Elden Ring Dual Katana Build: Weapons, Armor, & Talisman

This Elden Ring Dual Katana Build guide will showcase weapon options, armor sets, talismans, spells, and its overall playstyle!

Elden Ring has been released for a few months now, and with its progress and updates, it has released several weapons, classes, talismans, and armor sets that players can pick and choose from to create their dream build. With weapons also comes a wide variety of katanas, on which the Elden Ring Dual Katana Build will be based.

In essence, the katanas offer an experience that no others can, with the ability of players to get up close and personal with the enemy to deal huge amounts of damage that will cause them to be ruined and help the player gain victory when they are busy fighting out opponents. 

Key Takeaways
  • Prioritize Intelligence (63), Vigor (40), Strength (30), and Dexterity (21).
  • Weapons: Moonveil Katana (Intelligence/Dexterity scaling, ranged magic attack), Uchigatana (Strength/Dexterity scaling, causes blood loss), Meteoric Ore Blade (high physical and magic damage).
  • Consider the Royal Remains Set for balanced protection and mobility.
  • Talismans: Carian Filigreed Crest (reduces FP consumption), Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom (increases Dexterity), Taker’s Cameo (restores health after kills), Millicent’s Prosthesis (enhances Dexterity, boosts Dexterity-scaling weapons), Erdtree’s Favor (increases max health, stamina, and Equip Load Limit), Crimson Amber Medallion (increases overall health).
  • Terra Magica spell enhances magic damage and magic strength with a ground sigil.

Dual Katana Build

Vigor 40,
Mind 18
Endurance 16
Strength 30
Dexterity 21
Intelligence 63
Faith 25
Arcane 11
Royal Remains SetMoonveil Katana
Meteoric Ore Blade
Terra Magica SpellCarian Filigreed Crest
Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom
Taker’s Cameo
Millicent’s Prosthesis
Erdtree’s Favor
Crimson Amber Medallion

Today’s guide covers the build, including weapon options and basic armor sets. This build involves dual-wielding katanas for increased power, allowing players to engage enemies up close with both normal and heavy melee attacks for high damage output.

Stats For Dual Katana Build 

Elden Ring Character Attributes
Character Attributes

To get the most out of the build, players will typically have a few set stats that they will need to prioritize to get the highest damage output. This build will focus on Intelligence, Vigor, Strength as well as Dexterity.


For the first main stat, prioritize Intelligence in this build. Most mentioned weapons scale with Intelligence, and you’ll need special sorcery. Investing in Intelligence enhances your strength and resistance against certain enemy attacks.

In my experience, intelligence mainly governs your ability to cast potent sorceries and increases the damage output of those sorceries. It also boosts the attack power of sorceries scaling with Intelligence and enhances resistance against magic damage. The Astrologer Build provides insights into effectively using your arsenal in the game.


Invest in Vigor, as it’s crucial for the Dual Katana Build. Dual-wielding consumes HP, so maintaining a certain level of Health Points is vital for success in battles.

From what I’ve observed, Vigor helps you effectively manage your Health Points, ensuring your ability to stay alive in challenging situations. Investing in Vigor also boosts your Fire Resistance and provides immunity from certain attacks. Check out the Dex Build for insights on properly distributing character stats and excelling in combat.


Consider investing in Strength, especially for challenging boss battles. Strength determines how effectively you can wield weapons that scale primarily with Strength, enhancing your damage output with such weapons. For higher damage output, allocate points into Strength.


I recommend investing a few points in Dexterity as it can be helpful, but it’s not a crucial stat for this build, as only one of the mentioned weapons scales with Dexterity.

Dexterity boosts the attack power of weapons that scale with it. You can explore the Elden Ring Rivers of Blood build for additional combat strategies.

Weapons For Dual Katana Build

Let’s first compare the stats of the best weapons I found for the build:

Moonveil KatanaAttack: 73
Guard: 31
Attack: 87
Guard: 57
Guard: 26Guard: 26Guard: 25Attack: 100Guard: 31
UchigatanaAttack: 115
Guard: 45
Guard: 30Guard: 30Guard: 30Guard: 30Attack: 100Guard: 30
Meteoric Ore Blade Attack: 112
Guard: 50
Attack: 72
Guard: 45
Guard: 31Guard: 31Guard: 31Attack: 100Guard: 33

If players want to dominate the build, they will need to invest in at least two main weapons that they will be duel-wielding during their battles, and the weapons will help them with taking down all kinds of enemies. 

Moonveil Katana 

Elden Ring Moonveil Katana
Moonveil Katana Weapon

The Moonveil Katana is one of the best katanas in Elden Ring, ideal for depleting the HP of tough foes. It scales with Intelligence and Dexterity, requiring investment in Dexterity to wield. This weapon allows players to pierce and slash through enemies effectively.

I propose utilizing the weapon skill, “Transient Moonlight”, as it lets you charge the weapon for a magic ranged blade slash with normal or heavy attacks, dealing substantial damage and incapacitating enemies.

