17 Best Dual-Wield Weapons In Elden Ring

Learn everything about the best dual-wield weapon combinations in Elden Ring, their pros and cons, and how to obtain them.

Elden Ring allows you to dual-wield weapons to make a combination of the best of them. Choosing dual-wield weapon combinations can be tricky, but once you’ve chosen them, battling the big bad bosses will be easier.

Key Takeaways
  • Elden Ring has about 309 Total Weapons, and out of all of them, these are in my opinion the best to dual-wield weapons.
  1. Starscourge Greatswords have an amazing Ash Of War that pulls opponents towards them.
  2. Giant Crushers are a deadly combo because of the sheer physical damage they will cause to you.
  3. Falchions can be easily accessed early in Elden Ring so that you can execute spin attacks with dual weapons.
  4. Uchigatanas can be fast with their bleeding slash attacks enabling you to dodge and attack easily.
  5. Prelate Inferno Croziers boasts the highest damage among dual-wield weapons.
  6. Godskin Peelers are fun to use with the Blade Flame Tornado skill, and it is very damaging as well.
  7. Golden Halberds are the holy grail of faith-damaging weapons with an amazing reach.
  8. Hoslow’s Petal Whips are easily the best whips to use in Elden Ring.
  9. Eleonora’s Poleblades has the deadly Ash of War called Bloodblade dance.
  10. Spiked Clubs are the only hammers listed here because it is just the best out of all of them.
  11. Fingerprint Stone Shield has the highest block stability and inflicts damage via Shield Crash.
  12. Rivers Of Blood blades have one of the best bleed buildups in Elden Ring thanks to its Ash of War.

Best Dual-Wield Weapons Comparison

Dual Wield Weapons NamePhysicalMagicFireLightHolyCritical/Boost
Starscourge Greatswords12983000100
Giant Crushers1550000100
Prelate’s Inferno Croziers1560000100
Godskin Peelers1210000100
Golden Halberds13400087100
Reduvia Blades790000110
Hoslow’s Petal Whips1100000100
Raptor Talons860000110
Magma Blades9606200100
Scavengers Curved Swords1050000100
Dark Moon Greatswords8298000100
Eleonora’s Poleblades7207200100
Fingerprint Stone Shield1390000100
Antspur Rapier980000100
Rivers Of Blood7607600100

Starscourge Greatswords

The best dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring Starscourge Greatswords
Elden Ring: Starscourge Greatsword– Image by eXputer




129 20 65

Early in the game of Elden Ring, plenty of difficult bosses can be defeated if you have the right combo of dual-wield weapons.  The Starscourge Greatswords do wonders against low-level crowds of enemies due to its potent Ash of War.


To get the Scarscourge Greatsword, you will have to kill Starscourge Radahn and obtain his remembrance. Give that remembrance to Enia. She will hand over the Starscourge Greatsword. 

Giant Crushers

The best dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring Giant Crusher
Elden Ring: Giant Crushers – Image by eXputer


Weight Guard 
155 26.5 88

Thanks to their high damage, the Giant Crushers can help you kill off the enemies in an instant. These weapons are the best at destroying enemies at close range, especially when you dual-wield the weapon in Elden Ring. 


There will be a carriage near the Outer Wall of the Phantom Tree site. Once you get to the carriage, you have to fight yet another boss who will not be easy to defeat. After this trail, you will be able to access the Giant Crusher by opening the carriage. 


The best dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring Falchions
Elden Ring: Falchions – Screenshot Grab: eXputer


Weight Guard
109 3.5 42

Moving onto the first Dual-Wield Curved Sword in Elden Ring, there is the Falchion. As a curved sword, the weapon gives you incredible mobility and agility while attacking enemies. Most of the early game enemies can be defeated while using the dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring.  


You can farm the falchion weaponry by defeating the demi-humans who wield the Falchions in Elden Ring. It will not be that difficult to defeat them. You can find them near Mistwood Outskirts Grace, specifically towards the north of it.


The best dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring Uchigatanas
Elden Ring: Uchigatanas – [Image credit: eXputer]


Weight Guard
115 5.5 45

Samurai Class has been a good starting Class for players because of the katanas. In Elden Ring, you have access to the Uchigatana. It is fast and agile and can slice up the enemies in Elden Ring. 


You can get it the first time through the Samurai Class selection, as it is their starting weapon. You can simply then select it in any hand from the weapon selection menu. The location for the second Uchigatana is around Deathtouched Catacomb chambers. 

Prelate’s Inferno Croziers

The best dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring Prelate’s Inferno Crozier
Elden Ring: Prelate’s Inferno Crozier – [Image credit: eXputer]


Weight Guard
156 23.5 82

One of the colossal weapons in Elden Ring, not only appearance-wise but damage-wise too. Dual-wielding with the Inferno Crozier makes a hell of a strength-build. The weapon fire art represents the magical aspect of the weapon itself. In short, it is an amazing choice of weapon for those who are looking for high damage.


