Elden Ring: How to Beat Malenia [Cheese Method]

Our Elden Ring Malenia Cheese Method strategy guide lists the top two ways to cheese and beat Malenia very easily in the game.

Elden Ring features a slew of overpowered bosses that will punish you painfully for the slightest mistakes. One of the toughest encounters in the game is with Malenia, a Legend-type demigod boss that’ll give you a run for your life. This guide will show you two of the best cheese methods to beat Malenia, Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring.

Key Highlights

  • Mimic Tear allows you to create an identical twin of yourself with all of your abilities. Since Malenia attacks too quickly, barely giving us any chance to launch a counterattack, the distraction in the form of our spirit is vital and profound in defeating her for good.
  • One of the best ways to defeat Malenia is to keep spamming her with a barrage of attacks, so she is not able to use her heavy attacks against you. 
  • For Frost Focused Build, you’ll need Hoarfrost stomp, a talisman in line with the build, and Mimic Tear. When the fight begins, use Mimic Tear and let your spirit attack first. Then you and your spirit frost-stamp her and attack simultaneously not giving her enough time to react.
  • For Bleed Focused Build, you’ll need Mimic Tear, Swarm of Flies Incantation, and Dragon Communion Seal. Use Mimic Tear and cast the incantation. Launch a series of attacks when getting the chance.
  • For the Second Phase of Malenia, the same ingredients as stated above will be used to defeat her second phase as well. The only difference is you have to be mindful of her Scarlet Aeonia by moving quickly toward her or to the right.

If you’ve not reached Malenia boss yet in Elden Ring, then watch our complete walkthrough video and reach Haligtree’s secret location in the game.

Cheese Method For Malenia Blade of Miquella

Malenia cheese guide
Malenia, one of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring

Many players face immense difficulties in beating Malenia and stay stuck on her for a long time. For this reason, we’ve compiled this cheese method for Malenia, Blade of Miquella, you’ll also be able to best her second form using the techniques we tell you.

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Use Mimic Tear

mimic tear Elden Ring
mimic tear– reflects your own build

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There are a lot of Ashen Remains available for you in Elden Ring, but the ‘Mimic Tear’ allows you to summon an identical twin of your own. When summoned, your mimic tear would have all of the same spells, armor set, and weaponry as your Tarnished character.

Moreover, your twin even has its own flasks, which means it can stay alive for longer periods. You do not require any FP to summon your mimic tear; rather it uses a part of health. Mimic tears will benefit you greatly in your fight against Malenia as she is very fast, and at times, you’ll require her to look the other way to get in an attack. Plus, the strategies we’re going to lay out require you to use mimic tears in your fight. It is highly recommended that you upgrade your mimic tear to level 9 or 10 before initiating this fight.

Mimic Tear Location

Elden Ring Malenia Cheese Method
Mimic Tear Location

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Getting your hands on the Mimic tear is no easy feat; you have to access the Night’s Sacred Ground sight of grace in Nokron, Eternal City. To reach the city, you’ll have to beat the mighty Starscourge Radhan, a formidable opponent that will take some hours away from your life.

After beating Radhan and gaining access to Nokron, proceed with your way, and at one point, you’ll have to fight the mimic tear itself, which is a clone of your tarnished. After beating this boss, proceed until you reach the Ancestral Woods sight of grace. Continue with your journey and after you reach a rooftop courtyard, head eastwards across another ledge, then go through a window into the chapel. Unlock the chapel wall and kill an enemy to reach the Mimic Tears chest.

Stagger Malenia

malenia stagger
Katanas or Heavy Weapons to Stagger Malenia

Probably the most apparent weakness that Malenia has, is that she can be staggered relatively easily by hitting her. She has some powerful attacks up her sleeves that can drop your health down to zero in a matter of seconds.

The best scenario in this Elden Ring Malenia cheese method would be to keep spamming her with attacks so that she won’t be able to use any of her one-shot attacks on you. Ideally, you could use a heavy-strength weapon such as an axe or a greatsword build that would help in staggering her. Now, there are two types of builds that you can use to inflict maximum damage on her. You can either go for a Frost build or a Bleed-focused build as she’s more susceptible to your attacks with these. We’ll explain both builds in detail for you.

Frost-Focused Build Against Malenia

frost build Malenia cheese method
Hoarfrost stomp

This build would help you a lot to stagger Malenia and close the gap with an attack or two. First, you’ll need the Hoarfrost stomp Ash of War. It will provide you with the Cold Affinity and Hoarfrost stomp skill. You need to equip the Hoarfrost stomp with your weapon of choice, keeping in mind that frost scales with intellect. You can use any talismans that you see fit according to your build.

Now when the fight begins, you need to summon your mimic tear and let it attack before you. Bear in mind that Melanie heals whenever she lands an attack on you. The trick here is to inflict maximum frost damage on her so that she can be staggered, both you and your clone would have to frost stomp her and then attack simultaneously, not allowing her to react.

