Elden Ring Imp Statue Locations: All 15 Points Found

Elden Ring has one of the biggest maps up to date in the Soulsborne franchise. With half a dozen regions, each area is equal to almost 3-4 areas of previous soul games. With such a massive yet immersive open world comes many explorable areas such as churches, secret areas, and dungeons. Some of these areas are blocked off by a wall of fog and an imp statue creating that fog. In this guide, we will be discussing all those areas, how to unlock them and what is past the fog. You might even find some of the best weapons behind the foggy gates. So, without further ado, here are all Elden Ring Imp Statue locations.

Imp Statue Locations In Elden Ring

These statues can be found throughout the map. Many times, there are bigger dungeons behind imp statues. Other times there is a single room with loot inside. These rooms may or may not be a small section of a dungeon as well. Regardless, here are Elden Ring Imp Statue locations.

Limgrave Locations

Starting with the early-game area. Limgrave has many locations with fogged off walls that can be opened by breaking imp statue seals.

Fringefolk Hero’s Grave

Elden Ring Imp Statue
Elden Ring – Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave Location

One of the first imp statues that you will run across is right after the tutorial cave. In fact, it is right next to one of the first sites of grace that you will find, the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace. If you look to the right of the site, you will be able to see a misted fog barrier. At this point, you probably do not have enough Stonesword keys, nor the level required to handle the dungeon. It is recommended to be at least level 30 before taking on Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon. You will also be needing two Stonesword Keys to break the seal.

However, if you are still eager to try this dungeon as soon as you start, you can consider picking Stonesword key as your keepsake. If you want to find out more about keepsakes, consider reading: Elden Ring Keepsakes and how to get them.

But once you make it inside be prepared to be challenged. You can begin the journey by dropping into the poison pool. Once you make it out of the poison pool, you will be encountered by the deadly chariots. You can easily avoid them by timing your movements correctly and hiding behind pillars as they approach you.

From here onwards, it is just about exploration and fighting enemies. But be aware that there is a boss fight with Ulcerated Tree Spirit. Defeating the boss will award you with Golden Seed, used for upgrading sacred flasks. You will also get the Banished Knight Oleg Ashes. Additionally, there will be a platform that you can jump onto and collect a Stonesword key from. This will make up for half the keys that you had to utilize to get inside. You can also find the Erdtree’s favor Talisman in the dungeon.

Summonwater village

Imp Statues
Elden Ring – Summonwater Village Location

The next Elden Ring imp statue location is in Summonwater village. Summonwater Village is west of the Divine Tower of Limgrave and fairly close to the border of Caelid. Behind the Imp Statue sealed wall, you will be able to get the Green Turtle Talisman. You will be needing one Stonesword key to access the Imp Statue here. If you do not have one, lucky for you as just west of Summonwater village, you can find a Stonesword key. It will be near the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace. We have an entire article dedicated to Elden Ring Stonesword Key Location.

Once you have everything you need, you can take on Summonwater Village. The statue is located in the eastern section of the village. However, if you are already there you can take on a boss fight with Tibia Mariner. Defeating him will grant you Deathroot and Skeletal Militiaman Ashes.

Coming back to the statue. Head to the eastern part of the village, you will notice a bunch of turtles near a stairway leading into the ground. The entrance to the cellar-like mini-dungeon will be fogged. The imp statue can be found to the left of the stairs, above ground. Use your Stonesword Key and make your way down. Once you go down, keep heading straight till you get through the tunnel and into a relatively wider room. Keep going straight till you reach a stone door. You can lift the stone door, behind it will be a chest. The chest will have your reward, the Green Turtle Talisman.

It is a good Talisman but if you are looking to discover the best Talisman in Elden Ring, consider reading: 10 best Elden Ring Talismans with locations.

Roundtable Hold Locations

The Roundtable hold has 2 imp statues. You need to access the first one to access the second statue. So, in total, you will be needing 3 Stonesword Keys to get through all the imp statues.

Roundtable Statue 1

To make your way over to the first Imp Statue in Roundtable hold. Go to the Smithing Master Hewg. Right ahead of him will be a set of stairs leading down. Take them and as you reach the bottom, turn around again, you should be able to see the sealed wall. Break the seal and make your way to the back-left part of the room, close to the fireplace, where you will find a chest. In the chest, you can find the Crepus’ Black-Key Crossbow.

Roundtable Statue 2

As you enter the room after breaking the first imp statue seal, you will notice another fogged wall to the left of the room.

Once you open the sealed door, head straight towards the chest by the barrels. You will attain the Assassin‘s Prayerbook. The book can be used to learn new incantations. These incantations will be the Assassin’s Approach and Darkness.

If you are confused about incantations or simply want to learn whether incantations are better than sorcery, consider reading this: Elden Ring Incantation Vs Sorcery.

