Elden Ring Lanya’s Location [Diallos’ Questline]

My Elden Ring Lanya Location guide will showcase the location where Lanya is present as well as the entire Diallos questline!

Elden Ring is littered with NPC questlines that have players interacting with opponents, killers, different NPCs, and endearing quests that have them hooked. One of these questlines is Diallos’ questline, which makes players search for Elden Ring Lanya Location, my guide will give an in-depth walkthrough of how they can find her and finish the questline! 

Important: In order to find Lanya, players need to take part in the entire Diallos’ questline and find her in Academy Gate Town. 

Key Takeaways
  • Lanya, Diallos’ servant, linked to Diallos’ NPC questline.
  • Steps to find Lanya:
    1. Meet Diallos in Roundtable Hold.
    2. Discover Lanya post-meeting.
    3. Witness Diallos mourning at Academy Town Gate over Lanya’s death.
    4. Reunite with Diallos at Roundtable Hold for continuation.
    5. Seek shelter at Volcano Manor, complete two quests; later, find Diallos in Jarburg and a ruined home.

Note: Diallos meets his demise during the questline; rewards include Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Numen’s Rune, Diallos’ Mask from Jarburg.

Meeting Diallos 

In my experience the first things players need to do whenever they’re planning to search for Elden Ring Lanya Location is to start the questline tied to the Diallos Hoslow NPC. The questline itself is pretty lengthy.

  • The first objective players must do is to make their way to the Roundtable Hold. 
ER Table Of Lost Grace
Table Of Lost Grace
  • To do that, all players need to do is open up their map, and on it, they should be able to see the Table of Lost Grace icon lingering over in the bottom left corner. Go ahead and teleport there.
ER Roundtable Hold Text
Roundtable Hold Text
  • Upon teleporting there, you should be met with a title onscreen that says “Roundtable Hold,” indicating that you have arrived at the correct location. 
  • From here, players should be standing before a round table, hence the name. 
ER Pan Camera To Left
Pan Camera To Left
  • Pan your camera to the left, and you want to run around the table and start heading for the NPC, standing a bit further ahead. 
ER NPC On Stool
NPC On Stool
  • Cross the NPC sitting on a stool, and a few feet away, you should be able to see the subject.

Interacting With Diallos 

Once you’re closer to him, you should be able to interact with him, and he introduces himself and says that you’re pretty new here. 

ER Lanya
  • After chit-chatting for a bit, he asks you whether you’ve seen a young woman named Lanya while traveling across the lands or not. 
ER Servant
  • He goes on to say that she’s his servant, and while she’s strong, she can tend to disappear quite easily, which makes it quite difficult to handle her. 
  • From here, he asks you to tell him if you find her. 

Tracking Down Lanya’s Location

Moving on, the next step that I recommend is to attempt to track down Lanya, wherever she may be. 

ER Academy Gate Town
Academy Gate Town
  • Open up your map, and on it, you should be able to see the location of Academy Gate Town. This is where players want to head since it gives the next leads to completing the quest line. 
  • Go ahead and teleport to the Academy Gate Town; from other, you want to start your journey. 
ER Starting Point
Starting Point
  • From your point of teleporting, pan your camera a bit to the right and start heading forward. 
  • Climb up the bricks, and you see Diallos bent down and crying. 
ER Diallos Weeping
Diallos Weeping
  • Diallos can be heard calling out to Lanya, and he insists on Lanya answering her. Still, upon closer inspection, it can be made pretty clear that Lanya has passed away and is no longer here. 
ER Corpse With Blood
Corpse With Blood
  • As you get closer to the body, the corpse lies flat on the ground, with blood splatters all around her. 
  • Turn towards Diallos, and interact with him. 
ER Talking To Diallos
Talking To Diallos
  • Once you do so, he can be heard being melancholic, and he asks the players to track down the killers of Lanya, who were despicable enough to lay hands on his servant. 

After this, players must interact with Diallos in a few other locations, all of which I’ll be discussing further on. 

Roundtable Meeting 

After finding Lanya’s body in her Locationthe next thing players need to do to move on with the questline is meet him in the Roundtable Hold again. 

  • Open your map, and hover to the bottom left corner towards the Table of Lost Grace again. 
ER Roundtable Hold
Roundtable Hold
  • Teleport to the Roundtable Hold, and you are brought back to the same place where you first met Diallos. 
ER Diallos Against Wall
Diallos Against Wall
  • He will be standing in the same location as last time, I suggest you run past the NPC that is still sitting on the stool, and Diallos is standing against a wall. 
ER Mount Gelmir
Mount Gelmir
  • Interacting with him reveals that he has been invited somewhere, and he talks about a hideout that is present on Mount Gelmir. 
ER Volcano Manor
Volcano Manor
  • Players are required to make their way over to the Volcano Manor, and Diallos’ main plan is to take revenge for hurting and being the cause of the murder of Lanya. 

