Elden Ring Best Spear [Top 14 Weapons]

Explore the best Spears in Elden Ring, offering powerful combat strategies long reach & compatibility with the shields.

In the challenging world of Elden Ring, spears become an exciting and crucial Weapon that’s even more important than before in-game. The best spear weapons in Elden Ring come with a long reach, deal strong damage, and can be used in different ways such as PVP, strength-based builds, or can be paired with the best shields. That is why I have listed here the 14 best Spears in Elden Ring you should have in your inventory. 

Key Takeaways
  • Spears are an integral part of combat in Elden Ring, offering exciting and crucial options for both beginners and advanced players.
  • The long reach of spears provides a significant tactical advantage in combat situations, allowing the player to deal damage from a safer distance.
  • Spears are versatile, allowing for different combat styles and techniques depending on player preference.
  • They have strong damage potential, making them a formidable choice of weapon in various combat scenarios.
  • Spears in Elden Ring can be paired effectively with great shields, enhancing defensive capabilities while maintaining offensive potential.
  • Some spears possess unique attributes, such as dealing both Physical and Lightning damage, contributing to their effectiveness.

Best Long-Range Spear Weapons In Elden Ring

I have listed and compared below all the top spears in Elden Ring along with their Weapon Skill, Scaling, and Requirements to wield:

Serial NumberWeapon NameScalingRequirementsWeapon Skill
14Bolt Of GransaxStr D, Dex DStr 20, Dex 40Ancient Lightning Spear
13Pike SpearStr D, Dex DStr 20, Dex 14Charge Forth
12Cross Naginata SpearStr D, Dex CStr 16, Dex 20Impaling Thrust
11Death Ritual SpearStr E, Dex D, Int DStr 14, Dex 20, Int 18Spearcall Ritual
10Clayman’s Harpoon SpearStr D, Dex E, Int DStr 12, Dex 10, Int 12Impaling Thrust
9Spiked SpearStr D, Dex DStr 14, Dex 16Impaling Thrust
8Cleanrot SpearStr D, Dex D, Fai DStr 16, Dex 16, Fai 14Sacred Phalanx
7Inquisitor’s Girandole SpearStr D, Dex D, Fai DStr 18, Dex 15, Fai 16Charge Forth
6Rotten Crystal SpearStr E, Dex D, Int EStr 10, Dex 16, Int 16Charge Forth
5Torchpole SpearStr D, Dex DStr 14, Dex 15Charge Forth
4Serpent Hunter SpearStr B, Dex EDoesn't have anyGreat-Serpent Hunt
3Vyke’s War SpearStr E, Dex C, Fai DStr 16, Dex 20, Fai 18Frenzyflame Thrust
2Mohgwyn’s Sacred SpearStr D, Dex E, Arc DStr 24, Dex 14, Arc 27Bloodboon Ritual
1Crystal SpearStr E, Dex D, Int EStr 10, Dex 16, Int 16Impaling Thrust

14. Bolt Of Gransax

Bolt of Gransax -legendary weapon [Image Captured by eXputer]
ATK StatsGuard Stats
Phy 98Phy 60
Mag 0Mag 31
Fire 0Fire 31
Ligt 63Ligt 47
Holy 0Holy 31
Crit 100Boost 40
ScalingStr D, Dex D
RequirementsStr 20, Dex 40
Weapon SkillAncient Lightning Spear

Within the challenging realm of Elden Ring, among the legendary treasures, lies The Bolt Of Gransax, a spear of immense power. Among the many spears, it stands out as one of the best. Bolt of Gransax possesses a unique attribute where it can give both Physical and Lightning damage, granting Bolt of Gransax a devastating impact. 

To use Bolt Of Gransax Spear, your character requires considerable strength and dexterity, with a demanding prerequisite of Str 20 and Dex 40. However, the effort put into meeting these requirements is really worth it because of the damage Bolt of Gransax causes and the stunning Weapon art. It has been truly remarkable. 

Additionally, Bolt of Gransax boasts an impressive length, being the second-longest spear available in the game. But what makes Bolt of Gransax truly unique is its amazing Weapon art, a captivating show where the spear turns into shining lightning and throws itself at enemies. The Bolt of Gransax is arguably the best strength Spear in Elden Ring, boasting high damage output that scales well with strength, making it a favorite amongst strength-focused builds.

