Elden Ring: The BEST Deathblight Build

Our Elden Ring Deathblight Build guide mentions how to kill other tarnished players in PvP invasions by casting deathblight status effect.

Elden Ring comes packed with an intense storyline, exciting quests, and dungeons to explore. Amongst that madness comes a plethora of best builds that players can mix and match to conquer enemies and defeat the most formidable opponents, and this is where the Elden Ring Deathblight Build steps in. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Deathblight build is an unconventional build that focuses more on killing invaders or being an invader. It aims to insta-kill enemies so it is the best suited for PvP Invasions. 
  • Prioritize leveling up Strength and Dexterity as your primary stats while focusing on Faith and Vigor as your secondary stats. 
  • This is an unconventional build through and through as you will be using the Erdtree Greatshield as your primary weapon.
  • Using the shield’s skill Golden Retaliation you can melt away enemies and other players alike. It reflects back all witchcraft and spells in the game.
  • For the secondary weapon in the Deathblight build, it is recommended that you equip the Eclipse Shotel so that you can impale anyone who dares to approach you. 
  • The armor set that is best suited for the Deathblight build is the Royal Remains Set.
  • The Talismans that go well with the Deathblight build are Old Lord’s Talisman, Taker’s Cameo, Blessed Dew Talisman, Sacred Scorpion Charm, and Erdtree’s Favor.
  • The broken incantations that make the Deathblight build possible are the Fire’s Deadly Sin, Golden Vow, and Blessing of the Erdtree.
  • Among Crystal Tears, the Holy Shrouding Cracked Tear will buff your Holy attacks that assist your playstyle.

Deathblight Build In Elden Ring

WeaponIncantationsTalismansCrystal TearsArmor Sets
-Erdtree Greatshield
-Eclipse Shotel
-Fire’s Deadly Sin
-Golden Vow
-Blessing of the Erdtree
-Old Lord’s Talisman
-Taker’s Cameo
-Blessed Dew Talisman
-Sacred Scorpion Charm
Erdtree’s Favor
Holy Shrouding Cracked TearRoyal Remains Set

The Deathblight Build is designed so that tarnished one can kill invaders or invade other people and kill them instantly. The build is more on the unconventional side, with the build aiming to impale enemies and insta-kill everyone and help the player achieve victory within seconds. 

It is an instant kill build that is not only overpowered but is deadly for players who do not have any idea of it, and when you face your friends or strangers in PvP battles, the build is sure to save you and help you survive till the end. The central aspect of the build itself focuses on Fire Damage, corruption, and impalement. Let’s see how exactly you can achieve the build. 


Elden Ring Deathblight Build character attributes
Character Attributes

Like always, there are a few attributes to focus on in the Elden Ring Deathblight Build, three being primary and one secondary. 


Firstly, Strength is an attribute that players are advised to focus on to get the most out of this build. The main aim of Strength is to figure out how an adventurer might get hold of the best weapons and use them while on the battlefield. Weapons that scale with Strength will be enhanced in their overall attack power. 

The more investment players have placed into Strength, the more they will wield more potent weapons and take down their friends in PvP battles and enemies in PvE battles. If you want to invest in the best strength weapon in Elden Ring, then go through our Weapons tier list.


Dexterity is yet another primary attribute that is very important when facing difficult foes. Its main aim lies in affecting the player’s need and ability to get hold of heavier and more potent weapons that scale with Dexterity. It will also enhance the overall attack power of the weapons that scale off of Dexterity. 

Another significant benefit of investing in Dexterity is that adventurers will stand their ground while being attacked by enemies. They will reduce fall damage, and overall spell-casting time will significantly decrease. This will help players stay alive for longer. Therefore, they are advised to invest points into Dexterity. 


Yet another primary attribute focuses on is Faith, which controls the overall ability of adventurers being able to cast some of the best incantations or not. For builds such as this one that will require a set few incantations, it requires a total investment of some points into Faith if players want to gain advantage and victory over their foes. 

The more players put into Faith, the more they will be able to gain out of it, and their battles will go smoother, allowing adventurers to gain the advantage of the most vigorous opponents and kill them with ease. Read our Incantation versus Sorcery guide if you want to properly grasp the idea between the two.


The only secondary stat that players are advised to invest in for this build is Vigor, as it is highly concerned with the protection of HP or the health bar. Since the Elden Ring Dealthblight Build is concerned with personal damage to kill off other people or enemies, the personal protection of your HP is insanely important. 

