Elden Ring: BEST Fist Weapons [800+ Hours Experience]

This guide covers the best fist weapons in Elden Ring, listing their pros, cons, suitable talismans, and location for each weapon.

If you’re an aggressive player who wants an active yet versatile weapon in your off-hand, you should consider going for some of the best Elden Ring fist weapons. This weapon type is lightweight, nimble, and extremely quick, helping you stagger enemies and bosses and giving you slightly extra damage to even possibly finish them off. You can even dual-wield most of them to get faster combos, making them incredibly deadly for close-range encounters.

Key Takeaways
  • Fist Weapons are some of the fastest melee weapons in Elden Ring, with exceptional speed, stagger potential, and various status-effect buildups.
  • There are nine distinct weapons of this type in-game, and the top 5 among this category, from worst to best, are as follows: Katar, Cipher Pata, Bloodhound Claw, Clinging Bone, and Grafted Dragon.
  • The Katar has the highest staggering ability out of any fist weapon on this list.
  • The Cipher Pata is a Faith weapon with incredible speed and an unblockable Ash of War.
  • The Bloodhound Claws is well-known for its high Bleed buildup and skill, the Bloodhound Step.
  • Finally, the Grafted Dragon is undoubtedly the best weapon in this category in the Elden Ring, thanks to its high damage and fire-based damage over time.

My Best Fist Weapons In Elden Ring

Here are the best five options from this weapon type that players can use against almost every enemy:

1Grafted DragonSTR: 20 | DEX: 14 | FTH: 16STR: C | DEX: D | FTH: DBear Witness!
2Clinging BoneSTR: 8 | DEX: 22 | ARC: 16STR: E | DEX: B | ARC: CLifesteal Fist
3Bloodhound ClawsSTR: 10 | DEX: 15STR: C | DEX: DBloodhound Step
4Cipher PataFTH: 30FTH: AUnblockable Blade
5KatarSTR: 8 | DEX: 10STR: D | DEX: CImpaling Thrust

5. Katar

The best early-game Fist Weapon.
Katar elden ring
The Katar (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Katar is my pick for the best early-game Fist Weapon because of its low requirements and that its easy to get.
Physical 97 36
Magic 0 21
Fire 0 21
Light 0 21
Holy 0 21
Critical/ Boost 110 21
Strength D 8
Dexterity C 10

Although it has the weakest stat requirements, the Katar is still a great all-rounder Strength and Dexterity fist weapon. With a solid lunging Ash of War, Impaling Thrust, that provides modest damage, perhaps the most vital ability of the Katar is its stagger potential.

    1. You can get the Katar relatively early in your playthrough by visiting Fort Gael in the southwestern region of Caelid.
    2. Starting from the Fort Gael North Site of Grace, head up the hill towards Fort Gael past the Radahn Soldiers and Flame Chariots.
Fort Gael North caelid
The Fort Gael North Site of Grace (Image Captured by eXputer)
    1. Use Torrent to sprint to the sealed metal gate at the Fort’s back side, follow the walkway in front of it, and traverse the tree branches behind the sealed entrance.
    2. Follow the branches straight ahead onto the nearest platform, and climb up the ladder to enter the Fort.
tree branches caelid
The tree branches behind the Fort’s entrance (Image Source: eXputer)
    1. Now, carefully traverse the narrow, broken mast to the other side and drop down onto the stone platform.
    2. After that, simply go through the archway and open the chest inside the room to receive the Katar.
katar in caelid
The Katar inside the chest at Fort Gael (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • High Crit Chance.
  • Customizable Ash of War.
  • Weak range and speed.
  • No status buildups.
  • Mediocre damage output.
Important: You can remove and apply different Ashes of War to your armament by visiting a Site of Grace, going to the Ashes of War section, selecting the weapon, and choosing the Ash of War from the given list. Make sure to equip the weapon from your inventory beforehand.