If you could get her into a corner, that’s even better; hoarfrost her at the same time also does a lot of damage and stuns her. So, you basically have to keep on making this and attack whenever you get a chance, and her health should be down relatively quickly.

Hoarfrost Stomp Location

You can find this Ash of War southeast of Caria Manor in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. You’ll have to kill an invisible scarab found roaming in a shallow water body. It drops that Hoardfrost stomp ash of war upon its death. Getting this Ash of War will allow you to stomp frost status effect easily on the boss and hence you’d be able to execute our Elden Ring Malenia cheese method. Read Hoarfrost Stomp Location guide.

Bleed-Focused Build

bleed build Malenia cheese method
Swarm of Flies

For our second cheese strategy for Malenia, Blade of Miquella, you’re going to need the ‘Swarm of Flies’ incantation. The incantation allows you to release a swarm of blood flies to assault your enemies. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your build, you can also use weapons that do bleed damage.

We recommend using the Dragon Communion seal as it scales along with faith and arcane, and would be useful for your swarm of flies incantation. So overall, we’ve got a lot of bleed build-up, not just because of the damage but also due to the effectiveness of the stun that it lands on Melania.

The strategy is almost the same, summon your mimic tear and, start casting the swarm of flies incantation, add in some attacks whenever you see a gap. The best thing about this incantation is that it can follow Melania around and can even stun her during her powerful one-shot attack, which she uses to heal a great deal as well. Keep spamming the incantation as often as possible, attack her when you get the chance, and keep a lookout on your arcane. You should be able to get her down in no time.

Swarm of Flies Location

The Swarm of Flies incantation can be found on a corpse along the east side of the Mohgwyn Palace blood marsh, in the Northern direction of the Palace Approach Ledge-Road grace site. Mohgwyn Palace is a region beneath Caelid that can be accessed by using the Pureblood Knight’s Medal given by White-faced Varre or through a portal in the North of the Consecrated grounds.

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Malenia’s Second Phase

Second Phase Malenia
Malenia, Goddess of Rot

After you’ve dealt with Melania’s first phase, she transforms into her second phase, known as the Goddess of Rot. You can deal with this phase in a similar manner as described above, but you’ll have to be mindful of her Scarlet Aeonia move when she jumps and can inflict you with a devastating amount of Scarlet Rot.

This move can be dodged by running towards her and moving rightwards, she’ll try to come after you but you’ll have to keep on moving to dodge her attack successfully. In the rest of the fight, you can use your Hoarfrost stomp or Swarm of Flies accordingly, and with the help of your Mimic Tear, attack her when possible.

Additionally, you can use a multitude of ranged weapons or spells after her Scarlet Aeonia attack, as she is unable to move for a few seconds after landing it. Moreover, do not forget to heal; you need to constantly keep on healing as some of her attacks are very strong and can easily catch you off guard. Follow these strategies and you should also be able to beat her second phase with minimum effort.

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Who is Malenia?

blade of miquella
Malenia- in the Battlefield

 Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is an optional boss in Elden Ring. Malenia was the sister and bodyguard of her brother, the demigod Miquella. Widely known as the most powerful of all Empyreans, she is one of the game’s strongest bosses. She wields a prosthetic arm and leg and is responsible for the spreading of Scarlet Rot in the Caelid Region.

Malenia Location

Malenia is located in the Consecrated Snowfield area, which you can only access after you’ve progressed to a certain point in the game. You’ll have to beat Morgott first, as you need access to the Mountaintop of Giants region, the consecrated snowfield lies in the lower plains of this area. In order to get to Malenia, you would require the left and right parts of the Haligtree Secret medallion.

The Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) is located in the southern part of the Liurnia region, where you can easily get it by visiting the Village of Albinaurics. Getting the Haligtree Secret Medallion(left) is a bit tricky, as it is located in Castle Sol, in the Mountaintop of Giants, which is a pretty difficult area to clear. Moreover, you’ll need to fight Commander Niall to get access to the medallion, which does not make things any easier.

Upon finding both pieces of the medallion, go straight to the Grand Lift of Rold and hoist your medallion. Open the magical barrier after passing through Ordina and the light of the four fires. You will now reach Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, where you can go toe-to-toe with Malenia.

FromSoftware’s newest entry, Elden Ring, promises all the thrill of their infamous SoulsBorne series, this time with a more enhanced open-world experience. People would expect that bosses might’ve been a bit easier to tackle this time around due to the wide variety of enemies in the game, this assumption could not be farther from the truth. Following in the footsteps of previous FromSoft games, 

And with that, we conclude our guide for best cheese methods to beat Malenia, Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring. Make good use of your Mimic Tear, and choose the build that suits you best for this fight. Always remember to dodge her attacks and heal properly. Follow these steps, and you’ll get this fight over in no time!

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