Elden Ring: Master Lusat NPC, Armor & Staff Location

Here is the Master Lusat Location guide that entails how to reach supreme sorcerer Lusat and get his armor set and staff in the game.

Master Lusat belonged to the Academy of Raya Lucaria at the position of a grandmaster once, but it has now been shifted somewhere near the town of Sellia Hideaway. In Elden Ring, Master Lusat is an NPC. 

Before the player hops on the journey of finding Master Lusat, he should know that he can only get to Master Lusat after completing the Sorceress Sellen questline, an important quest line in Elden Ring. This guide will explore all the details on reaching Master Lusat through the Sellia Hideaway, which a key from the Sorceress Sellen can only open. Let’s hop on to the journey. 

Key Takeaways
  • Complete Sorceress Sellen’s questline for a key to access Master Lusat.
  • Locate Sellen west of Limgrave in Witchbain Ruins; summon her for the Red Wolf of Radagon boss.
  • Sellen relocates to Raya Lucaria Academy’s entrance after quest completion.
  • Find Master Lusat at Sellia Hideaway using the key from Sellen.
  • After defeating Jerren, revisit Azur’s remains for Lusat’s Armor set and Azur’s Glintstone Set.
  • If you challenge both Sellen and kill Jerren, you can’t obtain the Armor set and Staff.
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How To Find Master Lusat 

Elden Ring Master Lusat
Master Lusat

Before you jump on the bandwagon of finding Master Lusat Location, you must first find sorcerer Sellen and complete her questline that allows her to move from Waypoint Ruins. Before departing this key location, she will give you a unique key that will be used to interact with the magic door, behind which you will be able to find Master Lusat.  

These are the steps I took in order to locate Master Lusat:

  1. Find Sorceress Sellen: You can initially find Sorceress Sellen in two possible locations:
    • Waypoint Ruins, to the west of Limgrave.
    • Witchbane Ruins, where she is held as a prisoner.Master Lusat Sorceress Sellen
  2. Complete Sorceress Sellen’s Questline: To unlock the ability to find Master Lusat, you must complete Sorceress Sellen’s questline. This involves interacting with her and progressing through her dialogue options. It’s essential to have a high INT (Intelligence) stat for her to talk to you. If your INT stat is low, visit her repeatedly, and it will gradually raise your INT stat. You’ll eventually become her student and learn spells and sorceries from her.
  3. Visit Mt. Gelmir: After Sorceress Sellen agrees to teach you, proceed to Mt. Gelmir, located north of Hermit Village. There, you’ll encounter an old Glintstone sorcerer named Azur, who will give you the “Comet Azur” sorcery.
  4. Return to Sorceress Sellen: After receiving the “Comet Azur” sorcery, go back to Sorceress Sellen. She will instruct you to find Master Lusat in Sellia Hideaway, Caelid.
  5. Access Sellia Hideaway: To access Sellia Hideaway and find Master Lusat, you’ll need the key given to you by Sorceress Sellen earlier in the questline.
    Master Lusat Sellia Hideaway
    Sellia Hideaway
  6. Locate Master Lusat: Inside Sellia Hideaway, you will encounter Crystal Holes that need to be broken down to progress. Eventually, you’ll find Master Lusat.
  7. Defeat Starcourage Radahn: After finding Master Lusat, you will need to defeat Starcourage Radahn, who guards him. Radahn is a challenging boss, so be well-prepared for the battle.
  8. Return to Sellen: Once you’ve defeated Starcourage Radahn and completed this part of the questline, return to Sorceress Sellen.
  9. Complete Additional Quest Steps: Continue to progress through the questline, and you will engage in further interactions and actions related to Witch-Hunter Jerren and Sellen. Explore different areas, exhaust dialogues, and fulfill quest objectives as instructed.
  10. Sellen’s Transformation: At some point, you’ll witness Sellen’s transformation and changes in her surroundings.
  11. Acquire Lusat’s Armor and Staff: Following Sellen’s transformation, you will have the opportunity to visit various locations and obtain Master Lusat’s Armor and Staff, along with other rewards related to the questline.

Challenging Sellen and then defeating her will give the player Sellen’s Bell Beading and Witch’s Glintstone Crown. Jerren will give an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone to the player outside the grand library. The player can kill Jerren and Sellen both after this, but then the player can not take control of the Lusat set or Azur set. 

This sums up our Master Lusat guide. If you find our guide helpful then read our other walkthrough and questline guides as well.

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