How To Get Bolt Of Gransax Spear

In Elden Ring, the Bolt of Gransax can be obtained in two ways in Leyndell, Royal Capital. First, by defeating Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Golden Shade). From the Erdtree Sanctuary grace, exit west, ride the elevator down, follow the staircase to a walkway, and jump onto a giant spear lodged in a building, with the Bolt near the spear handle. Alternatively, you can get the spear upon your first entry to Leyndell.

From East Capital Rampart Gate grace, follow the path south, take the lift down, and navigate through a series of jumps and walkways till you reach the giant spear.

Note: Bolt of Gransax can’t be acquired in Leyndell, Ashen Capital; it must be obtained before defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade, at Crumbling Farum Azula.

13. Pike Spear

Pike Spear [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 115Phy 53
Mag 0Mag 33
Fire 0Fire 33
Ligt 0Ligt 33
Holy 0Holy 33
Crit 100Boost 39
ScalingStr D, Dex D
RequirementsStr 20, Dex 14
Weapon SkillCharge Forth

The Pike is a regular Weapon that deals decent damage. However, what sets Pike Spear apart is its remarkable length, as it stands as the longest spear and the longest Weapon in the entire game. This grants players a significant advantage in terms of range, surpassing all other melee Weapons available.

There is also an option to enhance its power by infusing Pike Spear with Ashes of War, making it an even stronger and more formidable Weapon. Both in Player versus Player (PVP) encounters and Player versus environment (PVE) challenges. 

Spears are a fantastic choice for both beginners and pro Players. Whether you are just starting or you’re really good at the game, using Spears in Elden Ring is a thrilling and easy option for your exciting journey.

How To Get Pike Spear

To acquire this mighty spear, one must travel to the formidable Stormveil Castle and search for Pike Spear as loot on a fallen body within the heavily guarded courtyard. 

12. Cross Naginata Spear

best bleed weapons elden ring
Cross-Naginata [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 122Phy 52
Mag 0Mag 32
Fire 0Fire 32
Ligt 0Ligt 32
Holy 0Holy 32
Crit 100Boost 39
ScalingStr D, Dex C
RequirementsStr 16, Dex 20
Weapon SkillImpaling Thrust

The Cross Naginata is a special spear that stands out due to its unique combination of slashing and thrusting attacks in its basic combo. Cross Naginata Spear ranks as the fourth longest spear, just a bit shorter than the Torchpole. Also, the Cross Naginata can be infused with Ashes of War, and it possesses a built-in ability to cause bleeding damage over time which makes the Cross Naginata Spear one of the best bleed weapons in Elden Ring.

The extraordinary reach of this spear, its infusion capability, and its impressive moveset make Cross Naginata Spear one of the top tier Weapons in the realm of The Lands Between.

How To Get Cross Naginata Spear

To acquire this exceptional spear, one must search into a cavern within the Gael Tunnel, where a colossal Giant Land Octopus lies. This quest to obtain the Cross Naginata is another challenge but the reward is worth it. 

11. Death Ritual Spear

elden ring best melee weapons
Death Ritual Spear In The Game [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 99Phy 54
Mag 64Mag 42
Fire 0Fire 27
Ligt 0Ligt 27
Holy 0Holy 27
Crit 110Boost 36
ScalingStr E, Dex D, Int D
RequirementsStr 14, Dex 20, Int 18
Weapon SkillSpearcall Ritual

The Death Ritual Spear is a unique spear that focuses on Intelligence and deals magical damage. It’s one of the few spears that have a special heavy attack, slashing enemies instead of thrusting, which is great for hitting multiple enemies at once. However, what makes Death Ritual Spear truly stand out is its special ability called Spearcall Ritual. This powerful Weapon art summons multiple spears from the sky, raining down upon enemies with devastating force and damage.

Furthermore, Death Ritual Spear Weapon Art’s effectiveness increases with higher Intelligence, making the weapon an ideal choice for those with the best builds in Elden Ring with Hybrid characteristics combining Intelligence with other attributes. 

How To Get The Death Ritual Spear

Obtaining the Death Ritual Spear in Elden Ring involves a challenging combat encounter with a Death Rite Bird boss, found in the Mountaintops of the Giants region, northwest of Stargazers’ Ruins, past the bridge. Merely entering the area triggers the boss’s appearance. This enemy is notably tough, capable of defeating players with a single hit, thus demanding caution and strategy.