The higher you upgrade the Vigor attribute, the more it will allow players to stay alive for longer and come out victorious from the battlefield. 


For the Deathblight Build, even weapons are more unconventional, as you will use a shield as a primary weapon instead of any staff or sacred seals

Erdtree Greatshield

elden ring best deathblight build
Erdtree Greatshield In The Game (Image by eXputer)

The Erdtree Greatshield is the main star of this build, with its main aim to reflect even the best spells and corruption-based debuffs that are launched against the players, the shield itself can also be used as a weapon to launch deadly shots at enemies and friends for PvE and PvP. the weapon itself scales off of Strength and Faith, which allows players to cast insanely strong incantations on their opponents. 

Erdtree’s great shield will severely obliterate enemies, and this build will allow players to come close to their opponents and perform consistent attacks to take them down. PvP will allow them to come close to their friends and obliterate them. The shield also allows for personal protection and is probably one of the best protectants in the game. 

The shield’s skill, “Golden Retaliation,” is essential here, as its main aim is to support players to achieve victory by unleashing its protecting magic that will instantly reflect all witchcraft and spells that are launched towards the adventurer and back onto the enemy, whether it is in PvE or PvP. 

With the weapon requiring 12 Faith Points and 30 Strength Points, it is great to have in your arsenal, as it helps you obliterate everyone in your wake and come out victorious. 

Physical Damage120
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage78
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard100
Magic Guard66
Fire Guard49
Light Guard45
Holy Guard76
Boost Guard57

Eclipse Shotel

elden ring best deathblight build
Eclipse Shotel In The Game (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Moving forward, the secondary weapon that players can use for this build is the Eclipse Shotel, which will indirectly impale anyone that comes close to you while on the battlefield. The primary weapon is to support the adventurer and help them kill off enemies one by one, and it consistently is ranked as an excellent Curved Sword. 

The weapon itself scales off of Faith and Dexterity; therefore, its attack power is highly enhanced with the help of the attribute Dexterity. Its is primary passive allows the “Death Ailment” status to be placed upon difficult opponents, and then it continues with a fire flare that will bring them down to their knees and impale them until they die.

With the skill “Death Flare,” the weapon can finish the opponent off with an explosion that will make them disappear. The physical attack is quite adequate, and it requires a total of 30 Faith Points, 25 Dexterity Points, and 10 Strength points. The weapon itself scales with Faith D, Dexterity D, and Strength E. 

Physical Damage77
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage77
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard35
Magic Guard25
Fire Guard25
Light Guard25
Holy Guard50
Boost Guard25


Moving forward, the Deathblight Build focuses primarily on some broken incantations that will provide a consistent damage output and will support the player by helping them achieve victory by obliterating their opponents. 

Fire’s Deadly Sin

best deathblight build elden ring
Fire’s Deadly Sin In The Game (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The star of this build is the Fire’s Deadly Sin, the main component for burning down enemies and yourself to gain victory and come out as the strongest player off of the battlefield. The magic can render your opponents useless whether you are combating in PvP or PvE. 

The main aim of Fire’s Deadly Sin is to be cast and then set the caster and the area around in flames. Over time, this will deplete the caster’s HP, but it is highly potent, as it also lights the opponents on fire, allowing players to consistently slash through them and kill them off. 

The incantation can be charged by holding it for a few seconds before casting it, increasing the overall potency of the flames and the damage output. It requires about 19 Faith Points and uses up the player’s one Memory Slot. It costs about 28 stamina, and it is an excellent incantation to have in your arsenal. 

Golden Vow

best deathblight build elden ring
Golden Vow Incantation (Image credit: eXputer)

Yet another excellent incantation is the Golden’s Vow, which is overpowered for the Deathblight Build. The main aim of wielding this incantation is to improve your defense and enhance your overall damage output. Upon casting Golden Vow, players will see an overall buff being applied to their attack power.

There is a total of 15% attack increase and a 10% personal protection increase against all kinds of damage, including Physical, Slash, Pierce, or elemental. Golden Vow requires around 25 Faith Points, and it uses up one Memory Slot. The stamina consumption is around 50, and the buff itself will finish off in 80 seconds and no more. 

