New Leak Suggests Bestiary Once Planned For Elden Ring

Recently data mined files unveil images of haunting beasts that may've once been a part of the Lands Between.

FromSoftware’s latest title, Elden Ring, has shaken the Souls-like genre to its core. This title has been acclaimed as the rightful successor to the controller-smashing genre. The game has fitfully stolen the throne, and the perfect review scores by big outlets are just the witness to that feat. The fabulous blend of difficult fiends and breath-taking visuals have left the players in awe of its beauty. This new title is the first iteration of an open-world formula with the Souls-like genre. 

Recently @Onion00048, a video games insider and data miner on Twitter, dug up some rather intriguing files in a recent data mine. These files point to the idea that a bestiary could have been planned for the game once. The file includes darkened images of beasts in the natural Elden Ring art style. The Lands Between is chock-full of bizarre creatures and intimidating wildlife, including the lesser Red Wolf of Radagon.

The tweet from the account includes several pictures of the supposed creatures from Elden Ring in the bestiary. The art style makes them look more intimidating. The Caelid Crow is nightmare fuel in the image, considering how its beak appears to have roughed up teeth. The bestiary may have been a great addition to the never-ending world of Elden Ring. However, You would not feel like petting any of these creatures after locating them in the bestiary.

Unsurprisingly, even the pigeon appears threatening in the images. Even the adorable Rabbitgaroos would have startled players occasionally in the fierce world of the game. Enemies aside, the hostile wildlife of Elden Ring, like the Giant Crow, is better left alone. FromSoftware is renowned for its dark, brooding imagery seen in the creatures and enemies alike. Perhaps, this leaked bestiary could come out in the future?

The Elden Ring had a lot of minuscule leaks before its official release. Data miners have been scavenging through the game’s files even after its successful release, and the players are also breaking world records every day, with one player having completed the game in just under 19 minutes recently.

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