Elden Ring: How to Use Cookbooks [Recipes & Locations]

The Cookbooks are scattered throughout The Lands Between in Elden Ring

Surviving in Elden Ring is always challenging, and Cookbooks are a great find to help turn the tides in your favor. Cookbooks are Key Items that expand your crafting abilities, allowing you to make different types of ammunition and potions.

Key Highlights
  • There are a total of 59 Cookbooks throughout the game.
  • There are eight different types of Cookbooks. These cookbooks include Nomadic Warrior, Ancient Dragon Apostle, and Glinstone Craftsman. 
  • Cookbooks cannot be used if you haven’t purchased a Crafting Kit.
  • Some Cookbooks are only available at merchants.

Types Of Cookbooks

There are eight classes of Cookbooks found within the game, and they can only be collected once. After that, they will be implemented automatically, and you will be able to craft new items from your Item Crafting tab.

The different classes of Cookbooks are:

  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook – 24 books
  • Armorer’s Cookbook – 7 books
  • Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook – 8 books
  • Missionary’s Cookbook – 7 books
  • Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook – 4 books
  • Perfumer’s Cookbook – 4 books
  • Fevor’s Cookbook – 3 books
  • Frenzied Cookbook – 2 books

There are a total of 59 Cookbooks to be found throughout the game, each with different unlockable recipes.

Using The Cookbooks

You are required to have crafting enabled before you can make use of your Cookbooks. First, you will need to buy a Crafting Kit from Merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh, Limgrave. This will cost 300 runes and unlocks the crafting option in the main menu.

Once you have the Crafting Kit, you need to have the ingredients and the relevant Cookbook before making a recipe. For example, if you want to craft Bone Arrow, you would need Nomadic Warrior’s first Cookbook and Thin Beast Bones x3.

Crafting is done by pausing the game and clicking on the Crafting tab in the main menu. Here, you will see a list of all your unlocked recipes and the required ingredients.

Cookbook Recipes And Locations

There are different ways how to use the Cookbook, and all the unlockable recipes are listed with their required Cookbooks. You can also find out where to get these Cookbooks, whether it is a simple purchase from a merchant or a long exploration quest.

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook

Nomadic Warrior has 24 Cookbooks in Elden Ring. Finding them all can be a chore, but it is worth it.

Cookbook of Normadic Warrior in Elden Ring.
The Nomadic Warrior has a lot of Cookbooks. [Image by eXputer]

Merchant Kale

Available from Merchant Kale in Church of Elleh for 500 Runes.

  • Bone Arrow
  • Bone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Bone Bolt

One more is available from Merchan Kale in the Church of Elleh for 500 Runes.

  • Glowstone
  • Invigorating Cured Meat
  • Invigorating White Cured Meat

North Limgrave

Available from Nomadic Merchant in North Limgrave for 600 Runes.

  • Pickled Turtle Neck
  • Poisonbone Arrow
  • Poisonbone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Poisonbone Bolt

On Corpse Near Siofra River Well

Found on a roadside corpse south of Mistwood near Siofra River Well.

  • Fetid Pot
  • Roped Fetid Pot

East Limgrave

Available from Nomadic Merchant in East Limgrave for 1500 Runes.

  • Beastlure Pot

Fort Haight

Found on a corpse at the top of the main stairs of Fort Haight.

  • Blood Grease
  • Drawstring Blood Grease
  • Bloodbone Arrow
  • Bloodbone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Bloodbone Bolt

Stormveil Castle

Found on a corpse at the edge of the collapsed bridge aside from Stormveil Castle.

  • Stanching Boluses
  • Soft Cotton
  • Rainbow Stone Arrow

Tombsward Cave

Found on a corpse in Tombsward Cave.

  • Poison Grease
  • Drawstring Poison Grease

Tombsward Catacombs

Found inside Tombsward Catacombs, behind an Imp Statue. Requires a Stonesword Key to bypass the seal.

  • Rancor Pot

Stormveil Castle

Found on a corpse in Stormveil Castle. Exit the north door from Rampart Tower, move towards the east, and cross the bridge; the book is on a corpse with two enemies nearby.

  • Stormwing Bone Arrow

Liurnia of the Lakes 

Available from Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes for 1500 Runes.

  • Crystal Dart
  • Spell-proof Dried Liver
  • Shattershard Arrow

You can also get another one from Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes for 2000 Runes.

  • Bone Great Arrow
  • Bone Great Arrow (Fletched)
  • Bone Ballista Bolt

Rose Church

Found in Rose Church, near the South wall.

  • Cursed-Blood Pot

Smoldering Church

Found on a corpse in the Smoldering Church.