Blessing of the Erdtree

elden ring best deathblight build
Blessing Of The Erdtree Incantation (Image Captured by Us)

Lastly, another incantation that players should have in their arsenal is the Blessing of the Erdtree, which is essentially a healing incantation that will bless the caster and their allies while facing difficult enemies or PvP battles. It will restore a massive chunk of HP slowly when instant cast, which is crucial since you will be setting yourself on fire for the buffs

Upon holding the praying option, you can delay its casting but make the incantation more potent, upon which it will heal the adventurer, even more, aiding greatly during the combat. It can heal around 12 HP every second, and the incantation itself will last for 90 seconds before dissipating. 

It requires at least 38 Faith Points to cast, uses one Memory Slot, and takes up 50 stamina. 


Here are the best talismans that favor Elden Ring Deathblight Build players significantly in the game

Old Lord’s Talisman

best deathblight build elden ring
Old Lord’s Talisman In The Game (Image Captured by eXputer)

First off, the Old Lord’s Talisman is insanely essential for PvP, as the main aim of the talisman is to increase the overall duration of the spells and incantations that adventurers cast during their battles with opponents. It dramatically increases the duration by 30%, which significantly helps players achieve victory when facing more formidable enemies. On the subject of spells, check out our Elden Ring Spells Tier List

The talisman itself is not that powerful, but when applied to stronger incantations, the duration can be increased to absolute madness, and it causes utter destruction in the adventurer’s wake. 

Taker’s Cameo

best deathblight build elden ring
Taker’s Cameo In The Game (Image by eXputer)

The Taker’s Cameo is a pretty self-explanatory talisman, as it allows players to regain a certain amount of HP after slashing and thrashing their way through enemies and obliterating them. When players come upon undefeatable enemies and obliterate them, players will regain any HP that they have lost upon the end of the casting duration. 

Per defeat, an adventurer will experience a 7% HP regain, which can significantly support them by helping themes stay alive for longer on the battlefield itself. 

Blessed Dew Talisman

elden ring best deathblight build
Blessed Dew Talisman In The Game (Image by eXputer)

Another instant heal talisman is the Blessed Dew Talisman which aims to aid the player when facing difficult opponents in PvP or PvE. Upon casting the talisman, it will start to slowly help you regain your fallen HP, and the Health Bar will start to fill up again. The talisman itself may be simple, but it can significantly help adventurers on the verge of death. 

It is essential to pair with Fire’s Deadly Sin, which significantly depletes players’ HP. Per second, it aims to heal around 2-3 HP, which can fill up the bar slowly but surely. The talisman will not add too much to the Equip Load Limit. 

Sacred Scorpion Charm

best deathblight build elden ring
Sacred Scorpion Charm In The Game (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

As if the Deathblight Build In Elden Ring wasn’t already broken and overpowered enough, bringing in the Sacred Scorpion Charm will obliterate opponents when in the arena. It aims to enormously buff and enhance the adventurer’s Holy Damage; this directly benefits the Erdtree Greatshield, as it is based on the Holy Damage output. 

The small side effect of the charm is that it will slowly deplete the damage negation, which the high Holy Damage output can overcome. 

Erdtree’s Favor

elden ring best deathblight build
Erdtree’s Favor In The Game (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Another important talisman is the Erdtree’s Favor, which is highly important as it dramatically increases players’ overall maximum HP. This can significantly benefit players using this build as they can take advantage of the enhanced HP bar and cast the incantations to increase their overall damage output. It can help them achieve victory more easily. 

Players can upgrade Erdtree’s Favor to +0, +1, and +2. The standard +0 will enhance HP by 3%, increase stamina by 6.75%, and increase Equip Load by 5%. Upgrading to +1 will buff HP by 3.5%, stamina is increased by 8.25%, and Equip Load is enhanced by 6.5%. Upgrading to +2 will allow HP to enhance by 4%, stamina enhancement by 9.5%, and Equip Load will be increased by 8%. 

Crystal Tears

Crystals Tears are often looked over for the Elden Ring Deathblight Build, but they can highly support players when mixed into the Flask of Wonderous Physicks to improve their overall effects. 

Holy Shrouding Cracked Tear

best deathblight build elden ring
Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear In The Game (Image credit: eXputer)

The Holy Shrouding Cracked Tear aims to aid adventurers on the battlefield, and it will temporarily buff the Holy attacks launched by players. It will take down enemies and opponents in no time whatsoever. 

You can quickly come across Crystal Tears upon “Sites of Grace,” When they are mixed into the Flask of Wondrous Physick, players will get enhanced Holy Damage output. 

Armor Sets

Although there is not an immediate necessity for any armor set for the Deathblight Build, there is still a set that you might want to consider for personal protection. 

