Elden Ring Hyetta Questline: The Ultimate Walkthrough

Lightseeker Hyetta in Elden Ring has a side quest, but none of the Elden Ring endings are activated by completing the Hyetta questline

One of the several Characters you will meet in Elden Ring that has a side quest is Lightseeker Hyetta. After consuming Shabriri Grapes, Hyetta, a strange blind woman, wanders the Land Between, following the indications of the interior light. As she gets to this “distant light,” she wants to become a Finger Maiden. Although none of the Elden Ring endings are activated by completing the Hyetta questline, you need a certain ending to complete this quest’s final stage in order to receive the weapon prizes.

Key Takeaways
  • A blind woman named Lightseeker Hyetta traverses the Land Between, consumes Shabriri Grapes, and follows the cue of “distant light.”
  • Hyetta’s questline begins in the stormy Weeping Peninsula and finishes deep underground, where the Lands Between’s darkest secrets are kept.
  • Prior to starting Hyetta’s mission, Irina’s questline on the Weeping Peninsula must be completed.
  • Then go to Lake Facing Cliffs where you need to encounter Godrick the Grafted and conquer Stormveil Castle to meet Hyetta.
  • Head towards the Petrified Church ruins to find the Shabriri Grapes and give these grapes to Hyetta in order to progress Hyetta’s questline.
  • Afterward kill Edger, Irina’s father at Revenger’s Shack, grab the third Shabriri Grape and give it to the Hyetta at Gate Down Bridge.
  • You can find the last Shabriri Grape after killing Festering Fingerprint Vyke, then go to Bellum Church to meet Hyetta.
  • To finish this quest, go to Subterranean Shunning Grounds and eliminate Platforming.

As you advance in her mission, you can find Hyetta in a number of places. Your journey begins in the stormy Weeping Peninsula and finishes deep underground, where the Lands Between’s darkest secrets are kept.

Meet Irina 

Hyetta Questline In Elden Ring
Meet Irina in Hyetta Questline

Irina’s questline on the Weeping Peninsula must be started before beginning Hyetta’s quest. After clearing the heavily guarded bridge, head south and you’ll see Lady Irina standing on the main road. Talk to her and get her letter. Irina wants you to carry a letter to her father, Edgar, explaining that her castle, Castle Morne, has been invaded by servants who have changed into beasts.

Thereafter, you may decide whether to send that letter to Castle Morne or to disregard the mission altogether and travel back north to Limgrave, where you can attack the fortress and vanquish Godrick. You must deliver Irina’s letter to Edgar, then beat the boss of Castle Morne and talk with Edgar once more in order to meet Hyetta. Irina will be discovered dead when Edgar arrives at her place.

You could still get Irina’s letter if you’re trying to win the Lord of Blood‘s favor by killing her, but if Hyetta’s quest hasn’t already begun when you kill Irina, you will unavoidably fail it.

Lake-Facing Cliffs

Elden Ring Hyetta Questline
Lake Facing Cliffs in Hyetta Questline

It’s simple to infer that Hyetta and Irina are the same person because they both have blindness, only emerge when Irina dies, and share a similar appearance and voice. Irina appears to be dead since her corpse won’t vanish, yet this is not always the case.

Although Hyetta’s questline in Elden Ring also includes a mysterious Outer God called The Frenzied Flame, whose will is enforced by an entity known as The Three Fingers, which is located down below Leyndell Royal Capital, this may be an example of a character “Living in Death,

  • The Tarnished must first conquer Godrick the Grafted and clear Stormveil Castle before they can find Hyetta.
  • Following that, you should descend into the lower rooms past Godrick’s throne.
  • Eventually, you’ll come upon a lone ghost that wants to share his grapes with an unknown woman.
  • In order to get a Shabriri Grape, speak with him. Each of the four Shabriri Grapes is required to finish the quest.

Bring this grape outdoors to the Place of Grace where you may rest by the Lake-Facing Cliffs. Hyetta should be standing on the cliff once you’ve slept. When you talk to her, she will ask you to offer her a Shabriri Grape. To end the conversation, give her a Shabriri Grape. As a reward, you will get the “As You Wish” emote. Hyetta will follow your lead and go on to the next destination once you have left the region.

