Elden Ring: BEST Thrusting Swords [Top 11]

Dive into my expert guide for the best Elden Ring Thrusting Swords, offering unique abilities & shaping combat experiences for both PvP and PvE.

In the vast and intricate world of Elden Ring, blades such as the best Thrusting Swords stand out as versatile and lethal weapons, tailored for players who prioritize precision and unique combat techniques. These blades, ranging from the frost-inducing Frozen Needle to the formidable Bloody Helice, offer a spectrum of abilities, whether it’s harnessing the power of Ashes of War or delivering rapid, staggering attacks. Obtained through various means, these swords cater to diverse gameplay strategies across both PvP and PvE scenarios in Elden Ring.

Key Takeaways
  • Some of the best Thrusting Swords in Elden Ring come with unique abilities and can offer various advantages during gameplay.
  • Some of the swords have the ability to build up frost or cause Blood Loss Buildup on enemies.
  • Several of the Thrusting swords can be infused with Ashes of War for additional effects.
  • The range, damage output, and additional abilities of the Thrusting swords in Elden Ring vary, making some more suitable for early-game while others shine in the later stages.
  • Certain Thrusting Swords are optimal for PvP while some may not be recommended for PvE gameplay.

My Choices For The Best Thrusting Swords In Elden Ring

Here is an overview of the best Thrusting swords in Elden Ring showcased along with Attack physical, Critical stat, best feature, and the best usage of these weapons in the game:

Serial NumberWeapon NameBest ForAttack Phy StatAttack Crit StatBest Feature
11Frozen NeedleThe Best Thrusting Sword For Frost Builds99100Builds frost on vulnerable enemies
10RapierThe Best Crit Stat In Thrusting Swords96130High critical damage
9Rogier’s RapierThe Best Thrusting Sword For Poise Dmg93110Has Glintblade Phalanax Ash of War
8Antspur RapierThe Best Thrusting Sword For Scarlet Rot Builds98100Infuse with Ashes for additional effects
7Godskin StitcherThe Highest Base Atk In Heavy-Thrusting Swords127100Customizable with Smithing Stones
6EstocThe Best Thrusting Sword For Phy Guard107100Has Impaling Thrust weapon art
5Noble’s EstocThe Lowest Dex Requirement In Thrusting Swords104100Long reach but less damage
4Great EpeeThe Lightest Heavy-Thrusting Sword124100Launches strong heavy attack
3Cleanrot’s Knight SwordThe Best Range In Thrusting Swords109100Longer than other Thrusting Swords
2Dragon King’s CragbladeThe Best Heavy-Thrusting Sword For Lightning Dmg92 + 59 Ligt100Transforms into a lightning cloud
1Bloody HeliceThe Best Heavy-Thrusting-Sword For Bleed Build-Up121100Has Dynast's Finesse weapon art

11. Frozen Needle

The Best Thrusting Sword For Frost Builds.

elden ring best frost weapons
Frozen Needle [Image Credit: eXputer]
Attack Guard
Phy: 99 Phy: 40
Mag: 0 Mag: 40
Fire: 0 Fire: 28
Ligt: 0 Ligt: 28
Holy: 0 Holy: 28
Crit: 100 Boost: 20

Frozen Needle is one of the best Thrusting Swords in Elden Ring. It offers standard strength and dexterity in addition to the unique ability to build up frost on Vulnerable enemies. The Frozen Needle has limited range, but you can easily counteract it by launching a frosty projectile close to you.

The fact that it cannot be infused with Ashes of War makes it a little dull in my opinion, but in order to overcome this limitation, you can obtain some Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade the weapon and even the odds.

The Frozen Needle can be obtained from the chest of Kingsrealm Ruins after defeating the Royal Revenant Boss.

If you want more Phy dmg and Frostbite build-up, then I recommend the Icerind Hatchet. It has more dmg potential but with a higher weight.

  • Inflicts Frostbite build-up of 60.
  • Fires a projectile with its unique R2.

  • The affinity as well as Ash of war can’t be changed.
  • Lower dmg output outside of powerstancing.