Upon defeating the Death Rite Bird boss, you’ll earn the Death Ritual Spear. The weapon requires 11 Strength stat, 22 Dexterity, and 18 Intelligence for optimal usage. In addition to the weapon, this boss also grants a significant reward of 77,000 Runes, further incentivizing this challenging endeavor. Brace yourself for a demanding battle and the potential for the best weapon in Elden Ring

10. Clayman’s Harpoon Spear

best weapons elden ring
Clayman’s Harpoon [Image Taken by eXputer]
Phy 99Phy 49
Mag 64Mag 38
Fire 0Fire 25
Ligt 0Ligt 25
Holy 0Holy 25
Crit 100Boost 33
ScalingStr D, Dex E, Int D
RequirementsStr 12, Dex 10, Int 12
Weapon SkillImpaling Thrust

The Clayman’s Harpoon stands out among spears as one of the rare ones that scale with Intelligence and deals magical damage. The weapon possesses a decent reach and boasts a special heavy attack that sweeps in a horizontal slashing motion, allowing Clayman’s Harpoon Spear to strike multiple enemies effectively. However, what truly sets this spear apart is its unique scaling mechanism. While the weapon primarily scales with Strength (Str), Clayman’s Harpoon Spear can be transformed into a B scaling with Intelligence when infused with magic.

Overall, Clayman’s Harpoon proves to be a perfect choice for hybrid builds that emphasize Intelligence alongside other attributes. The weapon is best for those who wish to wield a spear alongside a shield, making Clayman’s Harpoon a versatile and adaptable Weapon. 

How To Get Clayman’s Harpoon Spear

In Elden Ring, the Clayman’s Harpoon can be farmed at two primary locations: the ruins near Siofra River Well Depths and the Uhl Palace Ruins, south of Ainsel River Main. However, the enemies at Siofra River are of a lower level, making Clayman’s Harpoon Spear a more favorable farming location. Starting from the Site of Grace near Siofra River Well’s lift, head northeast towards the lit ruins and eliminate the Harpoon-wielding Clayman in the area. Repeat this by fast traveling back to the Grace point.

Increase your Item Discovery rate by equipping the Silver Scarab Talisman and consuming a Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot, which should elevate the drop rate. Employ burst-AoE weapon abilities or wide-reaching attacks to expedite farming. If unsuccessful in the ruins, explore near the waterfall by the lift to the region’s upper level. With persistence, the Clayman’s Harpoon should eventually drop.

9. Spiked Spear

Spiked Spear [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 120Phy 46.0
Mag 0Mag 28.0
Fire 0Fire 28.0
Ligt 0Ligt 28.0
Holy 0Holy 28.0
Crit 100Boost 34
ScalingStr D, Dex D
RequirementsStr 14, Dex 16
Weapon SkillImpaling Thrust

Among spears, the Spiked spear ranks third in terms of flat damage. The Weapon deals a lot of damage and can cause enemies to bleed. Spiked Spear can also be customized with infusions and buffs, which makes it an excellent choice for Players who want to focus on bleed-based strategies.

The Spiked spear possesses a decent range and a reliable move set. The weapon distinguishes itself from other spears with its special heavy attack, which delivers a sweeping horizontal slash capable of striking multiple enemies simultaneously, unlike the usual heavy thrust. Spiked Spear can also be used with Ashes of War and holds a built-in ability to cause enemies to bleed over time. However, what truly makes this spear remarkable is its notably high flat damage output.

How To Get Spiked Spear

In Elden Ring, acquiring the Spiked Spear involves confronting spear-wielding Marionette Soldiers at specific locations. There’s a chance to receive the weapon from a lone Marionette Soldier stationed just outside the Witchbane Ruins. Additionally, six Marionette Soldiers in the vicinity of the Converted Tower may also drop the Spiked Spear weapon:

  • Two patrols in the southern woods of the tower
  • One patrol northwest
  • Two patrols on the northern slope,
  • and one stands northeast of the tower, further down the slope

Note that these are merely chances for a drop; perseverance may be required to secure this pointed weapon. Exploring these areas and engaging with these foes presents the best opportunity to add the Spiked Spear to your arsenal.

