Elden Ring Spirit Summon Tier List: Best Ashen Remains

Our Elden Ring spirit summon or Ashen Remains tier list ranks all summons from the most used spirits to the least picked ones in the game.

Whether you are fighting an aggressive boss, bearing the dungeons, or just encountering some regular foes, Spirit Summons can help. Elden Ring puts forth an ample collection of spirits you can summon at the cost of FPs. Which one to choose, how to summon, and what is the right time to do that? Our definitive Elden Ring spirit summon or Ashen Remains tier list will walk you through from the best spirits to the least picked ones in the game.

Key Highlights

  • Elden Ring features 64 Ashen Remains or Spirit Summons in the game. 
  • Spirit Summons are ranked based on user preference. Due to large-scale functionality, some options are trendy amongst Elden Ring players while many aren’t, therefore ranking lower. 
  • FP, HP, and Runes are other significant determinants in choosing a best-fit Elden Ring Spirit Summon. 
  • The best Spirit Summons in the game is the Banished Knight Engvall, Latenna (The Albinauric), and Banished Knight Oleg. 
  • On the split hand, Spirit Summons that don’t contest well in tougher or even typical situations includes Miranda Sprout, Depraved Perfumer Carmaan, and Dung Eater Puppet. 
  • The better the Spirit Summon you to choose, the better the companion you sign for to help you through the challenging journey of Elden Ring. 

Here is a brief look at the comparison between every Spirit Summon in Elden Ring:

AshesTierTypeFP Cost
Black Knife TicheSSpecial Ashes132.0
Latenna (The Albinauric)SSpecial Ashes74.0
Lhutel (The Headless)SSpecial Ashes104.0
Banished Knight OlegSSpecial Ashes100.0
Banished Knight EngvallSSpecial Ashes100.0
Blackflame Monk AmonSSpecial Ashes115.0
Kaiden SellswordAAshes88.0
Lone WolfAAshes55.0
Mimic TearASpecial Ash660.0
Ancestral FollowerAAshes86.0
Mad Pumpkin HeadAAshes110.0
Greatshield SoldierAAshes74.0
Omenkiller RolloASpecial Ash113.0
Azula BeastmanAAshes102.0
Skeletal MilitiamanAAshes44.0
Ancient Dragon Knight KristoffASpecial Ashes108.0
Raya Lucaria SoldiersAAshes59.0
Dolores the Sleeping Arrow PuppetAPuppet87.0
Fire MonkBAshes85.0
Twinsage SorcererBAshes89.0
Bloodhound Knight FlohBSpecial Ash95.0
Cleanrot Knight FinlayBSpecial Ash127.0
Marionette SoldierBAshes67.0
Battlemage HuguesBSpecial Ash122.0
Nightmaiden & Swordstress PuppetsBPuppet97.0
Jarwight PuppetBPuppet60.0
Jellyfish (a.k.a Aurelia)BAshes31.0
Fanged ImpsCAshes50.0
Redmane Knight OghaCSpecial Ash106.0
Godrick SoldiersCAshes54.0
Avionette SoldiersCAshes67.0
Oracle EnvoyCAshes74.0
Leyndell SoldiersCAshes64.0
Mausoleum SoldiersCAshes75.0
Haligtree SoldiersCAshes66.0
Dolores the Sleeping ArrowCPuppet87.0
Radahn SoldiersCAshes71.0
Vulgar MilitiaCAshes70.0
Giant RatCAshes0.0
Rotten StrayCAshes35.0
Winged MisbegottenCAshes37.0
Skeletal BanditCAshes22.0
Putrid CorpseDAshes40.0
Glintstone SorcererDAshes49.0
Land SquirtDAshes240.0
Soldjars of FortuneDAshes135.0
Wandering NoblesDAshes86.0
Perfumer TriciaDSpecial Ash78.0
Stormhawk DeenhDSpecial Ash47.0
Nepheli Loux PuppetDpuppet90.0
Dung Eater PuppetDPuppet118.0
Miranda SproutDAshes185.0
Depraved Perfumer CarmaanDSpecial Ash124.0
Finger Maiden Therolina PuppetDPuppet82.0

Spirit summons are extremely functional in most in-game situations and will fight by your side faithfully; however, this doesn’t apply to all. Elden Ring houses a plethora of Spirit Summons; some are mind-blowing, while others almost seem like a joke. Sorting them all is pretty difficult, but that’s exactly why we are here. In this post, we’ll tour you through a complete Spirit Summons ranking, giving at least a baseline for what’s more useful and what’s ignorable. 

