Elden Ring Multiplayer Won’t Have Any Solo Invasions

Invasions will only be a part of co-op, says FromSoftware!

Elden Ring is the upcoming instalment in the Souls series by FromSoftware, first announced at E3 2019. During Gamescom 2021, we got to know a lot about the new RPG and one of the things that the company highlighted was the multiplayer experience of Elden Ring. However, a recent brief presentation from FromSoftware now revealed that, unlike Dark Souls, there won’t be any solo invasions in the game. 

Yasuhiro Kitao from FromSoftware recently held a brief presentation in which he addressed many concerns regarding the upcoming game and gave further insight into what players can expect. According to the video posted by Fextralife, “Invaders will never invade a mounted player because players cannot be mounted in cooperative play. That is to say, you can only invade players that are cooperating, not players who are alone. (Of course, there’s a duel item for those who wish to summon invaders)”

So, players will not be able to carry out any solo invasions in Elden Ring‘s multiplayer mode. This was most likely done to prevent high-level players from invading low-level ones and ruining their games, similar to the case of Dark Souls games. However, many players are failing to see eye to eye with this decision from the company.

Elden Ring Multiplayer
Some opinions of players with the concern of no solo invasions in Elden Ring. | Source: u/Mental-Quote7543/Reddit

This is a controversial decision, of course, but it’s worth mentioning that it hasn’t been finalized yet. It seems like the company wants some response from the community first before taking such a huge step within the series’ development. Solo invasions have been a major part of Soulsborne games for many players, so this decision is likely to disappoint many hardcore multiplayer players.

Fortunately, invasions can still happen in the co-op mode and the people have yet to respond regarding the matter at hand. It could go down, as each player could be given an option to turn on solo invasions so they could experience the game how they would prefer to. If not, we’ll simply have to make do!

Elden Ring is bound to make landfall on 21st January 2022, and the recent gameplay reveal has us raving about the new RPG. It appears that we’re in for a Dark Souls-like experience but with a lot more player freedom. Not to mention, the ethereal horse and the combat that the super-powered equine will ensue.

What do you think about this? Do tell us your opinions in the comments below!

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