Weeping Peninsula Locations

Weeping Peninsula has around two imp statues that you can run into. This area also has many Stonesword Keys that you can collect, making it easier to access the statues.

Tombsward Catacombs

All Imp Statue Locations Elden Ring
Elden Ring – Tombsward Catacombs Locations

Tombsward Catacombs are in the Weeping Peninsula area. It is south of the Church of Pilgrimage and East of the Fourth Church of Marika. Once you reach the Tomsward Catacombs Site of Grace, you will be able to see the fogged wall a few steps ahead. There is an entire dungeon to be explored but if you want to simply explore behind the fogged wall, you will run into a single room.

The room will have a reward inside after you beat the Skeleton enemy. The item inside is Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook. It is one of the Cookbooks which have crafting techniques. Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook will add a recipe for survivability, Rancor Pot. Rancor Pot can be used to throw to summon vengeful spirits. It requires two Grave Violets and one Human Bone Shard to craft.

You can continue to explore the dungeon, but in terms of imp statue, this is all that Tombsward Catacombs has to offer. Do note that you do not need a Stonesword key to enter the dungeon, you only need it to enter the room with the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook.

Weeping Evergaol

Elden Ring All Imp Statues in the game
Elden Ring – Weeping Evergaol Location

Weeping Evergaol can be found east from the Fourth Church of Marika and near the Tombsward Ruins. It is in the western portion of the Weeping Peninsula as shown on the map. The Imp Statue at Weeping Evergaol is essentially a gateway, allowing you to fight the Ancient Hero of Zamor boss. The boss is not a piece of cake, and you can actually benefit from having a ranged build in the second phase.

To fight the boss easily from a good range, read up on the best-ranged weapons. It may help you in fighting the boss: 

After you beat him, you get the Radagon’s Scarseal. It raises all your physical attributes by 3. But you take increased damage. 

Liurnia of the Lakes Locations

Liurnia of the Lakes has two Imp statues that can be accessed using Stonesword keys. There are two more statues, but for that purpose, you will be needing the Imbued Sword Key. That is an entirely different story.

Academy Crystal Cave

Elden Ring stonesword key statues
Elden Ring – Academy Crystal Cave

The entrance to the Academy Crystal Cave is blocked off by an imp statue seal. You will be needing two keys to access it. It is a complete dungeon so expect lots of exploration inside. But the highlight of the dungeon is the duo boss Crystalians (spear and staff user). The reward you get for defeating them is the Crystal release. If you take the elevator to the top, you will also find Terra Magicus.

Black Knife Catacombs

Elden Ring statues locations
Elden Ring – Black Knife Catacombs Locations

Unlike the other location in Liurnia of the Lakes, this Imp Statue only seals away a single room, not an entire dungeon. Inside the Black Knife Catacombs, keep going down until you find a skeleton. You will be able to spot the fogged wall. Opening the seal will allow you to go inside and get Rosus’ Axe from a corpse.

Stormveil Castle Locations

The following Elden Ring Imp Statue locations are found in Stormveil Castle. There are two statues there.

Rampart Tower

Imp statue locations
Elden Ring – Rampart Tower Locations

Just east of the Rampart Tower site of grace you will find an imp statue. It will be guiding a room in a basement. Inside you can find 3 useful loot items. Iron Whetblade, Misericorde, and Hawk Crest Wooden Shield. Do be careful as there will be two axe-wielding enemies patrolling the area.

Main Courtyard

The next Elden Ring Imp Statue location is quite near the previous one. Go out into the main courtyard and look for a door leading to a basement. You will encounter rats so be prepared for a small fight. There are two chests beyond the fogged wall. They include the Godskin Prayerbook and Godslayer’s Seal. You can get the Black Flame and Black Flame Blade incantation from the Prayerbook.

Leyndell, Royal Capital Locations

There is one Elden Ring Imp Statue location in Royal Capital.

Auriza’s Hero’s Grave

Imp Statues Elden Ring Auriza Hero's Grave
Elden Ring – Auriza Hero’s Grave

Auriza Hero Grave is yet another dungeon that requires the breaking of an imp statue seal to gain access. But it has a lot of good loot. Inside you can find the Golden Epitaph sword. You will have to deal with the chariots by hiding between safe zones. Be wary of the skeletons that might be hiding in the safe zones. Keep exploring to eventually find the Vulgar Militia Ashes. You can actually raise the flame thrower trap by striking it. That will lead the chariots to run into each other and get destroyed. The chariot’s destruction will grant you with Ash of War: Holy Ground and Tree Sentinel Armor Set.

It is a great Armor set but if you are looking for even better armor, consider reading: 10 best Elden Ring Armor Sets with locations.

You can continue to explore the dungeon to find Crucible Feather Talisman. There is also a duo boss fight with Crucible Knight and Crucible Knight Ordovis. The boss fight will award you with Ordovis’ Greatsword as well as Crucible armor. If you to know more about Greatsword, read our Greatsword Build guide.