Petrified Church Ruins

Hyetta will relocate to the Petrified Church ruins on the side closest to the beach, at the extreme south. At the bottom of the stairway, she will be leaning against the stone foundation and gazing toward the marsh.

You should investigate the area of the ruins on the northeastern side that is being monitored by several guards and dogs before chatting with her. In this area of the ruins, there is a wooden floorboard space that you can demolish. You may find the Two Finger Talisman and another Shabriri Grape in the cellar below by doing this, which will also expose a hidden entrance.

Bring your second Shabriri Grape to Hyetta, who will be incredibly appreciative of your help. Exhaust her conversation but hold off on following. A third grape must be located.

Killing Edgar

Elden Ring Hyetta Questline
Elden Ring: Shabriri Grapes

You must assassinate Irina’s father, Edgar, in order to obtain your third and last Shabriri Grape. Although it is possible to kill Edgar before seeing his spawn point at the Revenger’s Shack in West Liurnia, choosing that route puts you at risk for a number of quest-breaking issues. The third Shabriri Grape does not drop with Edgar when he is killed early, which is the most frequent problem.

You must finish Castle Morne, including everything after Edgar discovers Irina’s corpse and all of his dialogue, in order to resolve this problem. The Revenger’s Shack is located in West Liurnia, where you must go. You’ll be invaded by Edgar here. You must fight him and take his weapon in order to obtain this third Shabriri Gape.

Gate Down Bridge

Elden Ring Hyetta Questline
Gate Down Bridge in Elden Ring

To reach Hyetta, who is waiting for you next to the Gate Town Site of Grace, take the Shabriri Grape. She ought to be just north of a rock face. Tell her your target and be honest with her. Let her know that Shabriri Grapes are really human eyes.

Once you leave, you can hear her retching and see how disgusting she is. Following that, you must go back to the Gate Town Site of Grace, take a brief break, and then go back to Hyetta to finish her talk. She will admit that she thinks she will evolve into a Finger Maiden. Hyetta will then continue on to the following phase of her quest.

Vyke’s Fingerprint Grape

  • The last grape in Hyetta’s questline is very crucial in Elden Ring.
  • It needs someone whose eyes have been affected by the Frenzied Flame.
  • You must locate and eliminate an intruder by the name of Festering Fingerprint Vyke in order to obtain this grape.
  • He is located in Liurnia’s northeastern district, at the Church of Inhibition. Y
  • ou may obtain Vyke’s Fingerprint Grape, a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and his one-of-a-kind weapon, the Vyke’s War Spear, by beating him.

You must use caution when fighting Vyke since he has the ability to inflict Madness. Here, playing aggressively to prevent him from having time to charge his assaults is a winning tactic. To make his fight as quick and painless as possible, you’ll need to stay close to him and skillfully avoid his spear assaults because he does have one healing flask.

Bellum Church

In Elden Ring, go to the Bellum Church after obtaining the last grape from Festering Fingerprint Vyke in order to complete Hyetta questline. Hyetta is waiting for you inside, close to a pillar. You will have to fight a Night’s Cavalry to get to Hyetta if you are visiting Belum Church for the first time at night.

  • You can offer her the Fingerprint Grape you just grabbed from the Festering Fingerprint Vyke when she asks for one once you reach her.
  • She will reply in pleasure, intoxicated by the taste of the delicate “grape,”
  • Then she will ask you to accompany her on her voyage to becoming a pure Finger Maiden and crafting the words of the wailing people in her thoughts.
  • She will go on to her fourth and last place once you leave.

This will be the tipping moment. You must stop here if you don’t want any forced ending.

Secret Beneath Leyndell

Elden Ring Hyetta Questline
Bodies of former merchants in Secret Beneath Leyndell

You must enter the intricate sewers of the Subterranean Shunning Grounds to complete Hyetta’s questline path. You do not need to worry about being barred from the questline, as with so many others, because you can do this before or after the Cardinal Sin.

It’s difficult to explore down here, and you have to confront Mohg, the Omen. He is not difficult to defeat and is simply a scaled-down version of Mohg, Lord of Blood. After winning the battle, you’ll find a chest near an altar, but it hides a far darker mystery.