Stats: Strength E, Dexterity D, Intelligence C Requirements: 23 Intelligence, 18 Dexterity, 12 Strength Points

Attack Damage 
Physical Damage 73
Magic Damage 87
Fire Damage 0
Light Damage 0
Holy Damage 0
Crit Damage 100
Defense Guard 
Physical Guard 31
Magic Guard 57
Fire Guard 26
Light Guard 26
Holy Guard 25
Boost Guard 31


Elden Ring Uchigatana
Uchigatana Weapon

The Uchigatana is a versatile weapon useful for both PvE and PvP combat, offering decent Piercing and Slash Damage. It scales with Strength and Dexterity, so investing in these attributes will make it even more potent. This weapon inflicts severe blood loss buildup on enemies, causing them to die faster.

I recommend using the weapon skill, “Unsheathe,” as it allows players to hold the weapon in a stance, charge into enemies with elegance, and execute charged attacks.

Attack Damage 
Physical Damage 115
Magic Damage 0
Fire Damage 0
Light Damage 0
Holy Damage 0
Crit Damage 100
Defense Guard 
Physical Guard 45
Magic Guard 30
Fire Guard 30
Light Guard 30
Holy Guard 30
Boost Guard 30

Meteoric Ore Blade 

Elden Ring Meteoric Ore Blade
Meteoric Ore Blade Weapon

The Meteoric Ore Blade is a solid choice to complete your Elden Ring Dual Katana Build, offering the damage output needed for end-game content. With scaling in Intelligence D, Dexterity E, and Strength D, it pairs well with the Moonveil Katana or Uchigatana for dual-wielding, allowing players to slash through opponents, gradually depleting their HP until they are defeated.

Attack Damage 
Physical Damage 112
Magic Damage 72
Fire Damage 0
Light Damage 0
Holy Damage 0
Crit Damage 100
Defense Guard 
Physical Guard 50
Magic Guard 45
Fire Guard 31
Light Guard 31
Holy Guard 31
Boost Guard 33

Armor Sets to Look Into 

In your Dual Katana Build, consider equipping light, medium-weight, or heavy-weight armor sets. Ensure that you maintain mobility and agility for rolling by mixing and matching pieces. Wear at least 3 pieces while leaving one behind to reduce the overall equipment burden. This setup will enhance your combat effectiveness.

Royal Remains Set

Here are the stats of the Royal Remains Set:

Armor SetArmorPhysicalStrikeSlashPierceMagicFireLightHoly
Royal Remains SetRoyal Remains Helm4.
Royal Remains Armor 11.911.412.911.99.510.28.08.8
Royal Remains Gauntlets
Royal Remains Greaves

Starting with my first armor set option, the Royal Remains Set remains one of the most viable options for both mid-game and end-game players, as it provides the perfect amount of protection, and although it is considered more on the heavier side when one of the pieces such as the helm is removed, it can work perfectly for battles. 

Negation Type Damage Negation
Physical Negation 25.8
Strike Negation 24.7
Slash Negation 28.1
Pierce Negation 25.8
Magic Negation 20.6
Fire Negation 22.1
Light Negation 17.2
Holy Negation 19.0
Resistance Type Resistance 
Immunity Resistance 84
Robustness Resistance 135
Focus Resistance 57
Vitality Resistance 27
Poise Resistance 32
Royal Remains Helm 
Elden Ring Royal Remains Helm
Royal Remains Helm

The Royal Remains Helm offers exceptional protection for both PvP and PvE combat. It excels in negating Physical, Slash, and Pierce damage while providing immunity and robustness resistance.

Here are the stats:

Negation Type Damage Negation
Physical Negation 4.2
Strike Negation 4.0
Slash Negation 4.6
Pierce Negation 4.2
Magic Negation 3.4
Fire Negation 3.6
Light Negation 2.8
Holy Negation 3.1
Resistance Type Resistance 
Immunity Resistance 15
Robustness Resistance 24
Focus Resistance 10
Vitality Resistance 5
Poise Resistance 5
Royal Remains Armor 
Elden Ring Royal Remains Armor
Royal Remains Armor

I advise using the Royal Remains Armor as it provides excellent protection for the player’s torso, allowing them to withstand various types of attacks from opponents. It excels in negating Slash Damage, followed by Physical, Pierce, and Strike. While it offers good elemental damage negation, here are the detailed stats and numbers:

Negation Type Damage Negation
Physical Negation 11.9
Strike Negation 11.4
Slash Negation 12.9
Pierce Negation 11.9
Magic Negation 9.5
Fire Negation 10.2
Light Negation 8.0
Holy Negation 8.8
Resistance Type Resistance 
Immunity Resistance 35
Robustness Resistance 57
Focus Resistance 24
Vitality Resistance 11
Poise Resistance 15
Royal Remains Gauntlets 
Elden Ring Royal Remains Gauntlets
Royal Remains Gauntlets

The Royal Remains Gauntlets are an essential part of the set for players using the Dual Katana Build. They offer protection for the hands and arms, allowing the player to focus on slashing and piercing through foes. The gauntlets excel in physical damage negation and significantly enhance elemental resistance against elemental damage.

