Elden Ring: Law of Regression Incantation Location

Elden Ring can give its players a tough time with its strong and powerful bosses. This is the reason, depending on playstyle, players must equip some of the best spells, weapons, and incantations are a must-have. One such powerful incantation is the Law of Regression. You can save plenty of energy using a spell or incantation like Law of Regression that will slowly chip away the enemy’s health bar and leave them vulnerable. Not only do they help in battles, but finding these spells and incantations unlocks trophies and achievements too. Our guide below will cover how to get one of the strongest incantations, The Law of Regression location in Elden Ring because finding this powerful incantation can be quite a task. 

Key Highlights
  • The Law Of Regression Incantation can be used to eliminate all ailments as well as the standard status effects. It can also be used to eliminate illusory walls and mimicry magic.
  • To acquire the Law of Regression incantation, you will be required to go straight ahead from the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Lost Grace and follow the steps provided in the article.
  • The Prophets and the Confessors are the only ones with the incantation ability. If you are, let’s say, playing a Wretch or Vagabond, you will be needed to equip the item known as Seal in order to use Incantations.

Elden Ring has a lot of spells and several magic types that will help you in places where some of the best strength weapons lack heavily. Some of these can be found by trading magic books to certain NPCs. Finding these books isn’t easy. The Golden Order Principia is the book you’ll have to look for to unlock the Law of Regression incantation. On the subject of NPCs, read our Elden Ring Revive NPCs guide and learn how to do it. 

Law of Regression

 Law of Regression
 Law of Regression in Elden Ring

This incantation can eliminate all ailments and standard status effects. It can also dispel special effects like the Deathblight Aura. You can use this incantation in and out of the combat as well. The Law of Regression can also be used to eliminate illusory walls and mimicry magic. 

The Tarnished get the task to find the Law of Regression during the questline of Goldmask and Brother Corhyn. While the typical incantations require faith, the Law of Regression has a requirement of 37 intelligence stat to use. It costs about 55 FP per use which might be a lot but its effects make up for it. This spell will heal any ailment and dispel special effects like death, poison, and scarlet rot. While mentioning poison, consider reading our Elden Ring Poison Build guide.

You must memorize this incantation so you can help the Goldmask in the city of Leyndell to solve the riddle of the Radagon’s real identity. This spell will be learned through the hidden spell book Golden Order Principia.

This incantation is an important one because it makes certain enemies and dungeons easier to clear and it removes any negative stats on the Tarnished as well.  

How To Get Law of Regression Incantation 

Elden Ring: Law of Regression Location
Go straight ahead from the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Lost Grace

To get this powerful incantation, you will have to get the Golden Order Principia magic spell book first and take this book to a cleric like Miriel the Pastor of Vows. This book lies in the city of Leyndell and you’ll have to venture a bit to find it.

Make your way from the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Lost Grace towards the balcony up ahead. You’ll see a large branch, from here turn left.

Climb up and make your way to the second balcony you see that overlooks the Site of Lost Grace. From here you need to turn right and go straight through a door. Now drop down to the golden roof on your left side.

 Law of Regression
Enter the broken window

You’ll see a broken window up ahead. Go through this window and you’ll find yourself on another massive balcony. This is the hidden second floor of the Erdtree Sanctuary. You will also find a secret chest here with the Erdtree Bow. Enter a small room to your right and don’t forget to pick up the Celestial Dew located near a shortcut ladder. 

Elden Ring: Law of Regression Location
Don’t forget to grab the Erdtree Bow

Continue straight down the path and you will see a huge extending branch here. Jump on this branch and you will see a chair hanging from the ceiling. This is where you’ll find the book.

Elden Ring: Law of Regression Location
Go straight ahead to find the second branch
Elden Ring: Law of Regression Location
On this hanging chair lies the Golden Order Principia prayer book

Take this book to any cleric and the Law of regression incantation will be unlocked for you to purchase. This is how to reach the location of the Law of Regression incantation in Elden Ring. To buy this incantation, you will need a lot of runes, that is why our guide on Elden Ring rune farming is a must-read.

Law of Regression
Take this book to any cleric to equip the Law of Regression Incantation

Equipping Law of Regression Incantation

Only the Prophets and Confessors start with the ability to use incantations in Elden Ring. If you’re playing a Wretch or Vagabond, you’ll need to go have an item called Seal to use the incantations. On the subject of items, read our Elden Ring Items tier list

  • The first step to using an incantation is to equip a Seal.
Law of Regression
Seal in Elden Ring
  • Next press the “View” button or the inventory button to go to the equipment area in the game.
  • Now equip the Seal you have either on your main hand or offhand.
  • You can cycle through the equipment in your main hand and offhand by pressing left and right on your D-pad.
  • When you have equipped this Seal, you can now use any incantation including the Law of Regression (provided you’ve equipped the incantation already in memory stone slot)
  • Press the corresponding bumper i.e left bumper for the left hand and right bumper for the right hand to cast the incantation.

This concludes our detailed guide on the Law of Regression incantation location in Elden Ring. This incantation is a must-have for you to complete the quest to find the Radagon’s true identity. We hope our guide will help you find the incantation easily in the massive world of Elden Ring.

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