Elden Ring: How To Summon Spirits [Complete Guide]

Become a ghost whisper and learn to communicate with Spirits.

One of the most valuable abilities in the game is to summon spirits to assist you in taking down these monsters and bosses. Knowing how to summon spirits in Elden Ring can make a massive difference in fights and help you progress through the game.

Key Takeaways
  • You can summon spirits by equipping Spirit Ashes into your Quick Slot and clicking them when available.
  • You must obtain Torrent for Melina in order to acquire the Spirit Summon Bell.
  • Go to the Church of Elleh and receive the Bell and Wolf Ashes from the Witch
  • Spirits can only be summoned when the symbol appears on the left side of your screen. 
  • They can not be summoned or used in multiplayer or co-op.
  • They require some amounts of Fp or Hp to be used.
  • You have to recharge at a site of grace after summoning a Spirit in order to call it again.

How To Summon Spirits 

Elden Ring How To Summon Spirits
How To Summon Spirits- Image Captured by us

Summoning Spirits in Elden Ring is going to be quite simple. However, there are a few things that you need to acquire and set up beforehand. The first thing you will require is a spirit-calling bell. Now a spirit-calling bell will be essential to summoning these ghostly helpers.

Since Elden Ring is an open-world game you might have found spirit ashes and are unable to use them. That’s because without a bell, you can not call upon them. There are a few things you need to know about summoning spirits such as areas where you can call them. You also need to know the spirit summoning button in Elden Ring to call spirits.

You can not Summon Ghost Spirits twice in Elden Ring at one time. Spirits will also be unavailable in multiplayer or Co-Op games. Once you have summoned a Spirit, you need to sit at a site of grace to summon them again. Summoning a ghost in Elden Ring will also require some fp or hp. You can also get rid of the spirit you called by using the bell again

Acquire The Spirit Calling Bell

Acquiring The Spirit Calling Bell
Elden Ring Spirit Calling Bell – Image by eXputer

You can get the Bell from a ghostly witch sitting on a broken wall at the Church of Elleh. However, she does not appear until you have gotten Torrent from the Maiden Melina. To obtain the mystical horse and the ability to level up, you need to head to a site on grace. The closest one is near the Gate Front between the two stone Symbols on your map. 

Once you have acquired Torrent, you can make you’re way over to the church and approach the witch. After a few dialogues, the witch, Renna, asks if you are able to ride torrent. Once confirmed, she will hand you the Spirit Calling Bell and Wolf Ashes allowing you to Summon Wolves in Elden RIng. Both of these are amazing early-game items and will help you in fighting enemies and bosses considerably. 

You can also purchase the Spirit Calling Belling from a Vendor if you have missed it at the start of the game. If you wander too far away, Renna does despawn. So another way to get the bell is to buy it from a vendor at the Roundtable Hold.

Equipping The Spirits Ashes

Elden Ring Equip Spirit Ashes
Equip Spirit Ashes In Quick Slot – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Once you have your Bell and Wolves ready, all you have to do is place them in the quick items slots. For that, you can simply open your inventory and head to the quick slot menu. You can select whichever summon you want if you have multiple, or just select the wolves.

With that, you are all set to Summon Ash Spirits in Elden Ring. Just press the Spirit Summon button in Elden Ring to call on your helpers. Once you are in an area where you are able to call spirits, press the button to summon Spirit Wolves in Elden Ring.

Areas Where You Can Call Spirits

How To Summon Spirit Symbol Elden Ring
Elden Ring Spirit Summoning Symbol- Screenshot Captured by eXputer

The last thing you need to know about Summoning Ghosts in Elden Ring is where to call them. Spirits are not available for free use and can not be used when farming easy-to-kill enemies. However, they are able to be used in areas with main bosses or tough high-level enemies in general. 

It might sound complicated, but the game has made it quite simple to know when you can summon ash Spirits. Whenever you enter an area where there is a tough boss, a symbol will pop up on the left side of your screen. The Symbol indicates that you can summon spirits in the area; it can also make you aware of a threat in the area. 

If you move out of the area and the symbols disappear from the left side of your screen, your summoned spirit will despawn as well.

Uses of Spirits

Elden Ring Spirits Tank
Spirits Tanking Damage- Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Spirits are friendly ghost-like creatures that come in all shapes and sizes and help you out in taking down enemies. They can deal heavy amounts of damage or can tank incoming damage from enemies. They can turn any boss fight in your favor, and you will need them. Without them, the game is going to be quite challenging.  You can Summon Wolves in Elden Ring to attack the enemy and also protect yourself. 

Spirits are quite useful and will help you out in a fight a lot

  • The obvious one is that they deal damage to the enemies. 
  • They can protect you by taking incoming damage
  • They also distract the enemy and take the heat off you.
  • Allow you to heal while they fight for you.  

What are Spirit Ashes

Ashen Spirits Elden Ring
Elden Ring Spirit Ashes – [Image credit: eXputer]
There are many different Spirit Ashes in the game, and these are basically the Spirits that you can summon. The Summoned ash Spirits in Elden Ring can range from just one spirit or even 5 depending on the summon you are using. They deal damage in percentages, and some deal more damage than others.

There are even legendary Spirit Ashes in the Game that you can acquire. They can also be upgraded further and made stronger. The more you upgrade, the more powerful the summoned Spirit will become. Different Spirits do different things and vary in range, damage, or health. So you must pick the right Spirit according to the situation to aid you in taking down the enemy. 

Final Words

Once you have learned how to summon ash spirits in Elden Ring, you progress easily in your adventures. If you want to change the stats of a character, you can check out our how-to respec Guide. You can also learn how to unlock and do gestures in Edlen Ring to have fun in Multiplayer. Also, check out what are the best classes and Best shields for you in Elden Ring. 

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