Elden Ring Lux Ruins Location, Items & Equipment

Lux Ruins is the place where Demi-Humans meet their demise in Elden Ring.

Nestled in the mystical world, the Lux Ruins Elden Ring offers an enticing blend of adventure, challenge, and discovery for players. This ancient site, once a thriving civilization, now stands as a testament to the passage of time and the relentless march of history. As players delve into the depths of these enigmatic ruins, they will uncover hidden secrets, battle formidable foes, and unlock powerful items and abilities.

Key Takeaways
  • Lux Ruins Elden Ring is located in the western cliffs of Altus Plateau, northwest of the Altus Plateau Site of Grace.
  • The following features of Lux Ruins make it worth investigating the location before moving forward with the plot:
    1. Items to farm: Rainbow Stones, String, Glowstone
    2. Unique items: Ash of War: Shield Crash, Ritual Sword Talisman
    3. Equipment: Rickety Shield, Falchion
    4. Enemies: Demi-Humans, Lesser Demi-Human Chief
    5. Field Boss: Demi-Human Queen Gilika


Lux Ruins location
Locating Lux Ruins Elden Ring [image by eXputer]
To find the Lux Ruins in the world of Lands Between, players will need to navigate to the western cliffs of the Altus Plateau. The ruins can be spotted northwest from the Altus Plateau Site of Grace, near the Grand Lift of Dectus. By carefully examining the Lands Between map, players can identify the precise location of Lux Ruins and plot their journey accordingly.

  • From the Altus Plateau Site of Grace, players should head north, veering slightly west, until they come across some ruined structures. This area marks the entrance to Lux Ruins.
  • The journey from the Grand Lift of Dectus is also relatively straightforward, requiring players to travel north over the hill, eventually leading them to the ruins.

As players approach Lux Ruins Elden Ring, they should be cautious of the surrounding environment, particularly the bushes and shrubs, which may conceal hidden enemies. Additionally, it’s essential to be prepared for any potential encounters with the Demi-Human enemies that inhabit the area around the ruins.


Lux Ruins offers a variety of resources that players can farm and gather to enhance their gameplay experience. Among these valuable items are:

  • Rainbow Stones
  • String
  • Glowstone

As players explore the area surrounding Lux Ruins, they will encounter opportunities to collect these materials, which can be used to upgrade their gear, craft items, or complete quests.

  • To farm these items, players should focus on defeating the Demi-Human enemies that inhabit Lux Ruins.
  • These enemies have a chance to drop the aforementioned resources upon defeat, making them prime targets for farming.
  • Additionally, players can find these materials scattered throughout the environment, hidden among the ruins, or tucked away in small alcoves.

The Lux Ruins in Elden Ring also holds several unique items, including the Ash of War: Shield Crash and the Ritual Sword Talisman, which can significantly enhance the player’s gameplay experience. 

Ash Of War: Shield Crash

shield crash ash of war
Obtaining Ash of War: Shield Crash [image by us]
Ash of War: Shield Crash is a unique and versatile item in Elden Ring, functioning as both an Ash of War and an Upgrade Material.

  • When equipped with weapons and shields, the Ash of War: Shield Crash bestows the powerful Shield Crash skill without providing any affinity.
  • This enables players to take advantage of the skill while maintaining the original scaling values of their equipment.
  • The Shield Crash skill, granted by this Ash of War, can be a game-changer for players looking to enhance their defensive capabilities and introduce new offensive strategies.
  • The skill can be applied to a variety of shield categories, including Small Shields, Medium Shields, and great shields, as long as the shield in question allows for skill replacement.
  • Moreover, Ash of War: Shield Crash can be used in conjunction with any affinity upgrade, allowing players to further customize their equipment and build to suit their preferred playstyle.

This flexibility makes Ash of War: Shield Crash a highly sought-after item in Elden Ring, providing both seasoned veterans and newcomers with an exciting opportunity to experiment with different strategies and tactics.

To obtain the Ash of War: Shield Crash, players should follow these steps:

  • Venture into Lux Ruins Elden Ring and locate a Teardrop Scarab.
  • This creature can be found by heading up the main set of steps, crossing the room, and descending the steps on the opposite side.
  • The Teardrop Scarab resides in a small alcove on the right side.
  • Upon defeating the Teardrop Scarab, players will be rewarded with the Ash of War: Shield Crash.

