Elden Ring Cryptic Ruins On Map Decoded By Chinese Fans [Spoiler Heavy]

Script is in an ancient Chinese language known as Yi.

Elden Ring‘s fanbase has been hyperactive recently with its release date being a month away. Dataminers and leakers have been going on a spree to expose all the secrets they can get their hands on. With so much hype surrounding the game, it’s every other day something about Elden Ring starts circulating the forums. Just a while back, the Elden Ring credits got leaked. However, the game is shrouded by a must of mysteries. 

During the beta testing phase, some files were extracted, and two maps were found that looked similar to the in-game map. At first, players did not put much thought into it until they noticed strange things about them. The lack of details on them was apparent, and there were cryptic writings on them. Now, these were not just some random Nordic ruins like we thought. 

Elden Ring Cryptic Ruins On Map Decoded By Chinese Fans
Example of Cryptic Ruins discovered in extracted files

At first, it was speculated that they were put in the game for aesthetic reasons like many developers do. Most of the text material in the game had no major plot reference. However, it soon became clear that they meant something after further inspection. The person who discovered their significance claims that his “stubborn friend” was hell-bent on discovering what these ruins meant. So they found a Souls game fan who was good with other languages.

He instantly recognized this script and claimed it was the standardized Yi script of Laingshan because he had an ethnic friend who knew the Yi language. So, he was familiar but had forgotten most of it. The process of decryption now seemed possible. It was still unclear whether the random cryptic ruins meant something or were they just for aesthetic reasons. But, that mystery was soon to be solved.

According to the developer, he thought that they had to learn the whole Yi script to get somewhere but that wasn’t needed thankfully. They thought of three ways to decrypt the cryptic messages. It’s a rollercoaster ride so buckle up and jump into the video.

Several types of decoded messages were found, some were names of design sketches, others were phrases like: “Do not listen to songs of lying mermaids”, referencing Nordic Sirens. Other sea monsters were mentioned like the red sea serpent. And a sea channel is named Kraken Channel, referencing a monster like a squid or octopus. Images of a Kraken were also found in the maps. There are many more discoveries mentioned in the video.

Elden Ring Cryptic Ruins On Map Decoded By Chinese Fans
The Elden Ring map shows a Kraken.

Theories About The Leak

It theorized by fans of Elden Ring that they used Yi script because it’s unknown even amongst Chinese audiences. While some said that they used it because it looks cool. They took the help of a professor to decrypt these ruins and to solve the mystery. Some words of Yi script have similar pronunciations to Japanese.

A lot was revealed but the gist of it is that spoilers have been ocean-related. The existence of more in-game maps was hinted while the decrypting process. Some think that the leak is mostly just lore-based. But all this suggests that the game has a heavy theme about the sea monsters and ocean-like Bloodborne.

However, as a fan speculated on Redditthey tried to veil all the sea monster symbols in the current map. In an interview a while back, Miyazaki evaded a question about the tentacle pattern on Godfrey‘s axe. It makes one wonder that they wanted to keep a mystery about all the sea-related themes in the game. 

On the whole, fans grow impatient to get their hands on Steam‘s top wishlisted gameElden Ring is set to come out on February 25, 2022, on PC and consoles. A game whose story is written by George R.R Martin is ought to be surrounded by a fog of mysteries at all times. The world he has crafted is nothing short of amazing. What do you think of this development? Let us know in the comments below!

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