Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build: Gear, Talisman, Playstyle

The Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build is one of the most effective in the entire game, and this article will tell you how to utilize it.

There are a lot of great weapons in this game, and a lot of different Elden Ring builds you can center around those weapons, but the Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build is perhaps one of the most effective among them. It is extremely efficient at taking down both regular enemies and bosses, to the point that the entire experience almost becomes a cakewalk.

Key Takeaways
  • Elden Ring has many weapons; among them, Moonveil is considered one of the best and most efficient.
  • Moonveil’s stats requirements are Strength: 12, Dexterity: 18, and Intelligence: 23, so starting with the Samurai class is recommended.
  • Moonveil’s Ash of War is called Transient Moonlight, a magic attack that scales off of Intelligence. 
  • Moonveil is a katana so the player must use a fast-paced playstyle using light armor to use fast roll and constantly deal damage.

Moonveil Katana Build

Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build Guide
Starting Class.

Now, as for my personal recommendation, I suggest that players start out as the Samurai. This isn’t because this class is uniquely suited for the Moonveil Build but because I think it has the starting stats that are closest to what you require to wield your weapon of choice.

Let’s go over them a bit below:

Stat Name Samurai Stats Moonveil Requirements
Strength 12 12
Dexterity 15 18
Intelligence 9 23

Moonveil Katana Build Gear


Now, since this is an Intelligence-focused build, it’s quite easy to assume that you might be using a lot of magic in your play style. But this perception is incorrect, as the Moonveil Katana Build is primarily centered around melee attacks that also happen to deal magical damage on top of physical damage.

Moonveil Katana

Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build Guide
The Moonveil Katana.

In my opinion, the Moonveil Katana is the best katana in Elden Ring, almost going toe-to-toe with the Rivers of Blood. Its exceptional ability to inflict multiple types of damage simultaneously makes it highly effective against bosses, enabling rapid takedowns.

  • In addition, my Moonveil Build incorporates the Hemorrhage status effect.
  • Each attack with the katana causes bleeding, and with swift, consecutive blows, a significant portion of an enemy’s health bar can be automatically depleted.
  • While the blood loss buildup may not be the highest, it serves its purpose effectively.
The Transient Moonlight Ability.

The Moonveil Katana stands out as a unique armament in the Elden Ring, exempt from custom Ash of War and affinity changes. However, it features the exclusive skill ‘Transient Moonlight,’ where the wielder, in a sheathed stance, can unleash two distinct projectiles.

  • The light attack releases a horizontal, wide-spread flash of light, hitting multiple enemies across different elevations, making it effective against airborne foes.
  • The heavy attack produces a vertical projectile with higher damage and staggering capability, suitable for grounded targets.
  • Both magical projectiles boast excellent range, but it’s important to note that they deal strictly magical damage. To optimize scaling, increasing Intelligence is necessary.


Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build Guide

For a Moonveil Build, opt for a nimble character capable of evading and retreating when necessary. Katanas are swift weapons, so choose lightweight armor to maintain agility.

  • The Land of Reeds set (Samurai class) is great for the early game due to its lightness.
  • Moonveil Katana is not too heavy, enabling Medium Load for effective dodging.
  • No stamina penalties while using Land of Reeds and Moonveil Katana.
  • Frequent attacks can be unleashed to inflict Hemorrhage on enemies.

Physical damage negation is decent for a set that’s so light, but magical defense can definitely be better. Again, you’re opting for lighter armor because the goal here is not to take hits, but to dodge and stay mobile while you attack. The only drawback to this is that when you do get hit, it will be pretty brutal.

Raging Wolf Set.

By upgrading my endurance and donning the Raging Wolf Set, I achieved a light load, enabling faster dodge rolls and consistent distance maintenance while evading most attacks. This approach may not suit everyone but proves effective for those with quick reflexes.

  • If a light armor set doesn’t match your playstyle, try a heavier set with a 100% physical shield for blocking attacks.
  • Keep in mind that enemies deal significant damage, so farming Runes and investing in Endurance is crucial for increasing stamina and survivability.
  • However, there will still be situations where dodging or jumping is necessary despite using heavier armor and a shield.

But again, the choice of armor is all up to you. Use the set that makes the most sense to you, even if it goes against common opinion.


  • Assassin’s Crimson Dagger:
      • Obtained early, continuously restores health with critical hits.
      • Paired with Moonveil for sustained healing, especially effective in boss fights.
      • Consider increasing Flask of Crimson Tears uses via Golden Seed Locations.
    • Stargazer Heirloom:
      • Boosts Intelligence by 5 points.
      • Critical for Moonveil Build, aiding damage output.
      • Offers flexibility in rune investment, crucial in late-game scenarios.
    • Ancestral Spirit Horn
      • Restores 3 FP per enemy killed, with no critical hit requirement.
      • Ideal for Moonveil Katana Build, allowing frequent use of special attacks.
      • Ensures consistent FP recovery without Flask of Cerulean Tears, supporting Transient Moonlight projectile launches.

Moonveil Katana Playstyle

Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build Guide

While wielding the Mooveil Katana, mobility is the name of the game. Wield the Katana with a focus on mobility for survival.

  • Avoid unnecessary hits and engage enemies strategically.
  • Prioritize one-on-one encounters, moving in when enemies are isolated.
  • Execute quick slash combos to build the Hemorrhage meter, retreating to safety afterward.
  • Against tough foes, dodge rather than attempt blocks, counterattacking during their recovery phase.
Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build
The Transient Moonlight Heavy Attack.

Never underestimate the power of the Moonveil Katana’s Transient Moonlight skill. The light attack excels in crowd control, helping you clear paths when cornered. Though its damage is lower than heavy attacks, the projectile reaches otherwise unreachable targets.

  • The heavy Transient Moonlight attack is a formidable boss-killer.
  • It comprises a ranged projectile and a powerful downward melee slash.
  • While the projectile deals substantial damage from a distance, initiating the attack in melee range inflicts tremendous poise damage.
  • A sequence of these can lead to critical strikes against any boss.

And that’s about it for my Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build. While you’re here, why not also check out other builds below:

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