Ritual Sword Talisman

ritual sword talisman
After felling the field boss, ritual sword talisman – image by us

The Ritual Sword Talisman is a unique and powerful item in Elden Ring that players can use to their advantage. As a talisman, it offers the ability to boost various stats, making it a valuable addition to a player’s arsenal.

  • The primary effect of the Ritual Sword Talisman is that it raises the player’s attack power by 10% when their HP is at maximum.
  • This significant increase in damage output rewards players for maintaining their health, making it particularly useful in challenging encounters and boss fights.

By strategically utilizing the Ritual Sword Talisman, players can enhance their combat prowess, turning the tide of battle in their favor and increasing their chances of success in the vast, unforgiving world of Elden Ring.

The Ritual Sword Talisman can be found after defeating the Demi-Human Queen Gilika, who resides in a boss room underground within Lux Ruins. After her defeat, players can open the door that was previously locked and find a chest containing the Ritual Sword Talisman.

Tips For Farming

As they explore the Lux Ruins Elden Ring, adventurers will face formidable foes that test their combat skills and strategic thinking. Here are a few tips for felling enemies to farm items easily.

  1. Familiarize yourself with enemy locations and patterns:
    • Understanding where Demi-Human enemies spawn, and their patrol routes can help you plan your farming route more efficiently.
    • This knowledge will enable you to maximize your time spent in Lux Ruins and ensure you’re gathering resources at the highest possible rate.
  2. Make use of AoE (Area of Effect) abilities or spells:
    • Using abilities or spells that can damage multiple enemies at once will speed up the farming process, as you’ll be able to defeat multiple foes in a single attack.
  3. Equip items or abilities that increase item drop rates:
    • Some items and abilities in Elden Ring can boost the chances of enemies dropping resources.
    • Equipping these items or utilizing these abilities will improve your farming efficiency.
  4. Optimize your inventory:
    • Ensure that your inventory has enough space to accommodate the materials you’ll be collecting during your farming session.
    • This will prevent you from having to make frequent trips back to a Site of Grace to unload items.
  5. Be patient and persistent:
    • Farming can be a time-consuming process, but remaining patient and persistent will yield the desired results.
    • Keep in mind that the drop rates for certain items may be low, so it’s essential to stay committed to your farming efforts.

By employing these tips and strategies, players can effectively farm Rainbow Stone, String, and Glowstone in Lux Ruins, ensuring they have the resources necessary to upgrade their gear and craft items, and progress through the challenging Elden Ring’s world has to offer.


In the Lux Ruins Elden Ring, players can discover the Rickety Shield and Falchion, two valuable pieces of equipment that can aid them on their journey through the open world. While not the most powerful items in Elden Ring, they can still provide value for players, particularly those in the early stages of Elden Ring or those who prefer a more agile playstyle.

The Rickety Shield is a worn-down shield that, while not the most sturdy, can still provide some protection in combat. 

  • It is a small shield that is also the starting item for the prophet class.
  • To obtain the Rickety Shield, players will need to defeat the Demi-Human enemies that inhabit Lux Ruins and wield the shield.
  • It has the skill parry, which can deflect the opponents’ attack and break their stance if used timely.

The Falchion, on the other hand, is a curved sword known for its agility and versatility in battle.

  • To obtain the Rickety Shield, players will need to defeat the Demi-Human enemies, specifically the Lesser Demi-Human Chief, that inhabit Lux Ruins, as they have a chance to drop this item upon defeat.
  • The Falchion has the skill Spinning Slash.

When attempting to obtain the Rickety Shield and Falchion, players should employ the farming tips and strategies discussed earlier, focusing on defeating Demi-Human enemies and Lesser Demi-Human Chiefs. Equipping items or abilities that increase item drop rates can further enhance the chances of obtaining these sought-after pieces of equipment.