Royal Remains Set 

The Royal Remains Set is an all-rounder armor set that can offer excellent protection from all kinds of damage from opponents, and it is a great set to have in your arsenal. It consists of Chest Armor, Helms, Gauntlets, and Greaves, which can work perfectly to guard the player. 

Royal Remains Helm
best deathblight build elden ring
Royal Remains Helm In The Game (Image Captured by Us)

The Royal Remains Helm greatly helps support players when worn on the adventurer’s head, allowing for increased personal protection. The main focus of the Helm is to aid players in achieving victory on the battlefield and ensuring that they do not die. While under the protection of the Helm, you can experience increased Physical damage, negation, and resistance. 

The main focus is placed on Robustness, Immunity, and Focus Resistance, and Damage negation is considered.

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage4.2
Strike Damage4.0
Slash Damage4.6
Pierce Damage4.2
Magic Damage3.4
Fire Damage3.6
Light Damage2.8
Holy Damage3.1
Immunity 15
Robustness 24
Focus 10
Vitality 5
Poise 5
Royal Remains Armor
best deathblight build elden ring
Royal Remains Armor In The Game (Image Captured by eXputer)

Following through with the Elden Ring Deathblight Build, the Royal Remains Armor is another vital player protection component. When the armor is adorned around the adventurer’s torso, it will help the player regain HP if they have taken considerable damage while fighting in PvP or PvE in the arena. 

While the great focus is placed on Physical, Strike, Slash, and Pierce damage negation, elemental negation is also considered. The main focus is also placed on Robustness and Immunity Resistance. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage11.9
Strike Damage11.4
Slash Damage12.9
Pierce Damage11.9
Magic Damage9.5
Fire Damage10.2
Light Damage8.0
Holy Damage8.8
Immunity 35
Robustness 57
Focus 24
Vitality 11
Poise 15
Royal Remains Gauntlets
best deathblight build elden ring
Royal Remains Gauntlets In The Game (Image by eXputer)

The Royal Remains Gauntlets are another vital aspect of the entire set. They are worn on the player’s arms and hands and save them from unnecessary launches aimed at the arms by foes. When paired with the entire set, it can significantly benefit the adventurer. 

The gauntlets themselves do not add that much weight to the Equip Load Limit; therefore, players can wear them repeatedly. See below for damage negation stats. 

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 Damage Negation
Physical Damage2.9
Strike Damage2.8
Slash Damage3.2
Pierce Damage2.9
Magic Damage2.3
Fire Damage2.5
Light Damage1.9
Holy Damage2.1
Immunity 12
Robustness 19
Focus 8
Vitality 4
Poise 3
Royal Remains Greaves
best deathblight build elden ring
Royal Remains Greaves In The Game (Image by eXputer)

The Royal Remains Greave also offers to guard and protect the adventurer on the battlefield. With the high elemental and physical damage negation and Resistances offered to the players, the adventurer is sure to stay alive on the arena when they are combating in PvP and come out victorious. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage6.8
Strike Damage6.5
Slash Damage7.4
Pierce Damage6.8
Magic Damage5.4
Fire Damage5.8
Light Damage4.5
Holy Damage5.0
Immunity 22
Robustness 35
Focus 15
Vitality 7
Poise 9

Deathblight Build Playstyle In Elden Ring 

The Elden Ring Deathblight Build is pretty easy to figure out. While welding the Erdtree Greatshield in one hand, repel any spells or incantations that are launched towards you, and deter them back to your opponent’s direction to obliterate them. 

By pairing the Fire’s Deadly Sin with the Eclipse Shotel, impale and label them with the death Ailment while setting them on fire with the magic, rendering them useless. With the Golden Vow in your hand, make this build even overpowered by increasing your attack power and damage output. 

With the Blessing of the Erdtree under your arsenal, obliterate enemies by regaining back the HP you lost under the effect of the Fire’s Deadly Sin. Pair it all together with the Old Lord’s Talisman to improve on the duration of your spells to make them more potent, 

Protect your HP with the help of Taker’s Cameo, Blessed Dew Talisman, and Erdtree’s Favor and last longer while in the arena. Boost your Holy Damage with the help of Sacred Scorpion Charm, which can make the Eclipse Shotel even more deadly against opponents. 

Finish it all off while being under the protection and guard of Royal Remains Armor Set, which will keep you alive all the way through till the end and ensure that you will not die. With that, this wraps up the Elden Ring Deathblight Build; let us know what you think in the comments down below! 

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