8. Cleanrot Spear

Cleanrot Spear [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 102Phy 49
Mag 0Mag 25
Fire 0Fire 25
Ligt 0Ligt 25
Holy 66Holy 38
Crit 100Boost 33
ScalingStr D, Dex D, Fai D
RequirementsStr 16, Dex 16, Fai 14
Weapon SkillSacred Phalanx

The Cleanrot spear is a remarkable Weapon that is on top in scaling with both Dexterity (Dex) and Strength (Str). What sets Cleanrot Spear apart is its unique attribute that makes it the best faith scaling weapon in Elden Ring. However, the spear’s true strength lies in its dual-wield move set. This move set proves highly effective for catching opponents during their rolls, especially with the running dual attack and backstep dual attack maneuvers. Additionally, Cleanrot Spear offers a combination of dual attacks that transition smoothly into crouching dual attacks.

With its exceptional dual-wield move set, the Cleanrot spear proves to be a perfect choice for Player versus Player (PVP) encounters. 

How To Get Cleanrot Spear

In Elden Ring, the Cleanrot Spear can be obtained through a few specific enemy drops, although these come with a very low drop rate. The spear-wielding Lesser Cleanrot Knights, found just south of the Heart of Aeonia by Commander O’Neil, may occasionally drop Cleanrot Spear weapons. Additionally, the ghostly Cleanrot Knights within the War-Dead Catacombs are another potential source.

Finally, the Cleanrot Knights in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, particularly those outside the “Prayer Room” Site of Grace, may also drop the Cleanrot Spear. Patience and persistence will be key in acquiring this elusive weapon, given the very low drop rate. 

7. Inquisitor’s Girandole Spear

elden ring best melee weapons
Inquisitor’s Girandole In Elden Ring [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 102Phy 56
Mag 0Mag 28
Fire 66Fire 43
Ligt 0Ligt 28
Holy 0Holy 28
Crit 100Boost 37
ScalingStr D, Dex D, Fai D
RequirementsStr 18, Dex 15, Fai 16
Weapon SkillCharge Forth

The Inquisitor’s Girandole is an appealing, striking spear with a unique design, with three points at the end. It possesses commendable scaling and stands out among spears by scaling with Faith and an excellent Faith build a weapon in Elden Ring. However, what sets this spear apart is its distinctive attribute of dealing both Fire damage and causing bleed build-up simultaneously, which is not found within other spears.

The only drawback is that Inquisitor’s Girandole Spear cannot be used with the Ashes of War, which limits its customization options. Nevertheless, the weapon remains a reliable and formidable Weapon. 

How To Get Inquisitor’s Girandole Spear

To acquire the Inquisitor’s Girandole Spear in Elden Ring, navigate to the Subterranean Inquisition Chamber, situated near Volcano Manor. To access this dungeon, start from Raya Lucaria Academy and locate the large lift leading to the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. Ride the lift down to the basement, where you will encounter an Abductor Virgin. Allow this enemy to kill you, which will teleport you to Volcano Manor.

From your respawn point, traverse the cave system to enter the dungeon. Keep going until you find a collapsing floor that drops you near the boss’s door. Here, you will face two Abductor Virgins – one with spinning wheels and the other with guillotine arms. Conquer them to claim the Inquisitor’s Girandole, a three-pronged candlestick spear dealing both piercing and fire damage.

6. Rotten Crystal Spear

Rotten Crystal Spear [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 104Phy 48
Mag 31Mag 33
Fire 0Fire 26
Ligt 0Ligt 26
Holy 0Holy 26
Crit 100Boost 33
ScalingStr E, Dex D, Int E
RequirementsStr 10, Dex 16, Int 16
Weapon SkillCharge Forth

The Rotten Crystal Spear is another spear that scales with Intelligence and is an excellent spear for Intelligence build in Elden Ring. The weapon possesses decent scaling and offers good flat damage, making Rotten Crystal Spear a reliable Weapon. The spear has its unique ability to inflict the Scarlet Rot status on its targets. It’s important to remember that Scarlet Rot can swiftly cause a substantial amount of damage.

This exceptional trait makes the Rotten Crystal Spear highly effective, especially in Player versus Player (PVP) encounters, where Rotten Crystal Spear can apply immense pressure to opponents affected by Scarlet Rot. For the best Spear in Elden Ring PVP, players often prefer the Rotten Crystal Spear due to its long reach and swift attack speed, offering an impressive balance between offensive and defensive strategies.