10. Rapier

The Best Crit Stat In Thrusting Swords.

weapon in game
Rapier [Image Credit: eXputer]
Attack Stats Guard Stats
Phy 96 Phy 45
Mag 0 Mag 30
Fire 0 Fire 30
Ligt 0 Ligt 30
Holy 0 Holy 30
Crit 130 Boost 20

Rapier is one of those weapons that you can use at the very early stages of the Elden Ring. Despite being the shortest of the Thrusting Swords, it’s highest critical damage that is near to some of the best daggers in Elden Ring makes it a powerful weapon.

Rapier has an exeptional 130 Crit stat. Rapier can help you deal the most damage if the opponent is trying to betray and dodge you. Furthermore, I think the low stamina consumption of the Rapier makes it a must-have weapon. It can be purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold.

Only for Crit builds, I suggest using the Misericorde for that purpose. It is a dagger and has the highest Crit stat in Elden Ring

  • Has very high Crit Stat (130).
  • Very low weight so viable in low End builds.

  • Shortest range in thrusting swords.
  • Low dmg so only suitable for Crits.

9. Rogier’s Rapier

The Best Thrusting Sword For Poise Dmg.

item in the game
Rogier’s Rapier [Image Credit: eXputer]
Attack Stats Guard Stats
Phy 93 Phy 49
Mag 0 Mag 33
Fire 0 Fire 33
Ligt 0 Ligt 33
Holy 0 Holy 33
Crit 110 Boost 22

The Rogier’s Rapier is a very decent choice for a rapier in the early game as it comes with one of the most powerful Ashes of War, the Glintblade Phalanax that is fairly decent till the mid-game and I found that it can even stagger most of the enemies in just a few hits.

Rogier’s Rapier features a powerful heavy attack that hits twice in rapid succession. Furthermore, Rogier’s Rapier shares a critical rate similar to the regular rapier at 110, making it effective against all bosses.

Rogier’s Rapier is obtained from the Sorcerer Rogier at Roundtable Hold. Rogier’s Rapier has a +8 version by default, making it useful during the early game Mage Build in Elden Ring.

  • Has multi-hit combos, useful for status build-up.
  • A +8 version of the weapon can be acquired through a quest.

  • Carries the lowest Base atk in rapiers.
  • The pre-equipped Ash is acquired late in the game if missed.

8. Antspur Rapier

The Best Thrusting Sword For Scarlet Rot Builds.

elden ring best rapiers
Antspur Rapier [Image Credit: eXputer]
Attack Stats Guard Stats
Phy 98 Phy 47
Mag 0 Mag 31
Fire 0 Fire 31
Ligt 0 Ligt 31
Holy 0 Holy 31
Crit 100 Boost 21

Antspur Rapier is yet another Thrusting Sword, a highly regarded weapon in Elden Ring that can be infused with Ashes of War to gain additional effects such as Poisonous Mist Ash, Bleed Affinity, and Scarlet Rot.

The Antspur Rapier may seem underwhelming to you at first due to its short length, but it requires 10 Strength and 20 Dexterity, making it stand out. You can only get Antspur Rapier once you defeat Maleigh Marais, the Shaded Castle Castellan.

  • Very viable in Scarlet Rot builds.
  • Multiple status effects can be acheived through change of affinity.

  • The physical dmg of the weapon is pretty low.
  • Low range, hence difficult to inflict statuses.

7. Godskin Stitcher

The Highest Base Atk In Heavy-Thrusting Swords.

elden ring best rapiers
Godskin Stitcher [Image Credit: eXputer]
Attack Stats Guard Stats
Phy 127 Phy 55
Mag 0 Mag 38
Fire 0 Fire 38
Ligt 0 Ligt 38
Holy 0 Holy 38
Crit 100 Boost 33

The Godskin Stitcher is also a heavily customizable Rapier in Elden Ring. It can be upgraded with Smithing Stones and possesses features of unique heavy attack and solid piercing damage against enemies.

