mohgwyn in the game. 

However, exploration is the ultimate key to getting the most out of Elden Ring, and the title encourages that itself by rewarding you with legendary armaments, upgrade materials, and other awesome items. In this guide, we’ve talked about the Mohgwyn Palace in full, including the couple of different ways you can get to the area in question. After thoroughly reading the written instructions, you’ll be all set to find Mohgwyn in no time.

As always, eXputer wishes you happy gaming! 

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