How To Get Rotten Crystal Spear 

To obtain this formidable spear, one must defeat the Lesser Crystalian enemies that can be encountered while exploring the Haligtree. A recommended encountering spot for these enemies is the room located across from the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace. By Obtaining the Rotten Crystal Spear, Players possess both versatility and a unique status effect, enhancing their combat capabilities within the enchanting world of Elden Ring.

5. Torchpole Spear

Torchpole Spear [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 104Phy 48
Mag 0Mag 26
Fire 31Fire 33
Ligt 0Ligt 26
Holy 0Holy 26
Crit 100Boost 34
ScalingStr D, Dex D
RequirementsStr 14, Dex 15
Weapon SkillCharge Forth

The Torchpole is a unique Weapon that deals Fire damage. While it may not be the most visually appealing Weapon, Torchpole Spear holds the distinction of being the third longest spear in the game, which allows players to maintain distance from enemies effectively. This spear proves particularly advantageous when facing enemies that the special set-on-fire animation, such as dogs and finger creepers can defeat.

Although the Torchpole cannot be infused with Ashes of War and its damage output is not exceptionally high, Torchpole Spear serves a specific purpose due to its ability to trigger the set-on-fire stun animation on certain enemies. 

How To Get The Torchpole Spear

Acquiring Torchpole Spear Weapon is relatively not difficult as Players can easily find it. The courtyard guards holding torches, who drop the Torchpole, can be found within the Legacy Dungeon of Stormveil Castle. The Torchpole offers Players a unique strategy to defeat small enemies.

4. Serpent Hunter Spear

Serpent Hunter Spear [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 111Phy 72
Mag 0Mag 42
Fire 0Fire 42
Ligt 0Ligt 42
Holy 0Holy 42
Crit 100Boost 50
ScalingStr B, Dex E
RequirementsDoesn't have any
Weapon SkillGreat-Serpent Hunt

Unlike other Weapons, the Serpent Hunter has no specific requirements to get it, making it accessible to all. However, Serpent Hunter Spear is truly deadly in the hands of Strength-focused Players. As you upgrade this spear, it’s scaling with Strength improves significantly, reaching an impressive A ranking at the sixth upgrade level.

Not only is Serpent Hunter Spear the perfect Weapon to effectively battle Rykard, but it offers much more than a one-time investment. With a base damage that can reach around 270 before considering Strength scaling, the Serpent Hunter stands among the top-tier spears in terms of raw power. Being a Great Spear, its weight allows you to stagger enemies, including formidable bosses, with well-placed swings or jump attacks.

To Get Serpent Hunter Spear

The Serpent Hunter Spear in Elden Ring is held by a corpse on the left as you enter the boss chamber of Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Interestingly, if a player is summoned mid-pickup, a duplicate of the Serpent-Hunter will appear upon return, enabling dual-wielding. However, Hunter Spear’s weapon will not respawn in New Game Plus.

The only way to respawn Serpent Hunter Spear is to discard the original weapon and reload your location, given that Rykard is still alive. It’s crucial to note that if Rykard is defeated before picking up the Serpent-Hunter, the weapon will disappear. Exercise caution to ensure you don’t miss out on this valuable addition to your arsenal.

3. Vyke’s War Spear

Elden Ring best PvP weapons
Vyke’s War Spear [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 103Phy 52
Mag 0Mag 33
Fire 66Fire 45
Ligt 0Ligt 33
Holy 0Holy 33
Crit 100Boost 42
ScalingStr E, Dex C, Fai D
RequirementsStr 16, Dex 20, Fai 18
Weapon SkillFrenzyflame Thrust

The War Spear, wielded by Vyke, possesses a captivating Weapon Skill called Frenzyflame Thrust. It is both a highly enjoyable and formidable technique, especially if you have enough FP (Focus Points) or the right combination of the Crystal Tears in Flask of Wondrous Physick to sustain it.

What makes Vyke’s War Spear stand out even more is its unique ability to build up madness in enemies. However, this effect proves most effective against humanoid adversaries. Nonetheless, the spear itself boasts impressive stats, reaching a maximum of 252 Physical Damage and 161 Fire Damage. Vyke’s War Spear also provides substantial longevity throughout your playthroughs with its B-scaling in Dexterity and C-scaling in Faith.

