Elden Ring: Erdtree Greatshield Location & Stats

Combat in Elden Ring is pretty difficult. If you don’t have the right weapons in your hands, chances are that you won’t come out alive from most fights. However, while having the best weapons in Elden Ring is important for winning a fight, you should also take care of defense. While some of the armors in Elden Ring can protect you from enemy attacks, you can also carry around a shield to further improve your defense. As for Elden Ring, it has a lot of shields to offer. And today, we are going to discuss Erdtree Greatshield location in Elden Ring, through which you’ll be able to get your hands on one of the best shields in the game.

Key Highlights
  • You can get the Erdtree Greatshield by defeating the two Tree Sentinels guarding the western gate of Leyendell’s Outer Walls.
  • Split up the duo if you plan to use melee weapons or shoot from a safe distance if you use spells or ranged weapons.
  • The Erdtree Greatshield requires 30 Strength and 12 Faith to use.
  • It has 100 Physical, 66 Magic, 49 Fire, 45 Light, and 76 Holy resistances
  • The Erdtree Greatshield also has a unique Golden Retaliation skill, which deflects enemy spells like the Tree Sentinels.
  • However, since the Erdtree Greatshield is heavy, it doesn’t allow you to evade enemy attacks quickly.

In Elden Ring, you can acquire weapons and shields through different methods. Some require you to complete a certain quest, some can be found in different chests hidden all over the map, while others can be purchased from different merchants. However, you can also pick up different items by taking down various Bosses. As for the Erdtree Greatshield, you’ll need to defeat a duo of the most difficult enemies to take down in Elden Ring. 

The Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring is one of the toughest Bosses to take down. When you start the game and first arrive in Limgrave, you quickly spot the Tree Sentinel patrolling a specific area. Just by looking at him, you can tell that this is the kind of enemy you don’t want to mess with without having the proper equipment. Well, I paid no attention to this and rushed to him, only to get killed more than a dozen times.

Erdtree Greatshield Location

Erdtree Greatshield
Erdtree Greatshield Location

To get the Erdtree Greatshield, you will need to take down a duo of Tree Sentinels. That’s right while eliminating a single one is already a big headache, you’ll need to take down two of them in order to get the powerful shield.

The Elden Ring Erdtree Greatshield location is marked in the image below. The Tree Sentinels are guarding the western gate of Leyendell’s Outer Walls. But before you start a fight with them, it will be wise to first interact with the Site of Grace at Outer Wall Phantom Tree. 

How To Take Down The Tree Sentinels 

Tree Sentinels
Tree Sentinels duo

Now, while you can fight both of them at the same time, you can also fight them individually. To do that, you will need to enter from the western side of the gate they are guarding, and then call them towards you. This will make the fight much easier and you won’t have to worry about handling both of these killing machines at the same time.

But this is only for those who are planning to use melee weapons against the Tree Sentinels. If you have ranged weapons in your arsenal or some of the best spells in Elden Ring, then you can take both of them down from a safe distance.

In close-ranged combat, you can also use the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War against them. This Ash of War is extremely powerful and it can quickly drain the health of the enemy. 

After you successfully eliminate the second Tree Sentinel, you will be able to pick up the Erdtree Greatshield from its corpse. 

Erdtree Greatshield Stats and Skill 

Erdtree Greatshield
Erdtree Greatshield Stats

The Erdtree Greatshield is easily one of the best shields in Elden Ring. It’s not only fantastic in terms of looks, but it also possesses both offensive and defensive capabilities. In order to wield it properly, you will need 30 Strength and 12 Faith. 

When it comes to defense, the Erdtree Greatshield has 100 Physical resistance, and 66, 49, 45, and 76 Magic, Fire, Light, and Holy resistance, respectively. Since it’s a Greatshield, it offers one of the best protection against all sorts of enemies. Even if you’re facing a powerful Boss, the shield will protect you from all incoming attacks. After all, it is a shield that is carried by the Tree Sentinel. 

Golden Retaliation 

The shield isn’t only going to protect you from incoming attacks, but will also help you take down the enemy quickly. Thanks to its powerful skill called Golden Retaliation, it can act as a ranged weapon. If you fought the Tree Sentinel, you might have noticed that he sends a golden beam from his shield towards you whenever you use spells on him. 

When you have the shield in your hand, you’ll be able to do the same as well. If you’re enemies use sorceries and incantations against you, the Erdtree Greatshield will retaliate with golden power. The attack does a great amount of damage with each hit, and you can take down powerful enemies quickly with it. 

The only downside about the Erdtree Greatshield is that it’s heavy in weight. Because of this, you won’t able to evade enemy attacks quickly while carrying it. Other than this, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t try out this powerful shield. The stats offered by it are amazing, and you can also use Ashes of War with it to make it even more powerful.

This marks the end of our Elden Ring Erdtree Greatshield location guide. As you can judge for yourself, acquiring this shield isn’t an easy task considering you’ll need to take down two strong Bosses. But considering the kind of reward you’ll be getting by defeating them, the process is definitely worth it. While you’re here, make sure to give our Elden Ring review a read as well. 

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