As players explore the depths of Lux Ruins, they will inevitably encounter various creatures and enemies that inhabit the area. Among these adversaries are the Demi-Human and the Lesser Demi-Human Chief, both of which pose significant threats to the unprepared adventurer. In addition to these primary foes, players may also come across other enemies lurking within the ruins, ready to strike when least expected.

Here are a few noteworthy features of these creatures that can help players while fighting these foes:

Demi-HumansLesser Demi-Human Chief
Easy to deal with when alone, can be overwhelming in numbersDeals Slash and Pierce Damage can inflict Hemorrhage
Gain a buff at night time (glowing red eyes)Parryable
Killing their leader (usually Queen) causes most to cowerCan be backstabbed
 More aggressive and deals more damage during nighttime (indicated by red eyes)

Demi-Human Queen (Field Boss)

demi human queen
Field Boss Queen Gilika [image credits: eXputer]
Within the depths of Lux Ruins, players will face one of the area’s most formidable adversaries, the Demi-Human Queen Gilika.

  • To find the boss room where she resides, players must first locate the entrance to the underground section of Lux Ruins.
  • This entrance is marked by a set of steps leading down into the darkness, which will ultimately bring players to the fog gate guarding the boss room.


To defeat the field boss, Gilika, players need to have knowledge of her basic stats. Here are a few important stats of the Demi-Human Queen Gilika summed up:

Basic Stats 
Health3,284 HP
Critical HitVulnerable after stance broken
Damage TypesStandard, Strike, Magic
Runes Dropped8,500
Poison179 / 207 / 249 / 347
Scarlet Rot179 / 207 / 249 / 347
Hemorrhage239 / 281 / 379 / 669
Frostbite239 / 281 / 379 / 669
Sleep239 / 281 / 379 / 669

Note that the negation numbers represent the percentage of damage blocked, and the resistance numbers represent the buildup amount needed to trigger the corresponding status effect.

Attacks & Tips For Counter

The Demi-Human Queen Gilika residing in the Lux Ruins Elden Ring, knows three attack moves that are:

  • Sceptre Plunge
  • Roar
  • Bite

Though Demi-Human Queen Gilika may appear daunting, she can be defeated with the right strategies and tactics. Here are some tips to help players overcome this boss fight:

  1. Target her legs: Demi-Human Queen Gilika’s legs are particularly vulnerable to attack.
    • Focus on dealing damage to her legs, and she will eventually become staggered, providing an opportunity for players to unleash powerful attacks.
  2. Exploit her recovery animations: Many of the boss’s attacks have long recovery animations, leaving her exposed for brief periods after executing an attack.
    • Take advantage of these moments to deal with damage while minimizing the risk of retaliation.
  3. Utilize bleed buildup: Demi-Human Queen Gilika is susceptible to bleed buildup, which can deal significant damage over time.
    • Equip weapons or abilities that cause bleed, such as katanas or certain Ashes of War, to maximize your damage output.
  4. Maintain your distance: When possible, keep your distance from Demi-Human Queen Gilika to avoid her melee attacks.
    • This strategy will give you more time to react to her moves and plan your own counterattacks.
  5. Be patient and observant: As with any boss fight in Elden Ring, patience and observation are key to victory.
    • Take your time to learn her attack patterns, and don’t be overly aggressive.
    • Strike when the opportunity presents itself, and prioritize your safety.

By employing these strategies and tactics, players can effectively battle and defeat Demi-Human Queen Gilika. With her defeat, the Lux Ruin will yield even more secrets and treasures. The most evident one is the Ritual Sword Talisman, literally next door to the Demi-human Queen.


In Elden Ring, the Lux Ruins offer a captivating blend of exploration, combat, and treasure hunting for players who dare to venture into its depths. By employing the tips and strategies provided in this guide, players can effectively farm resources, acquire powerful weapons and Ashes of War, and defeat challenging enemies in ruins, further enhancing their Elden Ring experience.

Elden Ring is a game that rewards patience, persistence, and strategic thinking, and these ruins are prime examples of this. The Lux Ruins is just one of many areas in the Lands Between that offers an enthralling and rewarding experience for players willing to delve into its rich lore and challenging gameplay. So gear up, prepare your strategies, and take on the challenges of the Lux Ruins with confidence and determination!

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