Elden Ring Flash Step Location & Night Cavalry Boss

If you're looking for an agile ability, then you'll need the Location of The Flash Step as it's hands-down the best ability in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is one of those games with lots of hidden magic abilities that let you do all sorts of things. One of them is the Ashes of War, which literally lets you shoot fire from your eyes and conjure up all sorts of magical effects, but that’s just the icing on the cake. There’s one special ability we’d consider a hidden gem. And it’s the Flash Step Ability.

Key Highlights

  • Bloodhound step aka Flash Step is one of the Ashes of War in Elden Ring that allows the player to perform an invisible dash with higher I-frames than the normal roll.
  • It can be obtained by defeating the Night’s Cavalry in the Dragonborrow Region of Caelid. The Night Cavalry can be found making rounds across the bridge.
  • Night Cavalry only appears at night, so fast-forward time from the nearby Site of Grace if you don’t see one.
  • Defeating Night Cavalry early on may not be that easy, but the boss can be cheesed by inflicting status effects.

While people mostly rely on rolling to evade enemy attacks, the flash step enables users to quickly dash like Genji from Overwatch while dodging any incoming attacks. We’ve probably interested you, so let’s dive into the Location of the Flash Step and its benefits in Elden Ring!

Flash Step Location in Elden Ring

Map Showing the Location of the Night’s Cavalry Boss

To locate the Flash Step ability in Elden Ring, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Northeast of Caelid’s map. This area can be challenging, as it’s filled with high-level enemies and bosses.
  2. Look for the Site of Grace called Lenne’s Rise. It’s situated just east of a large bridge leading to the Bestial Sanctum. You can approach this area from the direction of Limgrave.
  3. If you’re coming from Limgrave, you’ll find a sending gate that can teleport you directly to Lenne’s Rise, near the Great Bridge. This can save you from fighting high-level enemies.
  4. Once you teleport to the Bestial Sanctum, head south and cross the Great Bridge. Then proceed east to reach the Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace.
  5. Rest at the Site of Grace until nighttime. During the night, the Night’s Cavalry Boss will spawn on one of the smaller bridges located to the north.

Defeating The Night’s Cavalry Boss

Flash Step Location in Elden Ring
The Night’s Cavalry Boss on his Steed

Defeating the Night’s Cavalry Boss and obtaining the Flash Step ability can be challenging, but here’s a detailed strategy to make it easier:

  1. Prepare: Before facing the Night’s Cavalry Boss, make sure you have adequate weapons, armor, and experience. Consider crafting Poison Pots, Poison Bone Darts, and Neutralizing Boluses if you have the necessary resources and recipes. Equip your best talismans and armor sets, especially those with high immunity stats. Cured Immunizing Meat can also boost your immunity.
  2. Poisoning the Boss: Start at Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace and equip your poison items and immunity-boosting gear. Head north, and trigger the poison traps and small enemies on purpose to lure the Night’s Cavalry Boss.
  3. Chase Sequence: Keep your distance from the boss while dodging his attacks. As he chases you, he will get poisoned, and his health will gradually drain.
  4. Immunity: Ensure that you have sufficient immunity to avoid being poisoned yourself.
  5. Repeat: Continue leading the boss up the hill while triggering more poison traps. The boss will keep taking damage from the poison.
  6. Victory: Once you reach the top of the hill, the boss may either respawn back at the bridge or turn around and leave. He will still be poisoned, and you can repeat the cat-and-mouse chase sequence until he succumbs to the poison.
  7. Alternative Methods: Some players have reported that the boss randomly dies after being poisoned, even if only half of his health has depleted. Others have used ranged attacks, spells, or launched the boss off the bridge with a Kite Shield to defeat him.

By using these strategies, you can successfully defeat the Night’s Cavalry Boss and obtain the Flash Step ability in Elden Ring. Good luck with your battle!

Why is Flash Step Overpowered in Elden Ring?

Flash Step Location in Elden Ring
The Flash Step/Bloodhound Step Icon

Flash Step is an essential ability in Elden Ring, especially for players focusing on agile, quick builds. It allows for rapid, continuous damage dealing and precise dodging of enemy attacks. Here are some key details about the Flash Step ability:

  1. Playstyle: Flash Step is ideal for players who prefer agile, fast-paced combat that revolves around dealing consistent damage rather than slow, charged attacks.
  2. Continuous Damage: With Flash Step, players can strike, dodge, and continue attacking swiftly. This ability encourages a hit-and-run combat style, enabling players to deal damage while avoiding enemy attacks effectively.
  3. Backstabs: Flash Step is also handy for getting behind unsuspecting enemies and performing powerful backstab attacks, inflicting significant damage.
  4. Weapon Affinity: Flash Step enhances the speed and agility of equipped melee weapons, making it particularly beneficial for small, fast weapons designed for close-quarters combat.
  5. FP Cost: The FP (Focus Points) cost for Flash Step is relatively low, around 5 FP. This means players can use the ability multiple times in encounters with both regular enemies and bosses, conserving both FP and health.
  6. In-Game Lore: According to in-game lore, Flash Step momentarily renders users invisible, allowing them to dash through and maneuver around locked-on enemies. It provides users with a tactical advantage by evading enemy attacks and gaining superior positioning.
  7. Timing: Mastering the timing of Flash Step is crucial for its effective use. Players can use it to dodge enemy damage, quickly reposition themselves, and circle around locked-on enemy targets.
  8. Versatility: Flash Step is versatile and can be used to engage various types of enemies, making it a valuable asset in various combat scenarios.

In summary, Flash Step is a highly useful ability that enhances agility, damage output, and survivability in Elden Ring. It empowers players to adopt a fast-paced combat style and outmaneuver their foes. Once acquired, it becomes a valuable tool in a player’s arsenal, particularly for those who favor agile and nimble builds.

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