4. Cipher Pata

The best Faith-based Fist Weapon.
Cipher Pata elden ring
The Cipher Pata (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Pata stands out with its Unblockable Ash of War attack and blends with Faith build, which the majority uses.
Physical 0 9
Magic 0 14
Fire 0 14
Light 0 14
Holy 85 61
Critical/ Boost 100 19
Faith A 30

If you’re purely a Faith user and looking for a fist weapon, the Cipher Pata is probably your top choice. As a Faith-scaling item and doing only Holy Damage, the Pata is the quickest dagger-like fist weapon on this list, with arguably the best range to accompany it.

    1. To get the Cipher Pata, teleport to the Roundtable Hold and head to the balcony beside the Site of Grace.
balcony roundtable hold elden ring
The Roundtable Hold’s balcony (Image Credits: eXputer)
    1. Jump down from the balcony, head to the archway on your immediate left, and go through the door next to it.
    2. Follow the path to the small room on your right, and you’ll find the Pata atop the corpse lying on the bed at the edge of the room.
Cipher Pata at Roundtable Hold
The Cipher Pata lying on the corpse underneath the balcony (Image by eXputer)
Important: If this is your first time dropping down the balcony, you’ll face an NPC invasion by Mad Tongue Alberich.
  • Unblockable Ash of War attack.
  • Incredible damage output.
  • Superior range and startup animation.
  • Lower Crit Chance than Katar.
  • Uses more FP.
  • Only works with Faith builds.

3. Bloodhound Claws

The Fist Weapon with high agility.
Bloodhound Claws Elden Ring
The Bloodhound Claws (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Bloodhound Claws comes with Bloodhound Step, an Ash of War that’s a part of the meta and insanely potent in PvE and PvP.
Physical 99 38
Magic 0 22
Fire 0 22
Light 0 22
Holy 0 22
Critical/ Boost 110 22
Strength C 10
Dexterity D 15

The Bloodhound Claws is a powerful mid-game weapon with the best Bleed buildup out of any fist weapon in Elden Ring. And with their quick attacks and long combo strings, these claws can almost instantaneously fill up the enemy’s Bleed meter, especially when coupled with other potent Bleed weapons like the Rivers of Blood.

    1. You can obtain the Bloodhound Claws by killing the Bloodhound Knighthidden beneath Volcano Manor at Mt. Gelmir.
    2. Starting from the Volcano Manor Site of Grace, go to the hallway next to Lady Tanith and enter the first room on your right.
volcano manor
The room next to Lady Tanith at Volcano Manor (Image Source: eXputer)
    1. Head to the back of the room and hit the wall with the hanging painting, and it should reveal a hidden passageway.
secret room volcano manor
The secret passageway (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
    1. Make your way through the narrow passage, killing the snail-like enemies in your way, and after going down the stairs at the trail’s end, you’ll find the Bloodhound Knight that’ll drop the claws once you kill it.
Bloodhound Knight volcano manor elden ring
The Bloodhound Knight at Volcano Manor (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Ash of War has short-term invisibility with swift mobility.
  • Customizable Ash of War.
  • Versatile.
  • Mediocre damage output.

2. Clinging Bone

The only Fist Weapon with Lifesteal.
Clinging Bone Elden Ring
The Clinging Bone (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Lifesteal can be a game-changer when you’re surrounded by enemies, which is an ability only the Clinging Bone has.
Physical 80 31
Magic 24 36
Fire 0 17
Light 0 17
Holy 0 17
Critical/ Boost 100 21
Strength E 8
Dexterity B 22
Arcane C 16

The Clinging Bone, in my opinion, is another underrated dagger-like weapon, offering decent Physical and Magic Damage and scaling with Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane. However, its most unique and powerful ability is undoubtedly its Ash of War, Lifesteal Fist, which can replenish your health from enemies.