Head over to Fort Laiedd, which is situated on the west side of the Mount. Gelmir. The creature holding the Crozier won’t be difficult to defeat; just make sure to have good armor on because you will be against the Colossal Weapon. 

Godskin Peelers 

The best dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring Godskin Peelers
Elden RingL: Godskin Peelers – [Image credit: eXputer]
Physical  Weight Guard
121 8 45

This twin blade causes the most havoc in the game than any other weapon. From its amazing gore design to its fascinating effects and abilities, it is a packed weapon, to say the least. It ranks higher than the best dual-wield weapons. In terms of pure class and power, this dual-wield set deserves to be on this list.


There is a village up north of the map known as the Windmill Village, which is part of the Dominula area. It is at the top of the map, so it shouldn’t be hard to find at all. After killing the Godskin Apostle there, he will drop the weapon for you.

Golden Halberds 

The best dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring Golden Halberd
Elden Ring: Golden Halberds – Image by eXputer


Weight Guard
134 13.5 58

Golden Halberds does Holy damage to its enemies as it is a Faith Weapon. The incredible power of the Golden Halberd can penetrate through most of the defenses of enemies like Tibia Mariners. The weapon art itself is enough reason to go through the entire trouble of getting it.


At the start of the game, you will see a major boss known as the Tree Senital. He is this Horse riding warrior found in Limgrave who tries to kill you if you get too near and start a battle. He attacks you with the Golden Halberd, which you should try to avoid, or else you can get one shot. Killing him will not be easy, especially if you try to get him on the first try without any good build like Katana or Dex

Reduvia Blades

Reduvia Blades
Elden Ring: Reduvia Blades – [Image credit: eXputer]
Physical  Weight Guard
79 2.5 38

The Reduvia deserves their spot in this list because of their power output to most of the enemies in Elden Ring. There are bosses that can be killed off using two of the Reduvia Daggers or Blades. Reddit users have ranked the combination of weapons among the best two-handed weapons in Elden Ring.


There are plenty of NPC invaders across the map of Elden Ring that can be called mini-bosses. You can find the Reduvia Blades on a boss known as Bloody Finger Nerijus. He can be found in the Murkwater Cave, where he will run towards you to fight you. The second dagger can be obtained from the Yura’s Questline in the game. 

Hoslow’s Petal Whips

The best dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring Hoslow’s Petal Whips
Elden Ring: Hoslow’s Petal Whips – [Image credit: eXputer]
There are so many weapons in Elden Ring that some amazing ones go unnoticed. Hoslow’s Petal Whips are prime examples of it, as most players are unaware of the potential they hold. Perhaps most whips are a little lower in stats when compared to swords and axes. Except, that is where Hoslow’s Petal Whips differ. These Whips are incredibly powerful and can tame beasts 10x your size. 


In order to get both the Hoslow’s Petal Whips, you will have to defeat the Hoslow Brothers. Once you get to the final contract of the Volcano Manor missions, you have to defeat Juno Hoslow. He will be a really tough opponent to beat. The second brother, Diallos can be slaughtered in Jarburg to complete the dual-wield weapon set. 

Raptor Talons 

Raptor Talons In Game
Elden Ring: Raptor Talons – [Image credit: eXputer]


Weight Guard
83 1.5 33

Most claw weapons are frowned upon in most games since they don’t deal high amounts of damage in the game. But it needs to be understood that the Raptor Talons are amazing best dual-wield weapons, specifically in close quarters. They are extremely agile and can be used to cut down the dragons in the game. There are upgrades that need to be in order for that to happen.


It is a pretty basic location, but the weapon itself can be hard to find. You can get it from the Altus Plateau’s Sage Cave. It resides near the Windham ruins on the map. You will not directly find the weapon when you reach there. It is secretly hidden in a chest. You can find the chest behind the walls of the cave. 

Magma Blades 

Magma Blades In ER
Elden Ring: Magma Blades – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
Physical  Weight Guard
96 4.0 44

The Magma Blades are a sort of melee curved sword found in Elden Ring. The blades deal in fire damage which is great to use against undead enemies. 


In the location of the Volcano Manor, you will find man-serpents. These man-serpents will be wielding a form of a light blade similar to that of the Magma Blade. There will be about 100 of them, and any one of them could be wielding the Magma Blade so that digging. 

Scavengers Curved Swords 

Scavengers Curved Swords In ER
Elden Ring: Scavengers Curved Swords – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer


Weight Guard
104 3.5 40

Scavenger Curved Sword is an extremely unique-looking sword as its edge resembles shark teeth. Dual-wielding this sword can perhaps be a great option due to the fact that its applied Ashes Of War can prove to be really beneficial. Try and find out yourself too!


It is situated in the mount of Gelmir on the Elden Ring map. A corpse will be wielding this weapon which you have to loot, and his location is near the first camp you see in Gelmir. Near the ladder, you will find the corpse, and it will most definitely have the blade you are looking for. 

