Elden Ring Mimic Tear Location Walkthrough

In this guide, we will show you how you can find the Elden Ring Mimic Tear Location, the most powerful summon in the game, at least that was the case before patch 1.03

Mimic tear also known as Stray Mimic Tear when you fight at the hidden path leading to Hallig Tree is a boss you face in Elden Ring. The boss is found at multiple locations in the game and when you fight him it will be a Mirror Match since he produces copies of your equipment and appearance. Therefore you will be fighting yourself in the battle. 

Key Takeaways
  • Mimic Tear in Elden Ring is a unique spirit ash that aids in combat.
  • Originally, it is an optional boss in the underground location of Nokron, Eternal City.
  • The boss fight version mimics the player character’s loadout, allowing strategic preparation.
  • Obtain the Ashen Remains of Mimic Tear in Nokron, Eternal City, following a specific route.
  • The Ashen Remains can be found in a chest after defeating Starscourge Radahn
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Mimic Tear Location

Mimic Tear - Elden Ring
Mimic Tear Boss

Mimic Tear is a boss that can be found in Elden Ring. He can also be found on our Elden Ring Boss Tier List if you want to know more about how difficult your encounter with him can be. Before getting started on this guide, it is important to note that the Mimic Tear is an optional boss. You can choose to avoid it but it will make your journey more difficult. So, it will be a safe bet to take that extra step and kill it.

There are a plethora of pre-requisites that need to be met before you can encounter the Mimic Tear boss. So before I can talk about spawning the boss and the strategies that can be used against it, let me discuss these prerequisites.

Elden Ring Ashes
Mimic Tear Ashes

This is the first step in finding the Mimic Tear Location, and getting this step done is essential as it will help you summon the Mimic Tear Boss that will start the fight. To start looking for these Ashes, you will first have to fight and defeat Radahn.

Radahn - Elden Ring
Radahn Boss Battle

I have a guide on Cheesing Radahn in Elden Ring if you can’t beat him the standard or normal way.

Moving From Mistwood To Nokron Eternal City

Mistwood - Elden Ring
Mistwood Outskirts

In order to go to Nokron Eternal City, I suggest these steps:

After defeating Radahn, a crater will appear in Mistwood that will guide you on how you can get to the Mimic Tear Ashes. Once you have reached the Mistwood Outskirts, you will have to head south until you can locate the crater. The path leading to it can be long, so it is better to use a horse to cut the travel time in half.

mistwood journey - Elden Ring
Traversing Through Mistwood

While traveling on this route, you will encounter a rugged rocky path. Make your way down this path until you two large boulders.

Rugged Path - Elden Ring
Mistwood Rugged Path

Jump your way across these two boulders and you will reach a narrow passageway that will you to the outskirts of Nokron and one step closer to locating the Mimic Tear in Elden Ring. Here you will see a large hole in the ground where you would have to jump.

Pathway to Nokron - Elden Ring
Opening Leading to Nokron

After jumping through the large hole, you will come across a doorway that will take you to the Nokron Eternal City.

Eternal City Starting point
Nokron Eternal City

Traversing Nokron & Reaching Ancestral Woods

If you want to traverse the Nokron, I recommend following the steps below:

After making your way to Nokron, you will have to cross several rooftops until you get to a clear opening. From here, you will make your way through a series of structures until you will reach the central area of Nokron.

Nokron Center
Nokron Central Point

Once you have reached this area you will have to follow a relatively simple and straight path until you make it to the Nokron Bridge. You will encounter a few enemies along this journey, but these can be avoided as the time it takes to kill them is not worth it.

Bridge Leading to Mimic Tear Location
The Nokron Bridge

You will then have to make your way across this bridge and keep going in a straight path until you reach a cliff

Nokron Cliff
Cliff Leading to the Night’s Sacred Ground

When you reach this cliff, you will have to jump on the ledge of the building and make your way through it. Once the ledge comes to an end, you will have to jump to a narrow corner of another building. You will then traverse this corner until you make your way to the Night’s Sacred Ground.

The Sacred ground
Night’s Sacred Ground

Once you are there, you will encounter two Silver Tear enemies. One of them needs to be killed to make the jump across the building. I would advise avoiding the other one as it will not impact your journey in anyway.

Silver Tear
Silver Tear Spawning Point

Afterward, you will come across a rugged stone bridge that will have to cross to make your way into the structure that contains the Mimic Tear Ashes in Elden Ring.

Obtaining the Mimic Tear Ashes

If you wish to obtain Mimic Tear Ashes, I suggest you do as I did below:

Once you are inside the structure you will see an ancient tomb. From there, turn right where you will see a narrow passageway. Here, you will you a locked door that contains a chest with the Mimic Tear Ashes in it.

locked door
The Door Leading to the Mimic Tear Ashes

It is important to remember that you will need a Stonesword key to open this door. So, before you decide to go on this journey, make sure that you have one with you. When you open the door, you will encounter a priest who is protecting the chest.

Priest Protecting the Mimic Tear Chest
Mimic Tear Ashes Guardian Priest

After defeating the priest, you can access the chest that will have the Mimic Tear Ashes in it.

Mimic Tear Chest Location
Chest Containing the Mimic Tear Ashes 

Fighting Mimic Tear Boss

Once all that is taken care of, you can easily locate the Elden Ring Mimic Tear Boss. This optional boss spawns in Nokron, Eternal city. You can also find it on the secret path leading to Haligtree. Speaking of Haligtree, you can also use our guide to find the Elden Ring Haligtree Medallion Location.

Hidden Path to Mimic Tear Location
Hidden Path Leading to the Mimic Tear Boss

After making your way through this secret path, you will encounter the Mimic Tear Boss. This optional boss initially spawns as a silver tear but it quickly transforms into your character.

Mimic Tear Boss
Mimic Tear Boss Battle

This boss battle can be super easy or difficult determining on the strategy you use. It is important to remember that this mirror image has the same armor set, weapons, and spells as your character. So be sure to equip the correct items before spawning this enemy.

After you have successfully defeated the Mimic Tear Boss, you will receive awards like a Larval Tear and a Silver Tear Mask.

How To Summon Your Mimic Tear?

Mimic Tear Spirit Location
Summoning your Mimic Tear

You can use the Mimic Tear Ashes to summon your Mimic Tear. The summoned Ashen Remains will have all your weapons, armor, and spells. It can be used anywhere including an enemy swarm or a boss battle. This spell works differently when compared with the other spells in the game. It costs 600HP to summon a Mimic Tear Spirit rather than FP. So, you should always have your healing potions at the ready when you are looking to summon this spirit.

This concludes my step-by-step on how you can find the Mimic Tear location in Elden Ring. Additionally, it also covers how you can summon your own Mimic Tear Spirit. If you liked this guide, you will also enjoy our Elden Ring Shard of Alexander location guide. Let us know what you thought about this guide in the comments below!

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