Elden Ring Best NG+ Weapons [800+ Hours Experience]

After spending nearly 800 hours in Elden Ring the following is my take on the best weapons for NG+ runs.

There are 308 weapons in Elden Ring, which makes it a little challenging to select a couple. That being said, it is even more challenging in NG+ runs as the bosses get significantly strong and tanky. I have done countless runs in Elden Ring, giving me enough knowledge to establish the best NG+ weapons list.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 308 weapons in Elden Ring, among which I have ranked the six best for NG+ runs.
  • Death’s Poker and Godskin Peeler are the best choices, as their Ash of War deals damage via Black Flame.
  • Dual Uchigatana with Seppuku shreds opponents with blood loss but isn’t effective against bosses like Radagon and Elden Beast.
  • Dark Moon Greatsword is also a great choice, as it is an iconic FromSoftware weapon that deals massive damage in the Elden Ring.

Best NG+ Weapons In Elden Ring And Comparison

The following is an overview of the best NG+ weapons in-game: 

WeaponStats To Wieldbest for
Death's PokerStr 15, Dex 17, and Int 11.The Best NG+ Weapon In Elden Ring
Godskin PeelerStr 17 and Dex 22.The Best Alternative Of Death's Poker
Dual UchigatanaStr 11 and Dex 15.The Best Bleed NG+ Weapon In Elden Ring
Dark Moon GreatswordStr 16, Dex 11, and Int 38.The Best NG+ Magic Greatsword In Elden Ring
Blasphemous BladeStr 22 and Fai 21.The Best NG+ Weapon To Fight Group Of Enemies In Elden Ring
Marais Executioner's SwordStr 24 and Arc 23.The Best Arcane and Strength Scaling Greatsword

1- Death’s Poker

The Best NG+ Weapon In Elden Ring.
Showcase of Death’s Poker, The Best NG+ Weapon In Elden Ring (Image By Us)
  • Why I Chose Death’s Poker: I chose Death’s Poker mainly due to its Ash of War, as the black flame is the meta in Elden Ring, which shreds the opponents.  

Death’s Poker is arguably the best NG+ weapon in Elden Ring due to its massive damage. The weapon’s normal attack won’t deal much damage, but that isn’t its main feature. I wouldn’t recommend using the normal attacks because you will shred the opponents once you use its Ash of War.

Death’s Poker’s Ash of War deals black flame damage, which does damage based on percentage, so the increased boss’s health won’t matter much. However, note that the percentage-based system triggers from Altus Platue, but the bosses before that won’t be an issue.

  • Deals tremendous amounts of damage.
  • You can increase damage further with a perfect build.
  • Ash of War has two variants. 
  • Can also be used from a range.
  • Normal attacks don’t do much damage.

2- Godskin Peeler

The Best Alternative Of Death's Poker.
Showcase of Godskin Peeler’s Stats In-Game (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Recommend Godskin Peeler: I recommend using Godskin Peeler mainly due to its Ash of War, but this weapon with a bleed affinity can also be dual-wielded with Eleonora’s Poleblade for massive blood loss.

The next weapon on the list is the Godskin Peeler. This weapon is a confirmed drop from Godskin Apostle at the Windmill Village. Like Death’s Poker, this weapon also deals Black Flame damage, making it one of the best NG+ weapons in the Elden Ring. 

Godksin Peeler’s Ash of War is a little tricky to use as it requires a perfect execution. You would need to find an opening to execute it properly. Otherwise, the damage might not be that good. Also, players can use the Black Flame Tornado for a longer duration by holding the L2 and R2 buttons. 

  • Ash of War deals extremely high damage.
  • Black Flame Tornado can be charged. 
  • Works perfectly with a bleed affinity with a bleed build. 
  • Requires perfect execution.
  • Normal attacks don’t deal much damage.

3- Dual Uchigatana

The Best Bleed NG+ Weapon.
Uchigatana With Seppuku Shreds Opponents (Screenshot Taken By Us)
  • Why I Chose Dual Uchigatana To Be On The List: I chose the Dual Uchigatana as I have used them for a long time and enjoyed the overall experience of shredding the opponents with blood loss. 

Katana is my favorite weapon type in Elden Ring, and players can get Uchigatana relatively early. You can obtain this weapon from the start as it comes with the Samurai class. Also, you can get the second Uchigatana from the Deathtouched Catacombs

Single Uchigatana with a Seppuku is extremely broken. However, if you dual-wield Uchigatana with Seppuku, you will shred the opponents with the best Blood Build. Even bosses like Malenia won’t be hard for you with this build, as I have personally tried it on her in an NG+ run.