Dark Moon Greatswords 

Dark Moon Greatswords In ER
Elden Ring: Dark Moon Greatswords – Image by eXputer


Weight Guard
82 10 57

The Dark Moon Greatsword is actually a legendary armament that causes a good of damage to those who will oppose it. This list contains a lot of unique weaponry, and this is one of them. You see, it also has an amazing frost design which is beautiful to look at indeed. Using the Dark Moon Greatswords in PvP battles can help you greatly.


In order to get the Dark Moon Greatswords, you will have to go through an entirely difficult quest. It is through Ranni’s Quest that you will acquire this blade. But there is a whole lengthy process in which, beforehand, you must have defeated Radahn. After a series of events that includes returning Fingerslayer Blade to Ranni, you at the end of it, receive the Dark Moon Ring and give it to Ranni so that she can finally give you the Dark Moon Greatsword.

Eleonora’s Poleblades

Eleonora’s Poleblades In Game
Elden Ring: Eleonora’s Poleblades – Screenshot Grab: eXputer


Weight Guard
72 6 33

Easily one of the most popular and mind-boggling statistic blades is the Eleonora Poleblade. The dual-end blade is extremely agile and powerful on its own. When you add another pole blade to it, well, you can just imagine the devastation it will cause. Eleonora’s Poleblades have an amazing weapon art alongside it.


In the “Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s Questline,” you will, at the start of it, get access to the fancy bloody twin blade. At the Atlus Plateau, there is a second church of Marika. A boss known as Eleonora will be wielding this cosmic weapon, and you have to defeat her in order to get the weapon for yourself.

Fingerprint Stone Shield 

Fingerprint Stone Shield In ER
Elden Ring: Fingerprint Stone Shield – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer


Weight Guard
139 30 100

Defense is of the utmost importance in this game. You will have the defend yourself from the attacks of many enemies that will seek to destroy you with two hits. In this circumstance, a Greatshield like the Fingerprint Stone Shield can come really handy. Not only does it provide exceptional defense from physical attacks, but it also defends most of the damage given by elemental damage such as Magic or Flame. 


What you have to do is go to the Cathedral Of The Forsaken through the passive of the Shunning Tunnels underground. You will eventually meet a small irrelevant boss known as Mohg. When you defeat him, don’t focus on opening the chest but rather on that platform behind it.

Strike it to unveil a secret tunnel heading to the Cathedral. Keep heading down the wooed beam almost until you get the Inescapable Frenzy to remain, and then turn to the right, and inside the corridor will the Fingerprint Stone Shield. 

Antspur Rapier 

Antspur Rapier In ER
Elden Ring: Antspur Rapier – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer


Weight Guard
98 3 47

Thrust attacks are a great way to both attack and push back close-up enemies. Thrust attacks can be really helpful in well any sort of situation. Dual-wielding the Antspur Rapier’s will ensure the enemy stays in its line of action. Therefore equipping such weapons will make sure that you do a good amount of damage to the opponents. Reddit users have expressed their fondness for the best dual-wield weapons. 


Getting the rapier is quite an easy task in itself because you just need to kill an NPC boss. The NPC boss will be lingering outside the area of Shaded Castle. His health bar isn’t really that much that you would get involved in a huge battle. Upon killing him, you will get the Antspur Rapier. He will specifically be located toward the left side of the Castle area.

Rivers Of Blood

Rivers Of Blood In ER
Elden Ring: Rivers Of Blood – Image by eXputer


Weight Guard
76 6.5 36

Time for one of the ultimate weapons set in Elden Ring. In this game, the list comprises the best of the best dual-wield weapons. One can genuinely regard Rivers of Blood as a worthy choice. However, The Moonveil surpasses it as it can be wielded early on. The Rivers of Blood katanas will help you drop down enemies quicker than she dropped her standards!


You must head to the Mountaintops Of The Giants to wield the Rivers Of Blood. At the far east side of the mountaintops, there is a region known as The Church Of Repose. A phantom enemy known as the Bloody Finger Okina will spawn and attack you in the surrounding area. It is basically an invader. You will receive the Rivers Of Blood as a reward upon killing the enemy. 

My Personal Experience With Dual-Wield Weapons

Elden Ring Game Hours
Elden Ring Game Hours (Image by eXputer)

I have tried dual-wielding so many weapons that it is hard to decide which is the best.

Dual-wielding Uchigatana with the Ash of War, Senpukku shreds the bosses that are not immune to blood loss. I tried the build as an experience to defeat Malenia, and before I knew it, the first phase was over. However, you will struggle so much with it on an opponent who is immune to blood loss, like Radagon and Elden Beast.

So, having alternatives in such cases is a good idea. The alternatives that I recommend are dual-wielding Godskin Peelers or Starscrouge Greatswords.

Godskin Peelers will do percentage-based damage, so there’s nothing to worry about going with the Peelers. On the other hand, I found Starscrouge Greatsowrd pretty good for building up Poise.

So these were the best of the best dual-wield weapons that you can pair up in Elden Ring. Most of these weapons are far too advanced to be yielded early on, so choose correctly.

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