As per my experience, its ability to change its Ash of War is what makes it a powerful weapon. The different Ashes of War will help you overcome its slow attack animations. You can make use of the Godskin Stitcher by defeating the optional Godskin Noble Boss.

  • Allows changeable Ash of war and affinity.
  • Possesses the highest base atk in Heavy-Thrusting-Swords.

  • The scalings of the weapon doesn’t increase till high upgrades.
  • Obtained after besting a mid-game boss.

6. Estoc

The Best Thrusting Sword For Phy Guard.

elden ring best rapiers
Estoc [Image Credit: eXputer]
Attack Stats Guard Stats
Phy 107 Phy 54
Mag 0 Mag 36
Fire 0 Fire 36
Ligt 0 Ligt 36
Holy 0 Holy 36
Crit 100 Boost 24

Estoc is another Rapier that can be collected in the early game in Elden Ring. This particular Rapier possesses the weapon art of Impaling Thrust, which makes its attacks rapid and also negates enemies’ defense.

Additionally, my suggestion is to pair it with Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War to make it one of the most lethal weapons in Elden Ring. Estoc has great scaling with dexterity and Smithing Stones can be used to improve it.

Furthermore, Estoc is also one of the only Thrusting Swords that can be dual-wielded and inflict status-causing affinities like cold, poison, and blood. It costs 3000 runes to purchase from the Nomadic merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes.

  • Comes as a bonus with the Prisoner class.
  • Great dmg output in Dex builds.

  • Very low Str scaling with no improvement.
  • The heaviest thrusting sword in the game.

5. Noble’s Estoc

The Lowest Dex Requirement In Thrusting Swords.

elden ring best rapier
The Noble’s Estoc [Image Credit: eXputer]
Attack Stats Guard Stats
Phy 104 Phy 49
Mag 0 Mag 33
Fire 0 Fire 33
Ligt 0 Ligt 33
Holy 0 Holy 33
Crit 100 Boost 22

Noble’s Estoc is a good Rapier in PVP but doesn’t fit in for PVE as you have to farm Wandering Noble enemies and kill specific enemies to get the Noble’s Estoc. This Thrusting Sword has a longer reach but deals less damage as compared to regular Estoc.

However, since Noble’s Estoc is one of the most difficult weapons to obtain in Elden Ring and there are better rapiers available, I won’t strongly recommend it.

Due to the very low drop rate of this weapon, you might be looking for some other options. Thus, I recommend the Short Spear for the same thrusting moveset and more dmg but also the demerit of slightly higher weight.

  • Pretty light weight and very versatile.
  • Can go through shields with it’s Ash of war and can be changed.

  • Very low scalings on both stats (Str and Dex).
  • Has very low drop rate and needs to be farmed.

4. Great Epee

The Lightest Heavy-Thrusting Sword.

The Great Epee In Elden Ring [Image Credit: eXputer]
Attack Stats Guard Stats
Phy 124 Phy 52
Mag 0 Mag 36
Fire 0 Fire 36
Ligt 0 Ligt 36
Holy 0 Holy 36
Crit 100 Boost 31

Great Epee is a heavy-thrusting sword that can be obtained immediately after completing the tutorial and helps you get through most of the early game. This, like Estoc, can be improved by Smithing Stones, and its Ashes of War can be altered.

In my tests, Great Epee did less damage than its counterparts in most situations, but it can launch a strong heavy attack that will stun the majority of opponents in Elden Ring. Great Epee can be found in an enemy camp near Agheel Lake.

  • Can be slotted in a variety of biulds due to it’s light weight.
  • Has more poise dmg than other rapiers on the R2.

  • Has the shortest range in Heavy-Thrusting Swords.
  • Less scalings so low overall dmg output.

3. Cleanrot’s Knight Sword

The Best Range In Thrusting Swords.

Cleanrot Knight’s Sword Elden Ring [Image Credit: eXputer]
Attack Stats Guard Stats
Phy 109 Phy 51
Mag 0 Mag 34
Fire 0 Fire 34
Ligt 0 Ligt 34
Holy 0 Holy 34
Crit 100 Boost 23

The Cleanrot’s Knight Sword is comparatively longer than other Thrusting Swords available in the Elden Ring. It can be used to stab at far-off opponents while the player is behind the shield. Although it lacks some real noteworthy abilities like a unique heavy attack, I believe its most powerful option of Heavy Affinity avoids limiting its moveset in most situations.

