Elden Ring Gameplay Footage Leaked

In-game footage from FromSoftware's upcoming game has been leaked by an insider.

Elden Ring is the upcoming and one of the most anticipated games from FromSoftware. Since the game’s showcase during gamescom 2021, there hasn’t been much information about it outside of what the company has been revealing. However, we now have the first in-game footage from Elden Ring and it looks absolutely breathtaking.

Earlier today, Games Anime and more posted an almost 30-second video onto YouTube containing footage from within the game, showcasing the astounding environment and gameplay. According to the channel that posted the video, the leaked footage comes from an insider.

Not only is the environment mesmerising, but it’s also massive. Now, we’re not certain whether this footage was recorded on PC or console. However, judging from the frame rate and resolution of the footage, our guess is that it’s from a previous-generation console, such as the Xbox One. Regardless, the visual quality and clarity of the game are very impressive. For instance, eagles flying away leave falling feathers behind when the protagonist runs up to them.


Based on the comments under the video, it seems like players are really eager to play the game after the leaked footage, too. “the most happier 28 seconds of my life so far,” commented one person. “Holy hell. This is gonna be so good,” commented another.

While the leaked footage is a very short one, it’s enough to give us some insight as to what we can expect with the upcoming RPG. Elden Ring is scheduled to release on 21st January 2022. It’s obvious that FromSoftware has invested a lot of time and effort into the game and we’re anxious to play this new instalment to the Souls franchise.

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