    1. To get this weapon, you’ll first need to reach the Village of the Albinaurics located in the southwestern region of Liurnia.
Village of the Albinaurics liurnia
The Village of the Albinaurics Site of Grace (Image by eXputer)
    1. After taking the Village of the Albinaurics Site of Grace, proceed up the hill, and you’ll see a large pot that’ll reveal Old Albus, the Albinauric NPC, once you hit the pot.
    2. Talk to Albus, and he’ll give you the right half of the Haligree Secret Medallion needed to access the Grand Lift of Rold.
    3. After exhausting his dialogue, teleport back to the Roundtable Hold, where you’ll notice a darker atmosphere and be invaded by Ensha of the Royal Remains after a few seconds.
    4. Upon killing Ensha, you’ll return to the original Roundtable Hold and receive the Clinging Bone.
Ensha’s invasion at Roundtable Hold (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Important: Once you kill Ensha, head to his original resting place outside Gideon Ofnir’s office to pick up the Royal Remains Armor Set.
  • Ash of War replenishes HP and is unblockable.
  • Invincible during Ash of War.
  • Ideal against large enemy hordes.
  • Slow startup animation.
  • Weak range.

1. Grafted Dragon

The best Fist Weapon in terms of attack and stagger.
Grafted Dragon elden ring
The Grafted Dragon (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: In my experience, the Grafted Dragon has the only reliable Ash of War for dealing high-damage attacks with decent AoE.
Physical 89 27
Magic 0 18
Fire 57 44
Light 0 18
Holy 0 18
Critical/ Boost 100 22
Strength C 20
Dexterity D 14
Faith D 16

In terms of sheer reliability and damage, the Grafted Dragon is easily the best Elden Ring fist weapon. The Grafted Dragon is a unique Remembrance Weapon that scales primarily with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith, with its main damage types are Physical and Fire. 

    1. At the Roundtable Hold, you can buy this beastly fist weapon from Enya, the Finger Maiden, by trading in Godrick’s Remembrance and 2000 runes.
    2. And to get the Remembrance, you must first defeat Godrick the Grafted, one of Elden Ring’s 7 Shardbearers, at Stormveil Castle.
Grafted Dragon from Enya
Grafted Dragon’s requirements from Enya (Image taken by eXputer)
  • Incredibly powerful Ash of War.
  • Potent regular attack strings.
  • Widespread DoT damage.
  • Early-game item.
  • Lacks a status buildup.
  • High FP cost.

Alternative Picks

When choosing a fist weapon in Elden Ring there are other good options beyond our top 5, these might suit your play style better based on personal preferences.

  • Star fist: It has a solid physical damage stat and comes with blood loss build up but, it’s a little heavier.
  • Veterans’s Prothesis: It is a good option as it is incredibly fast and has a high damage potential but, its downside appears to be the restricted range of the neutral attack.
  • Caestus: It is considered a good option, primarily scales with strength and dexterity its endure ability reduces damage but, it is outclassed by other weapons.

My Thoughts On Fist Weapons

While I have tried every weapon type in Elden Ring during my playtime, certain ones, especially Fist Weapons, did not appeal to me as much as others. I personally do not enjoy using fist weapons, except for the Grafted Dragon, since I found its Ash of War unique and somewhat useful in PvP and PvE. While these Fist weapons are fun to use at the start, there’s only a weapon art that separates them from regular fist animations or any other fist weapon.

hours waterjuice
My Elden Ring hours (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

Although this complaint is applicable to other weapon types, you really can’t tell the difference between a low-tier and high-tier Fist weapon’s damage unless you use an Ash of War. They often require an Ash of War, which has a good range to make them viable in PvE when you’re not completely face-to-face with the enemy. In PvP, they are genuinely not as good as other options and are especially tedious to use.

That wraps up this guide on the best fist weapons you can get in Elden Ring and a few talismans that would work well with this weapon type. These weapons offer the best variety out of any in-game class with their unique pros and cons, Ashes of War, and playstyles.

To explore other niche and powerful close-range weapon types, check out this guide on the best AoE weapons in Elden Ring. For some long-range weapon options, consider reading up on the best bows you can find in-game to tune up your build. And if you’re looking to farm runes and progress through even faster, here’s how you can use the Bird Farm to make sure you have enough levels to meet any weapon’s stat requirements.


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