Elden Ring Player Kills Godskin Duo In Only One Hit

Player defeated the annoying Godskin Duo by dealing massive damage in only one hit.

Elden Ring took the world by storm when it was released, and despite already being almost 2 months old, the hype surrounding it has not slowed down. Elden Ring may have been taken down from the spot of the top-selling game on Steam but the community is showing no signs of inactivity. Speedruns, no-hit runs, and other runs of the like are almost a tradition surrounding FromSoftware games, and another tradition is players making custom builds in their games to overcome various tough challenges or even increase the challenge for them. Elden Ring is no exception; in fact, Elden Ring is what has possibly nurtured this tradition the most.

With its great variety of bosses and enemies, many players have taken challenges upon themselves to overcome, for which they get creative and use the game’s mechanics to make all sorts of builds to overcome their challenges. Among the most annoying bosses in the game is the Godskin Duo, which is a mandatory dual-boss fight. The player faces off against Godskin Noble and Godskin Apostle at the same time. Both have a mostly unique move-set, and if one is killed, the other revives the downed enemy, and this continues until the health bar is fully depleted, coupled with many annoying moves that they possess.

Many players use a wide variety of techniques and playstyles to defeat the Godskin Duo. However, one player has managed to defeat the Bosses in only one melee hit. YouTube creator, Grandpa, recently posted a video on his YouTube channel, guiding players through the whole process, which is easier said than done.

The player managed to do this by using a build based around the weaknesses of the Godskin Duo, coupled with a variety of Talismans, items, consumables, skills, and inflicting not one but several status effects on their character, such as Madness and Hemorrhage. You can see them prepping for the decisive melee hit in the video, and in the end, this leads to them dealing a staggering 26+ damage hit, and with that, the boss goes down in but an instant, bypassing all the frustration that would have ensued with the showdown. The build is, however, quite complicated, as the player spends most of the time of the video prepping for the hit and stacking loads of status effects.

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