Elden Ring Spirit Summon Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Spirit Summons
S-Tier Banished Knight Engvall, Banished Knight Oleg, Latenna (The Albinauric), Lhutel (The Headless), Black Knife Tiche, Blackflame Monk Amon 
A-Tier Mad Pumpkin Head, Ancestral Follower, Mimic Tear, Lone Wolf, Kaiden Sellsword, Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff, Skeletal Militiaman, Omenkiller Rollo, Azula Beastman, Greatshield Soldier, Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet, Raya Lucaria Soldiers
B-Tier Marionette Soldier, Cleanrot Knight Finlay, Bloodhound Knight Floh, Twinsage Sorcerer, Fire Monk, Jellyfish (a.k.a Aurelia), Jarwight Puppet, Page, Nightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets, Battlemage Hugues
C-Tier Warhawk, Man-Serpent, Demi-Humans, Redmane Knight Ogha, Fanged Imps, Mausoleum Soldiers, Leyndell Soldiers, Oracle Envoy, Avionette Soldiers, Godrick Soldiers, Giant Rat, Vulgar Militia, Radahn Soldiers, Dolores the Sleeping Arrow, Haligtree Soldiers, Skeletal Bandit, Crystalian, Winged Misbegotten, Rotten Stray
D-Tier Albinaurics, Soldjars of Fortune, Land Squirt, Glintstone Sorcerer, Putrid Corpse, Nepheli Loux Puppet, Nomad, Stormhawk Deenh, Perfumer Tricia, Wandering Nobles, Finger Maiden Therolina Puppet, Depraved Perfumer Carmaan, Miranda Sprout, Dung Eater Puppet

Summon Tier List In Elden Ring

Elden Ring Summons Explained (S-D)
Elden Ring Spirit Summon Tier List Explained!

Players get more than fifty Spirit Summons to choose their in-game ally from. These choices are made at the cost of FP, HP, and Runes or may sometimes come absolutely free. Anyways, we have ranked each of them below as per their general effectiveness. 

Before diving into it, you need to understand that none of the Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring is useless. It’s just that the picks ranked in a lower tier are not really helpful in a broader setup than those placed in the higher tier. 

Because this consequently infers that all Elden Ring Spirit Summons are of some use at some point in the game, we decided not to include an F tier. Nevertheless, this was all the information needed for you to finally tour through our Elden Ring Ashen Remains Tier List. Let’s get into it. 

S-Tier Spirit

Elden Ring S Spirit Ash Summons
Elden Ring Tier-S Spirit Summons

These Spirit Summons are all-rounder picks that will fight effectively by your side in most situations. They can play both key roles of an ally very well—distract enemies and hit strongly, rendering massive damage. If you can afford to have an S-Tier Elden Ring Spirit Summon by your side, you are good to go. 

Black Knife Tiche

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ashes132Summons spirit of Black Knife Tiche

This Spirit Summon is a great alternative to Mimic Tear that deals solid damage while also soaking up a lot in return. Also, Black Knife Tiche is good at avoiding many incoming attacks thanks to her agile dodging skills. She wields a knife that holds the power of the Rune of Death. With its aid, this Spirit Summon can swiftly reduce the enemy’s HP. 

Latenna (The Albinauric)

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ashes74Summons the spirit of Latenna the Albinauric

Are you looking for a Spirit Summon to help you in your large arena encounters? Latenna might be the best pick. While staying at the place where it’s summoned, Latenna bombards opponents with the continuous shelling of magic arrows

These heavy-hitting attacks are pretty long-ranged hence making up for her scarce health. This quality makes the Albinauric ideal for getting summoned at a distance from the boss while you draw its aggro yourself.

Lhutel (The Headless)

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ashes104Summons spirit of Lhutel the Headless

The Headless Lhutel is yet another effective Spirit Summon you can have by your side. Though she doesn’t dish off damage as massive as you might experience from the Mimic Tear or Black Knife Tiche, Lhutel is best in diverting your opponent’s attention while you implement strategies. 

