Elden Ring Rock Sling: Location & Guide

Having trouble staggering the enemies? Why not use the Rock Sling and stagger the opposition with the Power of Gravity in Elden Ring.

If you are thinking of a playthrough that mainly relies on sorceries or Gravitational Magic, one of the first sorceries that you should get your hands on is the Elden Ring Rock Sling. This sorcery allows you to pull three rocks from the ground and send them flying toward your enemies. Rock Sling is also one of the most low-requirement sorceries in the game and only requires 18 Intelligence to use.

Key Takeaways
  • Rock Sling is a Gravity Sorcery, found in the Street of Sages Ruins in Caelid.
    1. From the First Steps Site of Grace, head towards the Dragon Burnt Ruins found on Agheel Lake.
    2. Inside the Ruins, there is a chest that teleports the player to Sellia Crystal Tunnel, located in Caelid.
    3. Outside the Tunnel, players will be able to see the Swamp of Aeonia, which must be crossed to get to the Street of Sages Ruins. 
    4. After reaching the Street of Sages Ruins, head inside its dungeon, open the chest, and pick up the Rock Sling.
  • Rock Sling has an FP cost of 18 and unlocks at Intelligence level 18.
  • Due to forgiving requirements, Rock Sling is an excellent sorcery to deal with normal enemies.
  • However, it isn’t a recommended sorcery for tight spaces, due to the high chance of collision between the rocks and nearby geometry.
  • Rock Sling’s range can be increased by equipping the Arrow’s Tail Talisman.
Important: Rock Sling In Elden Ring can be found in the Street of Sage Ruins, located in Caelid, and costs 18 FP per use.

Location Of Rock Sling

Getting to Caelid and then to the Street of Sages Ruins while avoiding all the grotesque creatures that stroll in the Caelid Wilds can be very troublesome. The quickest way to get there is by using the teleporter chest in Dragon Burnt Ruins.

Location of Dragon Burnt Ruins (Image Captured by Us)
Transporter Chest in Dragon Burnt Ruins (Image Captured by Us)

The Dragon Burnt Ruins can be found in Agheel Lake and inside its dungeon, you can find the teleportation chest which takes you directly to Caelid. Once you interact with the chest you will wake up in Sellia Crystal Tunnel. Ignore the enemies in the tunnel, and head outside.

Crystal Tunnel
Sellia Crystal Tunnel (Image Captured by Us)
Sellia Crystal Tunnel Site of Grace (Image Captured by Us)

Now use Torrent to traverse the Swamp of Aeonia all the way to the Street of Sages Ruins. Once there, inside its dungeon and pick up the Elden Ring Rock Sling sorcery from its chest.

Swamp of Aeonia (Image Captured by Us)
Street of Sages Ruins (Image Captured by Us)

Make sure to use Torrent for the better part of your travels and avoid fighting any enemies, especially when traversing Swamp of Aeonia because unlike you, Torrent is immune to Scarlet Rot.

Rock Sling (Image Captured by Us)

Tips & Usage

  • For an optimal sorcery build, it is recommended to have the right balance of both HP and FP Flasks. 
  • Rock Sling has a lower FP cost (18) and usage requirements (18 Intelligence), compared to many of its contemporaries.
  • Due to low costs and requirements, this sorcery can be used as your main asset to clear out mobs, while you save your best spells for the bosses.
  • Rock Sling doesn’t stop in your steps while casting it, which severely improves your mobility in combat, especially when against hordes of enemies.
  • The spell isn’t very effective in tight spaces, as there is a high chance of collision between the rocks and nearby walls/objects.
  • Despite being a spell, Rock Sling’s range can be increased by using the Arrow’s Reach Talisman.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you are doing a Mage Build, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have Rock Sling under your belt. It has some of the best range, accuracy, AoE, and stagger damage in the game, making it one of the best non-buff spells in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has no shortage of stellar builds, that not only allow you to make the best use of your weaponry but also get by many of its harsh encounters. Some of the best build you can try in Elden Ring are Rivers of Blood Build, Dragon Build, Greatsword BuildSamurai Build, and Confessor Build. This concludes our guide on the location and use of Rock Sling. Let us know your concerns in the comments below.


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