10 BEST Elden Ring PvP Weapons [Tried & Tested]

Looking for the Elden Ring Best PvP weapons to cut down your foes like never before? Take a look at my hand-picked collection here.

Elden Ring is a vast game by all stretches of the imagination. Not only does it feature open-ended gameplay inside a large, vibrant, and bustling world, but gamers also get to enjoy the pain and pleasure of the game’s multiplayer. In an action RPG title like this, the player with the most decked-out equipment is king and what makes that possible are PvP weapons. Hence, today I will list down the Best PvP Weapons in Elden Ring.

My PvP Weapon Picks And Comparison

Here is a quick look at the comparison between the Best PvP Weapons in Elden Ring:

WeaponsBest ForPhysical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
MoonveilThe Best Katana For Intelligence build73.031.0100.031.0
Rivers of BloodThe Best Bleed Weapon In Elden Ring76.036.0100.031.0
Starscourge GreatswordThe Best Weapon Against Gravity-Type Enemies129.065.0100.052.0
Blasphemous bladeThe Best Greatsword For Healing121.072.0100.050.0
Mohgwyns Sacred SpearThe Best Greatspear For Bleed Builds96.057.0100.046.0
Lazuli Glinstone SwordThe Highest Magic Dmg In Straight Swords79.030.0100.030.0
Dragon Kings CragbladeThe Best Heavy-Thursting Sword For Lightning Dmg92.046.0100.034.0
Eleonoras PolebladeThe Best Twinblade For Dmg Efficiency72.033.0100.028.0
Vykes War SpearThe Best Great Spear For Madness Builds103.052.0100.042.0
Bloody heliceThe Best Heavy Thrusting Sword For Bleed Builds121.057.0100.034.0

My Best PvP Weapons Video 

The following is my cherry-picked collection of the best PvP weapons in Elden Ring. Read on as I explore everything special about them and why you should choose them for your next one-on-one bout. Also, my 10 best dexterity weapons video also showcases some of the best weapons that you can use in PvP as well so make sure you watch the video as well.

YouTube video

1. Moonveil

The Best Katana For Intelligence build.
Elden Ring Best PvP weapons
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Crit
73 87 0 0 0 100
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Boost
31 57 26 26 26 31
  • Why I Chose This: Moonveil can make shortwork of multiple opponents with its poise dmg, long range and high damaging skill.
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At the top of this list stands the formidable Moonveil Katana, a weapon that fulfills the desires of intelligence-focused Elden Ring builds.  Countless Elden Ring players, regardless of their skill level, have embraced the Moonveil Katana’s unique moveset and tailored their playstyle around it.

  • Has high poise dmg and good range.
  • Skill (Transient Moonlight) can effortlessly kill many foes.
  • Needs investment in Mind for skill spam.
  • It is not suitable for bleed builds.

2. Rivers of Blood

The Best Bleed Weapon In Elden Ring.
Rivers of Blood
Rivers of Blood
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Crit
76 0 76 0 0 100
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Boost
36 26 52 26 26 31
  • Why I Chose This: Rivers of Blood is, without a doubt, the most quick-working and effective weapon of game with its high bleed build-up and powerstancing.
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Rivers of Blood Katana lives up to its name, dominating Elden Ring’s PvP scene with its moveset, strong stats, and blood loss effect. Players are building around it, causing chaos in multiplayer.

Arcane enthusiasts appreciate its scaling with the Arc attribute, making it a surprise weapon for sorcerers who need close combat. To acquire it, you need to defeat NPC Phantom Invader Bloody Finger Okina near the Church of Repose in the Mountaintops of the Giants region.

Read my full guide on getting Rivers of Blood.

  • It is the most effective and quick-working weapon in the game.
  • Enables the use of all other katanas by power standing.
  • An end-game weapon cannot be used in NG.
  • Skill cast can be interrupted by high-poise opponents.

3. Starscourge Greatsword

The Best Weapon Against Gravity-Type Enemies.
Elden Ring best Remembrance weapons
Starscourge Greatsword
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Crit
129 83 0 0 0 100
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Boost
65 47 34 34 34 52
  • Why I Chose This: Starscourge Greatsword is a good choice against gravity-type enemies due to its 30% dmg boost and can also be dual-handed for further dmg.
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The Starscourge Greatsword, obtained by defeating General Radahn and trading the Remembrance of the Starscourge with Enia at Roundtable Hold, is one of Elden Ring’s top Remembrance weapons.

Strength builds benefit most from its scaling, enabling powerful light attacks with both swords simultaneously. It earns its S-tier rank among Elden Ring’s armaments.

