Elden Ring Spirit Summon Tier List: Best Ashen Remains

The spirit summon or Ashen Remains tier list ranks all summons from the most used spirits to the least picked ones in the game.

Whether you are fighting an aggressive boss, bearing the dungeons, or just encountering some regular foes, Spirit Summons can help. Elden Ring puts forth an ample collection of spirits you can summon at the cost of FPs. Which one to choose, how to summon, and what is the right time to do that? The definitive Elden Ring spirit summon, or Ashen Remains tier list, will walk you through from the best spirits to the least picked ones in the game.

Key Takeaways

Elden Ring Spirit Summons Tier List:

  • Top-Tier Spirit Summons:
  1. Banished Knight Engvall
  2. Latenna (The Albinauric)
  3. Banished Knight Oleg
  • Lower-Tier Spirit Summons:
  1. Miranda Sprout
  2. Depraved Perfumer Carmaan
  3. Dung Eater Puppet
  • Considerations for Rankings:
  1. User Preference: Based on the popularity and functionality of Spirit Summons.
  2. FP, HP, and Runes: Significant determinants for choosing a Spirit Summon.
  3. Situational Performance: How well a Spirit Summon performs in various situations.

Note: Choosing a top-tier Spirit Summon in Elden Ring ensures a reliable companion to navigate the challenging journey effectively.

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Comparison Between All Spirit Summons

Here is a brief look at the comparison between every Spirit Summon in Elden Ring:

AshesTierTypeFP Cost
Black Knife TicheSSpecial Ashes132.0
Latenna (The Albinauric)SSpecial Ashes74.0
Lhutel (The Headless)SSpecial Ashes104.0
Banished Knight OlegSSpecial Ashes100.0
Banished Knight EngvallSSpecial Ashes100.0
Blackflame Monk AmonSSpecial Ashes115.0
Kaiden SellswordAAshes88.0
Lone WolfAAshes55.0
Mimic TearASpecial Ash660.0
Ancestral FollowerAAshes86.0
Mad Pumpkin HeadAAshes110.0
Greatshield SoldierAAshes74.0
Omenkiller RolloASpecial Ash113.0
Azula BeastmanAAshes102.0
Skeletal MilitiamanAAshes44.0
Ancient Dragon Knight KristoffASpecial Ashes108.0
Raya Lucaria SoldiersAAshes59.0
Dolores the Sleeping Arrow PuppetAPuppet87.0
Fire MonkBAshes85.0
Twinsage SorcererBAshes89.0
Bloodhound Knight FlohBSpecial Ash95.0
Cleanrot Knight FinlayBSpecial Ash127.0
Marionette SoldierBAshes67.0
Battlemage HuguesBSpecial Ash122.0
Nightmaiden & Swordstress PuppetsBPuppet97.0
Jarwight PuppetBPuppet60.0
Jellyfish (a.k.a Aurelia)BAshes31.0
Fanged ImpsCAshes50.0
Redmane Knight OghaCSpecial Ash106.0
Godrick SoldiersCAshes54.0
Avionette SoldiersCAshes67.0
Oracle EnvoyCAshes74.0
Leyndell SoldiersCAshes64.0
Mausoleum SoldiersCAshes75.0
Haligtree SoldiersCAshes66.0
Dolores the Sleeping ArrowCPuppet87.0
Radahn SoldiersCAshes71.0
Vulgar MilitiaCAshes70.0
Giant RatCAshes0.0
Rotten StrayCAshes35.0
Winged MisbegottenCAshes37.0
Skeletal BanditCAshes22.0
Putrid CorpseDAshes40.0
Glintstone SorcererDAshes49.0
Land SquirtDAshes240.0
Soldjars of FortuneDAshes135.0
Wandering NoblesDAshes86.0
Perfumer TriciaDSpecial Ash78.0
Stormhawk DeenhDSpecial Ash47.0
Nepheli Loux PuppetDpuppet90.0
Dung Eater PuppetDPuppet118.0
Miranda SproutDAshes185.0
Depraved Perfumer CarmaanDSpecial Ash124.0
Finger Maiden Therolina PuppetDPuppet82.0

