Elden Ring: The Garden Of Eyes Mod Gives The Game A Solid Makeover

The developers have recently showcased some alluring weapons on YouTube.

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring took the world by storm after releasing during the early months of last year. The amalgamation of the Souls-like formula with an open-world approach has newly redefined the genre. The innovative title has sold like hotcakes all over the globe and eventually bagged the Game of the Year 2022 award.

Players have spent countless hours into the entry, and the latest anticipated coliseums update that enabled multiplayer PvP has already proven to be quite a hit sensation. Elden Ring fans are inherently still seeking more content to consume as they wait for more DLCs, and fan-made mods have filled that gap for the community.

A unique massive mod is making rounds in the Elden Ring community, which adds a slew of new content to extinguish the thirst of the community. “The Garden of Eyes Overhaul Mod” might just be the substitute for the DLC content we are seeking to add to the title. 

Major Takeaway

  • The prominent Elden Ring modders, the Garden of Eyes developers, have created a new mod that could possibly supersede an official DLC with its enormous size and additional content that integrates into the title.
  • The Garden of Eyes Overhaul Mod adds a slew of content including, new armors, bosses, horse mounts, weapons, movesets, and much more to explore.
  • The developers have created a YouTube playlist to publish previews of the mod, with the latest video showcasing the weapons available to the players.
  • The mod is locked behind a paywall on the developers’ Patreon page and is made accessible by subscribing for 5 dollars a month.

After waiting for a major Elden Ring DLC for a long time, the team at the Garden of Eyes has taken it upon itself to create a mod that can substitute as a DLC for the title. It adds to an already extensive experience by adding custom-made weapons, armor, mounts, and the like to expand the entry anew.

If you are one of the players that have mastered the existing bosses in Elden Ring, then this mod may be right up your alley with its assortment of new challenging bosses. The Garden of Eyes developers have described the mod in the following words:

This mod aims to completely change the Elden Ring experience, by adding completely new custom-made weapons, brand new armors from previous games, new bossfights, horse mounts, talismans, gun parrying, and so much more! It currently has over 20 new and restored weapons, and more than 30 brand new armor sets, custom horses, a Halloween overhaul, and many things coming soon!,” wrote the Garden of Eyes team on Patreon.

The developers have also been keeping the community updated by creating a YouTube playlist to feature previews of the mod. A recent video by Garden of Eyes showcases various weapons featured in the mod, with many overloaded with eye-catching visual effects, mesmerizing movesets, and gorgeous designs.

YouTube video

The video reveals all the flashy weapons we can expect to stumble upon after installing the mod. The fans have demonstrated a favorable reception of the attractive weapons. Moreover, the other videos dive into additional aspects of Elden Ring’s Garden of Eyes Overhaul Mod. 

The Garden of Eyes Overhaul Mod is locked behind a paywall in the team’s Patreon account. In other words, the mod is not free and cannot be downloaded without subscribing to 5 dollars monthly deal at least. Subscribing will allow access to the team’s exclusive “Elden Ring Mod Launcher” and the rest of the alluring mods.

Considering the amount of new content that the Garden of Eyes Overhaul Mod adds to Elden Ring, it might be the bang for the buck. We suggest visiting the page to explore the other works of the team and also learn more about the enormous Elden Ring mod. 

Whether the mod serves as an unofficial DLC for Elden Ring is up to you to decide. Nevertheless, it is nice to see modders creating custom content to keep the game rejuvenated until developers take the mantle.

What are your thoughts about the new massive Elden Ring mod serving as a whole DLC pack for gamers craving an official DLC? Do you think the mod, with its flamboyant weapons, will disrupt the established balance of the game? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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