For those struggling against Radahn, exploiting the Starscourge with the General Radahn cheese method is an option. Remember, in FromSoftware titles, anything goes. Defeating Radahn also brings other benefits, such as progressing Ranni the Witch’s intriguing questline.

  • Deals 30% increased dmg to gravity-type foes.
  • Dual-handling the weapon results in two swords.
  • Obtained after defeating a difficult boss.
  • Exceptionally low Int scaling.

4. Blasphemous Blade

The Best Greatsword For Healing.
Elden Ring best PvP weapons
Blasphemous Blade
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Crit
121 0 78 0 0 100
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Boost
72 39 54 39 39 50
  • Why I Chose This: Blasphemous Blade is a best choice for protective playstyle, as it provides healing on hiting and killing enemies.
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The Blasphemous Blade is a top choice for many Elden Ring PvP players due to its potent damage. It excels for Faith builds, with D-rank scaling in Dexterity, Faith, and Strength, offering a balanced playstyle. Overall, it stands as one of Elden Ring’s best PvP weapons due to its range, Passive Effect, damage, and weapon art.

To acquire it, venture into Volcano Manor; you can explore various ways to access this region in Elden Ring through my Volcano Manor Location Guide.

  • Skill deals exceptional fire damage and provides on-hit healing.
  • Provides further healing with every kill.
  • Needs heavy investment in 3 different stats for proper use.
  • Obtained from a secret boss.

5. Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

The Best Greatspear For Bleed Builds.
Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear
Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Crit
96 0 62 0 0 100
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Boost
57 36 49 36 36 46
  • Why I Chose This: Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear has the longest reach in greatspears and has the best utility for bleed procs in greatspears.
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If you’re facing a tough opponent in Elden Ring’s multiplayer, Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear combined with powerful spells can give you the upper hand. 

To obtain this competitive PvP weapon, you must defeat Mohg, Lord of Blood, in Mohgwyn’s Palace. Locating this boss fight is challenging, but my step-by-step guide on finding Mohgwyn’s Palace can help.

Once there, employing a Mohg, Lord of Blood cheese method can make the fight more manageable. Knowing how to parry will also help you deflect some of Mohg’s melee attacks for critical strikes.

  • Has the longest range, making dealing with farther players easier.
  • The Ash of War has a wide AoE and can inflict bleed easily.
  • The Ash of War leaves you susceptible to dmg.
  • Has relatively low Dex scaling.

6. Lazuli Glintstone Sword 

The Highest Magic Dmg In Straight Swords.
Elden Ring best PvP weapons
Lazuli Glintstone Sword
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Crit
79 94 0 0 0 100
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Boost
30 55 25 25 25 30
  • Why I Chose This: Lazuli Glintstone Sword is the best straight sword to carry in an Int-build as it has high magic dmg and also has a great Ash of War.
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The Lazuli Glintstone Sword may not stand alone as a primary weapon, but it deserves recognition for its synergy with intelligence-based builds in Elden Ring. For sorcerer characters wielding powerful staves, being prepared for up-close PvP encounters is essential.

If you don’t obtain the weapon on your initial attempt, persist by resting at the mentioned Site of Grace and defeating the enemy repeatedly until the weapon drops. With perseverance, you’ll eventually obtain this magical Straight Sword. Once you have it, consider investing Somber Smithing Stones to enhance it to higher levels.

  • Has the highest magic dmg potential on Int builds.
  • The Ash of War allows you to close distance between enemies.
  • The weapon cannot be buffed in any way.
  • Is only obtained by farming certain enemies.

7. Dragon King’s Cragblade

The Best Heavy-Thursting Sword For Lightning Dmg.
Dragon King's Cragblade
Dragon King’s Cragblade
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Crit
92 0 0 59 0 100
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Boost
46 32 32 46 32 34
  • Why I Chose This: Dragon King’s Cragblade is best use against dragon-type enemies with its exceptionaly high lightning dmg and good physical dmg.
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The Dragon King’s Cragblade is not just a weapon; it’s a work of art in the world of Elden Ring. As a PvP weapon, it excels in calculated slaying and annihilating opposition. This Heavy Thrusting Sword boasts impressive stats and a skill move that defies death.

For optimal performance, pair it with a lightning-focused build.  Acquiring it involves an epic boss fight against Dragonlord Placidusax, one of the most formidable dragons in the game. Detailed information on the dragon’s location and how to defeat it can be found in my article titled “Dragonlord Placidusax Location.”

  • It is the only thrusting sword with innate lightning damage.
  • It deals efficient damage to dragon-type enemies.
  • Obtained after defeating a secret, end-game boss.
  • Needs high Str/Dex investment for proper use.