To Get Vyke’s War Spear

To obtain Vyke’s War Spear in Elden Ring, you must defeat Festering Fingerprint Vyke at the Church of Inhibition, located southwest of the Grand Lift of Dectus in northern Liurnia of the Lakes. It’s advised to start at the Grand Lift rather than the Mausoleum Compound Site of Lost Grace, as the latter route can lead astray. From the Grand Lift, head southwest, then southeast past goats and trees until you reach a corpse with a Smithing Stone.

Evade the Madness-inflicting Frenzy-Flaming Tower and head south toward an Erdtree Leaf. Continue southeast until you spot a broken wall that marks the entrance to the Frenzied Flame Village. Proceed west, circle the last house to the right, and climb a small slope. The Church of Inhibition is to the northwest. Once inside, Festering Fingerprint Vyke will invade, and defeating him rewards you with Vyke’s War Spear.

2. Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear elden ring
Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear Stats [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 96Phy 57
Mag 0Mag 36
Fire 62Fire 49
Ligt 0Ligt 36
Holy 0Holy 36
Crit 100Boost 46
ScalingStr D, Dex E, Arc D
RequirementsStr 24, Dex 14, Arc 27
Weapon SkillBloodboon Ritual

Among the diverse number of spears in Elden Ring, Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear stands out as one of the most demanding Weapons in terms of stat requirements. However, its unique Weapon Skill and the ability to inflict Blood loss set Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear apart from its closest competitors.

The Bloodboon Ritual targets all enemies within a wide area of effect, swiftly eliminating large groups in an instant. Not only does Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear excel at dealing with widespread Fire Damage, but it also inflicts Blood loss to all the enemies.

It is worth mentioning that Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear Weapon has undergone slight adjustments due to its misuse in Player versus Player (PvP) encounters. Therefore, it is advisable to test Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear against small opponents first to know its effectiveness. Embrace the power of Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear, unleashing devastating attacks and witnessing the unique capabilities of its Bloodboon Ritual. 

How To Get Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

To obtain Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear in Elden Ring, players must reach the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, either through Varre’s questline from the Rose Church for the Pureblood Knight’s Medal or by using the transporter in the Consecrated Snowfield. Once there, beat Mohg, the Lord of Blood, in a challenging two-phase battle. Be sure to master dodging his attacks and consider employing ranged attacks for a strategic advantage.

Upon defeating Mohg, the player is awarded the Remembrance of the Blood Lord. Take this item to Enia at the Roundtable Hold, where the weapon can be exchanged for Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear. If the Remembrance weapon has been previously used, players can visit a Walking Mausoleum to duplicate it.

1. Crystal Spear

Cleanrot Spear [Image Captured by eXputer]
Phy 110Phy 48
Mag 33Mag 33
Fire 0Fire 26
Ligt 0Ligt 26
Holy 0Holy 26
Crit 100Boost 33
ScalingStr E, Dex D, Int E
RequirementsStr 10, Dex 16, Int 16
Weapon SkillImpaling Thrust

The Crystal Spear in Elden Ring is a great Weapon that deals magical damage. It looks like a basic spear but has some magic power and a cool skill. It’s like a shorter spear for Players who have intelligence abilities. It’s a good choice for Players who focus on dexterity build and have some intelligence. The crystal spear’s moves are similar to regular spears, with simple thrusts and a powerful special attack. You can’t make Crystal Spear stronger with buffs, but you can upgrade it with the Somber Smithing stones. 

Crystal Spear is a simple and exceptional Weapon, especially for beginners. The weapon may not be as strong as other spears, but it’s a great choice to learn the spear class and can help you succeed in Elden Ring. It’s definitely one of the best spears for beginners in Elden Ring.

How To Get Crystal Spear

To get the crystal spear, go behind a hidden wall in Sellia Hideaway, which is the same location where you also find Master Lusat in Elden Ring. You need a dexterity level of 16 and an intelligence level of 16 to use it.

In conclusion, among the many types of sharp blades and blunt weapons in Elden Ring, the spears are some of the best kinds of arsenal to have in your inventory. There are times when a sword or whip becomes indispensable but a spear is almost useful in all kinds of rough situations during the combat in the Lands Between.

Now that you know about this weapon type, I recommend you visit Elden Ring: BEST Dual-Wield Weapons, BEST Curved Swords, Best Melee Weapons, and BEST AoE Weapons In Elden Ring to increase your knowledge further about the existing arsenal in the game. 


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