Elden Ring: Sellen And Scrolls Location

Getting sorceries from Sellen can aid you in combat. So, in this guide, we will show you Sellen's location in Elden Ring with her scrolls.

Elden Ring features a lot of NPCs that can play a variety of roles to aid you in your battles. Unlike Patches, Sorceress Sellen is one of those helpful NPCs that can make combat much easier for you by providing Sorceries for your character. Learning these sorceries can be useful, especially if you are going for a magical build along with getting some best spells. So, in this guide, we will discuss Sellen’s Location in Elden Ring and the location of the scrolls that can help you unlock more spells. These Sorceries would require Intelligence stats to use, so make sure that your character has enough Intelligence. Check out our Intelligence build for better stats in your build.

Key Highlights
  • Defeat the Mad Pumpkin Head boss inside the Waypoint Ruins in the eastern part of Limgrave to find Sellen behind the door in said ruins.
  • The first scroll is under the remains of a grave at the graveyard northwest of the Church of Irith. This scroll unlocks Swift Glintstone Shard and Great Glintstone Shard in Sellen’s shop.
  • You can acquire the second scroll by pillaging a corpse lying near a large rubble at the Royal House just south of Waypoint Ruins.
  • You can find the last scroll at the Schoolhouse Classroom in Raya Lucaria Academy, which unlocks Glintstone Cometshard and Star Shower in Sellen’s shop.

Sellen’s Location In Elden Ring

Sellen location elden ring
Sellen’s location

You must first defeat the Mad Pumpkin Head boss to get to Sellen’s location in Elden Ring. Both Sellen and the boss are in Waypoint Ruins. Waypoint Ruins are in the eastern part of Limgrave. The area is not too difficult, so attempt to clear it while your level is above 24.

Once you head in, make your way till you get to the Mad Pumpkin Head. This boss is slower and easier to beat than many other Elden Ring bosses, so defeating it isn’t too challenging. Once you defeat the Mad Pumpkin Head, you will find a site of grace closer to you.

Open the door near it to find Sellen. Once you have found Sellen, she will make you her apprentice. You can have a quick chat with her about sorceries and learn spells from her. The number of spells you can learn from her is very few, so to learn more spells from her, you must collect a total of three scrolls. Getting the map fragments will allow you to locate the scrolls easily.

Elden ring sellen's location

Church of Irith Scroll

sellen location in Elden ring
Church of Irith map location

You can find the first scroll in the graveyard near the Church of Irith, which is located in the Liurnoa of the lakes. You will find the graveyard a little Northwest of the Church of Irith. So, make your way there to collect the scroll.

The scroll is much easier to find. You will find it under the remains of a grave. Look for a gigantic grave like the one in the picture shown below. Pillage the remains and collect the academy scroll. Once you get this scroll, you can unlock the Swift Glintstone Shard, and Great Glintstone Shard spells, so head to Sellen’s location in Elden Ring to get those spells.

Academy scroll sellen
Academy scroll location

Royal House Scroll

royal house elden ring
royal house location

You can find the Royal House just south of the Waypoint Ruins. Head there to get the sorcery scroll to unlock more sorceries. Once you get this scroll, Head to Sellen’s location in Elden Ring so you can purchase the Carian Slicer and Glintblade Phalanx.

You will find the scroll at the southern side of the Royal House. Watch out for two strong enemies found in this area, namely Kaiden Rider and Mimic soldier. The scroll can be pillaged from a corpse lying there. You will find the corpse near a large pile of rubble.

Schoolhouse Classroom Scroll

Raya academy scroll
schoolhouse classroom location

You can find one of Sellen’s scrolls in the Schoolhouse Classroom, situated in Raya Lucaria Academy. By handing over the scroll found in this area, you can unlock Glintstone Cometshard and Star Shower to buy from Sellen.

In the Raya Lucaria academy, you would be required to beat some Sorcerers to make your way through the hallway to get to the scroll. Turn left towards the doorway, you will find a corpse lying, and after pillaging it, you will get your final scroll.

Getting to Sellen’s Location in Elden Ring and buying a few sorceries is recommended, especially if your build depends greatly on magic. The sorceries you purchase there can be helpful against many bosses and mobs. You might want to check out the scroll’s locations as Sellen has very few sorceries available initially that are not very useful either. Getting the scrolls will allow you to get some amazing sorceries to aid you in combat. You can also check out our Incantations vs Sorcery guide to see what works better for you.

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