Our Tier List Picks

Elden Ring Spirit Summon Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers  Spirit Summons
S-Tier  Banished Knight Engvall, Banished Knight Oleg, Latenna (The Albinauric), Lhutel (The Headless), Black Knife Tiche, Blackflame Monk Amon 
A-Tier  Mad Pumpkin Head, Ancestral Follower, Mimic Tear, Lone Wolf, Kaiden Sellsword, Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff, Skeletal Militiaman, Omenkiller Rollo, Azula Beastman, Greatshield Soldier, Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet, Raya Lucaria Soldiers
B-Tier  Marionette Soldier, Cleanrot Knight Finlay, Bloodhound Knight Floh, Twinsage Sorcerer, Fire Monk, Jellyfish (a.k.a Aurelia), Jarwight Puppet, Page, Nightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets, Battlemage Hugues
C-Tier  Warhawk, Man-Serpent, Demi-Humans, Redmane Knight Ogha, Fanged Imps, Mausoleum Soldiers, Leyndell Soldiers, Oracle Envoy, Avionette Soldiers, Godrick Soldiers, Giant Rat, Vulgar Militia, Radahn Soldiers, Dolores the Sleeping Arrow, Haligtree Soldiers, Skeletal Bandit, Crystalian, Winged Misbegotten, Rotten Stray
D-Tier  Albinaurics, Soldjars of Fortune, Land Squirt, Glintstone Sorcerer, Putrid Corpse, Nepheli Loux Puppet, Nomad, Stormhawk Deenh, Perfumer Tricia, Wandering Nobles, Finger Maiden Therolina Puppet, Depraved Perfumer Carmaan, Miranda Sprout, Dung Eater Puppet


Elden Ring Summons Explained (S-D)
Spirit Summon Tier List Explained!

Players get more than fifty Spirit Summons to choose their in-game ally from. These choices are made at the cost of FP, HP, and Runes or may sometimes come absolutely free. I have ranked each of them below as per their general effectiveness. 

Because this consequently infers that all Spirit Summons are of some use at some point in the game, I decided not to include an F tier. Nevertheless, this was all the information needed for you to tour through the Elden Ring Ashen finally Remains Tier List. Let’s get into it. 

S-Tier Spirit

Elden Ring S Spirit Ash Summons
Elden Ring Tier-S Spirit Summons

These Spirit Summons are all-rounder picks that will fight effectively by your side in most situations. They can play both key roles of an ally very well—distract enemies and hit strongly, rendering massive damage. If you can afford to have an S-Tier Spirit Summon by your side, you are good to go. 

Spirit Summon WHY S-TIER?
Black Knife Tiche A formidable Spirit Summon wielding the Rune of Death, dealing solid damage and possessing agile dodging skills, though it comes with high FP cost and low HP at base level.
Latenna (The Albinauric) Excelling in large arena encounters, Latenna bombards opponents with magic arrows from a distance, with moderate FP cost, but immobile and vulnerable to being overwhelmed.
Lhutel (The Headless) Effective in diverting opponents’ attention and implementing strategies, Lhutel can teleport across the arena and cause Death Blight, yet some enemies and bosses are immune to it.
Banished Knight Oleg A highly aggressive and sturdy Spirit Summon, Banished Knight Oleg deals high damage and diverts enemy attention effectively, with high HP and solid armor, albeit with a relatively high FP cost.
Banished Knight Engvall Similar to Oleg, Engvall excels in tanking hits and dealing long-range attacks, boasting high poise and HP, though it comes with a high FP cost and vulnerability to Sleep status.
Blackflame Monk Amon Underappreciated but powerful, Amon launches Black Flame attacks, draining foes’ HP and dealing damage from a distance, although it requires upgrades for defense and is acquired in a secret, end-game area.

  A-Tier Spirit 

Elden Ring A Summons
Elden Ring Tier-A Spirit Summons

Though not as exceptional as the top-tier Summons, the A-Tier picks are brilliant. As per my experience, they are extremely helpful in more than a few situations and perform well to great against most bosses. Not all but a few might even offer good overall performance. 