Here are the stats:

Negation Type Damage Negation
Physical Negation 2.9
Strike Negation 2.8
Slash Negation 3.2
Pierce Negation 2.9
Magic Negation 2.3
Fire Negation 2.5
Light Negation 1.9
Holy Negation 2.1
Resistance Type Resistance 
Immunity Resistance 12
Robustness Resistance 19
Focus Resistance 8
Vitality Resistance 4
Poise Resistance 3
Royal Remains Greaves 
Elden Ring Royal Remains Greaves
Royal Remains Greaves

The Royal Remains Greaves complete the set, and they offer excellent protection for the player. When equipped with the greaves, players can confidently engage with their foes, feeling invincible. Furthermore, these greaves have the unique ability to slowly regenerate lost HP during combat, adding to their overall effectiveness.

Here are the stats:

Negation Type Damage Negation
Physical Negation 6.8
Strike Negation 6.5
Slash Negation 7.4
Pierce Negation 6.8
Magic Negation 5.4
Fire Negation 5.8
Light Negation 4.5
Holy Negation 5.0
Resistance Type Resistance 
Immunity Resistance 22
Robustness Resistance 35
Focus Resistance 15
Vitality Resistance 7
Poise Resistance 9

Talismans To Use With Dual Katana Build

Going through with the Dual Katana Build, I have some of the best talismans recommendations to buff up their damage output while also being able to get through tougher enemies to win the battle. 

Below are all the best Talismans:

Carian Filigreed Crest 

Elden Ring Carian Filigreed Crest
Carian Filigreed Crest Talisman

To effectively manage FP while wielding a Katana Build, consider using the Carian Filigreed Crest. This talisman reduces FP consumption, allowing you to use skills more efficiently during combat. This can be a valuable asset in both PvE and PvP situations.

Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom 

Elden Ring Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom
Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom Talisman

Boost your Dexterity with the Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom talisman. Since this Katana Build may not heavily invest in Dexterity, this talisman’s +5 Dexterity bonus can be valuable for enhancing your combat abilities and achieving victory more efficiently.

Taker’s Cameo 

Elden Ring Taker's Cameo
Taker’s Cameo Talisman

Recover lost Health Points after defeating foes with the Taker’s Cameo talisman, ensuring your survival on the battlefield as you engage in combat with enemies.

Millicent’s Prosthesis 

Elden Ring Millicent's Prosthesis
Millicent‘s Prosthesis Talisman

Enhance your Dexterity and weapon scaling with Millicent’s Prosthesis talisman, making your build more potent and your attacks even deadlier.

Erdtree’s Favor 

Elden Ring Erdtree's Favor
Erdtree’s Favor Talisman

Erdtree’s Favor talisman enhances your maximum Health Points, stamina, and Equip Load Limit, making your Dual Katana build even more formidable in combat.

Crimson Amber Medallion 

Elden Ring Crimson Amber Medallion
Crimson Amber Medallion Talisman

I suggest that you use the Crimson Amber Medallion talisman as it enhances your Health Points, with the +2 variant providing the highest HP boost of 8%.

Terra Magica Spell 

Terra Magica is a spell that enhances magic damage and magic strength while the player is inside its radius, boosting overall combat effectiveness.

Build Playstyle 

The build focuses on wielding either the Uchigatana or the Moonveil Katana for high damage output. It requires high HP and FP, supported by talismans and spells like Terra Magica. The Royal Remains Armor Set provides protection for the player.

My Tips On Using Dual-Wielding Katanas

If you want to look cool and do a lot of damage in Elden Ring, you should definitely dual-wield a Katana. With over months of experience, I have two recommendations for you: dual-wielding Uchigatanas and dual-wielding a Uchigatana with Moonveil Katana. Dual-wielding Uchigatana can be great with both having the Senpukku Ash of War. The bleed build-up of enemies will be insane with the build, and you will shred many bosses.

elden ring game save
My 4th Elden Ring Save slot

The other build contains one move, which can inflict the Bleed Status Effect on enemies. However, the bleed won’t be as good as the previous build. That being said, you will also be doing magic damage with Moonveil, so make sure you have it in the right hand. With these builds, you won’t have to go for an NG+ tactic to dual-wield a weapon. If you want to dual-wield your favorite Katana that can’t be obtained twice in a single run, you can, of course, go for NG+.

With that, I wrap up my Elden Ring Dual Katana Build guide; let me know your opinion down below! If you want more build inspiration, make sure to check out our Elden Ring Best Builds Guide

Build Inspiration: MillGaming and Born2Game on Youtube

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