Underground Locations

Elden Ring has a massive underground map with many locations. The following are the Elden Ring imp statue locations that can be found underground.

Nokstella, Eternal City

Nokstella, Eternal City Imp Statue Location
Elden Ring – Nokstella, Eternal City

The imp statue in Nokstella, Eternal City is quite straightforward. It unlocks a single room with two enemies inside. Deal with them and open the chest in the middle of the room. You will get the Nightmaiden and Swordstress Puppets, a spirit summon. The summon consumes 97 FP and summons two spirits with individual life bars.

Night’s Sacred Ground

Night's sacred ground Imp Statue location
Elden Ring – Night’s Sacred Ground Location

Getting to Night’s Sacred Ground can be quite the hassle. You may need to begin the Renna/Ranni Questline to proceed to this area. If you are yet to begin the questline or are struggling with one of the tougher bosses in it, Radahn. Then consider reading this cheese method to make the fight a lot easier: Best Elden Ring Radhan Cheese Method.

There is even being a boss fight before you can even begin exploring the area. But on your way over, you can pick up a Black Whetblade just before reaching the imp statue. Behind the imp statue, there is just one simple room. Head inside and open the chest to acquire the Mimic Tear Ashes.

Mimic Tear is a great summon as it is a double of yourself. This means that the greater your build is, the greater your summon will be. But there are also other great Ashen Remains in Elden Ring. To find out about the best ones, read our best Elden Ring Ashen Remains with locations guide.

Mt. Gelmir Locations

Mt. Gelmir has two Elden Ring Imp Statue locations.

Seethewater Cave

Seethewater cave Elden Ring Imp Statue location
Elden Ring – Seethewater cave

Seethewater cave is yet another Dungeon like area in Mt Gelmir. You can make your way over towards it through the Seethewater River. Be careful of the fire geysers as you travel towards there. You will be needing two Stonesword keys to access the cave.

The cave has many enemies like Servants of Rot, Rats, and Giant Rats. You can find the Mushroom Set inside Seethewater Cave. There is also a boss, Kindred of Rot. It will drop Kindred of Rot’s Exultation which is a talisman.

Unsightly Catacombs

Unsightly Catacombs can be found in Mt. Gelmir as well. If you travel to the Perfumer’s Ruins at the western edge of the region, you should be able to reach the Catacombs. The entrance is below the ruins with a door in the southwest area. To unlock the door, you will need to use a Stonesword key on the Imp Statue.

The dungeon has an abundance of Grave Glovewort so you can strengthen your Spirit Ashes easily. Additionally, you can find a Rune Arc. There is also a 2 vs 1 boss fight with the Perfumer Tricia and Misbegotten Warrior. They will drop the Perfumer Tricia and Winged Misbegotten Ashes.

The misbegotten warrior is quite aggressive and often equips a shield with the aid of Perfumer Tricia. To stagger him and break the shield, you will be needing a good melee weapon. 

Consecrated Snowfield Locations

There is one Elden Ring imp statue location in Consecrated Snowfield.

Cave of Forlorn

The cave of Forlon can be found in the ravine south of the minor Erdtree in the Consecrated Snowfield. Do be careful as it is guarded by a Giant Land Octopus. To enter the cave, you will be needing a Stonesword Key. But once inside, you can explore and find many rewards. These include a Golden Rune, Grave Glovewort, and Golden Order Greatsword. There is also the Misbegotten Crusader boss in the cave.

Elden Ring Imp Statues

In case you just want to know about the statues and how they work, this section is for you.

What Are Imp Statues?

Imp Statue Gameplay Screenshot
Elden Ring – Imp Statue in Roundtable Hold

Imp Statues are stone-like structures in the shape of an imp. They are always found near areas that are blocked off by a mist-like wall. Beyond the wall, there tend to be areas that have great loot or rewarding boss fights. Many of these boss fights are optional. Regardless of what you encounter, finding these locations and unlocking them adds a whole new element to exploration in Elden Ring.

How To Break Imp Statue Seals?

Breaking the seal on Imp Statues is very simple. You need an item known as Stonesword Key. When you stand next to the statue, you will get the option to use your key. However, do note that the Stonesword Keys are consumable so if you use them on one Imp Statue, you will be needing more for the next statue.

The number of Stonesword keys can vary. Some statues require one, others require two. The number of keys required is indicated on the statue by the number of seal lights being emitted from the statue.

Once you utilize your keys on the statue, the mist wall will dissipate and remain open throughout the rest of the game. You can explore inside and come back anytime to find the door open. 

With that, you’re all caught up on what an Imp Statue is.

With that, we have covered all the known Elden Ring Imp Statue locations. Remember to equip yourself well before entering the dungeons and good luck fellow tarnished. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments. 

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