The Cleanrot’s Knight Sword can be boosted with Smithing Stones, and its Ash of War can also be altered. However, Cleanrot’s Knight Sword weapon will require you to farm the Lesser Cleanrot Knights to get the Rapier.

  • Has very high range and dmg output.
  • Has pretty decent Str scaling and highest base atk in rapiers.

  • Has comparetively high weight and low Dex scaling.
  • Only obtained by farming certain enemies.

2. Dragon King’s Cragblade

The Best Heavy-Thrusting Sword For Lightning Dmg.

elden ring best remembrance weapons
Dragon King’s Cragblade [Image Credit: eXputer]
Attack Stats Guard Stats
Phy 92 Phy 46
Mag 0 Mag 32
Fire 0 Fire 32
Ligt 59 Ligt 46
Holy 0 Holy 32
Crit 100 Boost 34

This is another of the best Thrusting Swords in Elden Ring that has a decent range and wonderful performance than other Thrusting Swords due to its skill known as Thundercloud Form, which enables you to turn into a cloud of lightning and travel a far distance before smashing into an opponent.

You can acquire Dragon King’s Cragblade only at the end of Elden Ring which has an impressive damage uplift of 30% and 15% against dragon-type enemies.

You must kill the hidden boss, Dragonlord Placidusax, found at Farum Azula, to get the weapon. After defeating the boss, then trade in his remembrance to Enia at the Roundtable Hold to unlock Dragon King’s Cragblade.

  • Deals significant dmg against dragon-type foes.
  • Innate lightning dmg is only provided by this thrusting sword.

  • Substantial Str/Dex investment to properly utilize.
  • Only acquired after defeating a secret, end-game boss.

1. Bloody Helice

The Best Heavy-Thrusting-Sword For Bleed Build-Up.

elden ring best bleed weapons
Bloody Helice Stats [Image Credit: eXputer]
Attack Stats Guard Stats
Phy 121 Phy 57
Mag 0 Mag 40
Fire 0 Fire 40
Ligt 0 Ligt 40
Holy 0 Holy 40
Crit 100 Boost 34

Bloody Helice is another massive Thrusting Sword you will come across in the Elden Ring. This sword has the special weapon art Dynast’s Finesse, which provides you with a great dodge that can be quickly followed by a series of unique heavy attacks. The higher scaling of this weapon and its ability to cause Blood Loss Buildup make it strong enough to warrant consideration. Bloody Helice is also the perfect weapon for the best blood build in Elden Ring, and I can certainly vouch for that.

To obtain the Bloody Helice, simply defeat the boss, Sanguine Noble, and obtain the sword from the chest as a reward.

If you want a similar weapon for bleed and dmg output, then I’ve got you covered with the Bloodhound Fang. It has the same skill shared with Bloody helice and can deal more dmg and poise.

  • The skill provides great balance between offense and defense.
  • Has the longest range in heavy-thrusting-swords.

  • Needs investment in three different stats to properly use.
  • Relatively lower Str scaling.

My Recommendation For Best Thrusting Swords In Elden Ring

As someone who heavily prefers heavy weapons in souls-like games, Dragon King’s Cragblade is easily the best thrusting sword in Elden Ring for me. It has one of the coolest Ash of War in the game. Transforming into a large thunderous cloud and following it up with a strong airborne piece attack that can’t be interrupted is this weapon’s best feature.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring Sphinx Profile

Bloody Helice is another great choice for someone who likes back and forth flow of the combat. Its Ash of War grants a dodge that can followed up with a thrust attack. Bosses like Malenia can definitely be abused by this.

Now that you know about the Best Thrusting Swords in Elden Ring, I encourage you to also read BEST Fist Weapons & Talismans In Elden Ring, Best Spear, Best Medium Shield, and Elden Ring Bird Farm guides.


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