Lhutel wields a robust armor protected by a Greatshield. She distracts the opponents by constantly teleporting around them and rendering some solid ranged weapon attacks via her spear. 

Banished Knight Oleg

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ashes100Summons Banished Knight Oleg spirit

Banished Knight Oleg is one of the first Ashes players will get in Elden Ring. Plus, it’s also one of the most cherished ones. The Ash, with its solid poise and extremely strong armor, happens to be an incredible fighter who also efficiently diverts the enemy’s attention.

Banished Knight Engvall

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ashes100Summons spirit of Banished Knight Engvall

The Summon is very similar to the Banished Knight Oleg Summon. It is absolutely brilliant in tanking low-ranged hits and surviving for a bit more time than the Oleg. Because the difference is minor, we recommend using both of them interchangeably. Otherwise, it all comes down to which one you prefer to be cooler.

Blackflame Monk Amon

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ashes115Summons spirit of Blackflame Monk Amon

This summon is very underappreciated despite performing as well as Black Knife Tiche does. It can tank and shred a lot of enemies in one go. With that said, you can use Blackflame Monk Amon as a solid alternative to Mimic Tear too! 

A-Tier Spirit 

Elden Ring A Summons
Elden Ring Tier-A Spirit Summons

Though not as exceptional as the top-tier Elden Ring Spirit Summons, the A-Tier picks are brilliant. They are extremely helpful in more than a few situations and perform well to great against most bosses. Not all but a few might even offer good overall performance. 

Kaiden Sellsword

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes88Summons Kaiden Sellsword spirit.

This Spirit is a big mercenary carrying a big curved cleaver that sprints to dish out damage at a melee range. Though he is not powerful enough to completely distract your foes, Kaiden Sellsword is one heck of a battling companion. He can even increase his damage by performing a shout. 

Plus, with his swift tanking and dodging, this Spirit Summon efficiently draws attention so you can set up backstabs or cast spells. Many will assume Kaiden Sellsword’s moderate health pool as its drawback. Rest assured, as his top-notch attack-blocking skills compensate for that too.  

Lone Wolf

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes55Summons three lone wolf spirits.

The Lone Wolf will probably be your first Spirit Summon that may prove useful at the start but won’t take you till the endgame. The pack contains three wolves, all of which are fairly mobile and put good pressure on the opponent via their rapid attacks. 

However, they’ll require frequent updates to keep up with Elden Ring’s increasingly tough duels. The pack’s agility can cause it to be hard for a boss to know who to attack. Though this will still not guarantee 100% success, Lone Wolves will cause considerable havoc in the scene for you to get your attacks in. 

Mimic Tear

TypeHP CostItem Effect
Special Ash660Summons Mimic Tear spirit

The Mimic Tear Ashen Remains is one of the best spirit summon in our Elden Ring tier list that you can call in a difficult situation. The Spirit manifests its power by creating a similar copy of you whenever put to use, including your armor, stats, spells, and every other equipped item. This look-alike will then play alongside you as a potent NPC. The mimic tear was one of the most overpowered spirit summon before patch 1.03. However, the developers nerfed it, but still, it is still better than most spirit summons in Elden Ring. 

Want to make Mimic Tear even tankier who inflicts massive damage to your opponents? Upgrade it! However, don’t forget to consume a healing potion after summoning this Spirit, as it uses up to half of your HP count rather than mana. 

Ancestral Follower

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes86Summons ancestral follower spirit

Thanks to their significant health pool and incredible armor, the Ancestral Followers are highly flexible in the fight. Though a master of none, this Spirit is a jack-of-all-trades fighting with both axes and bows.

Ancestral Follower has well-rounded stats and can combat pretty much from any range. However, you’ll have to compromise on tackiness. 

Mad Pumpkin Head

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes110Summon the spirit of a mad pumpkin head

This is an exceptional Spirit Summon that, with its solid flail, can cause a substantial bleed effect to enemies. As the name suggests, the Ash wears a large helmet of metal, therefore, bearing massive damage protection against any incoming hit. Though this, combined with the potency of inflicting Bleed, can render considerable damage during fights, the Summon is not as tanky as you might expect. 

