Elden Ring Terra Magicus Spell [Location & Walkthrough]

Get your on hands on the powerful Terra Magicus spell to boost your magic damage in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring offers a variety of spells and incantations that players can pick up and enhance their sorcery skills and the Terra Magicus is one such powerful spell that enhances all sources of magic damage by 35% for 30 seconds. However, acquiring this spell isn’t easy as it is found deep within the confines of a dungeon-like cave which is located on the outskirts of Raya Lucaria Academy.

Key Takeaways
  • Terra Magicus is a powerful spell that boosts the magic damage by 35% within a  certain radius.
  • To get Terra Magicus spell In Elden Ring, you will have to complete a Dungeon called Academy Crystal Cave.
  • To complete this Dungeon, you must defeat two Crystalian bosses in the Academy Crystal Cave.
  • This spell requires a stamina cost of 12, an FP cost of 20, an Intelligence requirement of 20, and uses 1 Memory slot.
  • This magical spell works both ways as it can increase the magic damage of both the players and the enemies who stand inside its zone.

Before You Start: The stat requirements of the Terra Magicus are that it requires a stamina cost of 12 and an FP Cost of 20. Moreover, you need a 1x Memory slot.

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Terra Magicus Overview

Terra Magicus is a Glintstone Sorcery that boosts any kind of magic damage by 35% for half a minute. This Sorcery creates a Sigil on the ground to significantly raise the strength of the spells of those who stand within. 

In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful magical spells that comes in handy in combat for spellcasters with allies to aggro bosses or powerful opponents in the game. Remember that this spell is only effective for those who are within the sigil’s radius. If the caster isn’t there, this spell won’t work.

Location of Terra Magicus

For the Elden Ring Terra Magicus spell, you will have to complete a Dungeon called Academy Crystal Cave. This cave is under the western cliffs of the Raya Lucaria Academy. To get to this location, follow the steps below.

The Map of the cave where this spell is
The Map of the cave where this spell is ( Picture Credits: Exputer)
  1. First, you must reach Liurnia of the Lakes, the region north of Limgrave. 
  2. In order to enter Liurnia, either defeat Godrick of Stormveil Castle or head to the secluded mountainside path that is present north of Stormhill.
  3. After entering Liurnia, you must go to the Site of Grace at the Temple Quarter located on the south of Glintstone Dragon Smarag’s lair.
  4. Now, ride north and stay close to the bottom cliffside of the Raya Lucaria Academy until you get into the fog wall near the entrance of the Academy Crystal Cave.
  5. Here, you’ll have to spend two Stonespord Keys to enter the cave and get into the Site of Grace.
    The place of stone
    The Place of Stone ( Picture Credits: Exputer)
  6. When you first enter the cave you’ll find it quite dark, so you’ll have to use either a flame torch or a lantern.
    Terra Magicus Location Elden Ring -The cave
    Terra Magicus Location -The Cave ( Picture Credits: Exputer)
  7. The cave will be crawling with Raya Lucaria Sorcerers.
  8. These sorcerers will attack Tarnished with the blue projectile rays.
  9. If you’re careful, you can easily dodge their spells and quickly go past them and enter the Dungeon boss’s lair.
  10. From here, go down the tunnel until you see the water.
  11. You need to clear this area with water to proceed further. 
  12. Once you have cleared it, turn right and go straight till you see a wooden door.
  13. Go through this door to meet two higher-level enemies.
  14. Go past these enemies.
  15. Now, enter the final boss area.
  16. Here you’ll encounter two Crystalian Bosses.
  17. To defeat them, you’ll have to rely on blunt weapons as magic and slash damage doesn’t affect them a lot.
    Here you meet the two bossess
    The place to meet the two bosses ( Picture Credits: Exputer)
  18. Once you defeat them head through the doors, enter the lift, and go all the way up.
  19. Now you’ll see the stairs on the right, use them to see a ladder. 
  20. Climb the ladder to the rooftop to find a chest with the Terra Magicus Sorcery Spell.
    Powers after getting Terra Magicus
    Powers after getting Terra Magicus ( Picture Credits: Exputer)

How to Use Terra Magicus 

Terra Magicus is a Glintstone sorcery that creates a spherical zone. Within this zone, the magic damage of everyone increases by 35%. This spell requires a stamina cost of 12 and an FP Cost of 20. This spell uses 1 Memory slot.

In my experience, it’s best to use Terra Magicus in an open area where you can easily move around. This will allow you to cause enhanced magic damage to all enemies within this area and also eliminate the bosses effortlessly. 

Remember this spell is a double-edged sword that works both ways. It also increases the magic damage of enemies who stand inside the zone. So, make sure to use this spell wisely.


This concludes my guide to the Elden Ring Terra Magicus location. If you follow my guidelines accurately, you’ll get this spell easily. This is a potent spell that gives you a much-needed advantage over your enemies in the Elden Ring.

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