  • Poison Pot
  • Roped Poison Pot
  • Poisonbone Dart

South Caelid

Available from the Nomadic Merchant in south Caelid for 4000 Runes.

  • Rotbone Arrow
  • RotBone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Rotbone Bolt

Ainsel River

Available from the Nomadic Merchant in Ainsel River for 2500 Runes.

  • Thawfrost Boluses
  • Stimuating Boluses

Siofra River

Available from the Nomadic Merchant in Siofra River for 6000 Runes.

  • Soap
  • Oil Pot
  • Roped Oil Pot

You can also buy another one from the Nomadic Merchant in Siofra River for 6000 Runes.

  • Dappled Cured Meat
  • Dappled White Cured Meat

Altus Plateau

Found in a small ruined building at Woodfolk Ruins in Altus Plateau.

  • Sweet Raisin
  • Warming Stone

Mt. Gelmir

It can be bought from the Nomadic Merchant in Mt. Gelmir for 3000 Runes.

  • Volcano Pot
  • Roped Volcano Pot

Volcano Manor

Found inside Volcano Manor. Go upstairs from the lobby, enter the first door on the right, and enter a room full of snails. Here, go through the open doorway on your left, where the cookbook can be found on a corpse.

  • Alluring Pot

Lake of Rot

Found in a chest in a ruin west of the Lake of Rot.

  • Rot Pot
  • Rot Grease
  • Drawstring Rot Grease

Site of Grace

Found on a corpse in Consecrated Snowfield, north and past the first Site of Grace.

  • Frozen Raisin
  • Clarifying Cured Meat
  • Clarifying White Cured Meat

Mohgwyn Palace

Found on a corpse in Mohgwyn Palace, by the edge of the cliffs southeast of the blood marsh. That will be the last cookbook of the Nomadic Warrior.

  • Swarm Pot
  • Roped Fly Pot

Armorer’s Cookbook

There are a total of Seven Armorer’s Cookbooks scattered all over the World of Elden Ring. You will have to find all of them to access their recipes.

Elden Ring cookbook of Armorer.
Armorer’s Cookbook was acquired. [Image by eXputer]

Kaiden Sellsword

The first Armorer’s Cookbook in Elden Ring is found in a Kaiden Sellsword camp northeast of Agheel Lake.

  • Fire Grease
  • Drawstring Fire Grease
  • Fireproof Dried Liver

Southeast Of Coastal Cave

It can be bought from the Nomadic Merchant, southeast of Coastal Cave, for 500 Runes.

  • Firebone Arrow
  • Firebone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Firebone Bolt
  • Neutralizing Boluses

East Limgrave

Available from the Nomadic Merchant in East Limgrave for 2000 Runes.

  • Exalted Flesh

Redmane Castle

Found in Redmane Castle, in the gatehouse on the west.

  • Redmane Fire Pot

Also found in Redmane Castle. Go through a door in the southwest and towards an outdoor area with a ladder and a door to the right. The cookbook can be found through the door on the right.

  • Immunizing Cured Meat
  • Immunizing White Cured Meat

Siofra River

Found on a corpse by a cliff in Siofra River, near the ledges behind you when you warp to Grace Siofra River Bank.

Fort Laiedd

It can be found in Fort Laiedd, on the bottom floor, once you cross the wooden door.

  • Gianstflame Fire Pot

Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook

You will find eight Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbooks in Elden Ring. For these, you will have to go far and wide in the Lands Between. 

Glintstone craftsman's cookbook.
The cookbook of Glintstone Craftsman. [Image by eXputer]

Church of Irith

They can be looted from a Noble after killing them. The location is an outpost following the way to the northwest of the Church of Irith.

  • Cuckoo Glintstone

Church of Irith

Found on a corpse in the Laskyar Ruins.

  • Freezing Grease

Highway Lookout Tower

Found in a chest in Highway Lookout Tower in East Liurnia.

  • Albinauric Pot

Academy Gate Town Site

Found in a chest in a tower near a sunken church building northwest of the Academy Gate Town Site.

  • Magic Pot
  • Roped Magic Pot
  • Shield Grease

Raya Lucaria Academy

Found in a chest inside when you turn left from the hallway of Raya Lucaria Academy.

  • Magic Grease
  • Drawstring Magic Grase
  • Magicbone Arrow
  • Magicbone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Magicbone bolt

Caria Manor

Found in a room southeast of the gardens in Caria Manor.

  • Freezing Pot

Caria Manor

Purchasable from Pidia, the Carian Servant at Caria Manor.

  • Coldbone Arrow
  • Coldbone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Coldbone Bolt

Albinauric’s Rise

Found in Consecrated Grounds southwest of Albinauric’s Rise, on a corpse with three Arcane Sphere of Faces surrounding it.