  • To expose a hidden passageway after unlocking the chest, hit the altar behind it.
  • You may access the wider portion of the Cathedral of Forsaken by entering this corridor.
  • The bodies of the former merchants affected by the Frenzied Flame are down here.
  • Be aware that one or two of them will attack you, but you can ignore the ones who are participating in the game or watching from the sidelines because they are non-aggressive and won’t try to harm you.

To find Platforming, Elden Ring’s most challenging boss, explores the passageways. On the way down, you must then successfully execute a series of challenging jumps between stone platforms. It is not advised to tackle this portion if you are tied to your runes because descending can need several tries.

You may use Waterfowl Dance (Hand of Malenia) or Angel Wings to bypass several portions of this platforming puzzle if you are strong with weapon arts (Winged Scythe).

Meet Hyetta

As you reach down, Hyetta will be standing close by. She will instruct you to strip off all of your clothing and enter the room behind her. Follow Hyetta’s advice. You can interact with the door without taking off your weapons or armor. The Three Fingers will be waiting for you inside.

  • You can go back and talk to Hyetta after she burns you in the subsequent cutscene.
  • She will beg you to give her the Flame’s blessing. Hyetta will be able to understand the Three Fingers’ messages if she does this before being instantly burned alive.
  • You will receive a Frenzied Flame Seal and five Frenzy Flame Stones as payment for killing Hyetta, which puts a stop to her quest line.
  • After that, if you decide to come back here, you’ll find Hyetta gone, replaced by a heap of blazing ashes.

Important: You will be compelled to complete the game through to this ending if you opt to choose this path. By utilizing Miquella’s Needle to manage the condition left to you by the Three Fingers, you can only access the other endings.

Frenzied Flame Ending

Elden Ring Hyetta Questline
Frenzied Flame Ending in Elden Ring

After completing the Hyetta questline, you can proceed to complete Elden Ring. After speaking with Melina and eliminating the final two bosses, you will learn the outcome of your decision to embark on this quest.

Melina will leave you if you sit at a Site of Grace after finishing Hyetta’s quest because she believes you are no longer suitable for the role, she had in mind for you. She will also implore you not to inherit the flame when you visit the Frenzied Flame Proscription Site of Grace.

  • If you complete this quest, you will no longer be able to sin the Cardinal Sin alongside Melina.
  • After then, you must continue playing to finish the game. At that time, you will only have one choice.
  • you will see a cutscene in which you take on the role of the Lord of Chaos and destroy the Erdtree, The Lands Between, and everything connected to them.
  • Melina will also make a promise to deliver your predetermined demise in a separate scene.

There is no contact with Melina before, after, or during the concluding cutscene if you have already committed the Cardinal Sin before completing Hyetta’s mission.

Undoing Hyetta’s Questline

There is a way to reverse the Frenzied Flame’s touch and free yourself from the forced ending if you want to accomplish Hyetta’s mission in Elden Ring but don’t want the Frenzied Flame Ending or have already done so without thinking about the repercussions. Nevertheless, doing so will need you to take on some of the toughest obstacles The Lands Between has to offer, which is a huge and complicated endeavor. To do this, you must complete Millicent’s quest line in its entirety and arrive at the point where the Perfected Miquella’s Needle is offered.

Untangling Hyetta’s questline will undoubtedly take you several hours. Players often advise abandoning Hyetta’s questline before completing it or starting it immediately after finishing Millicent’s quest and mastering the needle. Your trip doesn’t finish here, though.

Furthermore, you must proceed to Crumbling Farum Azula, locate Dragonlord Placidusax in his arena lost in time, and destroy him. Following then, you may only use the needle when standing in this arena. Although you might attempt to use the needle as you approach the arena, we do not advise juggling utilizing the needle and avoiding Placidusax at the same time.

If you return, you will find that The Three Fingers’ sanctuary is empty, the needle has been consumed, and you no longer possess it. As a result, you won’t be able to re-inflict yourself with the Frenzied Flame.


The maiden described in the White Mask Varré’s questline is Hyetta. It is not required to kill a maiden, but you can do so to cover the Lord of Blood’s Favor in blood. That concludes the definitive guide on how to complete Hyetta Questline. 

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