Elden Ring Let Me Solo Her Build: Level & Spirit Summon

Our guide covers the legendary player, Let Me Solo Her in Elden Ring including his build and his Ash Spirit Summob Mod.

Bosses in Elden Ring are renowned for their formidable difficulty, surpassing those in other FromSoftware titles. One such boss is Malenia, Blood of Miquella, known for her cruelty and fear-inducing presence. Defeating her is a noteworthy accomplishment, often requiring numerous attempts and learning from mistakes. Within the Elden Ring community, there’s a player named ‘Let Me Solo Her’ who has gained recognition for mastering the art of defeating Malenia.

Key Takeaways

The “Let Me Solo Her” build is based on Klein Tsuboi’s expertise in soloing the Melania boss fight. To replicate this build:

  1. Equip a Uchigatana +25 in your right hand and a Rivers of Blood in your left hand.
  2. Apply the Hoarsfrost Stomp Ash of War to the Uchigatana.
  3. Use Green Turtle & Viridian Amber medallions for stamina and Claw Talisman & Kindred of Rot’s Exultation for damage.
  4. Maintain a level 179 character to match Let Me Solo Her’s setup.
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Who Is Let Me Solo Her In Elden Ring

Known as Let Me Solo Her and Klein Tsuboi on YouTube and Reddit Community has taken it upon their hands to help everyone who is suffering to get past Malenia. Also, you can read our Malenia cheese method guide if you are still stuck at defeating this boss in the game.

Elden Ring Let Me Solo Her
Let Me Solo He waiting for you to summon him.

Based on my experience, If you’ve been struggling to defeat Malenia and happen to see a summon sign outside the door leading to her boss’s arena, you can accept the summon and invite ‘Let Me Solo Her’ into your world to defeat Malenia on your behalf. Dressed in nothing but a massive pot on their head, ‘Let Me Solo Her’ can swiftly eliminate Malenia within seconds after being summoned.

Build Breakdown

After his video became very popular on YouTube, he recently revealed himself in a detailed Reddit post where he mentions his build as well. This post got more than 68,000 upvotes, and many players in Elden Ring found his build amazing in defeating Malenia. On the subject of builds, read our best builds guide and learn about the overpowered builds in the game.


Let Me Solo Her uses a very optimal and strong build to fight Malenia. While not using a shield might not sound that great, Let Me Solo Her has defeated the boss this way over 300 times. 

I came to know that the Let Me Solo Her yields two katanas, the Uchigatana and the Rivers of Blood Katana in Elden Ring. They use the Uchigatana +25 with Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War in their right hand.

The Cold Uchigatana is the perfect weapon for Slash Damage and Piercing Damage in Elden Ring. It scales with Strength and Dexterity. In my suggestion, combining it with one of the most powerful Ashes of War, like Hoarfrost Stomp that Let Me Solo Her used, and you have a lethal weapon powerful enough to take down Malenia.

Elden Ring Let Me Solo Her
Let Me Solo Her in action

Let Me Solo Her used Hoarfrost Stomp and the Cold Uchigatana to apply Frostbite damage with its massive ice field AoE. Combined with Malenia’s agility, it’s an effective choice against her and other tough bosses.

In his left hand, Let Me Solo Her wields the Rivers of Blood Katana, which scales with Arcane, Strength, and Dexterity. Its Corpse Piler skill deals significant damage and is ideal for causing blood loss on bosses like Malenia, countering her healing ability.


Let Me Solo Her uses the Green Turtle Talisman and the Viridian Amber Medallion in his Talisman slots to boost stamina recovery for dodging Malenia’s attacks. The Green Turtle Talisman, found near Summonwater village, increases stamina recovery by nearly 18%. Alternatively, spells and incantations can be used if talismans aren’t effective.

Elden Ring Let Me Solo Her
The Green turtle Talisman used by Let Me Solo Her

Let Me Solo Her’s second Talisman is the Viridian Amber Medallion, which boosts stamina by 11%. It’s acquired by defeating Miranda, The Blighted Bloom, in Tombsword Cave, aiding in countering Malenia’s attacks.

In the other two Talisman slots, Let Me Solo Her enhances damage output with the Claw Talisman, found in Stormveil Castle, for jump attacks. As per my experience, the Radagon Icon Talisman increases damage while dodging enemy attacks.

 Let Me Solo Her
Claw Talisman used by Let Me Solo Her.

The last Talisman he uses is the Kindred of Rot’s Exultation. This Talisman will increase the rot or poison’s damage to the enemy. All these Talismans are great for stamina and increased damage. This is probably why Let Me Solo Her is able to defeat Malenia so easily without taking any damage.


In his Reddit post, Let Me Solo Her states that he is currently at level 179 in Elden Ring. The player does not plan to level up any time soon. 

While 179 is definitely a high level to obtain, you can reach up to their level by using methods like Rune farming. Acquiring more runes and improving your character’s stats. This will not only help them reach a higher level but make them strong enough to take Malenia down the Let Me Solo Her style as well.

Let Me Solo Her Spirit Summon Mod

If you’re having a really tough time with Malenia but Let Me Solo Her is not available in your game, or you’re just a huge fan and want to see them in action, thanks to their internet fame, one user made a special mod that features Let Me Solo Her as an Ash Spirit. 

Let Me Solo Her
Let Me Solo Her Summon Spirit Mod

A player called Garden of Eyes made a mod that features Let Me Solo Her in their tribute. You can get this mod early in the game. This mod allows them to come into your world and help you take down Malenia. In my gameplay experience, this computer-controlled version of Let Me Solo Her can be summoned anywhere, regardless of the boss you’re facing. So you can use him to beat difficult bosses like Mohg and Radahn

Let Me Solo Her
Let Me Solo Her Ash Spirit in action

To access the mod by Garden Of Eyes, you’ll need to join their Patreon for $5 per month, granting you a powerful Summon Ash Spirit. For gameplay of Let Me Solo Her in action against Malenia without taking damage, visit their YouTube channel. Note that the mod is currently available only for PC, and the ash spirit may not match the original player’s prowess.

This concludes our guide on Let Me Solo Her, a legendary player making waves in the community. We hope this guide helps you create a build akin to the legendary hero and take on Malenia, the Blood of Miquella, in the Let Me Solo Her style.

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