Spirit Summon WHY A-TIER?
Kaiden Sellsword A formidable mercenary capable of dealing high damage and self-buffing, although not able to tank heavy hits and requiring upgrades for better durability.
Lone Wolf Summoning three wolves, effective in the early game but lacking in durability and aggro management, making them less effective in later stages of the game.
Mimic Tear Despite being nerfed, remains a potent summon by mimicking the player’s equipment and having great defenses, though difficult to obtain.
Ancestral Follower A well-rounded summon with both melee and ranged capabilities, though lacking in tankiness and less effective against bosses.
Mad Pumpkin Head Inflicts substantial bleed damage and offers decent protection, but vulnerable due to its large size and requires defeating a duo boss to obtain.
Greatshield Soldier Provides defensive support with shields and bombs, but lacks significant damage output and has low HP.
Omenkiller Rollo Capable of breaking enemy shields and causing bleed, but has a high FP cost and requires defeating a mid-game boss to obtain.
Azula Beastman Wielding heavy weapons and dealing high damage, though obtained from an end-game area and has relatively low HP for both summons.
Skeletal Militiaman Resurrects after dying and keeps enemies busy, but less effective against holy damage and has low damage and HP.
Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff Deals lightning damage and has great defenses, but more focused on tanking than dealing damage and obtained after defeating a boss.
Raya Lucaria Soldiers Three soldiers providing aggro management and durability, though lacking in HP and less effective against bosses.
Dolores The Sleeping Arrow Puppet Shoots sleep arrows at enemies from a distance, useful in certain fights but has low HP and pois

B-Tier SpiritElden Ring B Summons

Elden Ring Tier-B Spirit SummonsThis is the tier where niche classification starts from. The Elden Ring Ashen Remains Tier List B-category picks are good in various situations but only prove great when synced with a specific build or weapon. If you are looking for a faithful Al ally for a particular boss fight, I have mentioned some best-fit here. 

Spirit Summon WHY B-TIER?
Fire Monk Deals fire damage and performs devastating dashes, effective against enemies weak to fire but slow in attacks and obtained in end-game area.
Twinsage Sorcerer Ranged summon dealing high damage with magic projectiles, but lacks defensive options and deals only magic damage. Requires a lot of FP to summon.
Bloodhound Knight Floh Aggressive melee summon with rapid attacks similar to Bloodhound bosses, but lacks follow-up and requires defeating a boss to obtain with high FP cost.
Cleanrot Knight Finlay Balanced melee and ranged summon with the ability to inflict Scarlet Rot and provide a buff for fire damage negation and healing, obtained from a secret end-game area.
Marionette Soldier Rains down multiple arrows on enemies, effective against AoE enemies but fragile and lacks mobility.
Battlemage Hugues Upgraded summon capable of dealing high AoE damage at both close and long range, with high HP but low damage without upgrades and high FP cost.
Nightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets Two summons with individual health bars and high damage output, but occasional AI issues and relatively low HP with high FP cost.
Page Fires explosive bolts at targets from a distance, acquired early in the game and provides support in frost builds, but has high FP cost and low HP without upgrades.
Jarwight Puppet Deals solid AoE ranged damage with status ailment infliction, acquired after completing a long questline and lacks melee attacks.
Jellyfish (Aurelia) Inflicts poison on enemies with high HP, suitable for diverting attention but deals low damage and builds slow poison. Acquired early in the game with a low FP cost. It is definitely worth collecting, especially if you prefer Arcane builds since Jarwight Puppet can easily help land status ailments.

C-Tier Spirit

Elden Ring Ashen Remains Tier List
Elden Ring Tier-C Spirit Summons

Again, the picks of this tier list are situationally useful. However, this time they’re not generally recommended like the Tier B choices. Instead, these are Summons that are broadly effective with setup only. Nevertheless, they can be good picks for keeping the bosses’ attacks off you. 

