Elden Ring Jerren Quest And Location Walkthrough

Our Elden Ring Jerren Quest and Location guide entails Jerren NPC and choices you can make and the rewards associated with them.

Elden Ring has amazing questlines that are well thought out and meticulous, and Jerren Quest is one of them. This, and other quests in Elden Ring give amazing rewards in the form of Armor Sets and other valuable items. Our guide today will discuss how you can find and complete the Elden Ring Jerren Quest and Location.

Key Highlights

  • Jerren and Sorceress Sellen’s questline are one and the same and the completion of one’s character arc leads to the completion of the other as well. The rewards for the questline vary depending on whose side was taken during the questline.
  • Begin this quest by heading to Waypoint Ruins and meeting with Sellen. Exhaust her dialogue and accept her offer to make you her apprentice. For the rest of the quest, the player will be running a couple of errands for her.
  • The first task assigned to the player is meeting with Primeval Sorcessor Azur. He can be found north of Hermit Village on Mt. Gelmir. Azur will give the player Comet Azur sorcery upon interaction.
  • Next, the player will have to meet Master Lusat, who is locked behind a special magic seal in Sellia Hideaway in Caelid. Both the entrance to the cave and the door are locked behind magic seals. Upon interaction with Lusat, the player will receive sorcery Stars of Ruin.
  • For her third task, Sellen will ask the player to locate her real body which is in Witchbane Ruins, found near the Fourth Church of Marika.
  • Interact with Sellen in Witchbane Ruins to receive Sellen’s Primal Glintstone.
  • Now travel to Three Sisters and just near Ranni’s Rise there are ruins with an Illusory Floor. Breakthrough the Illusory Floor and descend into the ruins.
  • In the ruins, there is another illusory wall behind the message “Do not Touch”. Hitting the wall will reveal another area where the player can find a duplicate doll of Sellen. Interact with it and insert the Primal Glintstone to bring Sellen to life.
  • Now the players will have to defeat Starscrouge Radahn and meet with Jerran in Redmane Castle.
  • Now defeat Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon, found in Raya Lucaria Academy. After she is defeated the players will find two summon signs right outside the entrance of her arena. One is for siding with Sellen and the other is for siding with Jerren,
  • If the player sides with Sellen, he will be rewarded with the Eccentric Set. Interacting with Sellen afterward will also grant the player Glintstone Kris and Shard Spiral sorcery.
  • After reloading the area, Sellen will have transformed into an abomination but will still be interactable for buying different sorceries.
  • If sided with Jerren, players will receive Witch’s Glintstone Crown and Sellen’s Bell Bearing. Interact with Jerren outside the Grand Library to receive the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Elden Ring Jerren Quest and Location

Jerren Quest Elden Ring
Jerren – Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Jerren Quest and Location is a crucial part of the Sellen questline. In this quest, you are required to perform a series of steps. These steps when completed give you some rare in the form of weapons. You can learn more about these weapons in our Elden Ring Weapon Tier List.

You can get different rewards depending on the choices you make. These choices will dictate how the quest will end and what type of rewards will you receive. But before you can find the Elden Ring Jerren Quest and Location, you will have to complete a series of steps which include;

Traveling To Waypoint Ruins & Meeting Sellen

Waypoiint Ruins- Jerren Elden Ring
Waypoint Ruins

You can start your journey either from Agheel Lake North or South. From there you will have to make your way to the Waypoint Ruins. This journey consists of a simple path without any enemies or other obstacles. Once you reach the Waypoint Ruins, you will have to locate a Staircase that will take you to the basement.

Waypoint Ruins Basement- Jerren Elden Ring
Waypoint Ruins Basement

Once you make your way down these stairs, you will come across a path that is being blocked by mist.

Basement Entrance - Jerren Elden Ring
Basement Entrance

Making your way through this mist will trigger a fight with an enemy.