Greatshield Soldier

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes74Summons five greatshield soldier spirits

Though not the most powerful Spirit Summon one can get in Elden Ring, the Greatshield Soldier is fun to use. There are five of them who together disrupt the opponent’s formation, consequently pushing you through the chaos. They carry chucking bombs and great shields to cause the tanky havoc.

However, to avail all qualities to the fullest, players need to revamp a bit of the mind attribute first. Because these Spirits usually tend to stick together, they are highly vulnerable to strong AoE attacks. 

Omenkiller Rollo

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ash113Summons spirit of Omenkiller Rollo

Elden Ring players who are sick of bosses who block attacks with their potent shields, the Omenkiller Rollo Spirit Summon might be the perfect pick for them. The Spirit wields two huge machetes that can break the strongest guard any enemy may have. 

While they perform the stance-breaking task, you’ll be able to crit the enemies with a retaliation. The Spirit Summon is also known to breathe fire if grouped by several foes at once. 

Azula Beastman

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes102Summons two Azula beastman spirits

Using the Azula Beastman Spirit Ashes, players call a robust pair of beasts carrying gigantic greatswords. They are powerful enough to cater to groups of bosses, chipping off massive chunks of health with every attack. 

Skeletal Militiaman

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes44Summons two skeletal militiaman spirits

Opponents getting to power once dead can be annoying but not until when you can also bring your dead allies back. This Skeletal Militiamen summon would have been an average pick if it wasn’t for its power to resurrect. There are three of them, and each can come back a few seconds after they are laid flat by the boss. 

This way, the Skeletal Militiamen will be able to backstab your enemies while they turn their attention to you, assuming your allies are dead. The Skeletons might even get killed permanently if attacked in the middle of resurrection; however, this won’t happen every time. 

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ashes108Summons spirit of Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

This pick is one of the most versatile Ashen Remains Summon in our Elden Ring tier list that players can get in the game. It uses the Rejection spell coupled with a mighty spear to knock all foes off. The Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff also holds the power to strike lightning. 

What’s more? All this is complemented by high defense potency making the Spirit even viable. However, we didn’t find him very good at successfully dodging the bosses, so keep that in mind.

Raya Lucaria Soldiers

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes59Summons three Raya Lucaria soldier spirits

You get three Raya Lucaria Soldiers. They don’t really dish off massive damage, but they are pretty durable against incoming attacks. The two smaller units are great in rushing everything down and holding aggro. 

The bigger soldier only steps forward once the two smaller units die. He may even throw pots and take charge if hit by the opponent directly in melee. Only players who need ranged support should opt for this Summon, whereas those searching for a meat shield should avoid it. 

Dolores The Sleeping Arrow Puppet

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Puppet87Summons spirit of Dolores the Sleeping Arrow

This puppet sends sleeping arrows to the opposing party. Dolores, the Sleeping Arrow Puppet, uses not just any sleeping arrows but the St Trina arrows. These arrows are one of a kind that possesses the most powerful sleep buildup in Elden Ring. 

What makes Puppet Summon even more interesting is that it is a ranged Sleep spell spamming Spirit Ash, therefore, proving to be useful in most fights. Also, it’s particularly useful in boss fights where multiple creatures attack you at a time. 

B-Tier SpiritElden Ring B Summons

Elden Ring Tier-B Spirit SummonsThis is the tier where niche classification starts from. Our Elden Ring Ashen Remains Tier List B-category picks are good in various situations but only prove great when synced with a specific build or weapon. If you are looking for a faithful Al ally for a particular boss fight, you might find some best-fit Spirit Summon here. 

Fire Monk

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes85Summons Fire Monk spirit

As the name suggests, the Fire Monk Summon remains actually on fire. The fire dashes it performs proves simply devastating, especially against crowds. It is good at shooting fire damage too. All in all, the Fire Monk is a great pick against beasts who fear fire.

Twinsage Sorcerer

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes89Summons Twinsage sorcerer spirit

The Twinsage Sorcerer is a decent ranged option that attacks a lot hence pulling considerable aggro. You can also choose to update the summon in order to avail tankier performance. However, all this comes at a cost. You need to have a lot of FP to call this Elden Ring Spirit Summon.

