FromSoft Modders Have Ported Armored Core 6 Maps Into Elden Ring

FromSoftware fans continue to blur the lines between its many titles.

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  • A FromSoft dataminer has ported the maps from Armored Core 6 directly into Elden Ring.
  • They uploaded a video of them flying through the maps on YouTube.
  • Fans have enjoyed discussing the massive size difference between the two titles. 

Following the events of last week, when a FromSoft dataminer ported the Ice Worm Boss from Armored Core 6 straight into Elden Ring, another player has continued to blur the lines between the two titles. Recently, Dropoff, another dataminer, and modder, shared a video of them adding the Armored Core 6 maps into Elden Ring. The video has crossed over a hundred thousand views in just a few days. 

YouTube video

The video showcases Dropoff flying through the landscape of FromSoft’s new mecha-action game as the lowly Tarnished. As modders previously discovered, Elden Ring and Armored Core 6 are made on the same engine. This makes it much easier to add various items and assets from one game to the other. Additionally, the two games share the same scale.

Because of this, the Tarnished retains their actual size in Armored Core 6’s world. However, because of how massive the maps are to accommodate those huge flying mechs, it’s understandable why the player character from Elden Ring might seem puny in comparison. Dropoff showcased an aerial view of the maps to give players a glimpse of what the scale of the two games is really like. 

The lowly Tarnished in Armored Core 6's world. (Source: Dropoff)
The lowly Tarnished in Armored Core 6’s world. (Source: Dropoff)

Players got to appreciate a ton of details that they might’ve missed out on during their playthroughs. After all, with the intense action AC 6 has to offer, it’s no surprise that all of these smaller intricacies get blurred out. It’s worth noting this isn’t the first time Dropoff has tried something like this. Previously, they ported the Demon’s Souls map into Elden Ring too. Why? Well, why not?

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FromSoft fans were pretty impressed at what Dropoff was able to accomplish. It’s especially fun to compare the sheer size difference between the two titles. For example, the previously mentioned Ice Worm is about one-third the size of the Erdtree, which is a landmark so massive you can see it from almost every place in Elden Ring. Plus, despite there being no humans in AC 6, everything is still designed with the scale of a person in mind. 

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