Basement Enemy- Jerren Elden Ring
Basement Enemy

After you have defeated him, you will be able to make further progress. There will be a door located there that can easily be opened. Behind this door is Sellen the Sorcerer who you can talk with to start the quest.

Sellen - Elden Ring
Sellen the Sorcerer

Sellen is a merchant who you can buy some unique items from. You can also find other merchants in the game by reading our Elden Ring Merchant Location guide. For the remainder of the quest, Sellen will be your teacher and will give you a series of quests to complete. These quests will take you one step closer to finding the Elden Ring Jerren Quest and Location.

Talk To Azur In Seethwater Terminus 

The first quest will require you to travel to Seethwater Terminus and find Azur. This journey will require you to travel through the guest hall and go through the Craftman’s Shack and Hermit Village. Once you have gone through these areas, you will reach the Primeval Sorcerer Azur.

Seethwater Terminus- Jerren Quest Elden Ring
Seethwater Terminus

You will have to make your way through an open field while avoiding enemies until you come across a series of rock formations.

Rock Formations in Seethwater
Seethwater Rock Formations

From there, you will keep going straight and through an area surrounded by lava. Crossing this area will lead you to an opening surrounded by tombs. You will then have to move through this terrain until you reach Hermit Village. Consider reading our Elden Ring Village Of The Albinaurics guide.

Passageway to Azur
Hermit Village

After reaching Hermit Village, you have to move across a rugged path to the area where Azur will be waiting for you.

Azur Quest 1
Azur – Elden Ring

Once you interact with Glintstone, he will give you the Comet Azur. You will have to take this back to Sellen to progress in the questline and find the Elden Ring Jerren Quest and Location.

Item for first quest
Comet Azur

Locating Master Lusat

After Talking to Sellen the Sorcerer, your next task will be to locate Master Lusat. She will also hand you the Sellian Sealbreaker which will be needed to complete this part of the quest.

Progress item for 2nd quest
Sellian Sealbreaker

To find Master Lusat, you will have to start your journey at Fort Faroth.

2nd quest passageway
Fort Faroth

Once you are there, you will make your way through rugged terrain and jump down a cliff to reach Caelid.

Lusat location

Caelid also has some hidden fragments which you can find by going through our Elden Ring Caelid Map Fragments Location guide. Continuing your journey through Caelid, you eventually reach a graveyard. In this graveyard, there will be a large tombstone.

Tombstone hiding the wall
Lusat Location Indicator

Behind this tombstone will be an illusory wall that will take you to the Sellia Hideaway.

Illusory wall hiding a lusat
Illusory Wall

The Sellia Hideaway will consist of a narrow cave that you will have to traverse until you reach a diamond bridge. Running across this bridge and traveling straight on this path will take you to the end of the cave. Here, you will see a prison door that will be guarded by an enemy.

Lusat Prison Guard

After defeating this enemy, you will make your way to this door and use the key given to you by Sellen. This will reveal another cave where Master Lusat will be located.

2nd quest objective
Master Lusat

After interacting with Master Lusat, you will be given the Stars of Ruin that you will have to take back to Sellen. This will take you one step closer to finding the Elden Ring Jerren Quest and Location.

Completing 2nd quest
Stars of Ruin

Finding Sellen’s Body

After talking to Sellen and handing her the Stars of Ruin, she will give you the Starlight Shards as a reward.

2nd quest reward
Starlight Shards

She will also ask you to locate her body. Continuing the dialog will reveal that her body is located in the Witchbane Ruins next to the Fourth Church of Marika. Consider reading our Elden Ring Church of Inhibition Location guide.

3rd quest main interest point
Witchbane Ruins

This will be a long journey that will require you to travel through Agheel Lake South and make your way to the Bridge of Sacrifice. Then you will have to move through the South of the Lookout Tower until you get to the Church of Marika. After making your way to the Witchbane Ruins, you will have to locate a staircase that will lead you to the basement.

stairs leading to Sellens body
Ruin Basement Staircase

You will then have to do down these steps until you get to the door. Behind this door, you will find Sellen’s prone body shackled to the wall.

