Elden Ring Fire’s Deadly Sin Location & Tips

Our Elden Ring Fire's Deadly Sin Location guide entails how to get your hands on this infamous pyromancy incantation in the game.

The lowely tarnished in Elden Ring have a wide variety of weapons, spells, and incantations at disposal to devastate enemies and bosses in the game. While you can pretty much pick any playstyle and create some of the best builds in the game, there are a few incantations that are too overpowered and require special attention especially if you’re running a Pyromancy build in the game. Our Elden Ring Fire’s Deadly Sin location guide entails how to acquire this infamous yet powerful fire spell in the game. 

Key Highlights
  • The Fire’s Deadly Sin in Elden Ring is a huge magical spell that can cause terror even among giant monsters because of its powerful nature of burning the enemy.
  • Fire’s Deadly Sin is located in Windmill Heights. Collect the Fighting Bird Paintings from West Capital Rampart for revealing the location.
  • In order to get there, Travel to the Windmill village which will automatically lead you to the Fire’s Deadly Sin sitting in the shape of a ghost.
  • You are required to defeat the Godskin Apostle boss for getting to the Windmill Village.

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How To Find Fire’s Deadly Sin Incantation In Elden Ring

There are certain requirements to have this incantation, and collecting the Flightless Bird paintings is the first one you need to meet to acquire the magical spell Fire’s Deadly Sin. Below is the step-by-step guide we have entailed for you to collect Flightless Bird painting.

Flightless Bird Painting Puzzle Hinting The Location 

First, the player has to mark West Capital Rampart on the map and travel there. After getting there, he will find himself in the center of huge buildings. There he has to find the right building in which the painting is located. I am giving a picture below of that building to make it easy.

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Fire's Deadly Sin
Flightless Bird Painting on map.

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Simply player has to run into the building on his right side. There will be two doors he has to enter in the second one. As he will enter it, he will find two doors again at very little distance there he has to turn to the left in a congested way at the end on the corner side is another door of a room where the painting is located get in and grab the picture. Check the pictures below for a guide.

This is one of seven paintings featured in the game. These are ancient works of art, and these paintings depict the location of some reward, item, ranged weapon or melee weapon, or spell. Here this painting reveals the location of Fire’s Deadly Sin. Now that we have collected the Flightless Bird painting. We Should travel towards the location of the Fire’s Deadly Sin.

Fire's Deadly Sin
This is the building right in front of the player’s head 
Fire's Deadly Sin
These are two doors enter into the second one
Fire's Deadly Sin
This place has the door of the room where painting Is located
Fire's Deadly Sin
There is the painting

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Reaching Windmill Heights For Fire’s Deadly Sin

Fire’s Deadly Sin is located in Windmill Heights in the Altus Plateau zone, so if you haven’t unlocked the Royal Capital place, then do it first. Windmill Heights is a high geographical area located in Windmill Village.

First thing first, we have to mark on Windmill Village and travel there on your horse Torrent. When we reach the Windmill Village, there will be a crossroad where the player has to turn after. You can find the picture below of it for guidance. This will lead him to the Site of Grace, and then there will be a way made up like stairs which player has to go.

On your way to the Fire’s Deadly Sin, players will come across the witches dancing and making weird sounds that players will need to ignore and concentrate on a journey through the hilly area by faded stairs to the top where tall and beautiful windmills are built perhaps the name of the village is given after them.

On top of the mountainous, hilly area, there is the old broken house on its right and your left side at the edge of the cliff. We will find the incantation named Fire’s Deadly Sin. In the shape of a ghost of the author sitting on the chair. 

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Fire's Deadly Sin
Mark Windmill Village on map
Fire's Deadly Sin
Crossroad at Windmill Village on map
Fire's Deadly Sin
Grace and way which will lead to the Fire’s Deadly Sin
Fire's Deadly Sin
Hilly area and Windmills
Fire's Deadly Sin
Witches dancing and making a weird sound on the way towards Fire’s Deadly Sin 
Fire's Deadly Sin
This is the exact place where Fire’s Deadly Sin is located On the west side of that old house
Fire's Deadly Sin
Fire’s Deadly Sin Grab It

If you are unable to reach the area of grace in Windmill Village. That means you haven’t defeated the Godskin Apostle so do it to activate it. Or if a player has required NPCs. Meaning he has come across many residents who provide information and give quests. Then he can reach and acquire just the Fire’s Deadly Sin.

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Fire’s Deadly Sin is a dynamic and mighty incantation that can cause terror even among giant monsters because of its powerful nature of burning the enemy and converting them into ashes. However, every great thing comes at a cost, and Fire’s Deadly Sin is no exception. While using the fire of this unique incantation against the enemy player can cause some damage to himself. It’s better if he carries the healing material with him. 

The Fire’s Deadly Sin is a spell or incantation which is ancient in origin; however, this is a unique reward that will enable us to suppress the powerful enemy way larger than us. This spell doesn’t require huge effort to acquire but we have made it very easier than it already is by writing this guide. Additionally, the guide contains extra knowledge about elements of pictures and incantation, which will enhance players’ understanding of the game. This incantation has one negative aspect also. It covers the player in flames when he uses it; however, its benefits are greater as compared to its only downfall; hence it is fun to utilize it.

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