Bloodborne’s Internal PC Build Spotted Running On A Dev’s PC

Developer Marcos Domenech has the entire game, including the DLC running on PC.

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  • Marcos Domenech, an environment artist at FromSoftware, has apparently supplied screenshots of oil urns for the Bloodborne wiki page “Oil Pitcher.”
  • Surprisingly, the loading icon in the corner and the file name reveal that these screenshots were taken on a Windows build of Bloodborne.
  • Since the images are from Fishing Hamlet, we can assume that this build contained the entire game, including the DLC.
  • The file name also reveals that the screenshots were taken in the debug menu using the debug camera, a feature that Lance McDonald only recently released.

Marcos Domenech, an environment artist at FromSoftware, contributed screenshots of oil urns to the “Oil Pitcher” page on the Bloodborne Wiki. Insider Lance McDonald spotted something interesting about these images and revealed that they were taken from a PC version of the game, which can be seen from the loading icon in the corner. Moreover, the file name reveals they were taken in the debug menu using the debug camera.

Lance explained in his tweet that, “Most artists used the PC build of Bloodborne for their work, but Marcos’ screenshots are taken using the actual full retail version of the game.” It is not the first time Lance has made claims of the PC version existing in some developers’ libraries; however, this time, there is credible evidence taken directly from the fandom.

Oil Pitcher Wiki Page
Oil Pitcher Bloodborne Wiki – Google Search

Marcos Domenech has worked on Bloodborne and is the one who contributed the screenshots of oil urns on the Wiki page. After a thorough look at the source, the following text can be found as the file name “marcos-domenech-win64-sprj-160809-172519.jpg.” Lance stated that the win-64sprj is the file name that the game uses when you take screenshots in the debug menu.

Oil Urns in Bloodborne
Oil Urns in Bloodborne

The above screenshot was taken using the debug camera, a hidden feature that Lance McDonald recently released in an unofficial patch. It is also worth noting that the Bloodborne PC version owned by Marcos is not from an early “Project Beast” era; the screenshots are taken in the Fishing Hamlet, meaning that he most likely owns the entire game, including the DLC in the PC version.

Nevertheless, this does not indicate that we will get Bloodborne on PC; as mentioned above, these images have been there for years but were only recently spotted. Although there might be rumors of a Bloodborne remake/remaster in development, these findings add little to no value to those rumors, so best to keep your expectations in check.

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