Sellens Body - 3rd quest
Sellen’s Body

Interacting with her will give you Sellen’s Primal Glintstone. This stone will take you to the next part of the quest which will help locate Elden Ring Jellen Quest and Location.

Sellen’s Primal Glintstone

Searching Secret Puppet Room Near Ranni’s Rise

The next step of this questline will require you to travel to Ranni’s Rise and locate the Secret Puppet Room.

4th quest start point
Ranni‘s Rise

Once you have made your way to the location, you will have to leave the building and travel to the ruins outside Ranni’s Rise. Here, you will encounter an enemy which you will have to defeat to make further progress. After killing the enemy, you will have to attack the ground to uncover the secret passage behind it.

secret passge
Puppet Room Secret Passage

Making your way down these stairs, you will come across a room that is filled with all sorts of puppets. You will then have to walk to the corner of the room and attack a wall that will reveal another secret room behind it.

Secret Room
Secret Room where the Puppet is Hidden

In this room, you will find the Secret Puppet, and interacting with it will return Sellen to life.

4th quest main objective
Secret Puppet

Defeating Radahn and Locating Jerren

In this step, you will find the Elden Ring Jerren Quest and Location. Before you can start this part of the quest, you will have to defeat General Radahn.

Radhan fight
General Radahn Boss Fight

If you are having difficulty defeating Radahn, you can check out our Radahn Cheese method guide to get help. Afterward, you will have to make your way to the Chamber Outside the Plaza in the Redmane castle.

Jerren Location Elden Ring
Redmane Castle

Traversing this area of the castle, you will have to follow a simple path until you locate Jerren. After your interaction with Jerren ends, he will go to the Witchbane Ruins where you found Sellen’s Body.

Jerren Quest Elden Ring
Jerren at Witchbane Ruins

Deciding Between Sellen Or Jerren

Here lies the part where you would have to decide between helping out Jerren or Serren. For both choices, you would first have to make your way to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library. Also read our Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set Location guide.

Final Jerren Quest Elden ring starting point
Raya Lucaria Grand Library
Final Battle Location Jerren Quest
Academy of Raya Lucaria

When inside, you will run through a pathway until you reach an open area. Here you will be able to choose between helping either Sellen or Jerren.

Helping Sellen

If you decide to help Sellen, you will be teleported back to the Academy of Raya Lucaria. A battle will commence between Sellen and Jerren where you can help Serren kill Jerren.

Battle 1 Jerren Quest Elden Ring
Selllen Killing Jerren
Rewards Received For Killing Jerren

Once Jerren is dead, you will get the Eccentric Set.

first scenario reward 1 Jerren Quest Elden Ring
Eccentric Set Reward

You will now be able to interact with Sellen who will give you the Glintstone Kris.

Scenario 1 second reward Jerren Quest Elden Ring
Glintstone Kris Reward

Additionally, you will also unlock the Shard Spiral and it will be purchasable from Sellen’s Shop. You will also be able to find the Azur and Lusat Glintstone Sets at the locations where you initially found them.

Helping Jerren

If you choose to side with Jerren, you will again be teleported back to the Academy of Raya Lucaria. However, this time when you battle between Sellen and Jerren begins, you will help Jerren to kill Sellen.

2nd scenario outcome Jerren Quest Elden Ring
Jerren Killing Sellen
Rewards Obtained By Killing Sellen

After killing Sellen, you will get the Rune Arc as a reward.

Scenario 2 reward Jerren Quest Elden Ring
Rune Arc Reward

You will also get other items including the Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Sellen’s Bell Bearing, and the Witch’s Glintstone Crown.

This concludes our guide on how you can find the Elden Ring Jerren Quest and Location. The end choice is completely in your hand and it will have an impact on the rewards you get at the end. If you found this guide helpful, you can also read about how you find the Elden Ring Castle Sol Location. Let us know what you thought about this guide in the comments below!

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