Bloodhound Knight Floh

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ash95Summons spirit of Bloodhound Knight Floh

The Floh, also known as Rabid Stray, is a pretty aggressive melee Summon with attacks similar to what you might have seen the Bloodhound bosses make. It attacks just immediately after being called without pausing in between. 

Its teleportation is phenomenal, too; however, you need to compromise that it will never follow you. 

Cleanrot Knight Finlay

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ash127Summons spirit of Cleanrot Knight Finlay

This might be the best pick for someone looking for a balanced Elden Ring Summon. He’s both melee and ranged, therefore is able to disrupt the stances of lesser foes effectively. Cleanrot Knight Finlay is also pretty solid and takes up a few huts easily. The Summon tank with DPS equals Rot or Poison. 

Marionette Soldier

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes67Summons two marionette soldier spirits

Because of the sheer number of arrows it pours onto the enemies, the Marionette Soldier summons can easily pull substantial aggro off you. They are particularly functional against enemies who have AoE. 

Sandwich them between yourself and the Marionette Soldiers for guaranteed success. Players have specially reported its usefulness against the Black Knife Assassin, so don’t forget to take this Summon with you before you enter the Sage Cave.

Battlemage Hugues

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ash122Summons spirit of Battlemage Hugues

Battlemage Hugues is quite an underrated Spirit Summon of the Elden Ring, probably because it becomes more viable when updated only. After updating, the summon will give off excellent AoE attacks while also inducing a solid health pool. 

Nightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Puppet97Summons nightmaiden & swordstress spirits

This Ashen Remains in our Elden Ring tier list gives you two Spirits together, carrying flowing weapons. The biggest benefit of having this pair is that both the summons have their own health bar. This means this Summon won’t abandon you early in the fight. 

Though they are a bit squishy, Nightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets are generally fine, especially if the aggro juggling goes smooth. Also, keep in mind that their Al is very passive. 


TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes81Summons page spirit

This Elden Ring Spirit Summon is surprisingly durable and does good damage thanks to its armor. The Page Ash sends off explosive bolts from a very long range hence being a viable choice against early to mid-game encounters.

Jarwight Puppet

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Puppet60Summons Jarwight spirit

The Jarwight Puppet it’s incredible potency of dishing pretty solid AoE ranged damage with the ability to render pot damage. This makes the summons one of the best mage Summons Elden Ring has. It is definitely worth collecting, especially if you prefer Arcane builds since Jarwight Puppet can easily help land status ailments.

Jellyfish (a.k.a Aurelia)

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes31Summons spirit jellyfish

This is a pretty useful Spirit Ash Summon. Not only do they have quite a many high power attacks, but they can also inflict poison on enemies. The Jellyfish Spirit’s biggest role, however, is diverting the enemy’s attention. 

The summon’s high HP profile further complements this role. Meaning players can keep their opponents busy for a long while.

C-Tier Spirit

Elden Ring Ashen Remains Tier List
Elden Ring Tier-C Spirit Summons

Again, the picks of this tier of our Elden Ring Spirit Summon tier list are situationally useful. However, this time they’re not generally recommended like the Tier B choices. Instead, these are Summons that are broadly effective with setup only. Nevertheless, they can be good picks for keeping the bosses’ attacks off you. 

Fanged Imps

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes50Summons two fanged imp spirits

Good starting Spirit Summon, we must say. They have great lunging and ranged attack plus cause considerable bleed buildup. Fanged Imps are also immune to poison and rot status like no other. Though you’ll have to compromise on HP, Fanged Imps is still overall solid ash to consider.

Redmane Knight Ogha

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ash106Summons spirit of Redmane Knight Ogha

You will not see Ogha following you as he fights on his own. He patrols in a small region (usually near the point where he is summoned), fighting mostly with magical bow moves. You may even see him manifesting a superb tank mode while also holding aggro if the foes reach too close to him. 

However, Redmane Knight Ogha lacks in dishing full-scale damage or having more resilience than Summons of the S or A Tiers. 


TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes69Summons five demi-human spirits

It’s recommended to summon this Spirit at night rather than under bright sunlight. There are five of them in total, which at night prove far more aggressive, stun-locking the hell out of most Elden Ring beasts. As they cause stagger pretty smoothly, we prefer keeping them in between you and the boss while you also cast spells from behind. 