Going To Volcano Manor 

After that, you want to head for the Volcano Manor, which can be seen on the map whenever players open their map.

ER Volcano Manor
Volcano Manor
  • Whenever you’re in the Manor, you should be in a dining hall, and players need to cross an NPC sitting on one of the chairs from the Dining hall, wearing armor and has a weapon he is handling. 
ER Dining Hall
Dining Hall
  • Crossing the armored NPC, players can find Diallos standing a few feet away from the NPC and will be standing against a wall and can be interacted with. 
  • As you interact with him, he tells you that the both of you can watch each other’s back, essentially protecting each other. 
ER Watching Each Other's Back
Watching Each Other’s Back
  • He then goes on to say that he thinks that revenge isn’t the best way to get back to the killer of Lanya and says that he won’t be a champion if he stays with the same mindset that he had when he was filled with grief about Lanya’s passing. 

After that has been done, players need to fully complete 2 Volcano Manor requests and then go meet Diallos once again. 

ER Going Back To The Same Place
Going Back To The Same Place
  • He will be found in the same place as before, standing against the wall. 
ER Diallos Standing
Diallos Standing
  • Interacting with Diallos will give you a sad lead on the entire Elden Ring Lanya Location questline. 
ER Diallos' Realisation Regarding Foolery
Diallos’ Realisation Regarding Foolery
  • He talks about how he was a fool for not realizing things sooner, and he continues to say that he hasn’t found anything worthwhile enough and has given up on revenge. 

Jarburg Area 

After finding him in the Volcano Manor area, the next area players need to advance towards is Jarburg. It can be spotted on your map and can be selected pretty easily. 

ER Jarburg
  • After teleporting to its site of grace, you should be able to see a building that is further in the front. 
ER Building Infront
Building Infront
  • Keep heading towards it, and there should be a flight of stairs that players can encounter with a jar that players can interact with it. 
ER Encountering A Jar
Encountering A Jar
  • Interacting with it makes it talk about Diallos, and he tells about how his mood was extremely off, and he seemed “down in the dumps.” 
  • Turn right around, and start heading down the cliff edge in front of the building. 
ER Cliff's Edge
Cliff’s Edge
  • Start heading further into the village, and you want to cross the first two shacks you encounter. 
  • A few feet away, another house should have broken walls.
  • Head inside, and you can find an NPC that seems on the brink of death with how he is lying down.
ER NPC On The Brink Of Death
NPC On The Brink Of Death
  • Getting a bit closer to the NPC reveals that he is none other than Diallos himself, and players can interact with him yet again. 
  • Talking to Diallos reveals that he has “left his path behind,” and he says that we have caught him being at his lowest.
ER Diallos Being At His Lowest Point
Diallos Being At His Lowest Point

The next time players meet Diallos, it is again in Jarburg, but this time, he will be dying

  • Head back to the Jarburg area, and then head down. 
ER Interacting With Jar The Second Time
Interacting With Jar for The Second Time
  • There will be a jar that you can interact with once again, and interacting with it makes it talk about how Diallos ended up fighting the poacher. 
  • After that, turn around, and start heading straight. 
  • Right on the ground, a bloodied body lies, almost dead.
ER Diallos Asking About Jars
Diallos Asking About Jars
  • Getting closer to it, players can see that it is Diallos, on the verge of death, and interacting with it makes it all the sadder, as he starts to ask about the safety of jars and if he defended them or not. 
  • Choose the correct option, which is obviously that he defended them (I cry), and he ends up dying after he says that he proved his worth. 

Ending Of Quest 

After this has been done, players are reaching the end of the Lanya questline, and now that Diallos is dead, players need to go back into the Jarburg area again. 

  • Reload the area, and players should head down from the site of grace. 
  • In the distance downhill, players should be able to see a jar standing right beside Diallos’ dead body. 
ER Tale Of House Hoslow
Tale Of House Hoslow
  • Interact with the Jar, and it just says the slogan “The tale of House Hoslow is told in blood,” which was a line repeatedly said by Diallos.
ER Diallos' Drops
Diallos’ Drops
  • Returning to the area, players can get their hands on Hoslow’s Petal Whip, alongside drops like Numen’s Rune and the Diallos’ Mask, which triggers the ending of the quest. 


That wraps up everything players need to know about Lanya and Diallos, and with that, my Elden Ring Lanya Location guide comes to an end, you might want to check out our Elden Ring Morning Star guide since it goes into details about where it might be located as well as its stats. In order to find and locate all of the Celestial Dew, players should read up on our Elden Ring Celestial Dew Locations guide!

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