Spirit Summon Pros Cons
Fanged Imps Great for bleed buildup; immune to poison and rot. Low HP; mainly useful early game.
Redmane Knight Ogha Long-range and melee combat abilities; high HP. Difficult to obtain; does not follow the player.
Demi-Humans More aggressive at night; effective crowd control. Less effective during the day; low HP.
Man-Serpent Wide AoE and fire damage. Vulnerable to fire; lacks poison and physical attacks.
Warhawk Can fly and breathe fire. Low HP; difficult to obtain.
Godrick Soldiers Decent damage; high HP. Low poise; not strong independently.
Avionette Soldiers Can cause bleed; useful mobility. Can’t tank many hits; low poise.
Oracle Envoy Tanky; high damage bubbles. Obtained in a secret, end-game area.
Leyndell Soldiers Can tank hits; good for distraction. Low damage; passive behavior.
Mausoleum Soldiers Teleport dodges; high damage with greatswords. Weak to AoE or high-damage attacks.
Haligtree Soldiers Incredible burst damage against giants. Low HP; explodes at half health.
Dolores The Sleeping Arrow Can stun enemies with sleep arrows. Limited effectiveness; low HP and poise.
Radahn Soldiers Fire-infused weapons; solid damage. High FP cost; stationary.
Vulgar Militia Inflicts bleed; uses incantations. Extremely low HP; vulnerable to AoE attacks.
Giant Rat Stunlock capability; decent health. Bugs frequently; very low HP.
Rotten Stray Inflicts Scarlet Rot; useful against certain bosses. Slow; low HP making it less effective later.
Winged Misbegotten Constant damage; diverts attention. Exceptionally low damage and health.
Crystalian High poise and health; durable. Less effective against strike attacks; high FP cost.
Skeletal Bandit Draws aggro; revives repeatedly. Low damage; vulnerable during assembly.

D-Tier Spirit 

Elden Ring Ashen Remains Tier List
Elden Ring Tier-D Spirit Summons

Not entirely unacceptable, though; these choices have better alternatives listed above that almost fulfill the same use. The D-Tier Spirit Summons aren’t generally recommended either, as they are too niche specific to be used as something more broadly functional.

Spirit Summon Pros Cons
Putrid Corpse Can distract enemies effectively for sorcerers. Mainly useful for distraction; low combat effectiveness.
Glintstone Sorcerer Mid-range crystal burst attacker; low FP cost. Fragile; close-range attacks are weak.
Land Squirt Can inflict high poison damage. Highly immobile and location-dependent for summoning.
Soldjars Of Fortune Can keep enemies busy with high HP. Deals minimal damage; mainly for distraction.
Albinaurics Can move and strike enemies from behind. Low damage and poise; more fun than functional.
Wandering Nobles Can distract with their numbers. Useless against larger enemies and bosses.
Perfumer Tricia Provides physical damage negation buff and fire damage. Lacks defensive options; low HP.
Stormhawk Deenh Evasive attacks and physical damage bonus. Brittle and often gets stuck or lost in combat.
Nomad Great AoE damage at high upgrades. Severely low speed and HP; not very useful overall.
Nepheli Loux Puppet High damage with axes and their Ashes of War. Vulnerable to statuses like Death Blight.
Dung Eater Puppet Delivers heavy blows with Sword of Milos. Requires quest progression; high FP cost.
Miranda Sprout Good for distracting bosses for sorcerers. Minimal damage; mostly immobile.
Depraved Perfumer Carmaan Deals fire and poison damage; can heal itself. High FP cost compared to damage output; low HP.
Finger Maiden Therolina Puppet Offers buffs in an area around her. Primarily a buffer, not a damage dealer.

Our Elden Ring Ashen Remains Tier List Criteria  

While ranking Summons in our Elden Ring Ashen Remains Tier List, we concentrated more on each spirit summons’ ability to deal damage and dodge incoming attacks from enemies and bosses. 

In Elden Ring’s diverse meta, whatever tends to be most functional comes down to the user’s build in the end. Keeping this in mind, gauging every Spirit Summon’s “overall” effectiveness was difficult. 

Nevertheless, we tried to give the best information possible after considering a wide array of useful traits, including damaging potential, tackiness, defense ability, buffing, and healing. 

This ultimately led us to rank more useful Elden Ring Spirit Ash Summons higher. All in all, our team weighed the ability to tank and damage output more heavily, keeping in mind that these qualities are more widely applicable across all types of players.

Other Game Tips

Elden Ring is a massive game and there is too much on the plate for players to pick and start using things in the game. That is why we previously curated Elden Ring weapons tier list and ranked all armaments based on AI effectiveness in the game. That was for melee users; however, if you prefer a sorcery or incantations playstyle in the game, then we also made a separate Elden Ring Spells Tier List and ranked them all.

The most important of all is the starting classes that players get to select at the start of the game, and we also covered Elden Ring Class Tier List to rank how good or bad each classs’ learning curve is. Then there comes the crux of the game; various types of bosses, for which we also curated Elden Ring Bosses Tier List and the items tier list that players must know so as to rely on some of the best items in the journey of becoming Elden Lord.

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