The biggest problem you’ll face, though, that’s probably also why we ranked the Demi-Humans in this tier, is their severely scarce health. The health pool is divided between all five of them. Meaning even a moderately strong AoE can easily wipe the Demi-Humans off. 


TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes62Summons man-serpent spirit

This Spirit Ash Summon is an excellent choice for inflicting big AoE damage to your foes and is pretty fun to use too. Man-Serpent’s huge AoE attack, coupled with its fire whip, leaves fire on the ground to induce some extra damage to the scene. It is good for outclassing crowds of enemies.


TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes52Summons warhawk spirit

This summon is exactly like the demon you meet in the Stormveil Castle. Along with its sharp beak, Warhawk attacks with his sword-attached talons to render decent damage to enemies. The Spirit Summon is also powerful enough to breathe fire. 

Warhawk is particularly good against bosses who could be easily staggered and those who fall weak against fire attack. With that said, it won’t work very well against larger, more fierce beasts, especially if they hit hard and possess high poise.

Godrick Soldiers

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes54Summons two Godrick soldier spirits

Not extraordinary. Just an average Ashen Remains in our Elden Ring tier list that players might like to have when short of FP as the Godrick Soldiers don’t require much. The summon is a good trade for the early game as it renders decent damage and may even make the opponents stagger. However, keep in mind that Godrick Soldiers won’t kill them independently.  

Avionette Soldiers

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes67Summon the spirits of two avionette soldiers

Avionette Soldiers are good starter summons and are not overpowered like the S-tier dweller but display more than a few robust moves, moderately solid mobility, and useful bleed buildup. Don’t take them against a mighty boss, though. This summons will do well in front of small field bosses. 

Oracle Envoy

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes74Summons four Oracle Envoy spirits

Though getting to the Oracle Envoy Summon is daunting, the mission is worth it. They attack enemies in a tankier style from a good enough range and can survive pretty well. Though Oracle Envoy won’t render great damage this way, they’ll certainly be able to keep the heat off of you for some time.

Leyndell Soldiers

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes64Summons two Leyndell soldier spirits

This Summon grants you two soldiers who wield spears to manifest their solid tanky potency. Despite holding the same robustness as you might have already witnessed with the Greatshield Soldier summon, they’re less exciting. 

This is probably because there are just two of them rather than five. Also, they are relatively passive, but in return, they are mightier in soaking damage. They also pull plenty of aggro and guard counters consistently. 

Mausoleum Soldiers

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes75Summons five mausoleum soldier spirits

These soldiers are great as well. In our opinion, Mausoleum Soldiers are best for Elden Ring players looking for a mob-type summon. They can teleport dodge, they can tank, they can hit really hard with their greatswords, and they can even battle less fierce bosses like the Malenia all by themselves!

Haligtree Soldiers

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes66Summons four Haligtree soldier spirits

The Haligtree Soldiers render incredible burst damage against giant-like foes. This usually happens when their health bar chips off to half. Nevertheless, they do decent damage with daggers and swords before displaying the huge burst damaging potential. 

Dolores The Sleeping Arrow

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Puppet87Summons spirit of Dolores the Sleeping Arrow

Though very complex to find, Dolores the Sleeping Arrow is an extremely interesting Elden Ring Spirit Summon. She’s one of just a few Sleep sources, which proves incredibly helpful in stunning foes, especially those in groups. 

For example, you can easily stun the Godskin Duo with Dolores the Sleeping Arrow at your aid. Nevertheless, because its status effect only practically functions against selected enemies, we rank the summon in the C-Tier.

Radahn Soldiers

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes71Summons two Radahn Soldier spirits

Players get two Radahn soldiers with this Spirit Summon. Both are pretty solid in terms of damage as they wield fire-based weapons coupled with the best shields. Players looking for constant fire damage support may want to consider this summon. 

We would classify it as a decent medium-grade summon that, with its average DPS and nice health pool, proves pretty useful against not-so-fierce bosses. 