  • High physical damage.
  • Blood loss occurs extremely quickly.
  • Isn’t hard to use at all.
  • Can shred most of the bosses in Elden Ring.
  • Doesn’t work well on bosses who can’t bleed.

4- Dark Moon Greatsword

The Best NG+ Magic Greatsword In Elden Ring.
Dark Moon Greatsword Stats Showcase at +10 (Image Source: eXputer)
  • Why I Suggest Dark Moon Greatsword: Dark Moon Greatsword was my go-to weapon for my first NG+ run, and I didn’t have any problem clearing the game.

You can get the legendary Dark Moon Greatsword after completing Ranni’s quest. This reward is worth doing the whole questline as Dark Moon Greatsword deals tremendous amounts of damage. The damage and its range make it one of the best weapons for an NG+ run in the Elden Ring.

Its Ash of War will cover the greatsword with magic, which players can use as projectiles. The attack pattern is the same. You will just get a longer range and more damage. Another great thing about this weapon is that even the projectiles deal with a high amount of poise damage.  

  • High magic and physical damage.
  • Can inflict frostbite.
  • Deals high poise damage.
  • Can be used from mid-range.
  • Almost useless without the buff from Ash of War.

5- Blasphemous Blade

The Best NG+ Weapon To Fight Group Of Enemies.
Showcase of Blasphemous Blade In Elden Ring (Image Taken By Us)
  • Why I Chose Blasphemous Blade: Blasphemous Blade deals massive damage from the Ash of War and its passive ability allows you to heal whenever an opponent is defeated. 

Blasphemous Blade can be obtained by using Rykard’s remembrance. You can dual-wield it, too, but I recommend wielding just a single one, even in NG+. Blasphemous Blade has a unique Ash of War that can be used from a long-range, and it deals massive damage.

Also, you will recover HP upon killing an enemy even if you didn’t kill the enemy with the weapon. So, with this, you can recover your HP while dealing massive damage to the opponents. I recommend using Rykard’s great rune with this weapon for more healing.

  • Heals you.
  • Deals good damage.
  • Can be used from a long range.
  • Extremely good for battle against a group of enemies.
  • Passive isn’t useful in Boss fights.
The Best Arcane and Strength Scaling Greatsword.
Marais Executioner’s Sword Stats Showcase In-Game (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)
  • Why I Recommend This: Marai’s Executioner’s Sword is recommended as I have used it in my NG+2 run, and it shredded the bosses with ease, making it a great choice.

Many Elden Ring players already love Marais Executioner’s Sword due to its cool-looking Ash of War. The weapon is pretty much broken even in NG+, as with the right buffs and build, it can easily shred the bosses. I personally love the Ash of War, which is a weapon that is used when the sword is launched as a corkscrew and shreds the opponents. This makes Marais Executioner’s Sword one of the best NG+ weapons in the Elden Ring. 

Also, it is worth noting that the Ash of War attack can be charged, which would determine its duration. Humonoid bosses can stagger when hit with the Ash of War, but you must be careful with the other bosses. 

  • Ash of War deals great damage.
  • Normal attacks deal good damage, too.
  • Ash of War can be charged for more damage.
  • Scales with Arcane but doesn’t do bleed damage.

Others That I Considered

I have discussed the best 6 NG+ weapons out of 308, so these are some of the other options you can go for:  

  • Star Fist: A great strength weapon with a fast moveset and deals high normal and poise damage, but using it can be hard as the weapon’s range is extremely short, hence a fist weapon.
  • Rivers of Blood: Even in an NG+ run, Rivers of Blood is extremely good due to its Ash of War. If you are going for an Arcane build, you can consider dual-wielding this weapon for massive blood loss.
  • Eleonora’s Poleblade: This is the best twinblade in Elden Ring as it deals with fire damage and causes blood loss to build up. Twinblades have a fast moveset, making Eleonora’s Poleblade a good choice for NG+ runs.

My Take On The Best NG+ Weapons 

There are tons of weapons in Elden Ring, but Death’s Poker, Dual Uchigatana with bleed affinity, and Dark Moon Great Sword are the best if you ask me. 

I have done many NG+ runs in Elden Ring, and with my experience, I can say that the Black Flame shreds the opponents like no other thing in-game. Besides that, a perfect bleed build can get close to it, which is also pretty fun. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best NG+ weapons in Elden Ring. While you are at it, take a look at the honest and thorough review of Elden Ring. After that, check out the guide on the best optional bosses to see if you have missed any. Lastly, read the guide on the best parry shields.

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