  • Academy Magic Pot

Missionary’s Cookbook

You will come across a total of eight Missionary’s Cookbooks.

recipies cookbooks in the game.
The cookbook that was made by Missionary. [Image by eXputer]


Purchased from Merchant Kale in Limgrave, for 1000 Runes.

  • Holy Water Pot
  • Roped Holy Water Pot


Purchased from Patches for 800 Runes.

  • Scriptstone
  • Grace Mimic
  • Gold Pickled Fowl Foot

Smoldering Church

Found in a corpse in the Smoldering Church.

  • Silver Pickled Fowl Foot

Minor Erdtree Church

Found in the Minor Erdtree Church.

  • Holy Grease
  • Drawstring Holy Grease
  • Haligbone Arrow
  • Haligbone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Haligbone Bolt

Siofra Aqueduct

Found on a corpse in Siofra Aqueduct, in a room located near a Crucible Knight enemy.

  • Sacred Order Pot

Volcano Manor Region

Found in the Volcano Manor Region. Take the lift up from the Temple of Eiglay and cross the rock bridge, where you encounter a Pendulum Statue enemy near an open area of lava. Here, look for a window into a dimly lit room where you can climb down a ladder. The cookbook will be on a corpse behind a cell door.

  • Holyproof Dried Liver

Mountaintops of the Giants

Sold by the Nomadic Merchant, in the Mountaintops of the Giants, for 7500 Runes.

  • Rejuvenating Boluces

Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook

The Ancient Dragon Apostle has four different Cookbooks with their name.

The cookbook by Ancient Dragon Apostle.
These cookbooks were made by the Ancient Dragon Apostle. [Image taken by eXputer]

Sewers Of Wyndham Catacombs

Found in Wyndham Catacombs on a corpse in the sewers.

  • Lightning Grease
  • Drawstring Lightning Grease
  • Lightningbone Arrow
  • Lightningbone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Lightningbone Bolt

Altus Plateau

Purchased from a merchant near the Great Forest Spanning Bridge, Altus Plateau.

  • Lightning Pot
  • Roped Lightning Pot

South Caelid

Found in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in south Caelid, on a corpse near the dragon’s chest.

  • Dragonwound Grease

Crumbling Farum Azula

Found on the roof of the Crumbling Farum Azula, after defeating the dragon and passing the building behind it.

  • Ancient Dragonbolt Pot
  • Lightningproof Dried Liver

Perfumer’s Cookbook

The perfumer has four Cookbooks with their name on them.

Cookbook of the Perfumer.
The cookbooks made by the Perfumer. [Image taken by eXputer]

Perfumer’s Ruins

Found in a chest when entering Perfumer’s Ruins, near where the Perfume Bottle is located.

  • Spark Aromatic
  • Uplifting Aromatic

Altus Plateau

Found on a corpse on one of the rooftops of The Shaded Castle, Altus Plateau.

  • Poison Spraymist
  • Bloodboil Aromatic

Auriza Side Tomb

Found on a corpse in Auriza Side Tomb, after you open the transporter chest in the room with several benches.

  • Ironjar Aromatic

Ainsel River

Sold by the Nomadic Merchant in Ainsel River for 3000 Runes.

  • Acid Spraymist

Fevor’s Cookbook

You will find three Fevor’s Cookbooks in the game.

Cookbooks made by Fervor.
Fervor’s Cookbook acquired. [Image taken by eXputer]

Summonwater Village Outskirts

Found on a corpse in a graveyard, south of Summonwater Village Outskirts.

  • Sleep Pot

Academy of Raya Lucaria

Sold by a merchant in the Academy of Raya Lucaria for 3500 Runes.

  • Soporific Grease
  • Drawstring Soporific Grease
  • Sleepbone Arrow
  • Sleepbone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Sleepbone Bolt

Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum

It is given as a reward by Gideon Ofnir after you have visited the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.

  • Bewitching Branch

Frenzied’s Cookbook

Lastly, you will find two of Frenzied’s Cookbooks in Elden Ring at the following locations.

Cookbooks of Frenzied.
The cookbooks of Frenzied. [Image taken by eXputer]

Frenzied Flame Village

Found on a corpse in one of the Frenzied Flame Village houses.

  • Clarifying Boluses

Altar In Mohg

Found on a corpse on the lowest set of rafters, in a secret area hidden behind the altar in Mohg, after you have defeated the Omen’s boss.

  • Frenzyflame Stone

Final Words

So, those are the different ways How to Use Cookbook in Elden Ring, with all the different recipes and locations highlighted. So, sharpen your sword and start exploring, and the next battle will be a lot easier with a few of these at your side.

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