Vulgar Militia

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes70Summons three vulgar Militia spirits

Bleed build fans will especially love the Vulgar Militia Spirit summon. With three potent bleed weapons, this Spirit Summon can actually dish more damage against some foes that most of the S-Tier cant. However, beware of the bosses with many AOE moves as they can easily kill them.  

Giant Rat

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes0Summons 3/4/5 giant rat spirits at level +0/+5/+10 respectively.

Giant Rays can stunlock like humanoid bosses. The summon possesses decent health. Biggest pro? The Giant Rat can be updated without needing any HP or FP. Meaning you can have an average Spirit companion in your arsenal without losing a ton of FP or HP. However, many players have reported numerous occasions where this summon bugs a lot.

Rotten Stray

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes35Summon rotten stray spirit

The Rotten Stray is pretty overpowered against anything you put the Scarlet Rot on. It will work like a charm for bosses like Margit. The summon is a little slow, though players will find it easier to stay alive without worrying about attacking at all. 

Winged Misbegotten

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes37Summons winged misbegotten spirit

Though not massive amounts, Winged Misbegotten renders constant damage to your foes. Many enemies won’t be able to dodge their attacks or be able to retaliate. This means Winged Misbegotten might chip off the opponent’s health bar to some extent or at least divert attention from you.


TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes101Summons Crystalian spirit

The Crystalian Summon proves to be incredible in most cases but practically useless against foes proficiently giving off consistent Strike damage (for instance, blunt damage). This Ashen Remain of our Elden Ring Tier List is also pretty useful against dragons who could be taken down from a range. All in all, it’s tanky and lasts longer than normal Ash life when upgraded. 

Skeletal Bandit

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes22Summons skeletal bandit spirit

Many of you may not like this one, as Skeletal Bandit is only good for players with caster build. Casters will particularly like how the summon draws aggro again and again while combating. 

D-Tier Spirit 

Elden Ring Ashen Remains Tier List
Elden Ring Tier-D Spirit Summons

Not entirely unacceptable, though; these choices have better alternatives listed above that almost fulfill the same use. The D-Tier Spirit Summons aren’t generally recommended either, as they are too niche specific to be used as something more broadly functional.

Putrid Corpse

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes40Summons four putrid corpse spirits

The Putrid Corpses just stand around and pull decent aggro. As a result, they aren’t very reliable as the boss will come straight to you as soon as you fire any attack. The usefulness, though, is that players can trade damage for a slight distraction. Sorcerers who require big gaps to cast blasts may find the summon very helpful.

Glintstone Sorcerer

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes49Summons glintstone sorcerer spirit

Glintstone Sorcerer has a severely scarce health pool for a start, but as with most Elden Ring Spirit Summons, you can always fill the gap with some updates. The summon is said to sync well with the special ability held by the Watchdog Staff

Not the best, though the Glintstone Sorcerer is a nice mid-range crystal burst attacker. Don’t let this Spirit go near the boss, as close-ranged moves are terrible. 

Land Squirt

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes240Summon three land squirts

The Land Squirts are surprisingly functional. Though largely immobile, this Summon is relatively tankier than usual picks and, in their poison clouds, renders more damage. 

However, you need to bear their unique style of summoning. Land Squirts can only be summoned at preset locations in each area. They often appear at totally useless spots, ultimately causing their early defeat.

Soldjars Of Fortune

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes135Summons 3 living jar spirits

We don’t personally like this summon. They do very little damage by bursting just immediately after charging. However, they may affect the foe’s health bar if you are lucky enough to have any of them close to the Soldjars of Fortune. Generally, they aren’t of any good help.


TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes53Summons two Albinauric spirits

Despite being an Albinauric, this Spirit Summon is different from the S-Tier Albinauric we discussed before. Though it may not have much useful damaging potential, Albinaurics manifest a series of cute stunts that make for a fun sideshow, if not triumph.  

Wandering Nobles

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes86Summons ancestral follower spirit

For bosses that aren’t too huge and have no companion support with them, Wandering Nobles are for them. The Summon gives players three sword-armed nobles and two who carry torches. Their individual health is extremely low, but their large number is great for luring the enemy’s attention. 

Also, the nobles simply refuse to fight against fierce bosses, mostly those who are bigger in size. This limitation is exactly why we have put the Wandering Nobles in the last tier of our Elden Ring Spirit Summon tier list. 

