New Leaks Unveil More Elden Ring Magic Spells

Continuous spoilers give us more insight about the magic system and spells.

There has been an abundance of spoilers and leaks regarding this upcoming action-adventure RPG game. The release date for Elden Ring is hardly a month away now, with the last few weeks being full of leaks. FromSoftware has also been handing out vital details regarding the title in interviews and events. On the other hand, data miners are digging deep into the sources to find all they can about the game. Leaks range from hidden cryptic maps to essential items and magic spells.

Elden Ring officially went gold, which means it’s ready to be played for PC, and there are no chances of a delay now. When Kitao was asked about how the development was progressing, he stated, “Right now, the team is working on a day one patch to make sure everything in the game is just so.” Moreover, the game has been confirmed to take 30 hours to complete if the primary route is followed. 

Elden Ring Spoilers About Magic Spells And Items

More info about the game has been coming out of the woods. Players wondered about what upgrade the magic elements would get for Elden Ring. Fans of RPG games praised the mage builds in Dark Souls, but they agreed that it could use some innovation and upgrades with newer titles.

The recent leaks have confirmed that magic is shaping up as immersive as other classes that players can choose. Players who were disinterested in mage builds agreed to give it a try as soon as the game drops.

Reddit and YouTube have been a hot spot for leaks. However, FromSoftware is quick to take action against them. A few videos are already taken down as of writing, but many of them remain up. 

Significant spoilers regarding magical spells and animations are posted below: (Courtesy of u/StrayKurtis)

We have only seen a puddle out of this vast ocean of magic in Elden Ring. A few players speculated that all these magical spells and animations are not meant for the player; some may be implemented in bosses. However, in my opinion, they seemed very compatible with the base character model. No reason suggests that some of those are only meant for bosses.

A unique item was also leaked, called the “Margit’s Shackel.” Item is described, “A fetish bathed in golden magic.”

“Shackles were used to bind the accursed people called the Omen, and these were made to keep a particular Omen child under strictest confinement. Though faint, the shackles still retain vestiges of power enough to trap the once-bound Margit on earth, if only for a short time.”

YouTube video

Elden Ring is set to release on February 25, 2022. It is anticipated to be one of the top-selling souls-like titles. The game is already considered a worthy successor over Dark Souls games. Many big names have taken part in crafting the Elden Ring world, so all the hype surrounding the title can be justified.

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