Elden Ring: All Boc The Seamster NPC Locations 

Encounter poor Boc 6 times in unique locations before assigning him as your very own seamster!

Elden Ring is always riddled with different questlines, most of them entailing NPC questlines. Boc the seamster is one of the few NPCs who has one of the most endearing quests, and players might want to know where all the Elden Ring Boc Locations are present to find him easily! Boc is a seamster who is able to alter garments for players, and he can be found in a number of locations throughout the Lands Between.

Key Takeaways
  • Boc is a seamster who can allow players to have their garments altered by him.
  • Boc can be found in 6 areas, including the Agheel Lake North area, Coastal Cave, East Raya Lucaria Gate, Lake Facing Cliffs, Altus Highway Junction, and East Capital Rampart. 
  • He is part of a long quest line in which players are able to achieve different Elden Ring endings, and they also need to find his sewing needle.
  • In Agheel Lake North, players need to save Boc from permanently being a tree by finding a bush, hitting it, and breaking the spell to turn him back into a normal NPC. 
  • In the Coastal Cave area, players need to start heading from the shore into a cave, head deeper, and he can be found resting inside beside a Site of Grace. 
  • When you’re in the Lake Facing Cliffs location, players need to sit and rest at the Site of Grace until Boc appears. 
  • At the East Raya Lucaria Gate, stay at the Site of Grace for a bit until you are able to see Boc near you, and then he can be interacted with. 
  • In the Altus Highway Junction location as well, players need to rest at the site. 
  • The same can be said for the East Capital Rampart, and he should appear on his own without the players needing to do anything except for resting.  

Agheel Lake North 

One of the first locations where players are able to encounter Boc is in the Agheel Lake North Area. This is going to be the start of his main questline, which is incredibly long and tedious but has a rather split ending. 

ER Agheel Lake North
Agheel Lake North
  • Open up your map so that players are able to locate the Agheel Lake North area that is present on their map. 
ER Ruins
  • From the Site of Grace located here, turn right around from the ruins infront of you. 
  • After that, you want to start heading straight until you are able to hear a voice call out to you, saying whether you’re able to hear it or not. 
ER Voice Calling Out
Voice Calling Out
  • Besides a few animals, there should be a small bush that you are able to interact with. 
ER Bush By The Animals
Bush By The Animals
  • Get closer to it, and attack it, which causes it to break the spell, and the tree converts to an NPC. 
ER Interacting With The NPC
Interacting With The NPC
  • Get close to the NPC, and he will ask what you did that for, and you should be able to interact with the NPC.

Coastal Cave Area

ER Coastal Cave
Coastal Cave

After interacting with him in Agheel Lake North, Boc also mentions the coastal cave, which just so happens to be another one of Boc Locations

  • Open up your map, and located towards the western Limgrave area, players should be able to locate the Coastal Cave area. 
  • From the shore, players want to pan their cameras toward the front and start riding along the shore. 
ER Opening To The Right
Opening To The Right
  • Right infront of you, towards the right side of the shore, there should be a small opening like a cave that leads further in. Start making your way there. 
ER Steeping Down
Steeping Down
  • The cave leads deeper inside and steeps down. 
ER Site Of Grace
Site of Grace
  • When you are exploring inside, there should be a Site of Grace that you should be able to encounter. 
  • Right infront of the Site of Grace, there should be someone that is lying down beside a small campfire and resting. 
ER NPC Lying Down
NPC Lying Down
  • Interact with the NPC that is lying down, and it happens to Boc once again. He talks about how players should get out. Otherwise, they’ll get severely beaten. 

Lake Facing Cliffs 

Moving on, the next of the Elden Ring Boc Locations that players should be able to find Boc at should be the Lake Facing Cliffs. 

ER Lake Facing Cliffs
Lake Facing Cliffs
  • Open your map in order to find the Lake Facing Cliff map location, and players want to head there. 
  • Once you are at the Site of Grace, you really don’t need to go anywhere, and rather, players need actually to sit here and do nothing. 
ER Doing Nothing
Doing Nothing
  • Head into the resting position while being at the Site of Grace. While you’re resting, your character will be in a sitting position and will pass the time. 
ER Site Of Grace
Site of Grace
  • Boc eventually appears and stands a few feet away from the Site of Grace. 
  • Get out of your resting position, and go near Boc. Here, players can interact with him, and he says that it’s good to see you. 
  • He thanks you for giving him his needle back, and he asks whether he can now be your personal seamster. 

Altus Highway Junction 

When it comes to the next location, players can ask search for Boc at the Altus Highway Junction

ER Altus Highway Junction
Altus Highway Junction
  • Locate the Altus Highway Junction on the map. 
ER Resting At Site
Resting At Site
  • Players also need to rest here in order to get Boc to appear. Simply activate the resting position on the site, and wait around for a while. 
ER Boc Appearing
Boc Appearing
  • After Boc appears, get out of the resting position, and you can find Boc near the site waiting for you to interact with him

East Raya Lucaria Gate 

ER East Raya Lucaria Gate
East Raya Lucaria Gate

With the next location, players can find Boc once again in the East Raya Lucaria Gate location. 

  • The East Raya Lucaria Gate is located and can be found on the map. 

ER Site Of Grace

  • From the Site of Grace, players need to stay at the Site of Grace for a while. 
  • Get close to the Site of Grace, and there should be an option where you can rest at the Site of Grace
ER Resting
  • After a little while, Boc should appear a few feet away from the Site of Grace, and players can stop resting and go interact with Boc. 
ER Boc Appearing
Boc Appearing
  • You can ask Boc to alter your garments, and you even get an option to alter them once you interact with him. 

East Capital Rampart 

ER East Capital Rampart
East Capital Rampart

Moving on, another one of the Elden Ring Boc locations that players can find is in the East Capital Rampart Area.

ER Resting And Boc Appearing
Resting And Boc Appearing
  • The same goes for this location, and players need to rest here for a little bit before they can get Boc to appear for them, after which he can interact with them. 

Boc basically serves players as their very own seamster and is able to alter any kind of garments. While typically, players need to pay 500 runes, with Boc by your side as your personal seamster, and you really don’t need to have to worry about paying. 


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