8. Eleonora’s Poleblade

The Best Twinblade For Dmg Efficiency.
Elden Ring best PvP weapons
Eleonora’s Poleblade
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Crit
72 0 72 0 0 100
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Boost
33 23 47 23 23 28
  • Why I Chose This: Eleonora’s Poleblade is efficient in dealing HP and stagger dmg with its high attack speed, can build-up bleed quickly.
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Eleonora’s Poleblade is a formidable weapon in Elden Ring, offering swiftness and deadly efficiency. It’s a Twinblade-type weapon that scales primarily with Dexterity and Arcane attributes, making it a treat for character builds centered around those traits.

To further enhance this combination, consider using a Seppuku, an Ash of War skill that boosts your attack power and increases the chance of inflicting the Blood Loss status effect on your enemies. 

  • Fast attacks and good bleed build-up.
  • Further deals high HP and Stagger dmg.
  • Requires progression in an NPC questline.
  • Low scaling with Arcane (D).

9. Vyke’s War Spear

The Best Great Spear For Madness Builds.
Elden Ring best PvP weapons
Vyke’s War Spear
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Crit
103 0 66 0 0 100
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Boost
52 33 45 33 33 42
  • Why I Chose This: Vyke’s War Spear possesses a unique Ash of War and has high Madness buildup, melting everything in its path.
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Vyke’s War Spear is a formidable Great Spear that remains potent in Elden Ring, despite adjustments to balance it. It scales best with Faith, but it also performs well with Strength and Dexterity attributes.

To obtain Vyke’s War Spear, defeat Festering Fingerprint Vyke, a unique NPC that can be encountered as both an invader and a boss. You can find him in northeast Liurnia near the Church of Inhibition, a significant location in Elden Ring. Discover how to reach the Church of Inhibition to locate Vyke and acquire his Great Spear.

  • Causes high madness and can track players.
  • Has high scalings, making it viable for PvP.
  • It also causes you to get mad while using its Ash of War.
  • Madness status can only be utilized in PvP and not in PvE.

10. Bloody Helice

The Best Heavy Thrusting Sword For Bleed Builds.
Bloody Helice
Bloody Helice
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Crit
121 0 0 0 0 100
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy Boost
57 40 40 40 40 34
  • Why I Chose This: When it comes to bleed build-up in heavy thrusting swords, Bloody Helice stays on top, with its high bleed buildup and highly useful Ash of War.
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Bloody Helice is a formidable weapon in Elden Ring, known for its effectiveness in PvP combat. Originally considered “broken” upon the game’s release, it remains a powerful tool of destruction. This Heavy Thrusting Sword is known for its penetrative attacks and punishing strikes, making it a reliable choice in PvP situations.

To obtain Bloody Helice, travel to the Altus Plateau region in Elden Ring. Follow my guide on gathering the Dectus Medallion to unlock this pivotal region. Inside the Altus Plateau, head to the Bridge of Iniquity and cross it to reach Writheblood Ruins.

Enter the cavernous tunnels and defeat Sanguine Noble, a mini-boss. Afterward, you’ll find Bloody Helice inside a chest not far from the boss fight room, offering blood loss buildup as a Passive Effect.

  • Ash of war is helpful in avoiding incoming strikes and counterattacks.
  • Bleed buildup is triggered efficiently and scales with Arcane. 
  • iframes lost, when using skill without meeting stat requirements.
  • Every subsequent move in the three-stage skill costs FP.

Alternative Weapons

I excluded a few other good PvP Weapons in Elden Ring from my top 10 list; some of them are:

  • Sacred Relic Sword: The devastating weapon skills of this sword, like Wave of Gold, make it a better option to consider.
  • Gargoyle’s Twinblade: This twinblade can effortlessly perform medium damage and high-speed attacks.
  • Bolt of Gransax: It has good scaling and built-in lightning damage, but normal attacks cannot do that much damage.
  • Godskin Peeler: This PvP weapon has a better reach than the others, but it requires a character with high dexterity.

My Take On The Best PvP Weapons

While there are many viable and fun options to choose from during PvP in Elden Ring, there are certain choices for weapons that usually are the most consistent. Effects such as hemorrhage, frenzy, frost, and death blight generally kill the fastest. However, Colossal weapons can be equally as good, even without an overtime build-up of a debuff, given that you have a low equipment load to dodge attacks successfully.

hours waterjuice
My Elden Ring hours (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

With the recent buffs to Colossal weapons, they’ve become highly popular and a part of the meta, so do consider them if you’re a bulky build. Personally, I dislike weapons with low range, such as daggers or fists, because while they have good attack speed, the damage output and range do not make up for it.

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