Perfumer Tricia

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ash78Summons spirit of Perfumer Tricia

A cool support in the field that doesn’t only hits but also offers you a damage shield. This way, Perfumer Tricia blocks substantial damage that you may take with every next hit. Nevertheless, her offensive fire dust may distract foes, but it doesn’t deal massive damage and is extremely unreliable at times. 

Stormhawk Deenh

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ash47Summons spirit of Stormhawk Deenh

The Spirit would have been a pretty powerful all-rounder choice, but it’s only useful for fans of tackiness for now due to its way too evasive and fast moveset. Most users have also reported Stormhawk Deenh getting stuck or lost while combating field bosses.


TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes61Summons nomad spirit

The Nomad can give off some absolutely absurd hits and possess nice AOE, especially after getting upgraded to +10. However, the biggest issue of this Summon remains its speed and HP. Both are severely low, consequently making the Nomad Ash not very useful in most situations.

Nepheli Loux Puppet

TypeFP CostItem Effect
puppet90Summons spirit of Nepheli Loux

Nepheli Loux Puppet employs two Stormhawk axes along with their weapon art. Though the armor is nice, the attack range isn’t very effective. 

Dung Eater Puppet

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Puppet118Summons spirit of the Dung Eater

Dung Eater Pupper is an average Ashen Remain in our Elden Ring Tier List who packs just enough punch for small, less aggressive foes. Dung Eater Puppet can also take a hit or two but don’t expect more.

Miranda Sprout

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Ashes185Summon five miranda sprout spirits

Their movement is really slow, and they don’t have much damaging potential on their plate either. They throw some glowy aura on the boss that doesn’t seem to do much damage but distracts it very well. With that said, Miranda Sprouts can be a good source for distracting bosses, especially if used by sorcerers.

Depraved Perfumer Carmaan

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Special Ash124Summons spirit of Depraved Perfumer Carmaan

The Depraved Perfumer Carmaan Summon comes at a very high FP cost compared to the actual damage it outputs. Like the Miranda Sprout, it gives off some kind of glowy aura against bosses that don’t seem to do a lot of damage but rather just distract it from attacking you instead. 

What makes the Summon useful then is its ability to heal itself at least three times from what we have noticed. If you ever get to use Depraved Perfumer Carmaan, try dividing the aggro between it and yourself to last longer in combat.

Finger Maiden Therolina Puppet

TypeFP CostItem Effect
Puppet82Summons spirit of Finger Maiden Therolina

It offers just enough distraction to give you a few occasional windows of attack opportunity. Does low to medium level damage via her incantations but not very massive. 


As with other in-game units, Elden Ring hasn’t compromised on putting as many potent Spirit Summons for the users as they can. While most of them are useful, some Spirit Summons are simply more yielding than others. 

Keeping that in mind, we have put forth our most up-to-date Elden Ring Spirit Summon Tier List to give you a definitive visualization of which choices can be more fruitful for your particular situation and which ones you should ignore.  

On that note, we wish you luck in finding the Right Elden Ring Spirit Summon!

Our Elden Ring Ashen Remains Tier List Criteria  

While ranking Summons in our Elden Ring Ashen Remains Tier List, we concentrated more on each spirit summons’ ability to deal damage and dodge incoming attacks from enemies and bosses. 

In Elden Ring’s diverse meta, whatever tends to be most functional comes down to the user’s build in the end. Keeping this in mind, gauging every Spirit Summon’s “overall” effectiveness was difficult. 

Nevertheless, we tried to give the best information possible after considering a wide array of useful traits, including damaging potential, tackiness, defense ability, buffing, and healing. 

This ultimately led us to rank more useful Elden Ring Spirit Ash Summons higher. All in all, our team weighed the ability to tank and damage output more heavily, keeping in mind that these qualities are more widely applicable across all types of players.

Other Game Tips

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The most important of all is the starting classes that players get to select at the start of the game, and we also covered Elden Ring Class Tier List to rank how good or bad each classs’ learning curve is. Then there comes the crux of the game; various types of bosses, for which we also curated Elden Ring Bosses Tier List and the items tier list that players must know so as to rely on some of the best items in the journey of becoming Elden Lord.

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